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Posted in: I'm sure Tokyo residents are angry that it's a total waste of their taxes. I mean, the cost involved is stupendous. See in context

What is the use of having a vice governor? Why not have the vice take over the office? Why waste taxpayer's money for another election in which this could be fruitless?

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Posted in: Security subplots at APEC highlight China's growing might See in context

From the outsider's point of view; Japan vs. Russia on the north and Japan vs China on the south, WHEW!. . . . . Are you really this gracious? WAKE UP JAPAN!

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Posted in: Hiroshima not shy about its atomic bomb legacy See in context

Some people may be could not make oneself be on terms with the reality because of the pain it will be bring anew. But this is one way of making somebody else learn. I salute those who are courageous enough.

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Kan looked like a boy left behind by his father. WHAH . . . .

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