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herzenstube comments

Posted in: Virtual idols blur line between real and imaginary See in context

Nothing virtual could ever compare to a true "live" performance, especially at that price!

I agree with you on that, but the pseudo holographic Miku at Miku FES 2009 might just fit your definition of "live."


Also, the tickets were only 3939 yen (including a bottle of mineral water) ; )

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Posted in: Aya Sugimoto See in context

Upon viewing the thumbnail image (from the waist, up) on the main page, I thought "wow, she looks quite elegant." Needless to say, seeing the other half of her did not evoke the same reaction.

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Posted in: Which conspiracy theory would you most like to find out the truth about? See in context

@bishamonten- The fact that I didn't try to convert pathat or condemn him to hell should give you some indication as to my opinion of Christianity. Then again, I still believe terrorists caused the Trade Towers to fall, so that shows you how skewed my logic is!

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Posted in: Which conspiracy theory would you most like to find out the truth about? See in context


The Christian Conspiracy that has billions in the 21st century still believing passionately that a virgin gave birth to a male who was actually the son of god and all the mumbo-jumbo about his life, death and resurrection.

But don't we already know the truth behind that? : )

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Posted in: Archers See in context

I guess the idea is to start off adult life with the aim of continuing in the right direction.

and if the target's a whole 60m away, it teaches them to aim high!

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Posted in: Sea Santa See in context

7 times a day for the next month! i think Santa will run out of Christmas cheer by then.

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington deployed in Yokosuka See in context

only 500? guess that "CVN 73" manga really did the trick

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Posted in: Don’t drink the water See in context

Herbal Essenses kiwi-melon shampoo taught me that I cannot resist the temptation of eating soap products that smell of fruit.

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Posted in: Miwa Asao See in context

considering she's doing nothing but give a signal, I guess they mean something else by "shows her form"

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki See in context

a little harder of hearing, but still looking good after all these years

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