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Amazing to read threads full of "China threat " and "China containment". You people write much better English but you may read only main stream media. The following quote is part of the article of STRATFOR which is an US based think tank and called private CIA. This explains semi-failure of "Russia containment".strategy of the US.

"But even if Turkey will not abandon support of the Syrian rebels, it may engage with Iran and Russia on shared goals, including containing the Islamic State and Kurdish rebels. Given the international and domestic forces working against the Turkish government right now, it makes sense for Turkey to set aside its differences with Russia and Iran over some aspects of the Syrian conflict so as to collaborate where they have shared interests. For example, Turkey, like Russia, already has considerable economic links with Iran: On Aug. 10, Turkey's customs minister announced that since sanctions against Iran were lifted in January there has been a 30 percent increase in trade between the two countries. Both would like to continue fostering those ties."

The failed coup in Turkey is said the plot by the US although White House denies. Please try to see things fairly otherwise you unconsciously become a party to the outrageous US war mongers. You people know what actually happened in Ukraine, Syria, Libya and others. Lots of vote down?  

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Mr. Kishida is the person to have tried to split ASEAN before UNCLOS arbitration award on SCS of July 12.

This is my comment somewhere on Aug.5.:

"You people here are exchanging innocent conversation but think what the US was trying to do with the UNCLOS arbitration in SCS. There were two U.S. Carrier Strike Groups, Ronald Reagan now back to Yokosuka and John C. Stennis now on the way back to the US and Amphibious Ready Groups in SCS before the award of UNCLOS arbitration to Philippines . Be scared by such a scale of US combat readiness.

Two days ago GT reported; Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan has warned of offshore security threats and called for substantial preparation for a "people's war at sea" to safeguard sovereignty. Chang was speaking during an inspection of national defence work in coastal regions of east China's Zhejiang Province. I think this warning had something to do with Boxer, Amphibious assault ship which was near Vietnam two days ago and now on the way back to San Diego.

If Philippines or Vietnam did something or ASEAN was split, it was very likely that physical conflicts or even a war may have started here in Asia. You people really want a war in this region? "

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I for one would really like to know when the people of this country are going to get fed up with the games he keeps playing with their lives and future?

A great comment. Please watch what will happen after the election. Violent and brutal crack down of peaceful protest against the new US base construction at Henoko, Okinawa.

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I wonder how the folks who are against the TPP will come out about this deal.

What is your take?

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The trend may have something to do with;

2001 to 2005 Neoliberal economic policy called Market Fundamentalism by Koizumi administration 2006 Abe administration 2009 DPJ administration 2011 Fukushima Accident 2012 Abe administration


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What's funny is that there are those who still believe the Chinese propaganda.

Good. You join me to suggest China to drop the "9 dash lines" in China's state own media. It's going to be more effective. I don't take sides for reef issues but the water does not belong to anyone except 200 nautical miles. Also, persuade the US to join UNCLOS because the US is not exceptional. .

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I can hardly understand why Mr. Abe can take such an action.

Wikipedia says that Japan in 1938 occupied both Splatlys and Paracels claiming that they were under jurisdiction of Taiwan and Hainan, China, respectively. If the Japanese claims were right, Splatlys is the issue between China and Taiwan and there should be no problem at all no matter what China does on Paracels.

I have never heard any from Mr. Abe that the ground of that Japanese claims was wrong. Unless Mr. Abe officially explain how wrong they were, I think he should stay away from the SCS matter.

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they don't have the reach

Ha ha ha. You don't understand NK's technology. They will do within a year or so. Are you American? S.Korea is too close and the US is too far to launch a missile. Then, they will target Japan. Is this what you meant? It sounds really silly theory.

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I don’t want my country to get involved in this, Mr. Obama. Why don’t you go back where the conflict started? The Korean war was a proxy war between the US and Soviet Union and the latter had gone. Then, it is the US, South Korea and North Korea that have primary responsibility to deal with the aftermath. Japan has no military base in Korean peninsula and neither China nor Russia, either.

Please don’t make it complicated, Mr. President.

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Stay calm everyone,please;

The US has noted an increased activity at a North Korean launch site, indicating preparations for a possible space launch in the near future, unnamed US officials said on Thursday. "Could be for a satellite or a space vehicle - there are a lot of guesses. North Korea does this periodically - they move things back and forth," one of the officials told the AFP news agency. There was nothing to indicate the launch was "ballistic-missile related," he added.


