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Posted in: Organizers set up task force to deal with Olympic postponement See in context

Government: I can't understand why people in Tokyo aren't practicing social distancing and taking the virus seriously.

Also Government: Lets launch the Tokyo 2020 New Launch Task Force and sit real close to each other.

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Posted in: Pinterest, YouTube say acting against anti-vaccine messages See in context


That's a very intense opinion. I don't claim to be some kind of corporate supporter, nor do I believe America is the best medical provider in the world (far from it). Having experience in the medical administration field, I can attest to the chaos and the mess that the medical system is (obviously compared to other developed nations). You mention that "Big Med" covers that up, but it's no secret that a combination of billing systems, complex ID codes, and hospital errors are huge issues resulting in avoidable deaths of so many people. In fact, when you spend time in high ranking hospitals in the States (as I have with various), you can see a very poignant attempt at circumventing this, through multiple staff confirmations, repetitive questioning, etc.. that you just do not receive at lower level hospitals.

That doesn't excuse the fact that, although parents are worried about their children, the anti-vax movement in all their forms has become a major health issue not only for America, but other pockets of the world.

I cannot attest to the biological, medical, or pharmaceutical factors that go into the vaccine, ingredients, and their reaction to the body. I am not a doctor, researcher, nor will I ever attain the understanding of one. Blanket statements on how little we know about this or that part of the body doesn't negate the years of research, development, and studying that goes into preventing these diseases. Hell, chemotherapy (which I also, unfortunately have personal experience with) can be boiled down to injecting the right combination of poisons and drugs into your body. And every person has their own unique combination of poisons and drugs injected into their body. I'm sure if you went down that ingredient list, you'd flip and call that a "Big Pharma" conspiracy. But it works, I tell you, that stuff works.

I'm also pretty confused what you imply when you say "corporate" vaccines, as if there were other types of vaccines not created my medical corporations.

Is it a coincidence that communities so involved in natural remedies, deep doubt of vaccines, and so on, have been the mass pockets of re-emerging diseases that were thought to be taken care of? A trend that didn't catch it's current traction until a certain doctor laid massive amounts of doubt on vaccines, only for those studies to be proven extremely false, and later admitted to be falsified results by the very author? Is it just a coincidence that every anti-vaccine study that shows some kind of correlation cannot be replicated, which is a central point in a study being valid (otherwise it becomes another facebook, buzzfeed post)?

There is a lot of doubt, and many patients deserve to have a talk with their doctor about their doubts and fears if they have any. But "Deep State", "Big Pharma" style of thinking gets you so lost in the hole that they could churn out the elixir of life and some people'd turn it down for lavender.

In a blind study of 2000 doctors in Sweden, you have all doctors vaccinating their children. Just because some nice things are nice.


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Posted in: Pinterest, YouTube say acting against anti-vaccine messages See in context

Regardless of all the emotionally charged rhetoric on both sides of this controversy, accurate statistical data comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of children is the only way for a parent to weigh the risks/benefits of vaccines.

It's interesting you mention that link, which also mentions the Mawson Homeschool Study. Reading up on that very study, there were various reasons why the study was discredited in the first place.

Besides citing only two peer reviews (from less then reputable sources, one from a Chiropractor of all things), the study's introduction did not set out to see which is healthier in a general sense, but to prove a link between autism and vaccines directly. Besides this study also being funded by two anti-vaccine groups. That in itself shows a serious bias, enough to red flag it to oblivion.

"As contact information on homeschool families was unavailable, there was no defined population or sampling frame from which a randomized study could be carried out, and from which response rates could be determined. However, the object of our pilot study was not to obtain a representative sample of homeschool children but a convenience sample of unvaccinated children of sufficient size to test for significant differences in outcomes between the groups.” A grave flaw appears in their sample sizes as well, the quality of their selections in participants (admitting a study has a big flaw in the very subjects they're studying before continuing).

They also did not verify any medical information, and only went based off parents words, which is a critical aspect in getting a study passed through. The importance of studies is the ability to recreate their result to a similar conclusion, which is neigh impossible with parameters like these.

These independent sources usually linked are not independent at all, and the studies posted are flawed in various ways. There's been no emotion here, just the breaking of bad studies quoted by an anti-vax movement.

It's important to research and consider what's best for children, but research unverified is worse than being uninformed in the first place. Contributing to the spread of unverified and misleading information (like passing off this independent study and truly independent) is borderline criminal, especially when it affects a childs health.

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Posted in: Pinterest, YouTube say acting against anti-vaccine messages See in context


Researched the lady. Read your article and several others.

Various authors of her paper on the connection ended up partially retracting, and then fully retracting that study when it was linked with lab contamination as a primary reason for the positive signals.

Her lab results were not able to be reproduced in 9 different independent replication experiments (which is a hallmark in proving experiments valid). Even she doubts that vaccines would be the primary cause, and it remains a hypothesis in general.

I would say in general, don't trust any website that uses the term "Deep State". Sources to the articles and medical journals below.

Anti-vax is a dangerous stance with very little research on its team, akin to a conspiracy theory, and has caused resurgences in diseases we expected to be long gone, while putting herd immunity at risk as well.



Silverman, R. H.; Das Gupta, J.; Lombardi, V. C.; Ruscetti, F. W.; Pfost, M. A.; Hagen, K. S.; Peterson, D. L.; Ruscetti, S. K.; Bagni, R. K.; Petrow-Sadowski, C.; Gold, B.; Dean, M.; Mikovits, J. A. (2011). "Partial Retraction". Science334(6053): 176. Bibcode:2011Sci...334..176S. doi:10.1126/science.1212182. PMID 21940859.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes prevention program for 1st-time drug offenders See in context

@do the hustle - Return to society? Seriously? They are talking about first time offenders that are most likely just teenagers experimenting with a bit of pot. Return to society. Classic!

While I agree that this is definitely a step in the right direction, and Japan lags way behind on the rest of the world in respect to this, I would be hesitant to classify first time offenders in the same circumstance as those in western countries.

I would love to see a study of what the typical first time domestic drug offender looks like in Japan.

But again, good step, it has been a long time coming!!

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan coach quits after team fails to qualify for Olympics See in context

I take offense in that this article does not use the words "football" or "soccer" once lol

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Posted in: Captain EO to close again at Tokyo Disneyland; will be replaced by Lilo & Stitch attraction See in context

Captain EO was a movie like attraction that lasted like 20 minutes where you go inside and watch a really bad quality 3-D movie (equipped with staple 3-D glasses) and watch a story about Michael Jackson posing as a man referenced as Captain EO , along with his crew, which are basically muppet-like creatures and a robot. They go to a planet, talk to an evil spider lady, and play music in order to transforming her robotic evil minions into back-up dancers, and ultimately her into a shiva-like goddess person.

I went three days ago, it was a horrible movie and the lasers in the actual movie were bright enough to make my eyes squint in pain. The quality of the movie and the 3-D effects look worse than the Terminator ride in Universal Studios that I remember going to when I was 5 (I'm 22 now). It's, err, not really good.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy stabs mother after she confiscates video game See in context

I just want to know what game it was~

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Posted in: Brazil, Japan say 100 support U.N. reforms See in context

As long as one country on the council can veto any proposal no matter how much support it gets, adding more countries to the security council will only slow down decisions. They need to re-make the council veto system, or the secuirty council entirely before just adding more Perma-seats to the council.

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