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with Japan keen to showcase its recovery from a devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Huh, what "recovery"? Tokyo was never greatly impacted by the quake, so there is no recovery to showcase, and the recovery in Tohoku is mired in politics and inefficiency. March11th will be the two-year anniversary, and THOUSANDS ae still in temporary shelters. Is ABE talking about the recovery funds that went to promote Skytree? This is just pure BS/spin and I hope the IOC sees through it. Japan's true Olympic colors show more in the physical abuse suffered by the women's judo team.

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At least Japan has assets to sell, unlike Western governments.

Duh...Jeff, did you not read the article, or just not comprehend it? These are Japanese COMPANIES selling assets because they are cash-strapped. Has nothing at all to do with the government.

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Abenomics will be the poster child for the expression "What goes up must come down". Tune back in in 18 months.

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Yet there is little alarm in Japan, the country that consumes about 80% of the world’s bluefin tuna

.experts blame cozy ties between regulators and fishermen and a complacent media for failing to raise public awareness.

“I have seen some reports on TV about their numbers falling, but I really haven’t thought about cutting back on eating hon-maguro,” said Sumire Baba, a Tokyo homemaker. “I guess I’m optimistic they’ll recover.”

A perfect microcosm of Japan on so many issues -- Ignorence combined with arrogance leads to lack of change. But the shame in this case is that this willing burying the collective heads in the sand does not hurt just the Japanese, as the whole world ill suffer when the over-fishing wipes out the species. Japan needs to grow up and take some responsbility. The responsibility that comes with consuming 80% of the annual catch. But it will NEVER happen.

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Feel sorry for movie-goers in Japan, of which I was one for ten years. This movie is basically out of the first-run threaters in the states, already claimed some awards, including best-supporting actor, and is just now opening there. And then you have the privledge of paying over double a fair price to see it. Can someone let me know how the translators handle all the "N-words" in it?

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Posted in: Gov't upgrades economic assessment in February as factory output stabilizes See in context

Pure, unadulturated hogwash -- "shows signs of emerging"; "has bottomed out"; "some weak areas remain"... This is just a work of fiction disquised as a report. Japan needs leaders, not cheer leaders.

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But the ministry maintained a positive view, saying in a monthly report: “Industrial production has bottomed out and shows some signs of picking up.”

LOL. theye were expecting 1.5% growth, and that is down from 2.4% in December, but somehow, in the magical world of Japanese bureaucracy, that is a positive. Well, I guess we can't expect them to speak the truth, since the new LDP government has to keep everyone happy and optimistic until the upper-house elections in July.

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Posted in: Diet passes Y13.1 tril stimulus budget by one vote See in context

My great-great-grandchildren will forever be in your debt here! Thanks for nothing!

Yubaru -- so true. Abe is rolling the dice big time with the Japanese economy and the futures of the generations to come. Undertaking this massive a stimulus package in a country already running a staggering debt level is incredibly risky. I hope for everyone's sake it really works and does not just give a temporary bump and then fizzle out.

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Japan's famous business must not be allowed to never make a profit again because of the yen. So gas and Macs get a little more expensive, if unemployment falls and optimism returns, I will be happy.

Peter -- if only it were that simple. Japan's weakness over the past two decades, has not been due to a too strong yen. That is something that has been a factor only the last eighteen months or so. And the reason it has caused the problems it has, is because Japan Inc. let itself get fat and happy, because they knew that the LDP-led government would always be there with pump-priming measures to artificially stimulate domestic demand when they needed it. But now that the economy is stagnant due to the shrinking/aging population, the companies are uncompetitive on a global basis -- think Sony, Sharp, etc. -- because they became to inward focused and no one overseas wants their over-priced stuff. So, dropping the value of the yen, and spending a bunch of money they don't have, will, no doubt, give a temporary bump to the economy. But the underlying problems will still be there and Abenomics does nothing to solve them. Enjoy the happiness while it lasts. It will be short lived, and followed by a much worse hang over.