The U.S. now believes North Korea might have attempted to test components of a hydrogen bomb on January 6, after further review and analysis of the latest intelligence information. A U.S. official directly familiar with the latest U.S. assessment said there may have been a partial, failed test of some type of components associated with a hydrogen bomb.

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Mr. hachikou

we are not stupid. Japanese people are not stupid nor bad people.

With all due respect, I must confess that I am stupid although I am Japanese. And there are ignorant and narrow minded people in any country in my opinion and Japan is not an exception at all in this regard.

Very sorry for this stupid comment.

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Seoul has been under growing pressure from key military ally Washington to improve ties with Japan.

No, not for this deal. It is Mr. Abe that under very strong pressure from Pentagon led by hawkish Mr. Carter who wants the epoch making three way military drill between the US, Korea and Japan as soon as possible. If the US forces through the drill, growing protest among Koreans to the deal might turn to the criticism and protest against the US leadership. It should be Japan that will have to concede in every aspect of the deal to make it happen smoothly.

Isn’t it the first time for Mr. Abe to face truly forceful attitude of the US over three years of his tenure? My sympathy goes to Mr. Abe because a 61 years old man of prejudice suddenly had to make heartfelt apology even just in words.

Let’s wait and see what will happen.

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without any one nation at risk of being threatened by such countries like China and Russia.

What a nonsense you are talking about!

An American says somewhere:

(Quote begins) We killed Gaddafi in Libya because he supported Russia in international relations. We produced the failed state and jihadist mayhem that now exists there; we destroyed Libya and now the refugees from there are flooding into Europe, along with the refugees from our attacks to bring down Assad in Syria.

We overthrew (via a bloody coup and no ‘democratic revolution’ such as the West lies to assert) Yanukovych in Ukraine allegedly because he turned down the EU’s offer to Ukraine after learning that the price-tag for Ukrainians would be $160 billion if Ukraine were to comply with the EU’s demands. But the U.S. was already organizing the coup against him starting a year before the coup, and nine months before Yanukovych turned down the EU’s offer.

We are trying to overthrow Assad in Syria because he supports Russia in international relations.

This isn’t bullying?

This is ‘democracy’?

This is dictatorship: totalitarianism in the West, against Russia and any other nation that isn’t buckling to the U.S. aristocracy and its allied aristocracies in Europe, and (especially with the new bellicose nationalistic Abe government), also in Japan.

This is ugly. (Quote ends)

You better use the wind to fly to the right place to find the truth.

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Shakushain's Revolt was an Ainu rebellion against Japanese authority on Hokkaido between 1669 and 1672. It was led by Ainu chieftain Shakushain against the Matsumae clan, who represented Japanese trading and governmental interests in the area of Hokkaido then controlled by the Japanese (Yamato people).

It was only 350 years ago that wiped out Ainu, indigenous inhabitants of Japan Archipelago, for Japanese including my predecessor to have taken more than 1,000 years since the first Barbarian Subduing Generalissimo was appointed at some 600 AD. The history is to be forgotten quite easily when it is not convenient. 70 years is long enough to be forgotten for some people.

Actually, Ainu is not a barbarian.

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Will some one tell me for these questions?

1) As every one knows it, total size of economy of member countries represents 40% of the world. It is just a calculation but what is the significance of the size itself taking WTO and ISDS into account for the future of world trade? And why is it so important particularly for the US for the future of the trade rule of the world.

2) What is your opinion about the following quotation which I read somewhere three days ago, seems an important view for the future of US dominance?

” As things now stand regarding these ‘trade’ deals, Obama will either need to eliminate some of his demands, or else the European Commission won’t be able to muster enough of its members to support Obama’s proposed treaty with the EU, the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). Also, some key European nations might reject Obama’s proposed treaty on regulations regarding financial and other services: TISA (Trade In Services Agreement). All three of Obama’s proposed ‘trade’ deals, including the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) between the U.S. and Asian countries, are the actual culmination of Obama’s Presidency, and they’re all about far more than just trade and economics. The main proposed deal with Europe might now be dead.”

I look forward to your opinion with a lot of thanks in advance.

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If we want those islands back, Mr. Abe is supposed to have assessed the present value? It is more or less like M&A in business, isn't it? I have never heard of his calculation. Someone?

