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Posted in: Bank of America to resume seizing more than 100,000 homes See in context

a wave of foreclosures that have depressed the housing market.

seems to me, it is actually spending beyond your limits and a failure to pay for something you entered into a contract to buy, along with good old fashion stupidity, that is depressing the housing market..

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Posted in: Florida pastor cancels plan to burn Qurans on 9/11 See in context

It will be fun to read how the loons on the left wing will spin this.

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Posted in: Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated See in context

“Say no to racist fear!”

ok, I admit it, somewhere I missed it... when did islam become a race?

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Posted in: Real Japanese: Learn to Speak the Same Way Japanese Kids Do! See in context

great! and if you are a guy, you will sound like a girl when you talk... which a lot of gaijin guys do...

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Posted in: Energy Shaker See in context

contains a carbonated, Jello-like product.

... try a good night's sleep as an energy booster.

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Posted in: Somali Islamists ban songs on radio See in context

Sarge I think you got a point there... seems anything not islamic is "un-islamic" ... guess I'm included in that list, darn.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Israel cancel Jerusalem building plan See in context

the US is being run by a bunch of selfish children.

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Posted in: Digital interchangeable lens system camera has movable LCD that allows for touch-control See in context

seems that "with a movable LCD that allows for touch-control" didn't fit in the headline....

a very nice camera series these "Lumix G's" G1, G2 GH1, and GF1... if I only had the yen.

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Posted in: Man, angry at IRS, crashes small plane into Texas building See in context

read his "manifesto"... a bit of a ramble... blaming everyone... a tad bit selfish.

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Posted in: Mobile phone company Willcom files for bankruptcy See in context

the PHS system is great, yet suffers from an image problem. If you need phone, it is great... if you want to surf the web, you should look somewhere else. I have enjoyed the low costs since the beginning... I don't think they will disappear since this is the system that is used by doctors and hospitals... and seems to be gaining a bit in the student use since parents are finally getting tired of paying outrageous bills for their kid's phone.

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Posted in: Explore home of Japan’s 'hidden Christians' on Goto Islands See in context

the history of the kakure-kurisuchan is indeed fascinating.

First introduced to Japan in 1549

a careful study of Japanese history (and asian history) will show that it was "catholicism" as practiced by the Jesuits that was introduced at that time... Christianity had already been in Japan for a long time before that date... the area known as Kyoto today, still has many of the pre-Xavier sites visible...

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Posted in: Some fans object to Asashoryu's retirement pay See in context

who cares what the "fans" say, it is what his value was to the Sumo association... which was huge. His ranking as third in history should be enough... but he is a "gaijin" so he has to pay some penalty... if wasn't driven out now, he would have easy been at the top in a couple years.

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Posted in: Obama prescribes election plan to Democrats: Lead See in context

“We still have to lead,”

and the sheeple will follow...

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Posted in: Japan’s version of a 'cash for clunkers' program intended to spur auto sales discriminates against imported vehicles. See in context

in the US the top five cars were in order: Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry....

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Posted in: Obama blasts banks for opposing financial overhaul See in context

“Americans don’t choose to be victimized by mysterious fees, changing terms and pages and pages of fine print. And while innovation should be encouraged, risky schemes that threaten our entire economy should not,” he said. “We can’t afford to let the same phony arguments and bad habits of Washington kill financial reform and leave American consumers and our economy vulnerable to another meltdown.”

no choice, it's all legislated!

I guess in al his "lawyer-ness" he never read US tax law... or any of the legislation his House and Congress have passed or proposed...

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Posted in: Little resistance on day 2 of U.S.-Afghan offensive See in context

just going in to hiding for 18 months or so...

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Posted in: Japanese flock to first-ever open budget debate See in context

it made for very entertaining television, seeing pols trying to explain themselves(and justify the finances) for the first time ever.

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Posted in: AKB48 drop in on Tamori See in context

I guess "48" refers to maximum weight (in kg) of each member...

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Posted in: Clinton scolds Pakistan over inaction on al-Qaida See in context

she is real helpful, a true diplomat


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Posted in: How to stay beautiful in Japan through your diet See in context

can't really afford to eat "healthy"... I'll just eat my 'pan no mimi' and be happy...

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Posted in: Finance minister says he'll take steps to achieve currency stability See in context

Finance minister says he'll take steps to achivee currency stability

achivee!?!?! Oy vey!

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Posted in: Toyota to show green sportscar with Subaru engine See in context

alright!! the return of the Subaru boxer engine... and in a Toyota....

The "ruby red" color is "shoujouhi"... politely scarlet... but if you live in Japan you know it as "monkey butt red"... the color of the nihonzaru's butt... that is the official story.

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Posted in: White House says Obama will not walk away from Afghanistan See in context

it will more of a "sashay"...

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Posted in: Tight leash See in context

don't see anything "humiliating" there, on the contrary I see great responsibility on the part of "dad" giving the kid some freedom, but keeping the kid from being able to run wild.

the dogs on the other hand... looking for that tree.

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Posted in: Unraveling how children become bilingual so easily See in context

If you speak a second language, speak it at home. Or find a play group or caregiver where your child can hear another language regularly.

that's a good point... and make a point of teaching the kids at home too... don't rely on the schools!

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Posted in: U.S. House plan boosts taxes on rich to 20-year high See in context

let's lose the personal income tax, that would be fair.

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Posted in: U.S. House plan boosts taxes on rich to 20-year high See in context

The tax increase would be limited to the top 1.2% of earners — families that make more than $350,000 a year.

these are the same 1.2% who pay the majority of taxes already... well at least 0bama(min.$400K/yr) and company are included... though I imagine certain "government" employees will find a way around having to pay...

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Posted in: What do you think of Apple's iPhone? See in context

finally a phone that outstrips available service... now we can wait for the networks to catch up...

the real fun will be if they add some of this coolness to the Touch.

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Posted in: U.S. country artists try to build their base abroad See in context

if you can handle Japanese, some fun stuff here...


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