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Posted in: Kishida urges LDP factions to forgo fundraisers amid scandal See in context

Such fundraising parties are virtually bribery.

"ticket price" of present PM's party is 10 times of cost. Only corporations or wealthy classes can buy costly ticket. And their politics always prioritize corporations and wealthy class than most general citizen.

deceptive PM mere postponed parties until public forget.

self-named "LDP" is never liberal, never democratic.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics sullied by bid-rigging, bribery trials more than 2 years after Games See in context

Japan's LDP regime used Olympic as pretext to benefit large corporations with immense taxpayers money.

Same "business model" is repeated at also Expo 2025 by ruling parties and far-right party "Ishin".

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Posted in: Japan lower house OKs bill to stop Unification Church moving assets See in context

Sufferers have criticized that this watered-down bill is just pretense of ruling parties who actually want to defend Unification Church.

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Posted in: Japan's frontier islanders decry lack of gov't plan to aid Taiwanese fleeing attack See in context

Present Japan's LDP regime think nothing besides buying old weapons and benefiting arms industries.

They consider nothing even risk such as many superannuated nuclear plants where located on northern and western sea coast facing North Korea or China or low food-sufficiency.

And tax increasing for arms race policy will kill many japanese social vulnerables before start of war.

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Posted in: Half of hospitals see no merit in My Number health insurance cards: survey See in context

Present national insurance card has no problem especially.

Defective and problematic "My number" system mere benefits related-corporations by immense taxes from government. And corporations have contributed to LDP.

Besides it has even risk victimizing health and the lives of people.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., others vow to triple global nuclear energy by 2050 See in context

Corporations-first LDP regime's selfish "vow" at overseas despite no even domestic deliberation.

It's just "green washing" to benefit nuclear industries on the excuse of energy issues.

unlike Europe or US, Japan is still highest risk area of large earthquake.

Radioactivity will be dumped into the oceans even if next nuclear disaster caused, like Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate falls to 2.5% in October See in context

jobless rate may be low, but wages maintain also low unlike other advanced countries.

poverty and inequality expand at japanese society, social welfare per person are reduced year by year, people under tough situation that reduce amount of food or who avoid to use heating despite strong cold are increasing.

on the other hand, number of wealthy are second in whole world, large corporations have hundreds trillions yen internal reserves or cashes and deposits, government intend to waste thousands billions yen to Expo2025 where majority japanese don't want.

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Posted in: Japan suspends its own Osprey flights after U.S. aircraft crash See in context

Yesterday, Japan's defense minister remarked "不時着水(crash landing onto the water)" despite clearly crash.

Today, after US used the word "crashed", Japan's defense minister corrected from "crash landing" to "墜落(crashed)".

Present Japan's LDP government cannot even use own word, it is like puppet regime.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders Japan to compensate former 'comfort women' See in context

Recent Japanese society is in oppressive social atmosphere that cannot even mention about own county's wartime responsibilities, and difficult to represent sympathy to victim of neighbouring county.

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Posted in: Hanshin, Orix players parade through Kobe, Osaka before 1 million fans See in context

In the shade of this parade, many civil servants were mobilized for free virtually forcibly by self-righteous Osaka governor of far-right party "Ishin".

This parade is exploited as typical sports-washing to obscure many problematic politics such as exploitation politics or Expo 2025 that involving human rights violation or wasting immense taxes.

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Posted in: China calls for independent monitoring of treated Fukushima water See in context

"treated Fukushima water" still contain many kinds of radioactivity besides tritium but Japan's LDP regime and TEPCO and major media never mention it.

China is oppressive state but also recent Japan where press freedom index is low and social atmosphere deny to criticize regime and government is tyrant.

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Posted in: Undeclared income of Japan's wealthy hits record high See in context

GDP of Japan is down to 4th in the world but number of japan's wealthy is 2nd largest in the world.

They evade more tax despite already reduced tax to wealthy by LDP regime. on the other hand, most japanese general public facing tough life by poverty or inequalities.

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Posted in: Japanese whisky turns 100 as craft distilleries transform industry See in context

LDP government's large corporations‐firsts policy is about to destroy even the nature where supporting such local industry.

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Posted in: 3rd release of treated water from Fukushima nuclear plant ends safely, TEPCO says See in context

Corporation who says "safe" no matter how it is danger, that is japan's deceptive nuclear industries including TEPCO.

Last month, they tried to make radioactive waste liquid scattering incident looks smaller than actual state.

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Posted in: Japanese marines conduct drill on island seen as vulnerable to China See in context

Japan where is depending even daily necessities on import from China shows military drill, despite no afford to war.

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Posted in: Generational tensions flare as Japan faces economic reality of aging baby boomers See in context

Japan's LDP regime is inciting "tension" between generations with using pro‐government influencers to distract public criticism or antipathy against incompetent government who only indulge wealth classes or greedy large corporations who only exploit citizen.

One assistant professor who recent domestic TV channels call "genius" proposals even mass murder against elderly people.

