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To be honest, Japan has already accepted many white and Asian Gaijins. They may be not perfect. They have not forced Japanese for changing the way of life and custom. Ordinary person on the road has not cut Japanese throat. Back in October, Munich city of Germany has Octoberfest or beer drinking festival. Many bossy and arrogant middle eastern immigrants are demanding not for celebrating Octoberfest in Munich anymore. They want to change the German way of life.

Japan is not Germany who will surrender to immigrants demands. Japanese love drinking. Japanese love eating raw fish. Okinawans love eating pork. Japanese do not prey God for eight times a day. Japanese women do not cover their face. If immigrants want to boss Japan, they will be banned whether they are skilled or unskilled. When they are in Japan, they have to follow Japanese way. Not their way.

The course of Japanese way of drinking is not depending on any religion.

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In my view, there is no many working middle class people in North America particular US. In theory. US is the wealthiest nation. However more than 30 percent of unemployed Adult population is surviving with food vouchers. The Rich in North America is very rich. The poor in North America is worse off comparing with Europeans who have been subsidized with social welfare. Unemployed Europeans still have decent living. They have opportunity for moving better and prosperous nations. In term of purchasing power parity, North America is far behind Qatar, Luxemberg and Singapore. They have been neglected and dumped.

In China, more than 300 millions people surviving with less than five dollars a day. There is no social safety net in China. Due to urbanization, rural people lost their family homes for construction project. The poor in China is very poor too. However they have hopes and opportunities because many new industries are emerging in China. Such as Solar panels, bio technology and public housing system.

Overall North American governments have no money to burn for citizens well being and advancement. Chines government is sitting over more than Trillions dollars of cash for preventing social instability. Due to very large population, average Chinese citizen will never enjoy the purchasing power and fulfillment as Qartar and Singapore citizens.

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If US Air Force bombed and killed patients and doctors at hospital, it is the war crime according Geneva convention.In Afghan, U.S. Has already bombed wedding ceremony. US drones have killed Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan kids on play grounds too.

U.S. Has no moral ground for lecturing Russia. Pot called Kettle brown. Both have innocent blood in their hands.

Both US and Russia failed in Afghanistan. If they fail again in Syria, Middle East will become IS caliphate. Oil price will be sky rocketed.

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NRA is the parasite for law abiding American residents. Kindly kids, uni students, movie goers, church attendants no one is safe from being shot. Children killed each other with parents guns.

Individual freedom should not be prioritized over river of innocent blood. USA is still in the medieval age era blood thirsty warriors are killing others for fun and pleasure.

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I have seen American mothers who were begging IS for not taking their sons lives. However ISIL members are not like Obama who will pardon Turkey for Thanks giving day. They love beheading defenseless people with barbaric manner.Obama spent more than 500 millions for training Syrian Rebels for toppling Assad. Many of US weapons supplied were ended up at IS terrorists. Many of US trained Syrian Rebels betrayed Obama for running away. There are only 5 or 6 U.S. trained rebels are fighting IS.

For Obama, defeating IS like cross examination at the court. He has not realized IS members are not law abiding decent people. Unlike Obama, Putin will not talk and talk like Lawyer. Putin is a martial artist who will show lightening speed for saving Syria. if Syria fall under IS, Irag and Jordan will follow Syria fate. Many more people wifi lose their heads. Middle East will become IS caliphate.

Assad may be Saturn however he is the lesser evil and friendlier to west. Putin priority is the defeating IS with United force. If Obama can not defeat IS he should shut up and let Putin to perform the payback mission for American mothers who lost their sons heads.

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Many posters blamed Russia for Syrian civil war. In fact US and UK inflamed, destabilized and dethroned Egypt and Libra dictators before Syrian crisis. Assad, Mubarak and Kadaffi are lesser evils comparing with Saudi Prince who beheaded and chopped the hands of civilians. Arab spring has become world wide nightmare because of the IS was born. Assad may be a Saturn however he has never beheaded Asians or Westerners.

U.S. Has sacked all the public servants and military staff of Irag after toppling Saddam. Those unemployed Iragi people crossed Syria and started caliphate state with violent army.

Saudi dictators have been treated favorably by U.S for liquid gold. If Russia will not protect Assad, Syria will fall under IS. There will be Irag too. IS has been armed and financed by Saudi. It is the birth place of Osama Bin. Middle East has been more peaceful, stable and orderly before Irag war.

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Trump’s failure to challenge comments made on Friday by a supporter who labeled U.S. President Barack Obama a Muslim.

Pop Idol Madonna said Obama is a Muslim back in 2012. Even though she said she supported him because of his friendly policies she agreed with him. She does not care about which God Obama is praying. As long as Obama is protecting minorities, gay rights, worker rights and universal health care, Madonna will be a fan of Obama.

