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Posted in: 12-year-old girl jumps to her death from Oita condo in apparent suicide See in context

Norman, was this girl a minority? Or just...a minor? I am not surprised you can't explain. You claim to sate a general truth, but that general truth is far from the truth. Most kids in Japan don't commit suicide, and most do not "suffer from what (ever!) they are going through." They are just like kids anywhere. They go through weird puberty, and for better or worse, grow up. It is not unique for Japan.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl jumps to her death from Oita condo in apparent suicide See in context

Just what is it that the assumption suicide or harassment is based on?

The article gives no indication it was either. She may have just...fell off. Accidents happen.

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Posted in: 'The Rookie' star alleges sexual harassment, discrimination See in context

Somethings tells me there is more than one side of this story...

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Posted in: Decline in number of felines on ‘Cat Island’ may be due to poisoning See in context

Seems some here never went to school? Never heard that "cats eat birds." Need proof?

The humans are not helping, for sure. Imagine, humans with all those cats...not helping at all.

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Posted in: Typhoon leaves 1 dead in southwestern Japan See in context

ifd66, you know how the media loves to make things bigger and more sale-able. Japan media is in the same boat as USA/Europe.

We see it daily.

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Posted in: Trump tells Abe he is tolerant of N Korea's short-range ballistic missiles See in context

Except one slight problem; Trump didn't say that. He didn't say he was tolerant of NK anything. He said he would rather work towards a solution that is in everyone's best interests.

But, hey. Don't let facts stand in the way of your rush to force a WWIII situation onto Japan. You little English teaching assistants will be going home soon, and it is just little brown people dying for your TDRS.

And what are 3,000,000 Japanese lives anyway, if you get to say "Trump caused THAT!" to a war that could have been avoided by liberals shutting up and letting the grown-ups negotiat peace?

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Posted in: 10 dead, 16 wounded in shooting in Dayton, Ohio See in context

Two in one day.

You may want to note this; BOTH shooter had one factor in common.

In fact all the shooters, since we started having shooter problems, share one common trait; they are are all crazy.

If having a gun caused people to shoot others, there would be 300,000.000 mass murders in America.

Every day. Take the guns and just like Japan or England, they will come at you with a knife or a baseball bat. It isn't the gun. Regulate crazy people. They are easy to spot; they are the crazy ones.

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