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Voter support for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rose to 72% or more in two weekend opinion polls,

Of course it is. Rather than tell the folks what they need to hear -- which is that Japan needs to bite the bullet big name and endure a painful re-structuring -- he says they can magically buy their way out by printing more money and paving more roads. Even though it has not worked for the past two decades. Kicking thce can down the road has always been popular for politicians in Japan. And sprinkle in some tough talk about China, NK, and SK, and you have a full-proof recipe for high poll numbers.

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He did better than expected tbh, but hey if you invite the guy who created Family Guy to host the show, you already can expect some offensive jokes.

papigiulio -- exactly. Hell the guy is responsible for "Ted", so what did they expect? Not like they have not seen his level of humor. What was truly "offensive" to me was the incredibly lame show itself. 90 minutes between the first and second major awards -- supporting actor and actress. And that time filled with the worst form of singing and dancing. Stuff that would not even make it onto a third-rate variety show. And then they rush the last four or so major awards into the last fifteen minutes. The producers should be canned, along with Seth.

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Posted in: S Korean small businesses urged to boycott Japanese goods See in context

Japan just keeps making more friends every day.

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Why aren't Japanese dating and mating?

Simple, herbivore males. Japan is the world epicenter for them.

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By any objective measure Abe's "summit" with Obama had to be a major disappointment. Going into it, he had hoped that Obama would show support for his tough stance on China, as well as be willing to take rice and other agricultural products off the table, so Japan could join the TPP talks. He got neither one. Because, again, Japan has completely mis-judged its diplomatic and economic importance. Refusing to accept the reality of the 21st century global world. It will be interesting to see the spin Abe and the Japanese press try to put on this. But, more importantly, it will be interesting to see if the Japanese leadership can really come to grips with Japan's diminished place in the world and stops setting such false expectations. Wishful thinking, like Abe displayed going into the meeting, is not what Japan needs going forward. Serious, mature leadership, grounded in reality, is.

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“You can rest assured that you will have a strong partner in the United States throughout your tenure,” Obama told Abe in the Oval Office,

LOL. Obama knows full well that Abe's "tenure" will likely be measured in months rather than years, so he is not committing to a lot. Good to know Obama still has a sense of humor. Wonder if Abe got the joke?

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China on Friday slammed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for telling a U.S. newspaper that Beijing had a “deeply ingrained” need to challenge its neighbors over territory.

LOL. This coming from the leader of a country that just a couple of generations ago used its "deeply ingrained" lust for territory to colonize much of Asia, including China. Including inventing a reason to start an armed conflict with China. Does Japan not see that China is simply following the "Japan model"?

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Posted in: For wages to rise, demand needs to rise, it's that simple. The problem is that while there are certain areas of growth in Japan, like e-commerce, the overall pie is not growing. See in context

the overall pie is not growing.

This is newsworthy? The pie hasn't grown in any meaningful way in over two decades. Companies are just managing share there. For the pie to grow, there would need to be a mass re-structuring and a huge investment in entrepeneurship. And neither of those will happen, at least in my lifetime.

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda lands first TV drama role since leaving AKB48 See in context

You poor folks having to watch to watch this dribble. She's 21 and just left AKB48, so likely has NO acting talent or background. But she lands a lead role anyway. And they are about to start shooting. Japan TV deserves its terrible reputation.

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Posted in: TPP trade talks will be thorny issue at Obama-Abe talks See in context

“People need to understand, particularly folks in Japan, that this train is not going to sit in the station forever,” Yeutter said.

In other words, Obama wants the TPP in some form, more than he needs Japan to be part of it. And given the revolving door in the Japan PM's office the last few years, he's unlikely to take much stock in any assurances Abe gives him anyway. Remember Hatoyama's famous "trust me" comment in relation to Futenma.

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The jitters—similar to previous disputes with China—have been set off by Japan’s plan of monetary easing to boost inflation and activity by reducing the value of the yen under new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Wonderful. Abenomics has managed to drag Japan down to the level of China in the eyes of the G20. I sure hope it all works, and Japan isn't taking this major hit to its international reputation for nothing.

