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money is the root of all evil

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interesting fact: 94% of all women in Tokyo own a LV bag.

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It's funny Japan is so strict towards marijuana (大麻) since it is an indigenous plant in Japan, and has been used for all its useful purposes for centuries; it's one of the best crops given to man by mother nature. Besides making clothing, highly effective medicine etc, they smoked that ish too, for instance, during Buddhist ceremonies. After WWII the US forced Japan to make it illegal, since there's no money in for big pharma and such. A lot of Japanese don't even know that the 'drug' you smoke is from the 大麻、they often think it's a chemical substance, just as bad as crack. I am glad a lot of youths over here prefer it over alcohol and what not, which is way worse for you body. Used in moderation of course.

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'Remove the powers of police to stop foreigners without suspecting them of a criminal charge.' They don't have that right, and they know it. Zatsu likes to impose rules they made up themselves; as soon as you call 'em out, they'll drop them. They can't ask you for your gaijin card, they can't search you without a warrant. Same thing with riding a bike on the sidewalk; the police made that up for 'safety reasons'. I just ride on the side of the road, so I don't have to dodge pedestrians all the time. When I get stopped, I'll be like 'by law I can ride on the side of the road'. And that's where it ends.

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Today's persisitent culture of passive impotence to the West or our Asian neighbors have not gotten us anywhere. It's time we Japanese begin to realize this and demand more from our leaders and realize a stronger mature Japan that can be on a more equal footing on international issues.

尊王攘夷!!!! Take it easy, man. You sound like you still living in the Meiji era. I understand the US forced occupation made you a little bitter, I would be too. Patriotism is so played out though.

People always feel so special. Like Abe's slogan 'Beatiful Japan', or 'God bless the USA'.

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