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Posted in: Baldwin calls for police to watch guns on set after 'Rust' death See in context

As much as Baldwin tries to deflect his responsibility for having killed the woman, there is no escaping the fact that the person who activates the trigger of the gun is responsible for the results.

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Posted in: Baldwin calls for police to watch guns on set after 'Rust' death See in context

now recommending a police officer on the set is... well, you know. Does he expect the police officer to be the "fall guy" when an accident occurs on set? No, the person who activates the trigger is the one who is responsible for the results. Stop blame-shifting /deflection.

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Posted in: Chasm opens between COP26 words and climate action See in context

How many of the attendees traveled to the "conference" in a way that would be consistent with their rhetoric?

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Posted in: Matthew McConaughey weighs bid for Texas governor See in context

No, thanks.

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Posted in: Beijing shuts roads, playgrounds amid heavy smog after coal spike See in context

Has that charming girl Greta got any thoughts on the pollution in China? Perhaps she'd be able to have a chat with Xi.

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Posted in: 'Rust' shooting may have been sabotage, say armorer's lawyers See in context

Ultimately, only ONE person is responsible : the person who squeezed the trigger. THAT person failed to verify that the firearm was actually safe/unloaded.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 158 See in context

"Great ! Time to open up to vaccinated people and keep the unjabbed out !"

Nevermind that doubled-jabbed also contract and spread the virus same as the unjabbed. Reality.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $10 bil to aid Asia's zero emission path See in context

Perhaps the climate change Kishida claims to be concerned about is not what he's been told.


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Posted in: Braves overpower Astros to win World Series See in context

Let's. Go. Braves!!!

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Posted in: Kishida pledges $10 bil to aid Asia's zero emission path See in context

Pledging other people's money and livelihoods.

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Posted in: Gas giants: Can we stop cows from emitting so much methane? See in context

On the topic of hot gas, "runaway global climate change" seems a bit of a stretch.

The eco-alarmists conveniently ignore the fact that methane levels in the atmosphere have been much higher historically than today. Yes, the Earth's climate changes, and always has. Recall that very enormous creatures once roamed the very green planet emitting far higher levels of methane.

On the geological scale, the past few hundred years of human population are but a brief blip.

But the endless fretting and wringing of hands over our impending doom is quite theatrical

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Posted in: DiCaprio brings star power to U.N. climate summit See in context

Another "eco-hypicrite". One of the many saying "We must reduce our carbon emissions to save the planet" when they really mean you (little people) must do as we say, but not as we (elites) do.


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Posted in: World leaders vow to protect forests, plug methane leaks at COP26 See in context

Over 400 PRIVATE JETS were flown to transport the elites to the very expensive event. Their outsized carbon footprints speak volumes...

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Posted in: Jon Bon Jovi tests positive for COVID-19; cancels concert See in context

Here's the reality: "fully-vaccinated" people not only can contract the virus, but also spread the virus the same as unvaccinated. Hopefully he doesn't get very ill and recovers quickly.

These MANY "breakthrough" cases highlight the uselessness of the "vaccine passport" concept that divides society into a two-tier dystopian reality : Valids vs Invalids.

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Posted in: The Kotanpo will save you from the cold this winter See in context

I think the missus would like this.

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Posted in: Going for World Series title, Braves start 3rd rookie See in context

Let's Go Braves!

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Posted in: Braves edge Astros to take 3-1 lead in World Series See in context

Let's Go Braves!

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Posted in: Braves throw 2-hitter; blank Astros 2-0 for 2-1 World Series lead See in context

Let's Go..... Braves!

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Posted in: New York City braces for fewer cops, more trash as vax deadline looms See in context

The mandate is illegal. The vaccination is a good choice especially for those at risk due to already poor health conditions (obesity, diabetes, cancer, pulmonary disease, etc.) but it's no magical silver bullet that some purport.

In Ireland, which has ~91% vaccination rate, there is a significant rise in new infections among the vaccinated.

Vaccinated people also contract AND SPREAD the virus at similar rates as unvaccinated.


Those who have already recovered from the virus have natural immunity which is far more robust than those with vaccinated immunity which wanes within 90 days.

Receiving a vaccine with known serious side effects (in some people, often with no previously known health issues) is an unnecessary risk.

The road to perdition is paved with good intentions.

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Posted in: Flying green will be more expensive See in context

I'm all for a return to ocean liner travel.

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Posted in: Rookie propels Astros past Braves 7-2 to even World Series See in context

The Astros may have one home game, but face a tough three games in Atlanta...

Let's Go Braves! And Brandon ;)

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Posted in: Tokyo governor hospitalized for fatigue; 2nd time this year See in context

Unfit to serve.

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Posted in: 83 million unused 'Abenomasks' remain in storage in Japan See in context

Burn them already.

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Posted in: Stars stunned by 'mismanaged set' in fatal prop-gun shooting See in context

“I don’t recall ever being handed a weapon that was not cleared in front of me — meaning chamber open, barrel shown to me, light flashed inside the barrel to make sure that it’s cleared," Wright said. “Clearly, that was a mismanaged set.”

A set managed by BALDWIN. He can try to pass the buck all he wants, but HE NEVER VERIFIED THE FIREARM WAS NOT LOADED.

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Posted in: China locks down city of 4 million over COVID cases See in context

"a zero-COVID approach" sounds vaguely familiar.... One totalitarian regime mimicking another.

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Posted in: Mako's marriage casts shadow on imperial succession debate See in context

Perhaps it's time to lay the concept of "royalty" to rest.

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Posted in: Baldwin was practicing drawing gun when he fired fatal shot: director See in context

Involuntary Manslaughter, Reckless Endangerment at the very least.

"I didn't know the gun was loaded" doesn't exempt anyone from responsibility ever.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 153 See in context

Herd Immunity.

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Posted in: Hollywood's love of guns increases risk of shootings – both on and off the set See in context

Fact: Baldwin disregarded the first four rules of firearm safety. The first one is "Treat every firearm as fully loaded.

As it turns out, the gun he killed the woman with had been used off-set for target practice, obviously with live rounds. He should be charged with Involuntary Manslaughter at the minimum.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 19 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 236 See in context

Herd Immunity.

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