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Posted in: What are your views on parents hitting their children as a means of discipline? See in context

I have always noted that pain is an extremely effective social modifier. Granted care must be taken to not damage the child as they may still have work to do, so implements like baseball bats are simply not a good idea. I do however agree with nusre13, there are other methods of disciplining children, psychological control can be achieved through fear of what might happen rather than what will happen. Disciplining our children is very important today, without real discipline our children could grow up seriously damaged, if physical pain is the answer in your home you must not shy away from it, in fact learn to share & enjoy it.

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Posted in: Which conspiracy theory would you most like to find out the truth about? See in context

Yuki_51 at 09:11 PM JST - 29th March

“People who believe otherwise probably believe in the Tooth Fairy, too.”

And just what is it you are trying to suggest about our dearly beloved Tooth Fairy?

Yuki_51 at 09:18

“I guess this "survey" is an attempt by JT to find out the general IQ level of its English language readership”

I did wonder what the 51 was for, now we know.

Brunobear at 09:27 PM JST - 29th March

“will some authority e.g, the German Government publish the figures so I don't die wondering.”


My interest would be in the Vatican, now there is a conspiracy. Year after year they have been leading the faithful (gullible) nowhere & taking their money on the way, one way or another. They are one of the richest organisations (if not the richest) in the world but they don’t give money away, no, they get the “faithful” to do that.

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I have often thought that maybe the British drink the way they do because they are depressed at being British, an understandable reason for depression. Maybe under different leadership this would have been different. It is sad that we will never know, then again if history has taught us anything it is that things change & what was once lost may be found again.

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Posted in: Cheap booze? British tradition under threat See in context


“and i might get a decent nights sleep.”

But Mildred you never used to want a “decent” nights sleep, did you dear?

If Germany had won the war there would be none of this offensive behaviour on British streets. By now we would have properly educated the young British in all things. They would know about real beer, not these little girl drinks. Education, that is the real answer, show them what they look like when they are falling over the place, vomiting & collapsing in peoples gardens.

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Posted in: Obama berates AIG and vows to try to block bonuses See in context

Why not print lot and lots of new money and pay all the bonuses in cash, 5 dollar bills for example. This could be done at a public event to honour the recipients (name & shame might be a better title) on national television. They could also be given the option of refusing the money publicly to show what good Americans they are.

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