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Posted in: White House: Trump comments on sending troops to Mexico 'lighthearted' See in context

Mexico is not like other nations. Since USA was founded in 1776, it has become punch bag for US and lost the California and Texas to US. There is new Mexico in US. Real Mexico is still old Mexico. That joke was the insult for Mexican people and their President.

Commander in Chief has privilege for launching nuclear missiles. If Trump said, I will nuke Mexico asap, Is it still a lighthearted joke?

During his primaries, Trump targeting audience were poor, broke, unemployed and blue collar workers in the outback of USA. Trump Combative and outspokenness were entertaining and acceptable. Now he is the real head of the states and leader of the western world.

However the way he talk is nothing different from Yakuza gangsters or street hawkers.

Americans have elected half boy half man as President. Even he is 70, he still acts like 5 years old school yard bully boy.

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Posted in: I love you See in context

Young and deeply in love. He is not a public figure or celebrities. As a law abiding private citizen, he can express his feeling to his honey in private venue. It is none of other people people business for bashing his way of expressing his love.

You only live and young once. Not twice.

Hopefully he will still love his wife or girlfriend when they are old and grey.

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Posted in: Top Republicans accept 'alternative facts' from Trump See in context

Before the election, Trump tweeted the fact is that election has been rigged. If he lose, he will not accept the outcome because he does not like being rigged.

After the inaugration day, Trump tweeted the most dishonest human on that earth have twisted his 1.5 million audience were less than 150. His crowd was larger than any President crowds as alternative fact. Media forgot the fact that Trump is the most charming President since 1776.

For losing popular votes, Trump tweeted that Crooked Hilary have been voted by 3 to 5 millions illegal aliens because he forgot to build the great wall between US and Mexico.

Wise GOP elders have accepted Trump is a fraud who loves exaggerating. Paul Ryan may be yong enough to be his grandson. However he is the fatherly figure for Trump for mentoring how to behave like a twitter and twister.

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Posted in: Do you think that U.S. President Donald Trump can unify his country, in view of the massive protests against him and his disputes with mainstream media? See in context

No and No! Trump will wage the civil war with media. He loves lecturing however not listening. USA will be disintegrated as far as Trump will not give up fight against media.

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Posted in: Trump's long-awaited news conference quickly turns combative See in context

President is not only role model but also entertainment for Americans. Trump will be forced to answer some uncomfortable questions he does not want to hear. He will be clown in news, SNL and cartoons. It is the way of free and fun loving society. It is part of his job as public figure. How dare Trump tell CNN as your organization is terrible! CNN does not need not to shut up for pleasing Trump and his associates.

CNN and NYT are pride of the land of free, proud and brave which have kicked out Richar Nixon who was the sitting president with watergate affair. It is the beauty of free, honest and transparent media.

POTUS is not Roman emperor who can feed journalists to Lions and Tigers! CNN is more transparent and cleaner than Trump inc. If Someone can not tolerate the heat, he or she should not enter the kitchen!

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Posted in: Table tennis match See in context

Groom looks younger and better looking than Ai. He may forget to wear socks.

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Posted in: Japan closely monitoring China's aircraft carrier See in context

The peanut gallery in Okinawa will be quiet today about the US presence

If you ask Peanut South Korean Villiagers who have already kicked out US bases from their prime land, they will reply never say never die.

Okinawa closet neighbor Phillipines Kicked out US bases of Subic and Clark. They have hosted for a long time. Pinoys know that US will never shed their blood for their territorial interest because Phillipines is not Middle East.

Kuwait has not hosted US base until 1991. US still fought for Kuwait. Japan is not Kuwait. Japan has zero oil deposit.

When will US of the A send USS Carrier for Japan for a few rocks on inhabited Island?

Before election, Trump has already said Japanese will be watching Sony TVs, when US has been attacked. It may be other way around after his inaguation.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for Berlin Christmas market attack; driver still at large See in context

This is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, some ME immigrants want host nations to avoid pork (not poultry) and alcohol. And some white people are murderers, and some asian people do methamphetamine.

