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Posted in: Relative of U.S. Olympic volleyball coach killed in Beijing See in context

This is a sad time for the coach`s family and the US Olympic team in general. However, this could happen to anybody anywhere, even in Japan where they had that person go on a rampage in Akihabara a couple of months ago. This should be a reminder that no matter where travelers go, there is always a chance these things could happen and that travelers must be aware of their surroundings at all time. There is no 100% sure way other than to lock yourself up in your own house or apartment and that is not living. So for people who think that this is China or has a closed-minded attitude that the world is like this other than your people, I say stop acting like a hypocrite and immature brat. This is one reason why people become close-minded and end up being prejudiced towards others.

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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor hopes next U.S. president will back ban on nuclear weapons See in context

I highly doubt that the next US president will ban nuclear weapons whether he is democrat or republican. As for the war, ask anybody who has lived through it and even without the atomic bomb, they would have invaded Japan because of what they did to the other countries and also the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Philippines, Guam, and Wake Island. Not to mention that the USSR had a score to settle with the Russo-Japanese War, the UK had a score with the taking of Singapore, the French with Indochina, and the Dutch with their islands in the Pacific, and probably a dozen other countries, including China who had a beef with Japan during that time, not to mention the surrogate countries who would have contributed to the invasion of Japan such as South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and the list goes on. Frankly, this is a hypothesis, and could be disputed, but Japan would have been made extinct if they went up against all of those countries and not surrender. However, I am a person who thinks cold-blooded and worst case scenario. I am not a Japan hater and I am glad that of what Japan has become, but really, the only people who we really should ask whether it was right or not and whether it should have been done or not is really from the people who were on the frontlines or have lived through that time. Unconditional surrender was the only way that the war could have ended for Japan, and Germany, and no other way because the US hit on the head ever since the Civil War. There can be no negotiations or diplomatic innuendos until the loser gives up all action completely. That is also the fastest way of bringing back the country into the community of nations because it gets rid of all the bad elements, persecutes war criminals and evildoers. Anybody who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves and apparently have not learned the lessons of WWI, where hatreds were allowed to simmer and then finally explode again.

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Posted in: Protests erupt at Carrefour stores in four Chinese cities See in context

From what I am reading in this forum, it is more of us versus them and the politics are taking a side show. I am not a supporter of these boycotts on either side because it gets no where and I reserve judgment to who I support or oppose, but lets face the facts, China is gaining in power both economically, politically, and militarily. It has got people scared, angry, and jealous depending on where you are, how you grew up, etc. Right now, the Chinese can destroy the world economy if it wanted to because of their US foreign reserves holdings, but that would mean they would destroy themselves so a lot of you who want to see China destroyed and buried in the sand might find yourselves destroying and killing yourself. I am sure I am in the minority on this, but the right way would be to deal with them like what PM Rudd of Australia is doing. Blowing hot air is not going to solve the problem nor is forcing people or governments to support our brand of democracy as we all should have learned from Iraq because in all likelihood it will not work. I hate to sound so high-minded and self-righteous, but in 10 or 20 years when a lot of you are older, wiser and maybe have seen the world such as I have where I have been to many parts in the world where they would not give the US, the EU, or Japan the time of day, you might understand why people do these things which you might deem undemocratic, but they deem democratic.

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Posted in: Hundreds flee homes in Otaru after man kills himself by inhaling deadly gas See in context

We do not need Al Qaeda for threatening us. These people are doing a fine job of spreading a possible form of terrorism. The sad thing is that the ingredients they are using you can get at a normal supermarket, home center or convenient store. In a twisted sort of way, they are terrorists because they are threatening other peoples lives. It is truly unfortunate that the government and people are not doing more to help and understand these people. Until Japan has more physciatrists and professionals in mental health care, and stop treating these people like outcasts and to be frowned upon, then Japan will always have this sort of problem. With these professionals, it might help decrease the incidences of these things happening. Until then, people who think Japan is a pure, normal, stable society without any faults are just fooling themselves because that could be the root of this societys problem.

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