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Posted in: Prince William to arrive in Japan on Thursday See in context

You guys are whining about Japan as usual because Prince William is coming here ? Is there ever any news that makes you happy ? ROFL

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Posted in: Abe defends playing golf during hostage crisis See in context

why does it matter ? The hostages would have been killed anyways. We should blame the ISIS not Abe

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Posted in: Controversial soccer ref says he is still learning the job See in context


"A referee who says that he's still "learning" (whatever that means) in the preseason (of the J-League to boot) had absolutely no business officiating at a World Cup."

Really? So you want somebody who says they have learned everything there is to learn ? Good luck finding one such referee.

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Posted in: Tokyo zoo stages fake snow leopard escape See in context

Is that a real leopard ? I couldn't tell.

man, you guys must live a miserable life if you have to leave usual grumpy comments instead of laughing at this

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Posted in: Haruki Murakami’s advice on how to be a great writer: Be born with talent See in context


"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration"

Then why aren't you a professional athlete or successful business owner making millions of $ ?

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Posted in: Haruki Murakami’s advice on how to be a great writer: Be born with talent See in context

"you can get better, to an extent, with practice. Fundamentally, though, your abilities are determined by the talents you’ve been born with"

I agree but that's true with anything really, music, sports, acting and running a business etc

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Posted in: Suzuki uses more resin outer panels for new Alto See in context

"Who cares, the way gas prices are going the cost savings will be paltry for the average driver."

Some people care about what they call the environment. I never understand those people who buy gas-guzzlers just because gas is cheap.

Do you also buy 200 tooth pastes just because they are cheap ?

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Posted in: South Korea activist arrested for praising North See in context

Damn, they arrested her for stating her opinions ? I guess there is no freedom of speech in South Korea

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Posted in: Karate bidding to be included in 2020 Olympics See in context

Why not ? The Olympics have so many sports, so many of them way more minor than Karate, like BMX or speed walking etc.

Karate is definitely more popular than them

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Posted in: 'The Wolf of Wall Street' tops 2014 illegal downloads See in context


"i very much doubt that their figures are accurate. If they were the industry would be using their sources to try and stop this loss of revenue, no?"

No. Most people who download music and movies illegally do so because it's free. There was an American girl who got into trouble for downloading more than 2,000 songs illegally. Do you think she would have paid for all of them ?

So they are not losing as much revenue as the illegal downloads

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Posted in: A quick study - Unilever Japan See in context

@Knox Harrington

"You have to teach Japanese consumers about your products because they are very ignorant"

One of the most ridiculous advise anyone can give to anybody. You don't tell customers what to buy, you come up with products that customers want. That's exactly why companies like American Big 3, Wallmart and Carrefour has failed in Japan. Funny you call Japanese consumers ignorant since that's exactly what you are

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Posted in: How 'The Interview's' video-on-demand grosses could change the game See in context


When you pay $12-$15 to see a movie, some of the money go to the movie theaters not just the studio. When it's VOD, almost all goes to the studio, minus the credit card fees but that also applies when you see it at a movie theater.

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Posted in: Man tries to kill himself in Gunma restaurant kitchen See in context

Weird guy but at least he didn't stab anybody else, and he is not dying either.

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Posted in: What do Japanese college students think about U.S.? See in context


"Been here long enough to know that this doesn`t speak for all. And they are still ignorant of other places."

You don't speak for all either and you are as ignorant as they are.

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Posted in: What do Japanese college students think about U.S.? See in context


"Theyll complain about it yet still go there "

Perhaps you should watch the video before you comment. There was very few negative comments toward the US

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Posted in: From Japan, the joy of minimalism at home See in context

@Elizabeth Heath

”Best seller in Japan? Most homes I've been into here are jam packed with clutter”

That's exactly why this book is popular. If every house in Japan was clean and organized then nobody would be buying this book, duh

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Posted in: 6-year-old girl declared brain dead; organs transplanted See in context

This is an area where Japan is really behind. Hopefully there will be many more parents like them in the future.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball fans disappointed by filthy conditions visiting Major Leaguers left dugout in See in context


"So Japan lost and they want to complain about trash?"

Actually Japan won

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Posted in: Police round up teen gang members, make them form sports team See in context

a rare great article to read under the crime section

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Posted in: Japanese firm donates 10,000 high-tech masks for Ebola fight See in context

@Mirai Hayashi

”ts not a great gesture, nor is it out of generosity.”

Yes, yes, I'm sure the government of Guinea appreciate your meaningless posts on JapanToday than free surgical masks that they requested and were going to pay for.

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Posted in: New team members See in context

Let's hope she will last more than a few weeks :)

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Posted in: Support for Ukraine See in context

Abe shakes hands with Ukraine's prime minister and you guys are criticizing ? SMH

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Posted in: Univ student stabs woman to death because he 'wanted to kill someone' See in context

If he just wanted to kill someone, why couldn't he kill yakuza members or some criminals ?

no reason to kill a young innocent girl

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Posted in: Japan's soccer coach denies team lacks passion See in context


"All the "determination" and "ganbatte" in the world is not going to close the large physical skill level difference "

So what's your suggestion then, genius ?

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Posted in: Police to charge suspect with murder of Kobe girl See in context


"speaks to police but refuses to discuss the case'. What on earth do they talk about?"

It's a typical good cop/bad cop tactic, I assume. The bad cop asks him tough questions while the good cop asks him about his parents, his job or anything, trying to be friends with the guy. Of course eventually he will ask "you seem like a nice guy, what happened? " etc and encourage him to talk more so that the victim's family can have some kind of closure.

Or maybe I am watching too many detective shows :)

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Posted in: N Korea beats Japan in women's soccer to win gold at Asian Games See in context


"How is the Japanese media playing this up?"

Just like how your country's media reacted when Japan beat your team in the last world cup, getting excited over how your team sucked

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Posted in: Japan probe comes up empty on Dreamliner battery problems See in context


"GS Yuasa's quality control was less than stellar"

I said it 100 times already and I will say it again. Boeing is responsible for making sure that all the components work correctly. They have failed again, again and again. Suppliers only make parts based on specifications requested by Boeing. And suppliers can't test the entire airplane, only Boeing can, and they have failed miserably.

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Posted in: 2-legged robot runs at high speed See in context


Then can you share your great inventions and development ?

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Posted in: Abe starts 3-day visit to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka See in context


"it's equally important to encourage international businesses to invest in Japan."

Really ? Thanks Captain Obvious

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Posted in: Volunteering for Hiroshima landslide clean-up See in context


""very satisfying"??"

Some people actually feel satisfying helping others.

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