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Posted in: Transgender man gets new register with court-approved gender change See in context

XX can not become XY.

XY can not become XX.

THAT'S science!

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Posted in: Publisher cancels plan to translate U.S. book questioning trans surgery See in context

Only pro-leftist narrative is allowed...

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Posted in: Alcohol taxes aren't high enough, says World Health Organization See in context

Yet another vapid opinion from the who.

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Posted in: To phase out or phase down fossil fuels? That is the question at COP28 climate talks See in context

Let every single one of those hypocrites (Kerry especially) lead by example and live THEIR OWN lives without any fossil fuel related products for at least 3 years FIRST! IF they can actually do that (phat chance!), then they can let others decide on how to live their own lives! These clowns are pushing for global communism. Pffft!

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Posted in: Gold jumps to record on rate cut bets but equities struggle See in context

Here is reality : GOLD IS MONEY!

And so is silver.

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Posted in: Japan gets 'fossil' award again as climate action slammed See in context

Here's the reality, though that is inconvenient to the climate alarmists:

The so-called "green energy" sources are simply NOT reliable enough for a stable power grid.

Other sources, namely the "evil" fossil fuels and nuclear power are the ONLY ones that meet the needs of society in a stable, reliable way.

I personally have solar panels installed, but they are only modestly efficient during peak daylight hours in cloudless conditions. And in case of a grid failure (which does happen) I have a fossil fueled generator.

The climate alarmist faux award is a farce.

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Posted in: New technology installed beneath Detroit street can charge electric vehicles as they drive See in context

As anyone who has actually studied any physics or electrophysics can attest, the losses from such a system are enormous.

That aside, the cost of infrastructure are astronomical.

Moreover, where pray tell would the source of electricity (with 30 %and greater losses) come from? Fossil fuels or atomic power are the only reliable & consistent sources of the required electricity, which quickly defeat the purpose.

There's a logical reason that the electric cars of the early 20th century were quickly cast aside in favor of Internal Combustion Engines : they are more reliable and cost-effective!

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Posted in: A look back at 50 years of Kiss-tory as the legendary band prepares to take its final bow See in context

Simple fact: KISS ROCKS!

I saw them the first time in either 76 or 77. Awesome & raw rockers.

Since then I've seem them at least a dozen times.

Here's the point, folks : enjoyable entertainment!

I saw them at Tokyo Dome in 2019, part of the farewell "End Of The Road" tour (interrupted by a certain "flu"). It was a great show.

Snobs notwithstanding.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power See in context

PM writing checks he can't cash.

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Posted in: Japan's biggest ruling party faction allegedly pooled secret funds, sources say See in context

Not saying the allegations aren't true, but who exactly is making said allegations, and with what evidence? Enquiring minds want to know!

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Posted in: China hails 'old friend' Kissinger, architect of rapprochement See in context

Kissinger was a complex yet often correct diplomat. He angered many on both the left and the right

I can't say that I agreed with many of his policies, but he wisely negotiated many political difficulties.

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Posted in: Japan suspends its own Osprey flights after U.S. aircraft crash See in context

Every type aircraft has incidents. But certain J-media like to hype incidents involving US military aircraft. That's propaganda.

Yes, different aircraft types have different types and rates of incidents, but the Osprey is within the expected range.

I worked in the aircraft industry for nearly 20 years and can attest that the safety standards are vastly improved over the last few decades.

Enough with the fear-mongering nonsense.

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Posted in: Why carbon capture is no easy solution to climate change See in context

Plant trees! They are perfect (by design!) at capturing CO2! All the rest is smoke and mirrors. To be actually "green", plant trees or any crops.

The "science" is simply photosynthesis! No human engineering is necessary.

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Posted in: Fill your holiday stocking with Cher, Ella Fitzgerald, Brandy, Andrea Bocelli and more See in context

Cher??? No way, no thanks. Same for "Brandy" unless it's the bottled kind. Substitute those with Michael Buble and Kenny G.

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Posted in: China calls for independent monitoring of treated Fukushima water See in context

Oh boy. Just in time for...

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Posted in: Now on vinyl, Shania Twain’s 'Greatest Hits' shines anew See in context

I've been a fan of her music since nearly the beginning. A great talent!

Of course, not every genre of music is liked by everyone (such as ⬆️), but that's how it goes with the arts.

Shania rocks!

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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context


"... and I found it unbearable," he said., adding his partner had supported him, "even though she couldn't take one step out of the house".

SHE couldn't take one step out of the house. SHE.

Is he actually homosexual? I don't know. And I don't care. That's his business.

Figure skaters (both m&f) do tend to be rather dramatic or even narcissistic, but it's ridiculous to paint them all with the same broad brush. It's a very physically and mentally demanding sport.

How about cut him (and the people related to him) some slack, paparazzi-type folks.

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Posted in: Dolly Parton's new album is a detour from country music — could R&B be next? See in context

Gotta love Dolly!

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Posted in: Credit card transaction disruptions reported nationwide in Japan See in context

The outage could have been related to (but not very likely) the geomagnetc storm that occurred from 18:00 UT yesterday which was caused by a CME blast from Friday. Key word is that it COULD have been an effect.

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Posted in: Credit card transaction disruptions reported nationwide in Japan See in context

Cash is KING!

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Posted in: Takarazuka theater actress' suicide due to overwork, bullying: lawyer See in context

Bullying is prevalent in workplaces in general in Japan, and likewise is reflected in homes.

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Posted in: Hurricanes now twice as likely to zip from minor to whopper than decades ago, study says See in context

I wonder why the "climatologists" cleverly omitted the data from the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's?

Including a more complete data set reveals a more accurate picture of the activity.

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Posted in: Biden walks tightrope with his support for Israel as his party's left urges restraint See in context

Biden's mealy-mouthed milquetoast "support" of Israel emboldened and enable the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas/Hezbolla.

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza, Syria and West Bank as war against Hamas threatens to ignite other fronts See in context

Hamas and Hezbolla terrorists have brought the retaliation upon themselves by the unprovocted MURDERS of the many peaceful Israeli CHILDREN, BABIES, & ELDERLY in the attacks on ACTUALLY innocent, UNARMED people in the kibbutzs!

Not ONE member of Hamas/Hezbolla is innocent, nor should be spared the just recompense!

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Posted in: Growing number of Japan municipalities ban outing LGBT individuals See in context

It's usually pretty obvious to discern the orientation. There are plenty of signs.

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Posted in: Fuji cap See in context

Seen that many, many times!

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Posted in: AP visual analysis: Rocket from Gaza appeared to go astray, likely caused deadly hospital explosion See in context

The fact is that the explosion was from a Hamas-fired device.

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Posted in: Japan's inflation slows to 2.8% in Sept as energy impact lessens See in context

Malarkey! I'm waving the malarkey flag on this "report"!

This article belongs in the "disinformation" category.

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