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Posted in: Abe says he is not thinking about 4th term as LDP head See in context

I'm not a fan of PM Abe. But one essential thing that he HAS provided is stability in leadership. The "revolving door" premiership was very detrimental to the nation. The "3-arrows" pipe dream only papered over the economic reality, and that will be a major problem in the future. But for the time being, at least SOMEONE stable is at the helm, though the ship is headed to the precipice of default.

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Posted in: Nikkei closes above 24,000 for 1st time in 14 months See in context

"Abenomics in action guys."

Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that's a gut-buster!

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Posted in: Yoshiki makes surprise appearance at Kiss concert in Tokyo See in context

Having attended numerous (dozens) of KISS concerts over the years, I can't overstate the admiration of the fans here in Japan. All of the band members thrilled the audience in what is likely most fans last KISS concert. No other band has quite the avid following, literally a Global Army of fans, spanning several generations. In the audience I saw dans ranging from early teens to possibly 80's. The lovely lass beside me was about 20 and sang along as I did, knowing most of the lyrics by heart. My first KISS concert was on August 3rd 1975, during the "Hotter Than Hell" tour as the supporting band for Black Sabbath. So, yes, ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT, and as long as I have breath!

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Posted in: Yoshiki makes surprise appearance at Kiss concert in Tokyo See in context

It was an awesome show!

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Posted in: Study shows hostility toward journalists by Trump supporters See in context

Publishing demonstrably false and heavily biased information as "truth" loses credibility among cognitive people. This is another propaganda puff piece to disparage conservatives who don't agree with the far-left.

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Posted in: UK exit poll suggests solid majority for Johnson's Conservatives See in context

A resounding victory for INDEPENDENCE!

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Posted in: UK exit poll suggests solid majority for Johnson's Conservatives See in context

Congratulations to the Brits! Make UK Great Again!

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Posted in: Climate activist Greta Thunberg is Time's 2019 person of the year See in context

Time magazine has been out in left field for quite some time. What a farce! How dare you! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Posted in: Johnson heads for election win in tightening race See in context


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Posted in: Japan to slash tax revenue forecast as trade war hits exports See in context

Forgot to mention that exports of Japanese beer to Korea dropped to ZERO, probably among other things.

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Posted in: What are some suggestions to avoid overeating or getting too drunk during the Christmas-New Year party season? See in context

It's CHRISTmas, not DRUNKmas. Have a good time, but practice "all things(not otherwise prohibited) in moderation. Yep, exercise a bit of self-discipline.

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Posted in: American Airlines adds passport chip scanning to mobile app See in context

What could possibly go wrong? SMH

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Posted in: 6 killed in New Jersey shootout, including police officer See in context

The gun-grabbers ignore the reality that criminals DO NOT OBEY LAWS, and the RIGHT TO BEAR FIREARMS was earned by the Patriots who fought for independence from the dastardly British King.

The brave police officer who tragically lost his life at the hands of these scum criminals worked hard to remove guns from criminals. He fought the good fight. Yes, some cops are corrupt, but by and large they are heroic individuals who deserve to be respected. Even in New Jersey.

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Posted in: 'Grease' jacket regifted to Olivia Newton-John after auction See in context

If I'd had the money, I would have done the same thing. She's a splendid lady.

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Posted in: Former defense minister shot near home in Iwate See in context

At his advanced age, a threat of life in prison isn't much of a deterrent, is it.

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Posted in: 6 killed in New Jersey shootout, including police officer See in context

Name the perpetrators! Dollars to doughnuts these shooters were career criminals who were already prohibited from firearms possession, in possession of illegally obtained (possibly prohibited) firearms and who being pursued for criminal activity. They were NOT LAW-ABIDING citizens who have the RIGHT to firearms.

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Posted in: Japanese regulators recommend ¥2.4 bil fine for Nissan See in context

"money Ghosn could have received in the future after retirement."

Money that was never defined nor determined nor actually even promised. Sounds like a railroading! A could-have-done act is NOT a crime.

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Posted in: Saudi airman in U.S. for training kills 4, wounds 8 in shooting at Florida navy base See in context

The utterly ignorant, misinformed comments are mind-numbing. This was a Naval Air Station, not a weapons/ammunition depot. In general, private firearms are prohibited on station, only the base police are armed.

This was plainly an act of terrorism by adherants to the particular theological persuasion that must be unnamed.

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Posted in: Hot water: Pressure to move Olympic open-water venue from Tokyo Bay See in context

As a surfer, I can attest to the poor water quality(in Shonan) , especially after moderate to heavy rain. I can hardly imagine how awful the water quality is near Odaiba. Moving the open water swimming to Zushi would be a vast improvement!

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Posted in: New Zealand PM aims to limit spread of hate See in context

"... she hopes artificial intelligence will one day stop such attacks from being broadcast online."

What she really means is that she hopes the internet to be completely controlled by a particular ideology, suppressing any content that strays from the approved content, a truly Orwellian wish. This is a leap toward a totalitarian society, how very.... Liberal!

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Posted in: 4 killed in failed robbery shootout in Florida See in context

The robbers were bad people and got their just desserts. There were 2 innocent victims: the UPS driver and the bystander.

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Posted in: Democrats take big new step toward impeaching Trump See in context

"and jeopardizing the integrity of our elections ."

Like Obama urging non-citizens to register (Democrat) and vote(felony)?

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

Reality: Keynesian economic policies fail to achieve the desired results because of faulty theory. This is a rehash of previous attempts at boosting the economy.

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Posted in: Democrat Kamala Harris ends 2020 White House bid See in context

Biden's wife said in August that her husband might not be the best candidate, but told voters “maybe you have to swallow a little bit” and vote for him anyway.

That's sure to encourage voters!

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Posted in: Democrat Kamala Harris ends 2020 White House bid See in context

A shame that it all comes down to having nothing on her platform but "orange-man bad, becuz muh feels"

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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context

And I suppose next will be bras?

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Posted in: Zero-hour on climate, but U.N. talks in another time zone See in context

But, what if the "science" is faulty?


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Posted in: Rin (凛) and Ren (蓮) most popular baby names of 2019: survey See in context

Rin (no Tin-Tin), Ren (no Stimpy)?

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Posted in: White House says Trump won't participate in Wednesday's impeachment hearing See in context

Nor should he participate in the witch trials. It is entirely illegitimate from its conception.

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Posted in: Trump off to London for NATO summit, under pressure to steer clear of British election See in context

Jimizo, please describe the main antagonist of "Animal Farm", Napoleon.

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