Some Americans are ready for embracing the non Christian, non White and non Male President in the White House. No matter what politicians will say, cash rich immigrants lobbyists will change the tone of elected politicians. Even out spoken Trump is softening his tone for attracting more votes.

Obama middle name is Hussein. It is highly likely that he is the first Muslim President of US.

While the U.S. Constitution forbids religious tests for those seeking public office, religion and presidential politics have long been a combustible mix.

USA is the land of free, proud and brave. USA is the land of equal opportunity. As Bush Jnr said that even C grade student could become the President of US, there is no law for discriminating Muslim becoming the high court judge or president or even defense secretary.

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Japanese people should call him as traitor. Because of his indiscriminate bombing , Many innocent children and elderly lost the limbs and arms. He shamed and humiliated his ancestors. He was the embarrassment for Japan although he was a hero for US.

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They are fearless warriors who risked their lives for saving commuters of train. Back in WWII, U.S servicemen landed Normandy beach for liberation of France. Now a days, France has many radicalized extremists wanted to change the religion of France with brutal force. In fact France is no longer France.

U.S servicemen needed to liberate France again with unarmed combat. Both US and France shared freedom, liberty and Revolution sprit. No matter whether they are national guard or Air Force serviceman or Marine, they do not need weapons for Real fight in real life. Thousand times useful than armed policemen who are triggers happy for shooting unarmed men.

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Many posters may be too young to remember the independent candidate Ross Perot who debated Cliton and George Bush senior Back in early 90s. Ross predicted USA will be broke and unemployment will be sky rocketed after signing North American free trade agreement. It has become the reality after many decades. China joing the member as WTO made that matter worse from bad.

If Ross has been elected, he will not let USA down like Bush Jnr and Obama. The problem of US is it has many flip flop people. These dishonest thugs are ruining the nation. Trump may be blunt for illegal immigrants and some women. At least he has a gut to stand up for long suffering burden of hard working decent people. He is not sugar coated person.

In fact he will be better president because he is self made Billionare. He is disgusted about dynastic rule. He will not inherit the throne from father, brother or husband as Monarch. USA needs straight forward leader like Trump.

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Among the sport fans, I admired most about English Soccer fans! Whether they won and lost, there will be celebration with drinks. No matter they were in South Africa or Brazil. They are heavy drinkers and soccer worshippers. Some English fans have become German fans during 2014 Men soccer World Cup due to early exit of England.

When Canadians won Hockey World Cup against USA, there were many early morning drinks too. Hockey is so popular in Canada as baseball in Japan and soccer in Brazil.

Even US women team have won the World Cup, many older generation of Americans do not make the fuss about it. Some of my Yankee friends will wait until Super Bowl for opening their favorite bottles. Soccer is less exciting game in U.S.A unlike die-hard Japanese fans.

Japanese fans should party like English fans with joys. After all it was just the game. Grown ups will accept their cruel fate with dignity and grace. Drinking too much Beers are showing bitterness.

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U.S. Military has done and continues to do for the people of Okinawa and how the people of Okinawa should be eternally grateful to the U.S. Military.

New papers must be published as not only being eternally grateful to the U.S Military and J government but also Okinawans should bow deeply to the each base in every hour for everyday. Without these bases, Okinawa will become the uninhabitable land which has been ruined by invading armies of evil, barbaric, babies eating monsters from commies of China and NK.

It is the Abe way of expression of freedom from responsible media.

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26% voting rights will not translate as 75% majority for every decisions. China have to share the Veto with India or Russia which will become 75% majority. For example China 26%, India 7.5% and Russia 5.9% will become the Veto. It is true that those founding members will dominate the decision making.

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Elizabeth Heath

As for the UK , it isn't the Euro that's scares the Eurosceptics, it's immigration.

UK is the founding member of EU. It has no obligation to adopt the Euro as currency. However it has to share the burden of high level of low skilled immigrants from eastern Europe. It is making resentment from British residents and British national foreign expatriates who have contributed British economy. For example British national with foreign spouse will be struggle to move back to UK unless they are rich.

Being as Professor in eastern Europe is less attractive than being as cleaner in UK due to pay and working condition.

Low skilled British have to compete with flood of EU immigrants. Although UK debt is not high enough as Greece, it is no longer sustainable for hosting economic migrants from EU and desperate asylum seekers from other part of the world. UK debt has increased due to bad immigration policy.

If I am the government of UK, I will call the referendum for exiting from EU because of unfair immigration policy of EU. It will reduce the high debt and burden of UK.

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Argentina has defaulted back in 2003. The world has not ended. Unlike Argentina, Greece has been bailed out by EU mostly from German Tax payers. From the bottom of her heart, Anglela Markel knew that Greece will be not able to pay back the huge debt. However she has been keep bailing out Greece with high expectation for it will swallow the bitter medicine of Austerity. If she has told her truth earlier, she is no longer in the highest office of Germany. It is messier than before.

