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Posted in: 1 month before U.S. 'fiscal cliff' - no deal in sight See in context

The "fiscal cliff" is a farce. It's a two-party agreement signed by Mr Obama. But the reality is the cliff is already in the rear-view mirror. what's ahead is far worse.

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Posted in: Romney's loss creates Republican leadership vacuum See in context

What a lame article. The GOP fell victim to their own trickery. RNC (flipside of DNC) foisted up their boy Mr Pliable who failed to energize the core of Republicans from the get-go. Until a person who actually represents the will of the people is permitted to become the candidate, they will continue to lose to the national neo-socialists.

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Posted in: Evidence for man-made climate change getting stronger - U.N. See in context

Anthropogenic sources exceed all others for carbon, and developing nations like China especially must also take serious actions to cut their emissions and not only fully developed nations. The global population also contributes buy just breathing. the average person, through the natural process of breathing, produces approximately 2.3 pounds (1 kg) of CO2 per day or 365 kg per year. (Source: http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/fq/emissions.html#q7)

Using population figures of: 309.4 million for the U.S. (Source: http://www.census.gov, May, 26, 2010) 6,823.4 million for the World (Source: http://www.census.gov, May, 26, 2010)

This calculates to: • the U.S. population produces 112.9 million metric tons of CO2 per year by breathing, • the World population produces 2,603.5 million metric tons of CO2 per year by breathing.

While those numbers pale in comparison to all the factory and powerplant emissions, they are also a factor.

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Posted in: Obama meets Romney for private lunch at White House See in context

" .Bread that was baked with a bunch of Hot Air and then stuffed with a ton of Baloney."

Funniest comment ever on JT!

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Posted in: Australia to become first country to enforce first plain-pack cigarettes See in context

As a non-smoker, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke BUT this regulation is extreme overstepping. Ridiculous!

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Posted in: Holy pricey car! Original Batmobile to hit auction block See in context

Dear Santa,

I don't mind if my present arrives late, so…could you bring me the original Batmobile for Xmas? Please?!?

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Posted in: Japan halts beef imports from U.S. plant over safety concerns See in context

" beef from ~A~ U.S. meat plant"

Added the squiggles to emphasize it's from ONE plant.

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