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Posted in: No peace in Myanmar 1 year after military takeover See in context

I think Pukey has a valid point and does not have anything to do with allegiances, patriotism and loyalty. Imagine, the same US general, Smedley D Butler, after fighting so many wars, conflicts and campaigns, connected the dots, and published an Edda titled “War is a Racket”. Very interesting to read it. In essence he stated that the US waged wars for the benefit of Wall Street bankers, big oil, sugar cane industry, energy companies, etc. In a differet documental by Bill Still in “The Money Masters”, he pretty much emphasizes the same concepts Gen Butler mentioned in his essay. I say that it is all about maintaining the Ponzi scheme of all countries operated by Reserve banks.

well, look it up right away because every time I share facts that can change the way people think, my comment gets deleted as “off-topic”. That shows how much control there is to prevent people from waking up. You can comment here as long as you go along with the scripted narrative.

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Posted in: As China increases hostilities in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan is stepping up, not only with bold statements against China’s intimidation but with action—including military contingency planning with the U.S. and joint defense agreements with regional allies. See in context

As for some facts, it is worth mentioning an essay that Martin Lohmeyer from Canterbury University published in the Internet. He does have some good points.

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Posted in: Few people care when the price of an astronomy telescope goes up. But a hike in the cost of milk or eggs will be reported as big story on every single news show. See in context

Chances are that the purchaser of an astronomy telescope has already satisfied his or her basic essential needs, like food, shelter, safety, etc, and got into a hubby that requires some investment. And the percentage of that investment compared to the income, is much less than the ordinary person whose income is low and has to buy essential like milk. Higher price of milk affects more people who would get affected by a higher price of a telescope.

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Posted in: As China increases hostilities in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan is stepping up, not only with bold statements against China’s intimidation but with action—including military contingency planning with the U.S. and joint defense agreements with regional allies. See in context

Little did I know that a highly decorated US general, Maj Gen Smedley D Butler, published an easy in the 1930s titled “War is a Racket”. I served in the US military 3 times, and almost went back one more time out of retirement. It was later on that I learned about this essay and another documental called “The Money Masters”. I call these eye openers. My observation is that after the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS was established, then all kinds of wars, conflicts, and invasions started, including the break out of War War 2. I let each one do their own research and make their own conclusions. One thing I no longer do is believe any single source of information at face value,(something Thomas Jefferson warned us about), and instead use alternate news sources as well.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of tenant in same apartment building See in context

Whatever the case might have been, it is better to be cognizant of possible sources of friction and disapproval from our neighbors. While at the same time, being alert in our surroundings.

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Posted in: Former pro baseball player arrested for stealing champagne See in context

My advice is, do not do it.

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Posted in: 1,000 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

Beautiful attires.

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Posted in: Village light-up See in context

This is an awesome place to visit, along with the surrounding town. There is another place with similar buildings not far away. When we went there was no snow whatsoever, even though it was the middle of Winter right in 2020 before restrictions started.

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Posted in: China approves radical overhaul of Hong Kong's political system See in context

Was it not Hong Kong leased to the UK by force and after the lease expired it would return back to China to whatever government would be in power at the time of return.? Case closed!

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Posted in: Osaka reports more new coronavirus cases than Tokyo; nationwide tally 1,785 See in context

Just an extra hour and it is being used as validation of new cases to promote the vaccines. So clear to me, but not to the majority of people.

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Posted in: China could step up armament, provocations near Senkakus, think tank warns See in context

Speculation think tank. This is how war validations start.

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Posted in: Police seek 3 men after 18-year-old fatally stabbed on Kamakura street See in context

Ignoring is the best avoidance tool. Follow this phrase:

”it is not the same to call upon the Devil than to see him coming”.

in this case the saw the Devil but made the mistake to call him.

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Posted in: Myanmar forces kill over 100 in deadliest day since coup See in context

So sad, and people cannot use judgment by staying home like they do for Corona.