This comment is more ridiculous and biased. There is ME immigrants also want to avoid Turkey (poultry) for not offending their Muslim brotherhood nation known as Turkey too. White people murdered others individually for racical hatred, short temper and veganance for frauds.

There were no mass murder from individuals for religious ideology with screaming Allalh hu Akaba. No state sponsored atrocities like Sunni Saudi supplying weapons to terrorists with sectarian war against different sect. Iran is sponsoring Shia sect against Syria. US messed ME with hunger for oil. Not because it want to convert ME with new religion. Even US saved Muslim Albanians being genocided by Christian Serbia.

No Muslim celebrations such as Ramadan have been blood sheded by non believers Non believers have never killed piligrams who have make holy trip to Mecca. Non believers has not cut the throats of Muslim priests like terrorists. French old priest has been halahed by IS.. Not only in Germany but also Indonesia and India are cracking down on terrorists during this festive season.

Asian drug traffikers killed customers indirectly. No Asian screaming Buddha is great and slaughtering non believers. This terrorists will kill non believers anyway regardless of any excuses and begging for mercy. At least White and Asians have no extreme ideology for stamping out non believers for creating Calphate.

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Posted in: Trump on Boeing's Air Force One contract: 'Cancel order!' See in context

The POTUS-in-waiting is keeping his campaign promise of "Making America Great Again" and he hasn't even taken office yet. . .

Trump has already supplied public fund to private company for saving a few hundred jobs. It is nothing different from Obama saving Citibank with tax payers money. In fact some more Banking jobs losses still occurred under Obama watch. Trump direct intervention is not the principles of market economy. It can be called as socialist controlled economy.

If the uncompetitive and losses making companies keep receiving government bailout, Trump will make America broke and grope again. Current US foreign debt is more than 17 trillions. If Trump will expand military budget according his promise, more and more debt will be sky rocketed.

According Reganomics, heavy handed government is the problem of market economy. Therefore Trump is the problem of market for making Boeing shares heading to south.

If Boeing which is the greatest icon of America broke, Trump should be accountable.

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Posted in: Trump risks China rift with Taiwan call See in context

Not sure why so many Democrats are so worried about appeasing China.

Ronald Regan was not Democrats! He was very first US President to waltz with China gently with Communist Chinese music. Back then US of A has not owed any dollar to Chinese banker. China was very poor and backward during his term. The reason of Regan courtship with China was strategic interest for counter balancing Soviet expansion in Afghanistan. China was Israel of Asia for US.

US has never fought with Soviet or Russia before and very reluctant to get high noon with it. On the contrary PRC waged the border war with both Soviet and US before. It was a fearless fighter and quite useful for US. Regan was smart enough to contain Soviet without spending fortune and bullets.

If Trump thinks he is another Regan he is day dreaming like Bush Jnr. Unlike Regan, he has no luxury for offending the banker who will pay salaries of his administration.

POTUS can no longer talks cheap like Property developer. Every single word and action will have positive or negative consequence.

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Posted in: Trump agrees to $25 mil settlement to resolve Trump University lawsuits See in context

According GOP member and Conservative Mitt Ronney speech, Trump is real Fraud, dishonest and deceitful. Trump used to call Clinton as Crooked Hilary. His mill university students or his financial victims should call him as Crooked Doanld too.

How on this earth, decent and honest American People have elected Con Artist or Fraud as next POTUS?


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Posted in: Cracks emerge in Trump's campaign promise on immigration See in context

Trump has no sympathy for illegal Mexican immigrants who have built the Trump Tower with lousy pay. Trump current wife posted playboy magazine before she had rights to work legally in States.

Difference between Mexicans and new First Lady is skin color. If she has brown skin as Mexicans, she may has already been deported. Double standard!!

