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Hercolobus comments

Posted in: Medicine doesn’t just have ‘conscientious objectors’ − there are ‘conscientious providers,’ too See in context

While people fight for their lives, other want to terminate it.

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Posted in: Kishida's cabinet support rate edges up to 24.2%: poll See in context

Very low.

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Posted in: Japan's brother-and-sister act eye more Olympic judo gold See in context

Good luck. Bring gold to Japan.

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Posted in: Drone filming Japanese MSDF ship went undetected: source See in context

Security breach.

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Posted in: Ex-interpreter for MLB star Shohei Ohtani pleads not guilty to bank and tax fraud See in context

I thought that if you have a net loss it can be claimed in your tax return to lower your taxes. In absence of any other income activity, would not that make him exempt from any IRS penalties or obligations? If he has no source of income, what benefit will the IRS get from him other than sending him to jail at taxpayer’s costs,(or printing machines), and then getting deported later on?

One thing for Sure, uncontrolled gambling leads to nothing good.

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Posted in: Bill would require U.S. to coordinate Japan AUKUS role with UK and Australia See in context

Drug addicts invite other friends to do drugs so they will not be the only ones doing it and will feel more acceptance.

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Posted in: Ohtani's ex-interpreter to plead guilty over $17 mil fraud See in context

When it comes to big money and assets, you need to hire accountants, auditors to watch the accountants, lawyers to watch who you deal with and to scrutinize deals, security firms and investigators to check on your possible partners.

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Posted in: Russia's biggest airstrike in weeks piles pressure on Ukraine power grid See in context

Theft of foreign assets is basically an act of war.

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Posted in: Climbers have turned Mount Everest into garbage dump, but sustainable solutions are within reach See in context

Admire mountains from below. It is all about ego boosting and bragging rights.

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Posted in: Australia accuses China of unsafe behavior after fighter jet released flares in a helicopter's path See in context

Australians lost their way home? What authority and credibility does the UN have and whose purpose, agenda and motives it serves?

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Posted in: 12% of Japan convenience stores don't open 24 hours due to labor shortage See in context

Back in the days there were no convenience stores. Just adjust to reality. Shop in advance.

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Posted in: Man robbed while waiting in car as wife shops in Aichi See in context

Hope they caught, tried, condemned and imprisoned, then deported. That could be me waiting for the wife to shop.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally assaulting father See in context

Move away and do not give him your address.

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Posted in: 15-year-old hit and killed by train in Yokohama See in context

So sad. Rip.

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Posted in: 3 killed, including 2-year-old boy, after truck hits 2 cars in Gunma See in context

RIP little one.

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Posted in: Japan says it will respond appropriately to disorderly yen movements See in context

Glad my son was able to buy some yen for my Yakitori, Kirin/Sapporo, and Enka/Gunks songs. It was hovering around 160.

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Posted in: Man suspected of ordering Tochigi killings held; total arrests 6 See in context

Agree with Tokyo Living that he might likely get Shikke. Not that I am wishing evil on my fellowman.

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Posted in: Yellen calls for level playing field for U.S. workers and firms during China visit See in context

Selling free economy but do not want to abide by it?

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Posted in: U.S. comedian Jimmy Kimmel says he was blown away by Japan’s bathrooms See in context

Not all toilets are made equal. Even the smelliest or nastiest ones in Japan are better than the non-existent ones in the U.S., particularly in the U.S. DC metropolitan area where there are no toilets. And in the capital they only set up portable ones during special events.

on my trips to DC I need to exercise to force myself to go to the toilet before leaving for fear of a necessity while traveling by train or even by car.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for assault after punching 77-year-old mother in the face See in context

Mother should move while daughter is being detained, and do not giver the address to her ungrateful daughter.

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Posted in: U.S. to receive gold medals in wake of Russian figure skater Valieva's Olympic DQ See in context

Nothing new under the Sun.

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Posted in: Toyota chief apologizes for cheating on testing at group company – again See in context

Reminds me of the song “Your cheating heart” will tell on you.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to set fire to his apartment in Hokkaido See in context

Send him to a mental institution.

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Posted in: Biden says U.S. 'shall respond' after drone strike by Iran-backed group kills 3 U.S. troops in Jordan See in context

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Did not follow the advice from USMC rMsj Gen Smedley D Butler: stay home.

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Posted in: Lavrov accuses U.S., S Korea and Japan of preparing for war with N Korea See in context

When the U.S. runs out of countries to invade, it creates “coalitions”. Remember Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea, Libya, Syria, Panama, Iraq, Granada,(Maurice Bishop’s assassination)

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Posted in: Indonesian man dies while in police custody in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

No they did not. Are policemen not also professional health care providers or doctors?

is not there a protocol to follow by referring him to a medical doctor and further examination?

They bear responsibility for his death.

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Posted in: At least 27 reported killed in attack on Donetsk in Russian-occupied Ukraine See in context

TaiwainisChina: Read Gen Smedley D Butker’s essay “War is a Racket”, maybe you will see the light. No need to Google it, here it is:


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