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Posted in: Gov't resumes work on controversial U.S. base in Okinawa See in context

@zones2surf “

If the Japanese central government wanted it closed, it could get it closed


More precisely; “If the Japanese central government wanted it closed, the administration is immediately overthrown.”

You may not know what happened to Hatoyama and Ozawa in 2010 . Please don’t say that my country is protected by the US military. Read the security treaty and find there are no such words anywhere. The US military protects their bases as long as they are necessary, American elite living in Japan and various interests the US obtained after the war. This is what the defeat in war means even 70 years later. Don’t be mistaken.

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We already see that happening with China in the South China Sea, and now we are starting to see the same story unfold in the Indian Ocean as well. America's fault? Laughable.

You may not know that Vietnam and Philippines have done reclamation so far, 29 cases and 8, respectively. You seem to know nothing about Diego Garcia in Indian Ocean, either. Don’t say laughable please on another person's comment.

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Abenomics is really working right?

Exactly, it is. This is my comment to Dr. Krugman’s column at New York Times of October 26, 2013.

“I am afraid, sir, something is wrong with your analysis about Japanese economy you have made over the last ten months. What figures do you actually assess?

How many workers who only make less than two million yen which is around poverty line do you think we have? Because the consumption tax will go up to 8% from current 5%, housing market temporarily robust, which will increase GDP for short term. Corporate tax will be reduced significantly but what do you think they will do? They will just sit on cash because they can’t find new opportunities they would invest.

Due to cheap yen, commodity prices have gone up with no pay increase at all. Trade deficit has been negative during the last nine months also due to cheap yen. Co-pay for elderly and tax on pension has been increasing constantly. Thus, real purchasing power of general public won’t increase. Mr. Abe’s economic policy logically leads to a similar consequence to your 1% vs 99%. Stop praising his policy any more, please. 76% of Japanese do not feel that our economy has been improving by the latest poll.” http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/25/opinion/krugman-addicted-to-the-apocalypse.html?comments&_r=0#permid=10361146

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"How articulate of you, with all this lolling!" You sound as if you were from a country with no legal system. Oh, are you?

"That only showcased your difficulty in reading in between the lines, unless given it on a plate!" Really?

OK, I will test you.

1)The US has more than 50% of active satellites in the world but somehow their satellites had been sleeping for almost 18 months to suddenly wake up and find the reclamation, which was near completion. This question is not asking for your ability to read between lines but your deductive capability. Why did they wake up at the final phase of the reclamation?

2) Vietnam has 29 reclamation cases and Philippines 8 so far. Reclamation itself is not a problem, Right? Then what is the problem? Don' t say "the size" because it will make me burst into laughing.

I am sure you know the law of action and reaction.

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Could someone kindly tell me? What is the legal base of this drill?

Collective self defense right is just cabinet decision by unconstitutional reinterpretation of the constitution with no passage at Diet. Security bill is still on the table. Japan-US Mutual Defense Guideline was revised at the end of April based on Japan's collective self defense, which I repeat is just cabinet decision made July 1, 2014.

I am really confused.


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@JBird “China will then claim that that country started the war.”

Just like some Japanese say that China started the war quoting The Marco Polo Bridge Incident in 1937? They never discuss why Japanese troops were there in the first place.

“China will just keep pushing, stealing, and antagonizing until finally some country stands up to them.”

Someone who says Chinese are not good at making a story suggests as follows;

While "Vietnam has so far occupied 29 reefs in the Nansha Islands, the Philippines nine, while the Chinese mainland has only taken real control of eight" is a verifiable fact, that fact itself does not tell a story. China has a story that is different from what most of the Western media that support Vietnam and the Philippines (for geopolitical reason, obviously) want the world to know.

Western media would have described the fact like: "Vietnam has steadfastly held on to 29 reefs and the Philippines nine, while China has managed to seize control of eight."

This editorial could have said: "Of all the islands and reefs that China lost after the Second World War and the Chinese civil war that followed immediately, China has tried to hang on to only eight of them despite pressure from the West, while Vietnam has taken control of 29 and the Philippines nine."

Interesting, isn’t it?

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As most countries of G7 are founding members of AIIB, is Mr. Abe accusing them because they don’t care about corruption? Ordinary people don’t say this kind of things which may bruise other leaders.

This is another evidence that he is mentally incompetent.