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Posted in: Kishida says experts to talk in China seafood dispute See in context

At least, "expert" that Japan's LDP regime says is just pro‐government or pro‐nuclear industrial scholars who have been tamed with funds.

Defense ministry's technical commissioners were bribed from US base construction‐relating companys about landfilling Henoko of Okinawa.

Present Ishikawa prefecture governor slipped his mouth about bribery to IOC commissioners when olympic 2020 bid.

Present Japan politics‐industrial complex is full of corruption.

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Posted in: Johnny's sex abuse victim dies in apparent suicide See in context

Believers of Johnny's still deny past of sexual exploitation that Kitagawa had repeated during decades, have hostility against victims who accused, and repeating to discredit or insult against victims day by day.

besides, Japanese far-rightists are approaching to believers of johnny's through SNS.

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Posted in: Pacific island nations express concern over Japan's tainted water release See in context

Japan's LDP government or TEPCO or obedient major media have still spread falsehood toward japanese society as if only China and South Korea oppose dumping radioactive waste water, and obscured many issues by nationalism.

despite history of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima, present Japan is "tolerance" to radioactivity strangely, shamefully lacks even empathy to Pacific Island's people who have difficult history suffered by radioactivity from innumerable nuclear tests. 

Japan ignored other practicable option that can continue to storage radioactive contaminated water on the ground on the excuse of cost, but cost balloons such as compensation after all.

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Posted in: Creator of fake Kishida video says 'little joke' took 1 hour to make See in context

On the other hand, LDP government themselves also seem to spread political disinformation from anonymous SNS accounts.

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Posted in: Weak yen forces Japan to shrink historic military spending plan See in context

Present Japan where has many weaks such as low food self-sufficiency or depending daily necessities on import from China or many fragile superannuated nuclear plants at seacoast facing neighbouring "enemy countries".

But far-rights regime and its believers are crazy for only expanding armaments under the name of "deterrence" as same as prewar totalitarianism regime could think nothing besides armaments.

"historic military spending plan" only victimize people's daily life and health and the lives gradually.

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Posted in: Japanese consumers eating more local fish from waters off Fukushima See in context

Many Japanese are obedient to official announcement.

And most Japanese consumers don't yet know that radioactive contaminated water Japan-named "treated water" still contain many kinds of radioactivity besides tritium even after filtering or even existence or other practicable option that can avoid dumping radioactive water into the ocean.

Because, Japanese major media are tamed by ad from radioactivity safely myth campaign, begun to ignore domestic problematic nuclear issues as same as before Fukushima nuclear disaster. They don't yet report even about radioactive waste liquid scattering incident last month.

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Posted in: Kishida struggling to show leadership See in context

Japan's recent PM is like puppet for economy circles or military-industrial complex.

"leadership" is nowhere.

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Posted in: Japan asserts Fukushima treated water safe in China, S Korea meeting See in context

Japan officials continues deceptive that call contaminated water containing many kinds of radioactivity even after filtering "treated water".

About radioactive waste liquid scattering incident last month, TEPCO tried to pretend it smaller than actual state.

Japan's nuclear policy always accompany falsehood and deception.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is determined to lead world toward cooperation, not division See in context

Japan's present PM says "cooperation, not division", but his LDP regime itself has continued to divide japan's society or people by many problematic policy.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Osaka expo construction budget of up to ¥235 bil See in context

Expo 2025, delusion of far-right politicians who believe that tracing nostalgia of second half of 20th century bring same economic growth, or pretext to handful pro-government large corporations devour taxpayers money.

Present Japan is still economic power, but young generations who leave japan to make money are increasing, society without hope is full of unrest to the future unlike 1970's.

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Posted in: Kishida unveils ¥17 trillion stimulus package as poll numbers slump See in context

It's just one of pretended policy that LDP regime had repeated during about decade to deceive public as if government doing something.

Their policy failed and deteriorated society year by year.

Present government also only fatten handful wealth class and large corporations as ever, never even notice misstep and never change direction.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant starts 3rd release of treated radioactive wastewater into sea See in context

in the shade of deception of Japan's government and TEPCO who emphasizing only tritium to pretend as if it's same to not-wrecked nuclear plants' drainage, many kinds of radioactivity such as iodine129, strontium90, ruthenium106, technetium99, cesium137, plutonium239, carbon14 or cadmium113 are dumped into the ocean.

Its radioactivity's total amount is not yet clear.

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Posted in: Fukushima treated water released without technical concerns: IAEA See in context

Calling radioactive contaminated water "treated water" itself is also deceptive despite containing many kinds of radioactivity such as iodine129, strontium90, ruthenium106, technetium99, cesium137, plutonium239, carbon14 or cadmium113 even after filtering.

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Posted in: Indonesia descendants of Japan occupation victims recall pains See in context

Present Japanese society where lacking consciousness as assailant side of the war, rampant revising history to justify and beautify prewar or wartime totalitarianism japan.

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