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Posted in: Singer Claudia Vazquez knocks 'em dead See in context

From the article's title, I actually expected to read that some people had suffered heart attacks while watching her show and pronounced dead.

That would have been a far more interesting article!

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Posted in: For many Japanese, laid-back overseas vacations a one-way ticket to nowhere See in context

The number of commenters here who think that marijuana is in any way a good thing make me sad.

Down with illegal drugs. If you are smart, then you don't need them (or alcohol) to have a good time. This kind of article is really annoying to read, because it glorifies the use of drugs. Ugh.

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Posted in: Japan slowly learning to embrace organ donation See in context

I want to donate my organs if I die. But I'm afraid that the hospital would take "brain death" as true death and effectively kill me. I don't want any chance at living to be taken away. There is always the smallest chance that I could survive. No matter how small, I want it.

That's why I'm afraid to mark myself as an organ donor. I have no problem donating when I am dead, but not when I still cling to life in even the smallest way. Is there a way to make that distinction on the organ donor card?

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Posted in: Watch the birdies See in context

Whoa, that Hanbok costume is REALLY unflattering. I hope that she is not nearly as fat as she looks. Awful, just awful!

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Posted in: Should parents be prosecuted if their kids are caught throwing rocks at trains, cars or other other vehicles? See in context

If the parent is involved in the act (standing next to them while they throw the stones without stopping them), then they should be charged-- with their own actions as participants! But if that is not the case, and the parent had no idea, then they SHOULD NOT be held responsible! No matter how good of a parent you are, you cannot control your child's life.

Even with financial responsibiliy- the child should be reponsible! Take responsibility for your own actions!!

Some people will argue that the parent's rearing techniques are flawed if the child does something bad. But guess what? Children are children, they will make mistakes, and peer pressure will also have a big impact! My sister and I were raised by the same parents for virtually the same amount of time and my sister wa jailed as a minor for drug use, stealing, and credit card fraud. She also gave birth to her first child as a teen and smokes profusely. I on the other hand have never used and abhore drugs, including cigarettes, have never been pregnant and never been involved with the law. I have a steady job and am admittedly a bit of a nerd. My sister was also highly religious and I don't touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. (Our parents are "spiritual", we never went to church and religion was never really present in our lives) Yet we wear raised by the same parents at the same time. We are less than 2 years apart. If it's my parent's fault why my sister turned out like she did, then explain to me how that could even remotely be.

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Posted in: Need a shirt? See in context

Isn't a tailor shop one that customizes your garments for you? This looks more like just a discount shop.

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Posted in: Extra insurance advisable for leisure activities See in context

Government health insurance doesn't cover your injuries?

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Posted in: Acquaintance of missing woman attempts suicide in Kanazawa See in context

Could be the husband found out and wrung her neck as well. They guy (nhk) could have pulled a Romeo and Juliet.

I like this explanation best.

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Posted in: Pandamonium See in context

Um, is it just me or does it look a little bit like the panda vomited. Not a very appetizing color and it seems quite thin, though it's hard to tell from the picture.

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Posted in: Apple leads mobile computer market See in context

"Including the ipad" says it all. An ipad isn't a laptop computer, why is it even included?

I love my iphone because it outperforms any other ketai I've ever owned in terms of what it can do. But I can't even save to the desktop (there isn't even one!), so I would never consider it as a computer. Same with Ipad. Fun to touch and play with, but no use when it comes to real computing tasks.

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Posted in: Juice up See in context

Who cares if it's 100% japanese oranges, when it's 90% sugar water?

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Posted in: Tokyo's catnap culture See in context

Since when is napping something to be commended? How about getting a good night's sleep?

And if you can sleep on the train, that means you're one of the lucky few who can get a seat in the morning! Lucky you! I'd spend it more productively by reading or studying, but that's just me.

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Posted in: Japan's largest slum attracting new breed of visitor: backpackers See in context

It sounds scary. I would be afraid that anything I left in my room would be stolen, or that I'd be pickpocketed on the street. No thanks. I'll take my vacations at a gorgeous, clean, smoke-free location somewhere in the tropics, thank you.

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Posted in: Women file suit to keep their surnames after they marry See in context

I don't get it. If they want to get married, it stands to reason they should have the same name!! Otherwise, how can you tell?

There's nothing stopping them from keeping the woman's surname, so this makes no sense. If he loves her, the man would keep her surname, if it's such a big deal to her, right? And if he won't, then find a better man!

I just don't get the fuss. It's not like you have to use your real surname in day-to-day life, and it's not like it changes who you are. A name is just a label to make it easier for other people to refer to you.

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Posted in: Mini-doughnuts See in context

Why the immense price hike in the 3-pack? That's too bad. If it was the same price as the 20-pack I would give them a try. (assuming there was no line, in which case I wouldn't bother going at all).