Without those slave illegal immigrants, Trump construction projects will be life in the slow lane. No wonder KKK endorsed Trump as their favourite President.

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Posted in: Thousands march in U.S. cities against Trump presidency See in context

GOP has become autocratic self serving government like CCP of people republic. Trump has appointed family members in transition team. It is the nepotism and conflict of interest. Unlike other election, one party will totally control executive, legislative and judisary branches in 2017. If there is no opposition, crony, nepotism, injustice and corruption will occur.

Since 1928, USA has never been fully ruled by one party autocratic system. As no opposition party voice in all branches of government, protesters voices are required on the streets and roads. Constitution has no objection for the peaceful protests.

Trump is a commander in chief. However he is not Roman emperor for wiping out the anti establishment movement. Founding fathers sheded their blood and sweat for freedom, liberty and equal justice.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

America is still America. Nothing will change,

America will change a lot. First change is no more Obamacare. Trump will let patients to fund for health by themselves. They should migrate to other nations if they can not afford for health. Seconly Trump is vengeful about all women who ruined his reputation with multi millions law suit. Thirdly GOP will select high court judges whoever they wished,. Trump can fire Paul Ryan as house speaker with others backing.

Unlike other presidents, Trump will be very powerful with winning more than 280 electoral college votes. In fact US of A has no longer has an opposition for balancing extreme measures of president. USA is one party rule with undemocratic government.

As high court is under his control, Trump Critics should be careful about not offending him. Although US political system is not perfect, President, Congress and High Cour used to share the power.Sadly it is no longer true.

For better or worse, US of A will change a lot including dumping old free trade agreements with other nations.

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Posted in: Trump vows to sue all female accusers See in context

I doubt the latest accusation of porn star against Trump. She may be still working as porn star for living. Right now Porn industry in US is struggling because less and less people spending money for unhealthy entertainment and products. She may need to find fast cash and short term fame for establishing new career.

Being a victim of Trump is a stepping stone for Hollywood.

If there are one hundred women come forward against Trump, he will not be able to sue all of them. If the Statue of Liberty will become alive, she will tell the media that Trump has harrassed her sexually before he was even born.

Trump is more innocent than some criminal servicemen of Okinawa. At least he is not pervert against minors.

Trump has rights to be said that election has been rigged by biased media.

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Posted in: Trump charges U.S. election results being rigged at many polling places See in context

Back in early 1960s, Richard Nixon did not believe John F Kennedy really won the election. However he said he did not want to be seen as sore loser and moved on until next election. He may be kicked out because of watergate affair. He was someone matured and reasonable.

Al Gore won more popular or primary votes. He still lost the election.He accepted high court judges decision as Georege Bush Jnr as winner. Bush Jnr did not like recounting votes because he was determined to win even he lost. Trump may want to become another Geore Bush Jnr.

Trump has already made it clear that he will not become like them. He is urging his supporters for not accepting the outcome of election if he lose.

If Hilary has won, Trump supporters may wave the conferderate flags with Arms. They have strong hatered over Hilary more than anything else. She does not deserve for that.

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Posted in: Samsung struggles to limit damage from smartphone recall See in context


I have bought my very first Samsung electronic type writer back in 1991. It is still in good condition except ribbons are no longer manufacturing. My Samsung LED TV was bought in 2010 and it has been entertaining well until now. Samsung was a pride of South Korea innovation.

However some of the newer models of Samsung products burned customers body and their houses. Not only smart phones, Samsung washing machines have almost killed customers and their family in Sydney. Samsung needs to repair not only their unsafe products but also customer relation.

If customers have lost the trust and confidence of particular brand, it will be very hard to get back. Brand image has been ruined by lousy and poor quality control.



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Posted in: How would you rate Japan's performance at the Rio Olympics so far? See in context

Japan is not bad in swimming and. gymnastics. However Japan will need to be very competitive in 2020 as host nation. Japan should learn from Australia how to win more medals without spending fortune during 2000 Olympic.

