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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 2.9% in June See in context

Fake numbers.

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Posted in: Sydney police call for military to enforce lockdown See in context

The slope to a totalitarian state is quite slippery. This should deeply concern not only the good people of Australia, but also others everywhere. Those willing to sacrifice freedom for a little safety deserve neither, a wise man once said.

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Posted in: ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill dies at age 72 See in context

Wow, so very sad! Only 72. RIP Mr Hill!

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Posted in: Going electric: Carmakers make the switch See in context

The "idea" of electric vehicles is a great one conceptually, but the reality of them is quite another matter. On the practical side, if one drives exclusively within 30% of the vehicle's actual range, then it might be practical for such a person. That simply doesn't work for me.

Moreover, it's a myth that BEVs are "green". A conservative estimate is that BEVs come with a 20%~25% higher carbon footprint when coming off the production line, largely due to the tremendous amount of energy (from mining, refinement, and manufacturing of the massive battery systems for each vehicle) necessary to build the vehicle. The battery units themselves also begin to degrade soon, and within relatively short span of time (depends on the frequency of charge/discharge and rates of charge) begin to reduce the usable range of the vehicle, rendering the vehicle useless much sooner than an ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle. The battery pack, which is also much heavier and more expensive to replace, would have to be replaced before the carbon equity point is reached.

The other elephant in the room is the planned shift to BEVs is going to exceed the production capacity of the batteries in a short period of time (before 2025). The makers are effectively running headlong towards the edge of a cliff.

I'll stick with ICE vehicles, thanks.

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Posted in: Christmas Day is five months away. How bad do you think the coronavirus will be in Japan then? See in context

Well the Gamma-Lambda variant may be going around by then, so there will likely be more lockdowns that accomplish nothing.

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Posted in: Unvaccinated U.S. swimmer sparks debate as Olympics start See in context

Hmmm. His body, his choice!

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Posted in: Do you plan to watch any of the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony on TV on Friday night? See in context

I'd rather do something productive, like sanitize the garbage pail.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,979 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,383 See in context

"Would you voluntarily engage in any kind of activity where you have a 1% chance of dying? I am not sure if you are kidding or not."

Sure. It's called living.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,979 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,383 See in context

And the survival rate remains nearly 99%, so there's that.

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Posted in: Tokyo's drinkers drown frustrations over virus restrictions, Olympics See in context

I'll drink to that!

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Posted in: Melbourne joins Sydney in lockdown; 12 million ordered to stay at home See in context

You can run, but you can't hide from the virus. Just delaying the inevitable.

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Posted in: Sydney virus lockdown extended by at least two weeks See in context

There's no stopping the virus.

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Posted in: Gem thieves rob Hollywood star at Cannes film festival See in context

Where's Inspector Clouseau when you need him....

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Posted in: Not just COVID: Earthquakes, typhoons pose threat at Tokyo Olympics See in context

And volcanic activity.

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Posted in: What are some non-violent ways of protesting against the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

Just like anything that you don't care for ; Don't watch or buy any related goods.

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Posted in: Sydney tightens lockdown as Delta outbreak intensifies See in context

After Delta will likely be Lamda or Epsilon, and then.... Until the Alpha and the Omega...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 920 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,191 See in context

My elderly neighbor (~97) passed away over the weekend (a week after the 2nd vaccine shot) after developing a fever. He had heart failure, but the doctor claimed that it was Covid-19 even though he had a negative PCR test.

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Posted in: As U.S. employers struggle to fill jobs, teens come to the rescue See in context

Good! AMERICAN teens getting jobs! No better way to learn about the value of labor and money.

Now, if the higher paying/skilled labor jobs would also grow, that would be much better.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmakers earned average of ¥24.16 million last year See in context

They RECEIVED said high incomes, but doubtful the citizenry would say that the income was EARNED.

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Posted in: Shop hopes its deerskin goods focus minds on Japan's huge deer culls See in context

I love venison! It's very delicious when properly seasoned and cooked.

Unfortunately, here in Japan the deer have become a serious pest, not only for farmers, but also because they cause a considerable amount of damage to the forests and worsen the erosion problem.

I'm glad to hear that one creative person is finding a good way to put the skins to a good use.

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Posted in: Sydney's COVID-19 cases rise; four Australian cities in lockdown See in context

Delaying the inevitable.

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Posted in: Scores dead as heat wave grips Canada, U.S. Northwest See in context

I spent a summer in the 70's in Northern Quebec and during that time there was a similar heat wave. At that time the environmentalists were going off predicting an impending Ice Age(seemingly unaware that the Earth is in fact IN an Ice Age already, just not a glaciation at the moment).

The written record is VERY short, so it's a falsehood to say that it's the hottest EVAH, though it may be the hottest recorded in several decades.

Native lore sometimes talks about very hot episodes.

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Posted in: Serena hobbles out of Wimbledon as Federer survives scare See in context

Perhaps time for her to retire and bow out gracefully.

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Posted in: When do electric vehicles become cleaner than gasoline cars? See in context

Very rosy estimates from Reuters which are misleading at best. A more accurate estimate of the break-even point would be around 120,000 miles (which also coincides with the warranty expiration for mileage on the Tesla 3, the lowest battery capacity one I believe).

The 12th of Never is the best answer to the title's question.


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Posted in: Japan's May jobless rate highest in 5 months See in context

The real numbers are likely quite higher as the criteria for counting people excludes those who have exceeded their eligibility and others.

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Posted in: Honda changing course; will build its own electric vehicles See in context

Not ONE of the folks who urge the complete conversion to EVs addresses the Inconvenient Truth that the production of the toxic batteries is totally counterproductive to ecology-cult propaganda.

The sourcing of Lithium for the MASSIVE batteries is unbelievably damaging to Earth, far worse than ICE vehicles. Reality.

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Posted in: Biden tells Israel president he won't tolerate nuclear Iran See in context

Hapless Joe is just displaying his war-hawk feathers. The military-industrial complex is loving it. The RINOs are also pleased.

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Posted in: Honda changing course; will build its own electric vehicles See in context

The idea of EVs is a nice-sounding one, but the REALITY of them is not as "eco" as people are being led to believe. One of the major hurdles is the massive batteries that require a tremendous amount of (largely fossil-fuel powered) energy in order to mine, refine, process, and manufacture the cells that use LITHIUM. The EVs have a much higher level of "embedded carbon" when they roll off the production line than the same/similar ICE vehicles. The batteries are also significantly heavier than the ICE which requires more frequent tire changes. Charging the EVs is also largely by fossil-fueled power plants (depending on the region). It's not unlike using a gasoline/diesel-powered generator to charge the EV and then claim it to be "green". Further down the road is the reality that the battery cells reach the end of their usable service lives well before an ICE and cost close to 50% of the price of the new vehicle.

Honda and the other car manufacturers know that the buyers will HAVE TO buy another new vehicle sooner (than an ICE) and are engineering themselves a frequent replacement market. They are securing themselves a forced market.

Where is Mr FUSION when you need him?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 386 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,283 See in context

I'm positive. I'm asymptomatic. I'm not ill. I may have been exposed to the virus in early December 2019 when the Mrs was down with a stubborn flu for 3 weeks. Didn't phase me. And as a child I sometimes drank water from the garden hose in the summer.

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