“Competency is presumed unless there exists a reason to declare a person as mentally incompetent. There are several factors that would affect an individual's competency to make a particular decision, a particular contractual agreement, to execute an effective deed to real property, or to execute a Will.” The steps in declaring an individual as mentally incompetent are as follows:

**Law Dictionary: How to Legally Declare Someone as Mentally Incompetent? ** http://thelawdictionary.org/article/how-to-legally-declare-someone-as-mentally-incompetent/

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@harvey pekar That is Mr. Carter's "China threat" Spratly Campaign to build up military partnership in Asia for the US pivot. Pentagon said at the congressional hearing in January this year.that Obama's Asia pivot is based on the premise that the US could leave from Afghanistan and Iraq but as the situation of both Central and African Command got worse, they said Pivot to Asia was difficult to do. Mr. Carter's hectic work is for this very reason. China will not start a war. Forget China threat and help Okinawan's 70 years long unfair burden. I am one of those who have closed eyes not see the reality in Okinawa and I am ashamed of it. And please don't mix up the security issue with Henoko because these are different issues to find a solution.

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@BertieWooster Addition to my previous comment on URL.

The last time I took up his mail magazine article for my blog was February 17, 2015. It was his US trip report of his visit from October 14 to 19 and it was published on October 26, 2010. I wrote in my blog that his mail magazine has no new entry after November 8, 2011.

As I didn’t know much about him, I made his behavior pattern and mental model analysis in 2012 when he won the race for PM. This analytical blog was published on December 22 and 25, 2012. For the second blog I used his magazine article of January 25, 2009 which wrote his impression of Mr. Obama’s State of Union address.

He said that Mr. Bush’s speech was better than Mr. Obama’s. That is OK because it was how he took it but his end note criticizing pundits who praised Mr. Obama’s address stunned me.

He wrote; Those comments made by pundits are something even monkeys can make.

So, “Come on, just ask a question!” kind of his behavior was nothing to surprise me.

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Its URL is as follows but you will have to register, which I guess he seems to have changed the system.


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Regarding to Mr. Abe’s rather high approval rating, he is probably one of those who can get the most benefit of Dunning–Kruger effect, which you can find in wikipedia what it means. I wonder if people who seem to have certain level of intelligence and praise Mr. Abe so much have ever read his web magazine which was written by himself. He has stopped writing since about a year before he was chosen as the head of LDP but old ones are still available for you to read. You can find his intelligence level immediately because the writing is the direct reflection of his mental models, brain networks of his knowledge and cognitive skill..

Pleas don’t confuse. His speeches at CSIS in February 2013, at IOC for Tokyo Olympic, or at Shangri-La Dialogue in 2014 were, of course, prepared by his speech writer with input from influencial advisers who want to keep him in the position. Please analyze those speeches word by word. Then you can find who are actually behind this administration.

Is there any person who saw through the true intention of his sudden announcement of Lower House dissolution on November 18 last year? Check out the chronology after his cabinet decision of July 1. Approval rating decline by money scandal of two female cabinet members, original schedule for Japan-US bilateral defense guideline explicated in US congressional Research as of September 24 and Mr. Onaga’s land slide victory in Okinawa gubernatorial election of November 16.

Sorry for a long comment,

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Poor Mr. Abe.

You are mentally incompetent.Thus, you can’t assume responsibility for your actions legally. Reinterpretation of the constitution, collective self defense right based on the reinterpretation and Japan-US bilateral defense guideline are all counted as invalid. Of course, you don't need to apologize for your deed in question.

Come back anytime soon when you become mentally competent.

Namu Amida Butsu

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When Mr. Abe was asked by the Communist party leader yesterday at the Diet whether or not he would admit what Potsdam Declaration including Cairo Declaration says about Japanese invasion, he said that he would not make a comment because he does not know much about it. Someone, who was staggered, tweeted; if he knows nothing about it, he does not even realize he is a revisionist.

YouTube is available at; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hpe_lmEULcU

Likewise, Mr. Abe may not understand why those scholars press him so much. I am so proud of you, Mr. Abe.

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From wikipedia; "The Blue Team is an informal term for a group of politicians and journalists in United States loosely unified by their belief that the People's Republic of China is a significant security threat to the United States and most of those to whom the term has been applied are conservative or neoconservative."

Mr. Abe and his ilk such as Mr. Funada are Neocon's puppet.

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