In the reality, it has been counter productive for keep loaning the nation which is the birth place of democracy. In the democracy, populist government will promise the electorates with sugar coated solution which is default. It is the weakness of Greece for lacking fiscal disciplines for more votes. Even Greece could go away with default, EU will lose the investors confidence. Rest of the world will be impacted by capital flight.

If Greece has left EU earlier, that world has been in better place. Financial markets will not be turmoiled.

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He is good looking. I'd say intelligent looking.

Of course he is good looking as late legends of J actors Ken Takakura or Toshio Mifune. I do not understand the word of intelligent looking.

He may be too dumb for J girls. If one of fans of J girl try to touch him, she will not survive another day.

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The drill coincides with rising American criticism of China for reclaiming land and building structures on disputed islands and outcroppings in the South China Sea.

Uncomfortable truth is building infrastructure projects of China has been almost completed while America has been keep criticizing. When the project has completed, What will American or Japan can do about that? Will they use force for destroying? It will be unlikely.

The U.S. is looking for help from Japan, Australia and other allies as it confronts Chinese challenges to its naval dominance in the Pacific

As far as there are freedom of navigation, no other nations want to accelerate the tension with China. China has only one air craft carrier. Naval dominance in the pacific region will be science fiction or myth. Protest will not change the reality.

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Posted in: Australian PM refuses to deny people-smugglers were paid to turn back boat See in context

Perhaps, poorer countries should get tough like Australia and turn back the huge corporations of the developed world.

Poorer countries will be poor forever without the investment of huge corporations of the developed world. In Australia, there are not many manufacturing jobs left over. Unemployment among older and less educated people are norm. Aussie government is struggling with low revenue. Export is shrinking.

On the contrast, Indonesia is enjoying investment of huge corporation of the developed world. Many people have been employed in low skilled jobs of manufacturing. Government is getting more tax. Trade surplus from consumer goods is rising.

Some refugees in US, Canada, UK and Australia have become criminals after killing innocent people. Boston bombers are former refugees granted by US. Not all asylum seekers are real refugee.

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Posted in: Jeb Bush, in Berlin, says Putin is bully and U.S. needs to respond resolutely See in context

If I was president of the United States,

United States has got many bush fire. No more Bush means no more fire.

I’d clearly take the advice of the commanders on the ground

Unlikely Russia will send ground force to Poland and Estonia. Commanders on the ground can not solve the every problems.

it appears that we could have a more robust response

Ask your elder brother, Did he make any robust response over Russia invasion into Georgia in 2008? Touch talks will not become the reality when you have been elected as President.

First Bush waged the Gulf war 1. Second Bush waged the Irag War. Third Bush may wage the Nuke war with Russia. Bush will transform US as Ash Tray.

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US bases have been holidaying in Okinawa for 70 yrs. The bases are occupying 18% of Okinawa Island's land mass for bases plus housing, shopping centers, schools, golf courses, beaches, mariners and other leisure facilities. They are more likely holiday resorts. The primary schools of servicemen are larger than residents primary schools.

Unlike middle east Marines, there is no stress about being hit by road side sucide bombs. Okinawans are friendliest, gentlest and forgiving people. They tolerated for exploitation, crime against their community and unbridled grabbing of their land.

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political pressure to secure the thousands of manufacturing jobs that the build would bring, and Japan had previously seemed willing to compromise over where the submarines would be built.

It may be a joke for building Subs in Oz ! Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi have already said farewell to the unionized, uncompetitive and old fashioned Australian manufacturing industry.

Toyota is still profitable for exporting cars to middle east with Australia operation. However they can not sustain their sales target with union constant demand for pay rise with excessive leaves taking culture.

If Japan will be awarded with 50 billions for contract for building Subs in SA, union will blackmail the Subs contractors for sharing about quarter of money. Cost will be blow out beyond the budget and Subs building project will be same as large truck climbing the hill with low gear. Collin Class Subs building has burnt a lot of public money. Oz Government is willing to risk again for political interest.

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Japan has trade deficits with China because Japanese Incs are making Japanese products in China with Japanese design. However their export market is Japan. For example, Daiso is making kitchen and bathroom ware in China for Japanese taste. In fact Japanese companies are selling their products to Japanese consumers.

Japan has trade surplus with US, HK, South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Without these markets, Japan will become another Greece. Greece is uncompetitive like Japan. Without Germany footing the bills, Greece will not survive and Government has to shut down. Japan has no Germany at the moment. US will not become Germany for Japan because she is heavily indebted by herself. I guess South Korea may help Japan if Japan has defaulted the national debt.


