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I was without a/c for the last two years too, but I gave up and moved last August. It was just too uncomfortable and I couldn't get any sleep either. I ended up with a gigantic electricity bill for that first August, but I don't regret a thing. :) I wish there was a better way, but with the weather being so warm already, it seems like this summer is going to be a scorcher and I look forward to not having to sit with a wet towl wrapped around my shoulders all day just to not be in as much pain. :)

I grew up in a place with much higher temperatures year-round, but with no humidity, and it was a lot more bearable than here. The humidity is a real killer, not looking forward to that at all! I may perhaps choose a booth at a local famires and temporarily set up house. ^^;

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Posted in: Careful search for mementos slows rebuilding See in context

I hope, no matter how naive this sounds, that they can find and put to rest every single person who lost their life there. Ganbatte!

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Fans do almost nothing to cool a home in the hot summer months. Add a refrigeration unit and I'm sold!

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Posted in: Japan's Christians celebrate Easter amid disaster See in context

I'm not religious, and I don't believe in a god of any kind. But I really wanted to hunt for candied eggs and get dressed up and play with rabbits! I forgot though, that Easter was that weekend.

I agree with the poster who said that it has all the trappings of Christmas. I wish that it was celebrated the same way in Japan as in the US. That would be a lot of fun! And good in these times, as long as they keep the religious part out of it so that everyone can enjoy.

(Nothing against those who are religious, I just think that it would be a fun spring holiday for all)

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Posted in: Do you think switching to daylight saving time in summer in Japan will help ease the power shortage? See in context

The summer is so hot here, most people use the A/C even before the sun comes up. I can't sleep if it's not on all night, at least to a certain level. So I don't think that it will make a big difference. Actually, wouldn't pulling people together into buildings during the hottest parts of the day reduce energy usage better? Only having to cool one place instead of 100 individual homes. This assumes that there is nobody at home like little kids or a housewife of course.

Plus, daylight savings is a pain to remember and adjust to.

Really, Japan should just invest in insulation. That would help save energy more than anything else, both in the winter and the summer. Put out some kind of compensation program for building owners who upgrade their buildings. It would also create more jobs in construction.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping 2-year-old girl in Sapporo See in context

I think people are jumping on the parents for leaving the child alone on purpose, and rightfully so. The article makes it sound like they just didn't care.

And really, bringing a 2 year old kid to a noisy, crowded, and probably smoky arcade is not appropriate. I'm glad that the kid didn't have to suffer this time for the parents' mistakes, but for all we know with parents who leave her alone in arcades she may very well be suffering other times.

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Posted in: Rowling looking into Harry Potter e-books See in context

I'd love to see an e-book version as well! If they were priced low, I wouldn't mind downloading them (already have the hard copies, but like they said, it's hard to carry around)

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Posted in: New whitening skincare collection from Fujifilm See in context

I am all for taking care of your skin, but I have been worried about the bleaching properties of this kind of cream. It seems like it would dry out your skin and produce wrinkles faster, which is opposite of what most girls are going to want of their skin.

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Posted in: 389,000 attend Johnny's fundraiser in Shibuya See in context

Finally Johnny's did something useful!

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nice to see the royals coming down to normal level for a change.

I disagree. If they were on a "normal" level, then they would be helping cook and serve food, and clean up the toilets after the evacuees. I think they could do a lot more that way. A royal is no better than an average person, so why should they get all this special treatment?

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Posted in: All's not well at Tokyo Disneyland after quake See in context

The currently unemployed Disneyland workers are not going to be able to pay off their loans, pay their bills, buy food, etc.

The out of work people up North are not going to be able pay either. But they are being given food for free and I bet that most crediters will be somewhat understanding in the face of devasation.

But those in Chiba are not going to have that consideration. There is no free food for them, however little. They will starve if they have no savings, and lose homes that stood up to the quake just fine. I feel for them. Maybe they didn't lose their homes, but their livelihoods were devastated all the same.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco to halt domestic shipments March 30-April 10 due to quake See in context

Any chance this could be extended indefinitely? "Japan becomes the second country to ban tobacco." A much better title for an article.

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Posted in: What do you think about all the panic buying of bottled water in Tokyo after reports that radioactive iodine exceeding the limit for infants was found in tap water in some wards? See in context

I used to buy bottled water at my nearby supermarket because it was cheap (68 yen for 2 liters) and I preferred the taste. But the only kind that I can find now is the expensive stuff, so my supply has already run out. I would definitely like people to stop buying up all of the water! Surely you've all stocked up by now.