For Australia, they will grant citizenship anyone who is potential for wining medals. Japan needs to follow Aussie way for chasing talent from all over the world for becoming top five in 2020 Olympic.

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Posted in: Trump: Japanese will 'watch Sony TV' if U.S. is attacked See in context

Sony was the first Japanese company for expanding US market with home entertainment successfully in 1950s and 60s. If Trump thinks Japanese are die hard fans of Sony, he is still living in 1950s and 60s. Now a days Sony is struggling to make the profits as Trump is struggling with his party elders.

The golden days of Sony is over as easy days of Trump campaign for candidate race. Trump should be more diplomatic as alternative President of US.

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Posted in: GOP frustrations with Trump mount as allies weigh options See in context

The outcome of election will be decided by Electoral College. Not by dishonest media as Trump,said. When Trump started as candidate for GOP, media bashed Trump will not make it. Trump will drop out from the race sooner than later. However it has become other way around.

Trump is not sinking as Titanic. It is moving under water as Sub Marine. When the time and tide are right, Sub will prevail his fire power with Lightening Speed. Next President of USA is unlikely Former First Lady,

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Posted in: Republicans divided ahead of big Trump speech See in context

Trump accused Cruz Daddy was the associate of the killer of President John F Kennedy. He insulted Cruz wife physical appearance. He is so low in morale and arrogant. Trump is 70 and Cruz is only 45. Unlikely Trump will unlikely survive for 2020 because of his confused mental state.

People Republic of California want to nominate Cruz for next President of USA even Trump has won 2016 election. Is there possibility of President change whilst he is still in the office? Trump will be 74 in 2020. He will be old, frail and fading the memory. He is not Ronald Reagan who was fit as bull fighter.

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Posted in: Trump revises abortion stance after backlash See in context

No Woman including Hillary Clinton can stop anti abortion movement. Trump is very correct to say that Women should be accountable for abortion because it is the murder of the unborn child.

Imagine teen girl slept with many boy friends without protection. There will be unwanted pregnancies. She should know that babies should not be killed like flies. If she is not ready for becoming mother, she should control herself. If not she is a self centered person;

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Posted in: Trump on campaign protesters: 'I never hear their voices' See in context

Is poster is comparing an innocent child of an American Citizen with the slaughter of April 15, 2013 at the Boston Marathon?

Of course! Every murderous villain was born as innocent child. No one was born with blood on their hands. Boston bombing younger brother has baby face. He is shy, gentle, well educated and studying medicine in US. However he has been brain washed and radicalized by his elder brother. Who knows whether that child will be radicalized by extremists or not in the future?

Did the poster actually intend to compare the article's reference to a Muslim Mom's concern for her ten year old child to the deliberate slaughter at Boston

Muslim Mon has freedom to choose the place for raising and educating her own child. Although USA is not perfect, she has more freedom and rights to express her opinions. The problem is there is some victim mentality among some immigrants. Freedom of expression is two way streets. She can not say Donald Trump should not tell something she does not want to hear. If she does not like his policy, she does not need to vote him as citizen.

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Posted in: Trump on campaign protesters: 'I never hear their voices' See in context

I am an United States citizen. I am a Muslim,” she said. “What do I tell my 10-year-old son

Do not become extremist and killing the Goose who has been giving him the golden egg each day. United States welcome and embrace any race, color, culture and religion. Your son should be grateful for the promised land which has given him liberty, freedom, decent living and high quality education.

Boston bombing younger brother is a medical student who will be destined to become the doctor. However he paid back with unthinkable crime to the nation which has given him so much generosity and kindness.

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Posted in: N Carolina man charged with assaulting protester at Trump rally See in context

How dare some black protesters have criticized Trump as racist? Calling Trump is a racist means calling Pope is not a Christian. Before the US civil war, North Carolina residents fiercely resisted for abolishing the slavery system. Abraham Lincoln who unified North and South went ahead for ripping off the slavery system and saved many black people from second class citizens.

