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Posted in: Japanese companies struggle to hire, retain staff as labor shortage worsens See in context

Japanese business system is in the danger of crumbling under it's weight of aging society, lower birth rates, stringent immigration rules, stricter over time norms along with pressure on companies tobe more and more profitable..The labor demand and supply inequities keep growing in the face of more legislation. The result- unethical practices, bankruptcy, work related deaths etc.. Urgent reform action is needed from government..

Btw- Since when big corporations cared about housewives? As such the husbands are stressed at work.. Now the family will be stressed too!! Who takes the cost?

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Posted in: Koike's new party unlikely to take power in election: senior member See in context

Traditional parties and politicians have failed the public world wide. Hence is the rise of new parties and/or leaders. It's good for politics to keep a check on traditional Politicians. More people embrace the new there will be a change in the old established folks too!

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Posted in: End-of-life care focuses on helping the dying achieve peace of mind See in context

Sorry to hear what some of you have gone through.. Hospice may not be perfect but they do some good work in the face of government and society's apathy to elderly. Not sure we have much better choice here. If there is, I would be happy to learn. One small alternate way is to teach people to improve pain indulgence/handling from early age. The local monks and priests may be able to help there!

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