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Posted in: Don't forget your pets when disaster strikes See in context

Monkeyz: Shame on you.

If you are not willing to make a promise to take care of your pet until the end of it's life, and are not willing to keep that promise, then you should not own pets. There is nothing saying that you HAVE to keep animals around. Like children, they are living beings. Most of them also love their owners with all of their hearts. Looking after them is the least that you can do.

It is one thing if your dog or cat runs off on it's own and refuses to come to you. There is only so much that you can realistically do. But you darn well owe it to them to try, or you never deserved their love in the first place.

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Posted in: 28-year-old man accused of punching 2-year-old boy to death See in context

Wow, how much force would you have to punch a kid in the face to kill them?! Sounds like his intent was murder. Poor little kid.

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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

You think they stole because they didn't have enough?! If they were kids living on the street with no food and no warm clothes I could forgive them. But they were described as being dressed warmly and they rode away on a motorcycle. Sell the bike if you can't eat.

Not having "enough" for a new piece of jewelry or a video game. That's not enough of a reason to steal from anyone, much less people who are suffering.

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Posted in: In view of the continuing nuclear crisis and ongoing aftershocks since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, are you planning to leave Tokyo or stay? See in context

Good riddance to those who leave. More opportunities for the rest of us!!

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Posted in: Radiation discovery fans food fears in Japan See in context

So, the contaminated but still completely safe food.. I hope it will be put on massive sale, so that I can buy it cheaply! No problems eating it, it's still 100% safe, I just am always looking for a way to save money!

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Posted in: Radiation detected in Fukushima milk, Ibaraki spinach after nuclear accident See in context

I am wondering what the farmers are going to do if they can't sell their product. They'll have no income!! In that case they can't buy food and so will have to eat their own... only they can't! Even though it's not harmful in general.

Poor guys. So is the government going to help them out too?

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Posted in: TEPCO begins power blackouts See in context

I would much rather be able to boil water in my home than Shibuya 109 open it's doors to sell clothes.

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Posted in: Nissin donates 1 million packs of noodles for quake victims See in context

ilcub76: Really? Because if things were free here in Tokyo, then I would make continuous trips to every store in the area, carting off every nonperishable and long shelf-life food that I could! Especially the two import stores! I can barely afford to eat in a normal month, this would be like heaven!

Although I don't need it.

That's why it would be a very bad idea to make food free. Sendai, of course is another story.

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Posted in: Do you have an emergency kit prepared in the event of a natural disaster like an earthquake? See in context

I did keep a lot of packaged food but last month when money was running low I ate it all!

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Posted in: Obama: Japan earthquake potentially 'catastrophic' See in context

"Potentially catastrophic." Those words are kind of insulting. What part of this whole thing was "potentially" catastrophic?? That is insulting to all of the people right now fighting for their lives.

I am very glad that the US is offering assistance, but it is also a given. Of course people want to help each other after a catastrophe. But please watch your wording, Obama!

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Posted in: Rise in number of empty houses a growing problem for Tokyo See in context

If they are not going to use it, I will gladly take one of the places off of their hands! I'll take several! Sell all but one and use the money to build a new place on the best plot of land. Problem solved :)

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Posted in: Fashionista See in context

Whoa, she finally looks cute with long hair. Normally she is absolutely hideous, I can't imagine why she is so popular!

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Posted in: How-to books on living comfortably on welfare selling well See in context

Not to mention that people on welfare will want to buy this book, and they will spend part of their welface check on getting it. If their welfare check covers more than the most basic of necessities (rent, minimum food and gas/power/water bills), then they are getting paid too much!

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The chocolixirs are SO amazingly delicious!! But don't have them anymore because the sugar/calorie content is just too high. Oh well.

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Posted in: Sawajiri's mother says Erika apologized to ex-husband's parents for divorce See in context

It sounds like the apology was just an excuse to tell her side of the story. Anyways, considering that she moved to another country just to be near her estranged husband, I'd be willing to bet that it is far more his fault than hers.

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Posted in: Parents jailed over death of 4-year-old son due to malnutrition See in context

Wow.. 5 years for murder. That's a pretty light sentence. The wife, who was presumably the one at home 'feeding' him, should have gotten the same or longer as the husband.

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Posted in: Curry full of collagen peptides See in context

Collagen breaks down in your stomach and therefore does nothing for your skin. Hasn't somebody told the japanese consumers this before?

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