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Posted in: 241 civil servants file suit over salary cuts See in context

bunch of babies!

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Posted in: By design See in context

I think the French are laughing at him...

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Posted in: Apple to make announcement on huge cash holdings See in context

I heard they are going to buy the United States of America...

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Posted in: Common sleeping pills linked with higher death risk See in context

what it comes down to is... do what you can to avoid taking any drugs, prescribed or otherwise.

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Posted in: New warning about diabetes posted on statin bottles See in context

some blood pressure meds raise blood glucose too... and many diabetes med raise blood pressure ... while statins lower blood pressure and raise glucose.

seems a vicious circle, if you start with one problem you will end up have to treat the others too.

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Posted in: Park life See in context

over the years I have worked with many "homeless" here in Tokyo, mostly in the Sanya area. One thing that was always interesting, was their reasons for "being homeless." In Sanya most of the guys were "blue collar" and lack of employment was the biggest reason, followed by some cultural discriminations... outside the Sanya area, ie: Shibuya, Shinjuku... most of the guys had been "kicked out of the house" by the wife... The population definitely fluctuates with the economy.

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Posted in: Brains of drug addicts inherently abnormal: study See in context

and some how this is news...

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Posted in: Lifetime heart risks are higher than thought: study See in context

hmmm... seems the risk of dying in your lifetime is still 100 percent...

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Posted in: IMF says Japan should raise consumption tax to 15% See in context

well that settles it then... after all the IMF is such a shining example of successful policies...NOT!

I will gladly pay the increase of the sales tax, as soon as the government here in Japan makes cuts all agencies across the board by an equal amount... starting with the salaries of ALL government workers.

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Posted in: Deportation could split up lesbian couple See in context

10 years in the US... and a student visa!? Sorry but something fishy there. If they were really "committed" why didn't Ueda start her green card process back in 2000, it has nothing to do with relationships... of course that would imply her "visa" was valid in the beginning, if she had one... and she has had to renew a number of times. Of course if she had just entered via Mexico and claimed to be hispanic no questions would be asked.

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Posted in: Merry Christmas See in context

and it will be gone by tomorrow morning...

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Posted in: Who will be Republican challenger to face Obama? See in context

The Republicans are going through the process. But the really sad truth is that there is no Democrat challenger to Obama... Obama is the best the Democrats have to offer, very sad indeed.

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Posted in: DPJ approves Yamba dam project, backtracking on 2009 election pledge See in context

actually this "backtrack" decision makes a lot of sense. Though not mentioned in the article (or on TV news last night,) is the fact that this dam will also provide electricity, a real needed commodity in the Kanto area after 3/11. Electricity is not the original purpose of the dam, but every little bit is going to help in future.

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Posted in: TBS lawsuit claiming ABC's 'Wipeout' a copycat show settled See in context

funny... where can you watch TBS programs in the the US... or ABC programs in Japan?

sounds a bit like Microsoft claiming a copyright on "sushi" and banning it's use in Japan...

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Posted in: Occupy Tokyo See in context

the 99% who have absolutely no idea what they are doing... the 99% who can't understand the English written on the sign... the 99% who didn't have anything better to do that day... the 99% who got paid to hold the signs...

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Posted in: Obama hits Republicans on anti-tax stance See in context

"You need to take a balanced approach," he said.

tax(the plebs) and grow(the government)... a solution to nothing.

The real solution is that people really need to to be weaned from "Auntie" Sam's bosom (can you say bosom on JT?). Of course it took fifty years for the "social" approach to blow up in the UK's face... so I guess the US has a few more years to screw up the system some more.

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Posted in: Kyocera starts operation of 230kW solar power generating system at Fukushima plant See in context

Efficiency of solar is improving... and makes a great supplement to any grid, but it will never be a replacement.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court overturns ban on video game sales to kids See in context

wow! looks like the SCOTUS actually thinks maybe parents should be responsible for their kids not Uncle Sam... what a novel approach, who would have guessed it...

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Posted in: U.S. antitrust inquiry turns up heat on Google See in context

comes down to choices... you don't have to use an Apple product as there are alternatives that function well... however search engines are few and far between now... most having been run out of business or bought out by Google.

But it might be that the government doesn't like companies that successfully do all the things"it" wants to do and said company does't want to "share"... all that info gathering and tracking and stuff...

or could be the government just wants some bucks.

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Posted in: The central government and TEPCO repeatedly told us, 'Nuclear power plants are safe because they've got multiple protection systems.' See in context

despite the "disaster" of an earthquake and tsunami they(TEPCO and Japan Gov) are doing a great job... far better than the Japan Red Cross for example...

how many people killed from explosion and radiation ? ... zero ............ how many killed by tsunami and earthquake in Fukushima? ... way more than zero............ how many people had to leave their cities up and down the northeast coast not including Fukushima? tens of thousands...

what's so special about the nuke plants?

ah, the blame game...

and tobacco will kill more people in Japan this year, than all the current disasters combined... as will suicide in Japan...

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Posted in: A Kiss from Canon See in context

Keep It Simple Stupid

market for novices(and females, where "cute" is important) here in Japan... but even this Kiss series is way more capable than most people need... an outstanding camera at a great price.

I love my X4... still way more camera than my current needs. The X5 adds an articulating display... which is nice but no need to upgrade.

people like to complain about the "video" limitations... but it's NOT a video camera, but for cinematic type filming it's fine, how often do you shoot scenes longer that 10 minutes anyway? most scenes I have shot never go more than 4-5 min. and those undoukai races only last a few seconds...

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Posted in: JAL, American Airlines announce joint benefits for trans-Pacific customers See in context

Customers can expect to benefit from better flight schedules, expanded codesharing, more coordinated services, and greater access to a wider variety of fares.

I'd settle for 6cm more of leg room....

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Posted in: Which foods and drinks should you avoid before going to bed, if you hope to get a good night's sleep? See in context

almost anything in excess will ruin a good nights sleep...

sure some things will put you right out, but it is not going to be a "good" night's sleep.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks operating from fortified bunker in Sweden after being booted from Amazon See in context

and we should care about this because....?

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Posted in: 'Naked Gun,' 'Airplane' star Leslie Nielsen dies at 84 See in context

great actor period.

but someone needs to work on their math skill..' 6 foot 2 inch or 74 inches is not 2.3 meters... more like 1.88 meters

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Posted in: Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers in U.S. See in context

just wondering how long before a few brave souls just strip it all off... after all if they want to see, just show 'em.

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Posted in: Autumn glow See in context

wicked flaring

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Posted in: Obama's star fades in Muslim world See in context

People here still don’t quite understand American politics, the idea of political majorities, Congress or the U.S. Constitution

well there you go... and that goes for most US politicians, and Americans too... especially the last part.

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