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Posted in: Court turns down suit by residents to block restart of Takahama reactors See in context

So I guess previous reports in the news are incorrect. The towns people don't have a choice on the building/restart of nuclear power plants.

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Posted in: Low voter turnout could erode Abe's call for fresh mandate See in context

I don't believe 65% are interested in the election in December. So far, based on my polls, 100% of the people I asked think snap election is not necessary and not interested. But then again look at the news source in this article............Yomiyuri.

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Posted in: Diet to be dissolved Friday afternoon See in context

I don't believe he would be doing this useless he was 100% confident the LDP can maintain power.

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Posted in: Japan CO2 emissions hit record yearly high See in context

Isn't this e time of the year when a lot of pollution comes into Japan from China?

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Posted in: Asahi Shimbun president to resign over inaccurate articles See in context

So we all now know what happens when you don't get government approval before posting an article.

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Posted in: Riot police raid Kyoto University after 3 activists arrested See in context

Interesting. I search other news sources on this incident and every news source I found has the exact same article, word for word. Talk about controlling the media! Seems like one one person is reporting the news to every news source.

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

Seriously people, stop using your cellphone while on the move. Some idiot texting or playing a game, on a bicycle almost ran over my dog. I almost snapped my dog's neck pulling him out of the way. The jerk just looked up for a second like I had done something wrong and continued on his merry way. Well, the nice guy in me is seriously being challenged and really don't know how many more near misses I can take. So to you Ill mannered pedestrian beware. Don't expect me to jump out of your way anymore.

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Posted in: Echoes of WWI battle in China resonate over Japan ties See in context

Move on China. The only thing you're doing is making more countries side with Japan. All of your digging up the past will kick you in the a** some day .............soon.

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Posted in: More dead sardines found on Hokkaido shoreline See in context

I agree Utrack.

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Posted in: Restaurant ordered to pay Y58 mil damages over employee's suicide See in context

When will they learn. The only way the manager at the cafe my wife works at can take a day off is when he checks himself into a hospital. The company knows this but really doesn't care. They always have a manager on backup. My wife has been offer the position and she just laugh at them and of course said no thanks.

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Posted in: Spent fuel rods removed from No. 4 reactor building at Fukushima See in context

Joshu, I'm with you. These guys (and gals?) have basically signed a death warrant to clean up Government Control TEPCO's mess. I can on.y hope and pray that they and their families will be well taken care of. Appreciation and prayers out to all working to clean up the mess.

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Posted in: New industry minister inspects Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Do these guys ever visit the "temporary" housing complexes? Perhaps they should take up residence there this winter. Perhaps things will move faster.

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Posted in: Man gets 7 years in prison for kidnapping, confining 9-year-old girl See in context

Hopefully other inmates will rehabilitate him before his 34th birthday.

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Posted in: Worst date ever! Japanese ladies reveal the top five date ideas to avoid See in context

Takes two to make a great date.

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Posted in: Mother holding 1-year-old baby jumps in front of train in Tokyo See in context

This is not nNational news, it's CRIMINAL

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Posted in: Pensioner arrested for dumping 200 kgs of porn in park See in context

Can't beleive the police actually weighed it all!

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Posted in: Abe names replacements for trade, justice ministers See in context

If you ask me, the women didn't fail in their positions. Remember it was Abe who put them there, so, I would have to question his ability to lead his party. His decision making skills are obviously not up to par when it goes to appoint people into a position.

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Posted in: Obuchi's departure won't affect nuclear reactor restarts See in context

Will the threat of a volcano or major earthquake affect the restarts?

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Posted in: Justice minister undone by cheap paper fan See in context

These guys will nitpick any everything these women do until they all resign. I say hang in there and prove you are strong enough to handle the job. Stop being weak and destroying my daughters future.

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Posted in: Japan's volcanoes made more jittery by 2011 quake, expert says See in context

It wouldn't have been the worst had the government not been so cheap and cut funding to monitor the mountain.

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Posted in: Expert says 2 Sendai reactors in danger from active volcano See in context

Wonder if they plan to listen to the professionals this time.

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Posted in: Nobody at subway station in Tokyo for first train after two staff oversleep See in context

Japanese don't get fired. They are power harassed into quitting. Companies here don't like to have a rep of firing people.

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Posted in: Tokyo court rules that hotels must pay NHK fees according to the number of rooms with TVs See in context

Who needs a TV in a hotel? Couples don't wacth it, kids have their games and the rest have smartphones and iPads. Don't give In to NHK. Remove the TVs.

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Posted in: 4 more bodies found on volcano as typhoon nears See in context

Based on my experience here, doctors don't pronounce soon because in many cases, they allow the family to get finances in order. Once a person is pronounce dead, the bank accounts get locked.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting 2 train station attendants in Saitama See in context

But Sarge I was drunk so this one doesn't count. So, can I have my gun back?

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Posted in: METI orders Benesse to improve data protection See in context

Why does it seem like Japanese companies prefer to spend billions on fixing problems instead of thousands to prevent them? My previous employer was like that. I would bring up a potential problem which would take half a day to fix. He yells at me ans says "stop wasting money and time and do your job!" Two days later we're working late for two weeks to fix the problem.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear plant rally See in context

titaniumdioxide: why don't you go to Fukushima with a sign with the exact words and stand in front of the hospital treating all the children with thyroid cancer, then march to the temp housing area where thousands of people have been living in housing that is falling apart. Finally off to the fishing villages where people have lost their lively hood because the Pacific Ocean is too polluted to fish in. If all goes well, I'm on your side.

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Posted in: Japan's centenarian population hits record high See in context

Hats off to the centenarians but as Japanese Governments loves to boost about itself I wonder how many are actually alive being that the law doesn't require physical contact with a person collecting a pension.

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Posted in: Obuchi has tough job to convince public on nuclear restarts See in context

Um, excuse me but fathers are worried about their children too. Let's stop making it all about the women and mothers and start making it about what is best for the future of Japan and the children of today who will be leading it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

Geoff, I have to agree with the law. If someone you have never met started taking pictures of you for no particular reason, wouldn't you feel a bit uneasy? How does the person plan to use YOUR photo? Identity theft? Frame your for something? Who knows? It's just creepy!

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