Hara doughnuts is great! If only the location near me hadn't closed up last year.

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Posted in: Ginza hostesses battle back against predatory work rules See in context

46,000 daily wage for crap rules and regulations? I have no sympathy at all. Just follow the rules and work hard, and you will be rolling in money! Where can I sign up?

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Posted in: Do you think Tatsuya Ichihashi, the suspect in the killing of British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker, should have been allowed to write a book for publication before his trial? See in context

I'm interested in reading the book, so I voted yes. But he should NOT be allowed to profit off of it.

All this is assuming that what he wrote in the book is true, not lies intended to gain him sympathy.

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Posted in: Light beer See in context

19 calories per 100ml?! How is that light in any way? If it was in a pet bottle, that'd be almost 100 calories per bottle, which is quite a bit.

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Posted in: Smoking, obesity are why U.S. lifespans lag a bit See in context

This article seems really strange to me, because smoking is a MUCH bigger problem here in Japan than in the US. I barely noticed smoke in the US, because it was banned most places and you couldn't really advertise. But here in Japan, you can't escape it! I cringe when I see characters smoking in anime and manga aimed at kids.

I've noticed that the Japanese are getting fatter in general, too. They wouldn't be called fat by any American standards, but compared to what I saw five years ago, people today are in general fairly robust here. A bad, bad, sign. Hope we don't go the way of the US! (or maybe I hope we do, since I intend to remain rail-thin, and finally I will look the part once all of the petite people are suddenly obese :D)

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Posted in: Japan lifts Asian Cup with 1-0 win over Australia See in context

Wait..since when is Australia part of Asia??

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Posted in: Who are (or were) some of your favorite comic book characters? See in context

Penance and M from Generation X.

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Posted in: Suicide in Japan See in context

8,000 yen is not too expensive for the average person

What average person are you talking about? I consider myself as having a fairly average income (200,000/mo). After rent and food/bills/necessities, I have almost none left. Certainly there is no money to afford even one session/mo. It is far, far, far too expensive for someone average like me. If it was free, though, I would definitely take advantage of the services of a counselor. :/

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Posted in: 5-yr-old girl dies after falling out of car and being run over in driveway at Tochigi home See in context

I don't get how she got underneath the car. If it was moving forward and she got underneath means that she crawled underneath the car, right? When you fall out, you usually fall outside the range of the tires, not so that half your body is underneath. This seems really odd to me.

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Posted in: What do you like to shop for online and what do you still go to stores to buy? See in context

They don't carry my shoe size in most stores so I usually buy them on the net. I wish that I didn't have to, though, because the postage can get too high, and a lot of time the quality or fit is not very good. I would definitely buy them in the store if I had the choice!

Generally I buy books and some food ingredients online, because to find them in the store would be too difficult or take too much time to travel to and from.

If postage was free, I would buy almost everything online except for clothes and food items I can get locally.

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Posted in: Would you support an environment tax as part of measures to counter global warming? See in context

Depends on how they spend it and if they lower other taxes. I don't want to pay any more overall, as I already feel that I am paying FAR too much. I can barely live on my salary as it is.

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Posted in: Annoying habits by train commuters, hot trends for 2011 and other survey results See in context

Oh, and people who stand right in front of an open seat without sitting down, but block it so that others can't sit there. Can't they just move to the side so that they aren't in the way?

And people who space themselves out too much, so that only 6 people can fit on a 7-people seat. Ugh.

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Posted in: Annoying habits by train commuters, hot trends for 2011 and other survey results See in context

My number one is people who are first in a long line of people waiting to get on the train. Then when the train comes they saunter on slooooooooowly, blocking the way so that people who actually want to sit down don't manage to get a seat. If you don't care about sitting, then move aside and let other people be first. Talk about rude!

And then bringing babies onto a train. I don't want a baby that cries or needs a diaper change anywhere near me. Yuck.

I agree, we need a list of what women find sexy in a man. :) I would be interested to know! Personally I like the skinny guys with tight clothes though. It sure beats the guys who are bulky and can't give a care about personal hygeine from the US! (not all of you, but almost everyone is bulky) Skinny and feminine is the way to go!

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Posted in: 5-year-old boy falls from balcony of 9th-floor apartment See in context

Accident?! What part of leaving a 5 year old boy at home alone was an accident?! At the very least, they should be charged with negligence!

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Posted in: Icy dip See in context

I doubt they are very enthusiastic about physical fitness, since they are not very physically fit. :/

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Posted in: Are you satisfied with the service the airline industry generally delivers on planes and at airports? See in context

They are too expensive. At roughly a thousand bucks to fly from Japan-America, I'd expect to be treated like a god. The price does NOT reflect the service, so I would say that it's bad service.

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