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“Since the accident in Fukushima, no health effects from radiation have been observed, although we have heard reports some people fell ill due to stress from living as evacuees and due to worries and fears about radiation,” Sakai said.

Sums up all you need to know about the value of this report. They have "heard reports" of people falling ill due to stress, but they don't count. Since the desired outcome of this report was determined well in advance, they can just be dismissed so lightly. What is incredible here is the complete arrogance of the government. They make the tax payer foot the bill for the clean-up and the white wash. Japan, unfortunately, has learned nothing from this disaster, as was hoped in some circles. The bureaucrats will circle the wagons with the other members of Japan Inc. forever.

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Japan’s economy unexpectedly contracted in the fourth quarter,

Three quarters of contraction in a row. Tobe, hopefully, followed by a "slow recovery". Yikes. Japan Inc. is really in dire straits.

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If implemented, the rate for households would be increased by 11.41% a month,

Glad its not me paying for companies building nukes on top of active faults and now having to go back to fossil fuels as a result. Which, with the falling yen, will cost even more to import. Gonna be a challenging few years, at least.

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when Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party campaigned in national elections on a platform of big spending and aggressive monetary easing

with the yen’s fall an unintended consequence

LOL. They campaigned on "aggressive monetary easing", but the fall in the yen was "an unintended consequence"? Sorry, but that fails the smell test, in a big way. Even an Econ 101 student could predict that the law of supply and demand would rule, and flooding the market with yen would drop the price. Never ceases to amaze me that Japanese foreign-policy folks think that just because you can fool the Japanese citizens with jibberish, that you can do the same with foreign governments.

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“I think that you can’t start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it’s all going to become undone,”

And Willis is right about his concerns abut removing the second amendment

sangetsu03 -- first off, no one is proposing "removing the second amendment". That's just nonsense. Second, can I respectfully remind you and Bruce that the U.S. had an assault weapons ban in place for ten years, from 1994 to 2004. I don't recall either the country or the constitution falling apart as a result. How come its different now? Your and his arguments are just simplistic nonsense.


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Bruce Willis says he’s against new gun control laws that could infringe on rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Thank you. You have now given me another reason not to see this movie. Since he undoubtably is getting a percentage of the profit, I have no desire to support his thinking with my money.

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Posted in: In Japan, women, not men, throng stores to buy Valentine's chocolates See in context

The rule was thus established and the underwear, jewelry or flowers given in other parts of the developed world were banished, leaving chocolate the sole currency of Valentine’s romance

Funny, I broke all those rules when I was in Japan and both me and my fiance are very glad I did. Because in addition to taking these things out of Valentine's Day, the Japanese have also managed to pretty much remove romance from the equation as well -- "obligation chocolates" Come on?.

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Japan is being cast as the villain in a heated currency drama, accused of driving down the yen’s value to shore up its fragile economy,

As well it should. Japan has had decades to re-structure its economy to make it less dependent on exports for growth. But, as is the Japanese way, it was much easier to kick-the-can own the road and simply artificially prop up the domestic economy time and time again with big spending packages. As a result, the domestic economy is one of the least efficient in the world, and now, to make things even worse, major exporting segments like electronics are also not competitive as well. So, again, rather than address the real issue, Abe is taking the easy way out and printing money. Japan shoul be ashamed of themselves.

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attended the rally to boost their morale ahead of their job hunt.

All the rallies in the world can't boost the morale enough for these poor folks. Afterall they are facing 40+ years of toiling away as a salary man for Japan Inc., paying too high prices for everything, and facing the prospect of shouldering the burden for all the taxes to pay for the huge debt the country has and the social costs of the world's oldest population. Good luck guys. You are going to need it.

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Posted in: Basketball coach to blame for student's suicide, says commission See in context

He should go to jail. Seems like a slam dunk to me

Absolutely correct. "Coaching" does not give someone the right to commit assault. He is a criminal -- plain and simple, and any rationale or justification to the contrary just shows how backwards Japan really is when it comes to protecting human rights in its own country.

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