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But Park has refused to sit down one-on-one with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

I do not blame Park who did not want to sit with Abe. Most of the female leaders do not trust Abe is trustworthy, honest and diplomatic. Whenever Abe denied about comfort women issue, many women do not want to talk with Abe.

The more Abe deny about the past, the more he will lose foreign female friends. Park will never sit with Abe alone. She prefer to sit with Obama alone because Obama is gentle, friendly and down to earth.

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US has trained Iragi force for spending multi billions and many years. When IS has advanced to their bases, most of them ran away and leaving their weapons for IS trophy. Unlike them Kurdish women fighters fought until their last breath. They are not professional soldiers unlike Iragi force.

Difference between US back Iragi force and Kurdish women fighters are one is fighting for making living. One is willing to die for their people and homeland.

It is so embarrassing for Defence secretary Ash Carter. He should ask Kurdish women for becoming trainers of Iragi force. Except Gulf war 1991, US plan in Middle East has failed. It has cost more lives, reputation and fortune comparing with WWII.

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Okinawa without beautiful white sandy beaches like Hatti without Caribbean river, Japan without Mount Fuji, China without Giant Panda, Australia without Great Barrier Reef and US without Miami.

As a nature lover, I do not care much about Geo Politics. In Pureto Rico, US has polluted water near bases with bombing practice, dumping toxic chemicals and orange agent Hopefully Okinawa beaches will not share the cruel and unbearable fate like it.

US should pollute Mississippi river instead of other residents mother nature gifts.

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Posted in: Japan to give Y55 bil to Pacific island nations to fight climate change See in context

Giving more money for solving the problem of climate change is not the answer. Due to rising sea level, some Islands are gradually sinking into the sea.

More money means, more infrastructure projects. More infrastructure means more damaging their beaches, eco system, coral reef and wild life.

Inhabited islands will survive longer than heavily developed islands. Law of the nature is sensitive to over development.

As far as US and China are polluting the world, there is not much Japan can do about climate change.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor determined to press U.S. to move base off island See in context

I strongly agree with Bamboo for Okinawans should have rights for involving the decision making about base relocation and environment issues. After all they are tax payers of Japan too. If they have no rights, they are being treated as slaves.

Nepalese citizens are receiving handouts of food and medicine for disaster relief. Although they are broke, poor and hungry, Nepalese government have control over disaster relief from other nations. They are not paying any cent or centi meter of land for receiving aids. No one is lecturing or hectoring Nepalese people.

They can demand US or UK for not using certain type of air crafts or not flying low density near designed area. They can postpone the operation. If Okinawans have no control over any issue of their Island, they better become Nepalese citizens.

Better poor and hungry rather than being insulted, humiliated and bullied by foreign expats of Okinawa Gurus. After all Okinawans are Japanese citizens and human being. They should be respected and treasured.

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Iff carrier can not go alone without backup. it will be disaster if the communication was mishandled. It does not make sense for military Gurus for deploying two ships together for delaying making decision. It is the burden for other ship.

Both Career and Sub have costed fortune. Even one of these is destroyed, it likes burning billions of cash. Leaner and meaner is better than showing off with non sense pride.

CCP likes US navy wanted to show off their only one big toy as modernization. in my humble view, they are so stupid for building Air craft carrier. Unlike US, they have less better trained pilots. Only east coast is useful for sea adventures. If US default the debt, CCP will be no longer afford to maintain their big toy.

Very likely CCP only air craft carrier will share the same cruel fate with USS Coles due to high visibility and dysfunctional decision making. Small is beautiful and lighter. Big is wasteful and slower.

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But one should also consider what weapons would be used. Torpedoes, even with increased range of modern types, are "short range" compared to anti-ship missiles, but can be more stealthy, depending on circumstances.

In the real life, nothing is predictable. According USS Cole bombing, small boat with explosives itself became the lethal weapon too. Spending billions and billions and getting back up from another ship can not protect the carrier from low budget and low tech attack.

And then we have to also consider the warhead. The bigger, the better if you're wanting to sink something big like a USN carrier

Bigger warhead needed to be carried with heavy load and delivery process will be slower. How about smaller warheads attached together on single missile as MRITV ( Multiple Re-enty Independely targeted Vehicles). Some may be missed for target. Not everyone! No disrespect to your knowledge about modern navy warfare. In my opinion, Air Craft Carriers are big expensive toys which days will be numbered due to the high cost, high maintenance and big factor.

Big does not means, it will be effective in real combat, Bigger one needed to move longer. Bigger one needed larger space. After all bigger one needed fortune for building and maintenance. Elephant is slow to run during the bush fire. It is very visible for human hunters too.

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Last protest against Abe, comparing him to Hitler,

Abe is a war monger and ultra nationalist. His job is making economy is stronger and creation of jobs. However he is wasting so much money on military hardware and provoking IS and neighbors.

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