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there are reasons why your neighbors don't want to talk with you. Abe, you should think twice your politics strategy

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Some of you are really naive. Although US and Japan are ally but US definitely does not want to mess up with China, economically, China is much more pivotal to US. It is true that Abe try to ally with South east asia, but please think about it, do you think those countries will thoroughly give up China and turn towards Japan??Hell no, it is all about interests. China and Russia are close economically, politically and militarily and relation between China and S Korea after new president took over the office. President of S Korea visited China right after visiting US but not Japan. Economic problem is inevitable for every nation of course for China. So wake up fellows, it is not the time to be cocky but be interactive and we have the responsibility to apologize over history issue just like what Germany did to the rest of European countries. To do so can only win respect but not shame.

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