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This only breeds more hatred. One thing I found shocking is how once I mentioned to a Japanese coworker that the Dalai Lama preaches non violence, this person says it does not matter and he gave the signal saying that it would be okay to kill Chinese since China has claimed to have killed thousands. This concerns the torch running and the possibility of having police protect routes including Chinese police in other countries to protect the runners. I am Chinese of American descent and I admit it was wrong of what happened in the past, but I thought we have moved and grown up learned from our mistake. Apparently as long as we have people like this and people like the person who wrote the article, we will never really be living in a truly democratic and stable world. It is like the movie Yasukuni being pulled from theaters because of some right wing groups here that claims they are doing it for the pride of their country and do not want to tarnish the image. What is wrong with this picture here. Is Japan or for that matter some of the people here really thinking about democracy or are just saying things to satisfy themselves.

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