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Posted in: Playoff-hungry Ohtani eyes MLB free agency: 'It sucks to lose' See in context

"Ruth was a fielder when he wasn't pitching. There was no DH in those days."

Yup, and there was no African American players either back then. Babe Ruth only played against white players. And he was a two way player only for one season.

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Posted in: American football player says coach ordered him to 'crush' opposing quarterback See in context


The player committed serious fouls THREE times in the same game, and when he finally got ejected from the game, the coach did not yell at the player or anything, he was acting like everything is normal.

The coach just said " I will take responsibility for this" to other players as an explanation for the serious fouls.

The head-coach put pressure on the player, who is on a sport scholorship and have to obey pretty much everything the coach says.

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Posted in: American football player says coach ordered him to 'crush' opposing quarterback See in context


well, the player went to apologize to the injured player, had a press conference and told all the details and answered questions, while the former head-coach has been hiding and avoiding the press, and answered "I will answer it later in a written statement" when asked whether he gave the instructions to injure the opposing QB.

I believe the player . The university and the former head-coach can and should have their press conference if they believe the player lied during the press conference. But they are just waiting for time to pass and hoping people will move on and forget about this.

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Posted in: American football player says coach ordered him to 'crush' opposing quarterback See in context

If you actually listened to the player during the press conference, you can tell that there was no ambiguity. He was told he would never get play time in the future unless he injured the opposing QB.

The assistant coach talked to him again to make sure the player understood, they would not accept an excuse like "there was no chance".

The instruction from the coach was clearly to injure the QB, not tackle him hard, plain and simple.

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Posted in: Ohtani strong in return to mound as Angels beat Mariners 8-2 See in context

Funny how there are very few comments when Ohtani performs well.

Where are all the JapanToday experts who said "They have figured him out" last time he pitched ?

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Posted in: Ohtani gets blister; lasts only 2 innings as Red Sox beat Angels 10-1 See in context

Do you think he will be better against the Red Sux for the loss?

Of course he will adjust, as the opposing players will adjust to him.

Is it so hard to see him as he is ? He is a young talented player who has done what no other player has done in the last 99 years, hitting 3 home runs and 2 wins as a pitcher.

He is not a hall of famer, nor does he suck, he is somewhere in the middle like 99% of the players. One loss against one of the best teams does not mean he can't play in the MLB.

Anybody who says he is the best ever or they figured him out after one loss is an idiot

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Posted in: Ohtani gets blister; lasts only 2 innings as Red Sox beat Angels 10-1 See in context

He hit 3 homeruns and won 2 games already, and he loses once and now "they have figured him out" ? LOL

yeah, sure.

During spring training: "he was good because he played in Japan, he is not a MLB level player"

After 2 weeks: "OMG, he is the real deal! , he is a legend in making"

After losing one game: "they figured him out, he was never good to begin with"

You armchair baseball analysts are so consistent

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Posted in: Gunman opens fire at Florida nightclub; at least 20 dead See in context

Just another day in America, but this was in Florida, where were good guys with guns anyways ?

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Posted in: China stay alive as Australia, Japan march on in World Cup soccer qualifiers See in context

"Asia is such a joke of a group."

Oh that's right, because North American is such a competitive region, isn't it ? At least we are waaaaaay better your country Canada

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

You dont like death penalty ? Dont commit serious crimes, yes, that simple we dont tell you how to handle your criminals, dont tell us what to do with ours

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Posted in: Australia seizes meth-filled bra inserts in major drugs bust See in context

There must be lots of meth addicts in Australia if they are willing to take that kind of risk,

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Posted in: Japan deports dolphin activist Ric O'Barry See in context

" they are creating a tsunami of attention for this issue,”

really ? I just checked US yahoo news and there is one article related to this dolphine guy with no user comments while the affluenza kid and Shkreli articles have thousands of user comments, sure, they seem to care a lot ROFL

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Posted in: O'Barry ordered deported from Japan See in context

Typical JT posters are crying about this, so this means we did the right thing LOL

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Posted in: J.League says it won't punish student who sent racist tweets to Patric See in context

@Aly Rustom

"He should have been punished"

Punished how ? The only thing J league can do is to ban him from coming to J league games in the future, not really a punishment.

