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I can attest for myself that my income has been halved since the "state of emergency" was declared. My employer has been paying me 60%(only because of the LAW) but the govt has still been extracting their "share" 100%, leaving me with about 40%. Fortunately for me, my spouse has been teleworking throughout and getting her full salary, but the pittance that the govt "gave" was gone before it ever arrived. I'm back to work, sort of, working 2 or three halfdays a week compared to 6 days originally. Barely making ends meet.

That said, the true unemployed/underemployed numbers must be magnitudes higher than the "official" numbers.

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"This is ridiculous, only if you're white."

No, it's not. It's ridiculous regardless, even if you are a mix of Caucasian, First Nations(Algonquin), and Creole(me) .

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Next only gays can portray gays, females portray females, males portray males, rabbits portray rabbits, grey aliens portray grey aliens..... Mel Blanc would be out of a job. PC run amok...

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Let's be clear; people intent on doing evil will do whatever they can to commit their evil acts, whether they be Dylan Roof or Homey Gangbanger. Of the many killings in Chicago, for example, the vast majority are by illegal firearms. The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of gun crimes are NOT committed by legal/lawful gun owners. The far left(including Gifford "Law" Center) blatantly ignore the reality that street crime is responsible for the majority of gun deaths, such as the incident in NC and the usual incidents in the Democrat run ****hole cities.

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PC run amok. History is history and should not be erased. That's what Taliban, Nazis, and other extremists do.

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How many of the shootings you hear about here in the media mention that the firearms used in such situations are NOT LEGALLY ACQUIRED? FYI, only law-abiding citizens go through the background check process to purchase a firearm, whereas the low-life criminals get theirs illegally, through the black market, with zero checks whatsoever.

How about that lovely place Chicago with its very strict firearms regulations (which again do not affect criminals)?


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What we have today is the "tyranny of the mob". Perhaps a mass extinction event is the best solution. Come, Massive Asteroid, Come!

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And that would also "erase" the first Oscar won by a black woman.

It's a wonderful book and film depicting a terrible time in history. We have to LEARN from the past so as not to repeat terrible things in the future.

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Sorry George, but you're a nutter. My high school girlfriend's parents were interned in the war years and lost their home and business in California. They were US citizens and were appalled by the attack on Pearl Harbor, but they persereved those dark days to recover that which they had lost because they loved USA.

George Takei, however, can't say as much. Sorry George, but your issues are unrelated to the police brutality issues. And the alleged police brutality issues are no excuse for the violence nor looting. Even if George Floyd had been an honorable person (which he was NOT!), there is no excuse nor constitutional right to rioting and looting!

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The Police everywhere have real reason to fear for their own safety/lives in the midst of the present turmoil, hyped up by the leftist media.

Case in point is the murder of a retired 38-year BLACK police Captain who was gunned down by armed looters in St Louis.

VIDEO shows ‘persons of interest’ in murder of retired black cop David Dorn, ‘killed by looters’ https://www.rt.com/usa/490985-police-capitan-murder-suspects/

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When people taunt the police, or physically attack them such as throwing bricks or frozen water bottles (MANY such instances) there will be a likelihood of being restrained or subdued physically while being arrested. Peaceful protest is one thing, but there has been a lot of aggressive acts by protestors/rioters.

I noticed that the article failed to mention the numerous police who have been KILLED in the past several days by rioters, and NO MENTION of the BLACK retired sheriff who was MURDERED by a gang of looters while robbing a pawn shop. The media is disingenuously reporting only one side of the unrest, utterly ignoring/enabling extremely violent actions by so-called protestors.

You'll also note that the media has been silent on George Floyd's extensive criminal record( FIVE incarcerations for a number of violent crimes, in particular the most recent 5-year stint on a 10-year sentence for armed robbery, home invasion and GANG RAPE of a pregnant woman in Texas, a person of non-color). The man is no martyr or person to be honored unless it's now trendy to bestow honor on career violent criminals. Bear in mind that both autopsies revealed that the Mr Floyd was high on both Fentanyl and methamphetamine at the time of his arrest as was behaving erratically. He posed a direct threat to the officers, had drugs in a baggy, and was uncooperative. All of the above make a recipe for a high-risk situation for ANY officer at a time of frequent violence against police officers. Look up the statistics of police officers killed in the line of duty in the last decade in the US and the perpetrators of those cop killings. The facts are NOT what the media is about.

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Good! Any conservative can tell you that non-leftist speech has been getting censored for quite some time, but increasingly so since the non-election of hillary.

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Just in time! Haven't you figured out yet that any action by a government is nearly always far too late, inadequate, and fiscally irresponsible? A good summation of socialism.

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Seems the term fascist is strewn about quite recklessly in fact diluting the actual meaning by ill-informed, well-meaning individuals.

The fact that this novel virus has a variety of less common symptoms may also be related to hitherto undetected preconditions. Nevermind the hate-filled previous rant.

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How ... novel ....

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Not sympathizing with this criminal act, but this is an indication of the economic PAIN that people are going through. Most people haven't resorted to crime yet, but the longer the govt numbskulls continue the shutdown the more such crimes will likely increase.

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Fumble, Bumble, and Stumble are the key words to the J-gov's handling of this. Open up the danged economy and LET PEOPLE GET BACK ON THEIR FEET!

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Heard has proven herself to be misleading or dishonest as her own statements have indicated that it was she who was the abuser.

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Oh deer, no crackers for you! Is this mob rule?

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Food for thought, deer (which are quite tasty) are responsible for a great deal of damage in the forests due to their overpopulation and lack of natural predators (Japanese Wolf was hunted to extinction by edict of the government) and falling numbers of licensed hunters. The herd of deer at the park is Nara needs to be thinned. Deer in rut can also be quite aggressive against humans including children.

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Posted in: Singer Bryan Adams apologizes for coronavirus conspiracy rant See in context

Must've gone batty as a side effect of the veganism. Have a burger and chill!

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"Only one reason to own a pit bull"

It's a pet. Pit Bull Terriers, like many other breeds, will defend their "pack members". And dogs are clear indicators of their training. I've had numerous breeds, including Pit Bulls, and they've all been gentle, a reflection of their calm/assertive leader. (Do a little research into Cesar Milan and his dog rehabilitation/owner training).

If the officer approached the group aggressively, then he put himself at risk. Had the dog really been angered, the officer would have been in real danger.

The owner, however, WAS irresponsible for allowing his dog off-leash.

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The better example to follow would be Sweden. They are nearing herd immunity already. Yes, they've had a higher number of deaths, but still within winter pneumonia levels and mostly with the least likely to survive any other illness groups.

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Then they had better make the support payment a monthly thing!

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Extending the lockdown is dumb. Herd immunity is the only way to overcome. Thanks for the little bit of money back, but unless they make it a monthly stipend, then it won't help much. Everyone is still going to mired in varying levels of reduced income but still beholden to the various tax extractions. Those who can telework are fortunate, but many people are furloughed, partially or completely, and it's those who are being bankrupted by the government.

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The fear-mongering is ludicrous. Go about living your life. This is a hyped up pseudo-emergency.

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Go live your life.

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Do NOT extend the stupid "State of Emergency". Economic suicide over an illness that has linked to far fewer deaths than the seasonal influenza!

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Wouldn't it be a good idea if the politicians ALL got a 40% salary cut, retroactive to March 1st and continuing until January 1st? Funny that hasn't been suggested by any politician...

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Hell no! End this insane lockdown! They are killing the economy for far fewer deaths than the seasonal influenza causes.

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