Although Donald Trump will never be great like Lincoln, he will do his best for saving African Americans and Latino residents from 21 st century style slavery. He will improve their lives. He will unify the USA and abolish the unfair trade agreements which made the sky rocketing unemployment rate.

There is no doubt that Trump will be one of the greatest president of 21st century. He will make USA great again. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will smile from heaven.

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Posted in: Confident Trump says he could 'shoot people' and not lose voters See in context

Donald Trump is a loose canon and divisive. However he is a self made billionaire. He has got many pretty women. He can travel with his own big plane. He is free from pleasing powerful lobby groups as their representatives. He can spend his own money for the campaign. He can talk anything as he wants.

It makes him unique for becoming honest candidate for next president. He does not need any of the political correctness.Thomas Jefferson said I prefer not to lose Liberty over winning more votes with Lies and broken promises.

At least, Trump may be a better President than current one.

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Posted in: Turkey-Russia spat over downed Russian warplane escalates See in context

In USA, many people roasted Turkey for Thanks giving day. There is only one lucky special Turkey will be pardoned by the President. This President is US President. Not Russian! That very special Turkey will avoid the cruel fate of ending up on the dining table of Americans.

Although I am not the fan of Putin, I am so disgusted about helpless pilot parachuting was shot down by Allahu Abakar Rebels. Very unlikely Russian President will pardon the Turkey for living as other free birds. Putin will definitely roast, grill, bake and deep fry that bird.

According UN Charters, defensiveness pilot can not be shot unless self defense. Turkey backed Syrian rebels ate Syrian soldier heart before. If Russian pilot has been killed and eaten like that, I do not mind whether Putin will cook for thanks giving day or giving his dogs for special treat, that bird is well deserved for his barbaric manner.

The course of Putin is not depending on others!

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Posted in: Republican campaign rhetoric has Muslim-Americans on edge See in context

USA has never forced Muslim Immigrants to change their ways. However Saudi Arabia flag is a Sword. In the seventh century during waring period, there was only one option for Infidels. It was someone should convert to Islam or lose his or her head. Everything will be fixed by sword. There are many immigrants in US with seventh century ideology.

In fact USA has been losing freedom of speech, expression and liberty. If the candidate of President has no rights to speak what he or she think, USA is nothing different from Saudi Arabia. Everyone has to tremble and obey for critics. Trump and Carson are US citizens. They have rights to express what they feel whether it is right or wrong.

The land of free, proud and brave does not need the political correctness.

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Posted in: Babies crawl and bawl to finish line in race See in context

Three meters distance is just a joke. When I was a baby, I could crawl and brawl better and faster. Burmese Python did not match with me for fair and square competition. I have survived many dangerous and chilling intruders without anyone help.

Life has meaning for surviving. In the animals world, babies have no luxury for depending on parents. If animal babies can not run, crawl and swim, they becomes the history before their first anniversary.

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Posted in: 3 ways the Japanese entertainment industry keeps idol singers from dating See in context

Many idols are teenagers. Contractual obligation is good for them. No boyfriends during teen years means no early or unwanted pregnancy. Besides that they have already well established in their career and enviable bank account before they become adult. One Idol success is good for her collages, her company and her parents. When the iron is hot, sword smith needs to strike it very hard for making quality swords. Idols will not young forever.

Harry Potter movie sequels have made all Child actors hit the jackpot before they have grown up. Emma Watson is a Millionaire before she can vote for election. Those girls have freedom to refuse to sign the contract. Their parents have also agreed their girls choices.

I prefer teenagers are contributing the Japanese economy and their families bank account with their talents instead of becoming teen mothers and drug addicts from other western nations.

Japan needs more AKB48 for teen pop culture export. God bless the idols, fans and management teams.

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