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Posted in: Actress Ai Takabe arrested for cocaine possession See in context

@Mirai Hayashi

"Suspended sentence and rehab, and then she will be back bigger than ever"

really? i dont remember that happening to Noriko Sakai. She still cant get any decent gig after she got arrested for meth

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Posted in: Japanese brain cancer specialist says he never examined pope See in context


"Don't tell me the media here is desperate for the recognition of a Japanese doctor seeing someone of importance."

It was reported by the "ITALIAN news outlet National Daily"

Looks like you are the one desperate to criticize Japan any chance you get.

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Posted in: 'Back to the Future II' - Truth is stranger than sci-fi See in context

"fax—a now-clunky technology that seemed cutting-edge in the 1980s"

Many old Japanese salary men still think its the way to send/receive information, smh

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Posted in: Japanese scientist, 2 others share Nobel medicine prize See in context

@Stuart hayward

Have you heard of something called sarcasm ?

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Posted in: Poll asks for top 10 times Japanese men are disappointed in their adult daughters See in context

@anotherexpat ”These utterly pathetic fathers should get over themselves”

They just answered a question they were asked, what's wrong with that ?

Get over yourself already

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Posted in: Belgian politician lobbying AKB48 producers for concert See in context


"No, but they are marketing to kids their own age,"

100% wrong. There are plenty of old guys who watch young girls perform, anywhere in the world. You are seriously blind and deaf if you actually think only Japanese old men like young girls.

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Posted in: China beat N. Korea 2-0 in men's East Asian Cup See in context

So u have been checking news all over the internet, looking for articles about Samurai blue losing in the East Asia cup ? Is winning an argument on JapanToday that important to you ?

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Posted in: 7 customs that Japanese people wish would just disappear See in context

I hate all of these like everyone else. The easiest way to avoid them is to be upfront about them to your coworkers, I tell people that I hate endless gift returning and omiyage and most of them are totally ok with it.

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Posted in: Gunman kills 9 people in South Carolina church See in context

A weekly mass murder continues in America and this will not change anything

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Posted in: Arora to replace Son as Yahoo Japan chairman See in context


"once he sees how businesses, particularly tech companies, operate here"

Oh, that's right. This guy doesn't know what wise posters on JapanToday know. Get over yourself, he got the position as the chairman of one of the largest companies in Japan.

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Posted in: The art of giving and receiving change in Japan See in context


"places like Walmart have registers where you can scan in everything yourself, and, even pay by cash, and get cash and coins back in return"

Welcome to 10 years ago, if that's the latest in the US, I guess you haven't made much progress LOL It's time to get over your inferior complex and move on

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Posted in: Love blossoms See in context

wtfjapan, of course it's fun but you need some friends to go with

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Posted in: U.N. chief urges Japan, China, S Korea to reconcile See in context

Thanks UN Chief, we all forgot how so easy it really is.

One of the few times I actually agree with Disillusioned :)

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for kicking customer to death in ramen shop See in context

To those who said why nobody did anything to stop it, the guy weighs 120kg looking like a thug, what exactly do you expect people to do ? Try to be a hero and become the second victim ?

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Posted in: Pop star Katy Perry visits Auschwitz death camp See in context

Typical American celebrity, i guess any publicity she can get, right ?

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Posted in: FIFA recommends Nov-Dec for 2022 World Cup in Qatar See in context


"Kiss any ratings/interest in the U.S. goodbye, since that is stretch-run time for the NFL teams"

You talk as if FIFA should make all their schedules just to accommodate American fans, no, you guys are not that important, get over yourself already

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