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Posted in: Department stores kick off year-end, New Year shopping campaigns See in context

I've gotten one almost every year since the 90's, but not likely this year due to economic hardship caused by the economic downturn induced by irrational fear of the virus with a 99.5% survivability rate(CDC most recent data).

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Posted in: Plus-size model prompts Instagram nudity policy change See in context

Just keeping abreast with the times...

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Posted in: U.S. Senate confirms Barrett 52-48 as Supreme Court justice See in context

The MAJORITY of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, approved of the nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court because of her impeccable qualifications.


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Posted in: GOP slowly gaining as early vote total surpasses 2016 See in context

Can you provide a link for your stats? Qanon? RT? Breitbart? The article doesn't mention the stats you used.

Well, Biff, you can do your own homework. RT and Breitbart are both far more reliable than the rabid left "news" that you likely ascribe.

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Posted in: GOP slowly gaining as early vote total surpasses 2016 See in context

The main takeaway is that ~86% of Democrats have already voted, whereas only ~14% of registered Republicans have. That also ignores the elephant in the room , the "shy" Trump supporters who are not included in the polling numbers but are showing up at the Trump rallies in DROVES.

Biden was correct to say this weekend that the democrats have developed the largest voter fraud organization in history (his own words).

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Posted in: Trump no fan of Sacha Baron Cohen See in context

Seriously, that picture is really offensive and disgusting. How about editing THAT GARBAGE OUT!?

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Posted in: Trump no fan of Sacha Baron Cohen See in context

Cohen is disgusting. The first Borat was disgusting and should have been arrested for attempting to kidnap Pamela Anderson. He and Howard Stern are both revolting and not funny at all.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 186 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 740 See in context

Does the corona-related deaths include over 90y.o. and suicides?

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Posted in: Democrats boycott Barrett vote; Senate GOP pushes ahead See in context

"impudently packing the USSC bench"

Apparently you don't comprehend the difference between filling a vacant seat and "packing the court" which means expanding the number of seats on the bench.

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Posted in: Democrats boycott Barrett vote; Senate GOP pushes ahead See in context

RBG, who was appointed by Bill Clinton, was approached by Obama to retire after being diagnosed with cancer but declined for her own reasons. At that time, Obama could have comfortably appointed her replacement. The truth is that she assumed Hillary would succeed Obama, and so she could "gift" the nomination of her own replacement to Hillary. As it turns out, her plan was foiled providentially.

The fact of the matter is that the Republicans have followed the historical precedents, both in denying Obama’s nomination of Garland to replace Justice Scalia and in approving the very highly qualified Amy Coney Barrett. Justices have been vetted AND confirmed in as little as ONE DAY but very frequently in under 45 days many times. This is just sour grapes from the democrats who would have absolutely done the SAME THING given the opportunity.

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Posted in: Celebrities unite for various get-out-the-vote efforts in U.S. See in context

Vote for TRUMP!

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Posted in: Japan had record 610,000 school bullying cases in FY2019 See in context

... This behavioural norm is then carried into the workplace.

That is also carried into the home. The fact is that the peer-pressure to conform (obey mindlessly) is deeply rooted in the society and anyone who dares to think independently is excoriated. That is the root of the bullying in schools and the workplace as well.

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Posted in: Japan expects fewer newborns in 2021 as pandemic affects pregnancies See in context

Whereas in the Philippines there's going to be a baby boom.

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Posted in: Fishing crews arriving in New Zealand have coronavirus See in context

There's no escaping the 'rona. Just delaying the inevitable. With summer coming, locking people up in their homes again isn't the best thing and no longer advisable even by the WHO.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine for 2nd straight month See in context

So what? He's a private citizen now.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 284 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 699 See in context

The most important number is that there are only 25 hospitalized with "severe" symptoms, which is essentially the same number for weeks.

Notice that there's no breakdown of the ages of those 25 or their co-morbidities.

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Posted in: A dog's life See in context

That's what I do three or four times a day with my pack.

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Posted in: YouTube to remove COVID vaccine misinformation See in context

That means they should also remove all of the media-dispersed misinformation/disinformation.

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Posted in: Supercomputer shows humidity affects aerosol spread of coronavirus See in context

The fear-mongering is more dangerous than the virus.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 177 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 550 See in context

The 8 "corona-related" deaths didn't happen to folks in their 80's and 90's with one foot already in grave, right?

My 85-year-old neighbor passed away last month after fighting brain cancer for a few years, yet was counted as a "corona-related" death despite having absolutely NOTHING to do with the virus. No one around him had ever had any connection to the virus. Forgive me if I doubt the veracity of the "data".

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Posted in: Ardern set to win in New Zealand's 'COVID election' See in context

Seems like Stockholm Syndrome to me.

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Posted in: 1,805 suicides reported in Japan in September See in context

"The total for females -- 639-- was up 27.5% over last year."

So that means 175 more females committed suicide in Sept 2020 vs Sept 2019.

It's true that in April the rate was 20% lower which is consistent with other "short term" crises. The difference is that although the Stay-at-home period ended in late May, the crisis itself has yet to resolve, and in some ways has worsened, particularly in the employment/financial aspect. The hope of near-term recovery has been obliterated. MANY people have been furloughed, non-renewed, retired due to company(restructuring), etc.

Yes, it's a grave situation (no pun intended) manufactured by the media-induced panic over a pandemic with over 99.5% recovery rate.

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Posted in: Activists protest over lawmaker's skepticism about sex crime victim claims See in context

Fact: women sometimes falsely claim to be victims of sex crimes.

Read several articles here on JT over the years of just that; a young woman falsely claimed to have been touched/groped on a train impugning an innocent man.

Also Fact: there are far too many /much more cases of actual molestation mostly by males.

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Posted in: Biden makes big push in Ohio, once seen as long shot for him See in context

In just one day, Dopey Joe:

Announced that he was running for the SENATE (flub again!)

Forgot the name of the 2012 GOP presidential candidate(who is now a sitting Senator, although unpopular with most Republicans), but did refer to him through his religious affiliation.

Again forgot where he was.

Biden belongs in a Senior home.

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Posted in: Japan's cumulative total of coronavirus infections tops 90,000 See in context

And more than 99.5% make a full recovery.

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Posted in: ANA to permit staff to take on wider range of side jobs amid pandemic See in context

Tragic result of the globalist panic.

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Posted in: Australian state warns members of public who don’t comply with pandemic regulations See in context

Ah, because some prefer to "safety" under totalitarian oppression rather than a little liberty. I feel sorry for the good people of Australia who just want to live their lives freely. Truly Orwellian reality.

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Posted in: Michigan plot shows right-wing militias a growing threat See in context

Yet the truth is that the individuals arrested are ANARCHISTS who have also participated in BLM/ANTIFA protests, called Trump a tyrant(in addition to the MI Gov), and one was recently pardoned by the Dem Delaware governor. Interesting that the article failed to mention that.

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Posted in: Many shoplifters simply put groceries in their own shopping bags and leave. See in context

Whodathunkit! Economic slowdown brought on by the tax hike and exacerbated by the virus panic-induced recession/depression leading people to steal food for survival. More people hurt by the panic than by the virus.

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Posted in: Lesson not learned: Europe unprepared as 2nd virus wave hits See in context

I noticed that the countries mentioned, Belgium, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain and France plus Italy and Czech Republic all have had their populaces in hard lockdowns with mandatory masking seemingly to no avail. No mention of the Nordic countries.

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