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Posted in: Japan gov't long-term debt to top ¥1,000 trillion See in context

Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve Bank, and just about every other bank around the World,(except for few countries that have not been subdued yet), are own by the Rothschild banking cartel. They have a scheme where the government prints the bills, sells them to the central banks, then it lends the “money” back to the government with interest. It is the biggest Ponzi scheme and scam in World history. And that is why World economies find themselves in such anguish these days. You can find “The Money Masters” by Bill Still or William Still. It will tell you everything in great detail, including the demise of the Roman Empire because of the continued borrowing to fund endless wars. Those elected in governments who promote wars are accomplices of the banking cartels.

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Posted in: Stuck ship in Egypt's Suez Canal imperils shipping worldwide See in context

Just like truck drivers need to study the capacity of a bride and the height of a tunnel or overpass, ship captains should learn about the depth of the canal, and how deep the ship will sink with cargo. And other information about low tide times to avoid, silt built up concerns, etc.

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

If Japan returned them back to China and both sign a non-aggression pact, perhsps Japan could escale back in buying overpriced military hardware. This is the easiest way to fleece a country’s wealth from within.

According to scholar Martin Lohmeyer, these islands basically belong to China. In his these published on line, he presents certain documents to prove his point.


In my opinion, by holding on to them while Okinawa was occupied, and later allowing Japan to administer them, the US kept a cash cow. This by way of the continued tensions and the need to resolve all issues through arms sales. I am not favoring any side. But it is natural for expats married to Chinese to side with China and for those married to Japanese to side with Japan. It is about affinity. Even some Japanese scholars side with China on the issue. But because they are members of the Communist party, their opinions will have little credibility.

They are Tadayoshi Murata and Kiyoshi Inoue. http://www.skycitygallery.com/japan/diaohist.html

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Posted in: Australian police commissioner suggests app to prove sexual consent See in context

Bring chaperones back. In public and in the open and no alcohol.

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Posted in: Japan to lift Tokyo area state of emergency as planned on Sunday See in context

What a smart virus. It only comes out at night, and in small businesses. But it does not spread in crowded trains, buses, shopping malls, etc. And the high visiting dignitaries are exempted from the quarantine.

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Posted in: Central banks will happily ignore inflation-mongers See in context

Watch William T Still’s documentary about the central banks. Best way to understand about them.


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Posted in: Meghan accuses Buckingham Palace of 'perpetuating falsehoods' See in context

Love to be a commoner.

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Posted in: China says calls for 2022 Winter Olympics boycott doomed to fail See in context

Everything is solved through a boycotts or sanctions these days.

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Posted in: World's biggest wealth fund puts Kirin Holdings on watch list over Myanmar link See in context

You can do whatever you want to do, but it does not influence my decision to like and drink Kirin Beer.

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world, despite concerns See in context

Vaccine created in 10 month is like making Kool Aid

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Posted in: Asian stocks sink after Wall Street rises See in context

Is this a see saw?

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Posted in: Ex-PMs Kan, Koizumi urge Japan to quit nuclear power generation See in context

Finish nuclear scientist Arto Lauri could not agree more with ending nuclear energy production. He can tell you that and other things he thinks about the Fukushima disaster. It is worth listening to his YouTube interview:


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Posted in: Japan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens See in context

That is not an honorable way of testing for COVID-19. In Japan they either stick the test tool all the way to home at your nose. Or, make you spit into a cup so you can deposit it into a vial. China needs bring honor to its testing procedures because their approach is Pu Hao, or No Good.

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Posted in: Australian music promoter Gudinski dies at 68 See in context

At 68 you just do not die in your sleep just like that. You either had an ongoing condition that might have caused either a stroke or a heart attack.

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Posted in: 2 men found guilty over maglev train project bid-rigging See in context

Nothing new under the Sun.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto See in context

Smarter than a 5th grader. This is a no brainer. The Corina validation narrative should not get in the way of the Olympic spirit. Or, what is the sole purpose of it?

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Posted in: U.S. implicates Saudi crown prince in journalist Khashoggi's killing See in context

What is next?

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