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Posted in: Police looking for man who poked another man in eye with umbrella See in context

I hope the doctors can save his eye.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing 85-year-old mother to death in Okinawa See in context

Living with the enemy. No love, no agreements, no tolerance, no consideration.

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Posted in: Grape grower gets 18 years for killing wife in Hokkaido See in context

Morale: If you are stranged from someone, cut all ties and do not meet alone without and escort in neutral grounds.

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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by float in Gion Festival parade See in context

@Sensei258- Thanks for reminding me about Hachioji’s festival. It also coincides with the Fussa City Tanabata festival running from Aug 1-4.

Also, Akiruno City, (on the Itsukaichi line from Haijima Station, getting off in Akigawa Station), is very similar to Hachioji’s festival. It has both floats and mikoshis, and the heat is not a brutal as in Hachioji. It is held only one day on a Saturday, so it should be on 3 August.

The city of Hamura on the Ome line holds its festival on the 27th and 28th of July. They bring the Samba dancers. On the same dates, Fussa City holds the festival of dashi and mikoshi fights right in front of the Fussa station in the afternoon after they go around their neighbohoods.

It is definitely one of the best seasons in Japan.

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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by float in Gion Festival parade See in context

Back in the days when mikoshis used to be humongous, I was invited to participate in the Suwa festival in Tachikawa. The mikoshi was really big and they were people on top of it. It would take about 150 to carry it. On a fast turn around a corner street we struck the side of the building and did some damage to it. We continued business as usual as we were all drunk by then.

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Posted in: King coal rules for power utilities in Japan See in context

Lots of neon lights still being used in the advertising signs.

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Posted in: France's Macron announces creation of a new space force command See in context

Anybody heard of Project Blue Beam?

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Posted in: 20-year-old man arrested for beating grandfather to death in Ibaraki Pref See in context

Very sad.

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Posted in: Alarm bells sound over 'outings' in Japan's LGBT community See in context

Like Beer DeliveryMan says, before Japan was invaded,(psychologically), and forced to change to Western values and economy of war, the Samurai practiced homosexualism with their young aporenctice or Wakashu. This was known as the art of Wakashudo.

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Posted in: Japan decorates ex-U.S. Vice President Cheney for boosting alliance See in context

I do not vote because that is just a validation tool for the shadow government. Yes, he is a puppet of the Money Masters and behind the wars for unjust profits. Short of Satan’s right hand. In fact, all presidents follow a scrypt from the Money Masters. If they deviate, they end up being killed like Kennedy, Lincoln, and others.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor tries again to get Abe to stop U.S. base transfer See in context

Talking to the wind.

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Posted in: American man arrested over murder of wife at Tokyo Family Court See in context

Innocent by reason of insanity, as wife stated: “mentaly unstable”.

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Posted in: Kim pays respects to embalmed body of Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh See in context

War is a Racket, by Gen Smedley D Butler, and The Money Masters, by Bill Still, are great eye openers.

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Posted in: Russia releases Japanese fishing boat crew See in context

Japan needs to educate its fishermen on respecting other countries’ boundaries.

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Posted in: Tamaki wants U.S., Japan, Okinawa talks on U.S. base move See in context

Bertie has a good point. According to USMC Maj Gen Smedley D Butler, who the MC bases in Okinawa are named after, DOD and its wars is the biggest racket, wich operates in 7 continents. His video enactment and essay are in the Internet. That explains why United States needs to manufacture enemies. Bill Still goes on to explain how the bankers took control over the governments through the central banks, which basically control the stakes in war industries,(hence the blatant War Department, which changed to “Defense” departement. His video documental, The Money Masters, is in You-Tube. An excellent documental.

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Posted in: More Muslim prayer rooms open in Japan, but relatively few takers See in context

Catering to a particular ideology or group of people will only bring resentment to the ones being excluded. Why not call it any purpose or faith meditation room. This way it will be a silent prayer and nobody has to listen to somebody else’s loud prayers.

I agree with Kurisupisu. Took the words out of my mouth.

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Posted in: U.S. agrees to let commercial flights use airspace controlled by its forces in Japan See in context

You are right Bertie. Unfortunately, Japan’s occupation status does not allow it to exercise its sovereignty in many of its own affairs.

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Posted in: JR East mulls later train services during Tokyo Olympics See in context

And buses that will bring you to the stations.

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Posted in: MSDF member arrested after walking naked on snow-covered street in Aomori Pref See in context

Many cases like these took place when I was in Okinawa 10 years ago. I suspect the mixing of cheap alcohol, Happoshu, along with sake or shoshu, or both. Police should always inquire about what was drunk to possibly establish a trend. He was probably confused.

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Posted in: Is it allowed under a democratic system to ignore the will of the people and go ahead with the reclamation work? See in context

If he only knew that democracy is an illusion.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia face difficult road to peace treaty talks See in context

Russia is better off keeping its status quo. Any promise can be broken once you get what you want.

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Posted in: M4.9 quake hits eastern Japan See in context

Yiipes!!!! Need to stock on vital supplies.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says he is suffering 'harsh' treatment in detention center See in context

My prayers are for Mr Gosn and family for justice to be served.

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Posted in: Olympus to propose board seat for activist investor ValueAct See in context

Yeah, and the one exposing wring doing was the one fired. Never heard about the Japanese staff getting accused or indicted.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Russia explain ex-Marine's detention on spying charges See in context

RT has a more detailed information. It states that he apparently was in contact with CIA officials. Good opportunity for Russia to make a swap deal. Semper Fi. Hope it works for the good on both sides.

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Posted in: S Korean 'forced labor' plaintiffs seek Nippon Steel asset seizure, paper reports See in context

Apparently no justice was delivered for these people. Whatever settlement is imposed should not bankrupt the company, nor does compensate for pain and suffering.

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Posted in: Japan to start collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from Monday See in context

I remember the previously imposed departure fee. It was an inconvenience.

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Posted in: Man tries to set fire to police officer guarding Crown Princess Masako’s family home See in context

Wow, people are losing their minds at a fast pace.

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Posted in: Rush of travelers returning from New Year holidays in high gear See in context


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