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Hervé L'Eisa comments

Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after her neck gets stuck in car window See in context

Full stop. If the child was actually in a child seat(buckled in), then it's physically impossible for this tragic situation to have happened.

The math doesn't add up.

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Posted in: Japan's new whaling factory ship sets sail on first hunt See in context

I look forward to enjoying some of the delicious MEAT!

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

Yeah, NO!

The first electric cars pre-date the internal combustion engine. But, they failed because of physics & chemistry.

The current electric cars are much better, but still fail for the same reasons. They are fine if you are wealthy enough to have one as a novelty/short distance grocery-getter.

This flying contraption is amusing but impractical in the real world.


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Posted in: Slovakia's populist prime minister shot multiple times in attempted assassination See in context

The shooter is a well-known LEFTIST writer!

Slovakian author, poet, and activist Juraj Cintula. According to the publication he has published three collections of poetry and is a member of the Association of Slovak writers. He has publicly expressed himself against violence, and eight years ago said he was founding an organisation called Left Against Violence.

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Posted in: A new bill currently being discussed in the Diet would give the government the authority to revoke the permanent residency status of foreigners who don't make the required payments into the country’s mandatory pension system. What do you think about this? See in context

There are a lot of people (including both Japanese and non-Japanese) who don't /can't pay into the Japan Pension scheme because they are below the minimum threshold to qualify to join the scheme. For some that's intentional or voluntary, but for many it's because the employers hire them as non-permanent less than full-time employees.

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Posted in: Teleworking in Japan falls after COVID; hybrid working on rise See in context

One of significant unhealthy aspects of teleworking/remote working is the blurring of the lines between work time and private time. It's psychologically damaging, creating a sense of enslavement. The constantly connected trend increases stress and has detrimental effects on people and their work/private relationships.

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Posted in: Auroras illuminate night skies across world, parts of Japan See in context

In fact, aurora were visible even as far south as the Florida Keys and Puerto Rico, the first time since 1921 and of course the Carrington Event of 1859 which caused significant damage to the new telegraph systems in various areas.

The area of the current sunspot is roughly the same size as the Carrington Event sunspot.

The show isn't over yet. Even as this sunspot begins to rotate toward the opposite side of the sun, it is likely to make at least one or two more turns facing Earth.

The sun is entering the peak period of the solar sunspot activity cycle, so buckle up.

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Posted in: Switzerland's Nemo wins Eurovision Song Contest See in context

"Nemo had smuggled in a flag representing non-binary people which they displayed during the show's introduction."

This blatant act of willfully violating the clearly stated rules of the event should be enough disqualify the non-person.

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Posted in: Japan enacts revised law for swift removal of defamatory online posts See in context

Not Orwellian at all....

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Posted in: 'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' finds a new hero and will blow your mind See in context

The first film with Charlton Heston was a good (albeit very B-grade) movie, as well as the first remake with Mark Wahlberg, but no it's obvious that Hollywierd is simply fresh out of anything actually new.

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Posted in: Man suspected of firing gun in fight on Tokyo road See in context

Yes, only outlaws (and police) have handguns. Hunters are only permitted to have long guns (shotguns & rifles, very strictly limited).

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Posted in: Tax office investigator, arrested for theft, says he needed money to pay back debts See in context

Cheap Trick said it right,

"Taxman, Mr. Heath

He's looking for a run-in, yeah

Taxman, he's a thief

He's looking for a run-in, a run-in yeah yeah"

Taxation is Theft!

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Posted in: Do you think it will be possible for governments to effectively regulate the emerging technological risks from artificial intelligence (AI)? See in context

The ability (INability) of governments to EFFECTIVELY regulate anything at all is the bigger question (to which any sentient person can conclude as a negative).

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Posted in: Yen falls to lower 155 zone against dollar after suspected intervention See in context

Just another dead-cat bounce. The ship is sinking like the Titanic.

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Posted in: G7 nations commit to phasing out coal by 2035 but give Japan some flexibility See in context

G7 "leaders" are merely useful idiots.

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Posted in: Yen sharply rebounds against dollar amid suspected intervention See in context

A "dead cat bounce". The cat may have bounced, but it's still dead.

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Posted in: Japan startup reveals close-up image of space debris image See in context

I've seen this movie before, with Sandra Bullock and Dick Clooney (aka George). Of course the film is Sci-Fi, but isn't a far stretch from reality.

Yes, there is absolutely too much junk in orbit, some of which reenters and most of which burns up on reentry, but in-orbit collisions are becoming increasingly more likely.

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Posted in: Golden Week holidays start amid post-COVID tourism boom, weak yen See in context

"Huh? Crime in Japan? You are joking right?"

Yubaru, I presume your comment was facetious.

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Posted in: Golden Week holidays start amid post-COVID tourism boom, weak yen See in context

It's also peak time for home invasions/robberies. There's been a rash of burglaries in my neighborhood recently.

I saw a very shady guy in the neighborhood going house to house knocking on doors in the guise of a "house handyman" today. He got riled when I started taking photos of him, and I reported him to the nearby Koban.

Golden Week is an easy opportunity for criminals.

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 158 range against dollar in New York See in context

The chickens coming home to roost.

This is the predicted end result of the Keynesian loose money policies over the past few decades. Japan is winning.... in the race to destroy the national currency. Currency inflation("printing") coupled with the ZIRP/NIRP is the catalyst.

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Australian capitals to demand gender violence justice See in context

Out of curiosity, what the murder rate/frequency of men? Or overall?

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Posted in: Harvey Weinstein's rape conviction overturned by top New York court See in context

It seems the New York courts are rife with procedural "missteps" that get overturned by the appellate courts. More of those to come! The AG and chief prosecutor are a dangerous combination of inept and corrupt.

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Posted in: Europe is fastest-warming continent, at nearly twice the average global rate, report says See in context

Yet, it's still significantly cooler than when Greenland was actually green and Norsemen grew grapes there, and again cooler than during Medieval Warm Period. Humans thrived during the warm periods.

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Posted in: He hippo in Japan zoo turns out to be a she See in context

Does it answer to the name Matsuko?

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Posted in: He hippo in Japan zoo turns out to be a she See in context

It's a zhe-male... Lol!

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Posted in: Cabinet minister Takaichi, more than 90 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

It's quite simply respecting the War-dead. Yes, that includes some (many) who would be considered war criminals today. It's no different than any other country giving respect to their war dead.

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Posted in: Heart, the band that proved women could rock hard, reunite for a world tour and a new song See in context

Heart has always been a huge influence on rock culture. Ann and Nancy influenced countless people people with their musical talents( not demeaning eroticism).

They are the Ladies of Rock!

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Posted in: Kishida sends offering to Yasukuni Shrine for spring rite See in context

It's respectfully honoring ALL those who served their country. Yes, some did horrible things, but that's true for people of all nations.

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Posted in: Long-lost first USS Enterprise model is returned to 'Star Trek' creator Gene Roddenberry's son See in context

Awesome! From back when there was respectful creativity in TV/movie land. Hardly any more recently.

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Posted in: Man arrested for falsely reporting he was stabbed, robbed See in context

The Japanese Jussie Smollet!

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