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Posted in: Japan's sex workers head overseas in search of lucrative job opportunities See in context

It is still human trafficking.

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Posted in: Power outages in Ukrainian cities, Moldova after new strikes See in context

According to US Col Douglas McGreggor, by doing that, Russia is denying Ukraine’s military access to a resource used for war.

War has no limits and restrictions: nuclear bombs, internment camps of innocent citizens, concentration camps, flame throwers, gas chambers, fake WMD.

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Posted in: Traumatized relatives await news of missing in quake-hit Indonesia See in context

Sad. Very quake prone area. Building preparation, material, and location should be given serious consideration. Rip to the victims and condolences to the survivors.

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Posted in: 77% of Japanese firms in Europe affected by Ukraine war See in context

How many affected by the sanctions?

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Posted in: Smoking cannabis may be more harmful to lungs than tobacco: study See in context

Duh, don’t we complain about air pollution all the time? Why would anybody need to inhale carcinogens on purpose?

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Posted in: Indonesian quake kills at least 162, injures hundreds See in context

RIP. Very vulnerable location for sure. A famous astronomer by the name of Carlos Munoz Ferrada, in a YouTube interview about Hercolobus, (Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X, Wormwood, etc), stated that there will be 3 massive earthquakes with the arrival of this celestial body. One of the locations is in the Java/Sumatra region. The other two in Peru/Chile and France/Spain.


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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery worker arrested for smearing curry on apartment door of customer who gave him low rating See in context

Glad no tip is expected in Japan. Else who knows what could happens with low tippers.

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Posted in: Finance minister vows all-out efforts to fight inflation See in context

Before it was fighting deflation.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching mother unconscious on her 100th birthday See in context

This won the medal of horror and award of shame.

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Posted in: Turkey launches air raids against Kurdish militants in Syria, Iraq See in context

As the World turns.

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Posted in: Car driven by 97-year-old man kills woman, injures 4 in Fukushima See in context

Once I retire, I will find a place near a supermarket, restaurant, and hospital, and a train station. Why worry about cars?

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Posted in: Princess Nobuko undergoes successful breast cancer surgery See in context

Best wishes.

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Posted in: Asia-Pacific leaders condemn war, renew calls for open trade See in context

Did they condemn Ukraine’s missile into Poland? Or the terrorist attack against the Russian pipelines? Where were they during Nato’s wars of destruction in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Syria? Do not get mad if you do not know the answer.

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Posted in: KFC releases overflowing lobster fillet burger for winter in Japan See in context

Lucky to get the smell of lobster.

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Posted in: KFC releases overflowing lobster fillet burger for winter in Japan See in context

OMG! I need it, but I am so far away.

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Posted in: How bad is red meat for you? Health risks get star ratings See in context

Pigeon peas have proteins

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Posted in: Netflix sets $7 monthly price for its ad-supported service See in context

Once of these days I will cut it altogether, commercial or not. Keeping it because of the wife.

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Posted in: Japan to encourage online medical care as COVID, flu spread in winter See in context

Where is the famous seasonal influenza?

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Posted in: U.N. condemns Russia's move to annex parts of Ukraine See in context

At least the people voted to become part of Russia. Ask the people of Chagos Archipelago or mainly Diego Garcia what voice they had when they were forcibly removed and relocated to so far away lands.

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Posted in: Myanmar court hands Japanese journalist 3 more years in jail See in context

Wow. So sorry for them

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Posted in: The back 9 See in context


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Posted in: Qatar hires 3rd cruise ship as floating hotel for World Cup See in context

No thanks

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Posted in: Braced to crush unrest, Iran's rulers heed lessons of Shah's fall See in context

What goes around comes around.

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Posted in: Russia unleashes biggest attacks in Ukraine in months See in context

Does not the comedian know that violence begets violence before he decided to terrorize the bridge and encourage his accomplices to sabotage the Nordstrean pipelines? Just an observation. Not cheering for either side. Only that the Western news were cheering for the terrorist attack but now they are complaining. So much for impartiality.

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Posted in: Japan reopens to tourists with shuttered souvenir shops, hotel staff shortage See in context

Next, hoping that the festivals resume without restrictions. Then I will travel.

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Posted in: Samba Sunday See in context

Everybody has different tastes, desires, and urges. And they change with time, and with change of values. If you do not like it, stay away. Maybe what you like is detested by others.

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Posted in: Consumers to ditch cafes for coffee at home amid rising prices, says ICO See in context

You can buy the coffee at a convenience store and drink it there too. If that makes you feel good. Or just go to the park. I cannot see myself paying for 5.00 plus for a sugar fix.

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Posted in: Miyagi Prefecture to grant workers leave to take care of grandkids See in context

Beautiful gesture.

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Posted in: Gonorrhea became more drug resistant while attention was on COVID-19 See in context

And TB is ignored.

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Posted in: 3 men break into house, steal ¥200,000 from resident See in context

I hope they catch those good for nothing subjects.

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