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Hideomi Kuze comments

Posted in: Japan protests after China, Russia call released Fukushima water 'contaminated' See in context

I have no intention to support dictatorship regimes but "liquid" that Tepco is dumping from Fukushima to the ocean is still radioactive contaminated.

At first, Japanese official or Tepco named it such as "tritium water" and had even tried to impress as if it's completely same to other nuclear plants' drainage.

But that liquid has directly cooled melted nuclear fuel debris and includes many Kinds of radioactive materials besides tritium even after "ALPS" filtering.

Japan's pro-nuclear media or Japanese far-rights are proudly comparing amount of only dumped tritium of Japan and China to justify dumping radioactivity from Fukushima, but it's mere shifting issues.


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Posted in: Court rejects lawsuit to block restart of west Japan nuclear reactor See in context

This judge avoided even judgement that evacuation plans are practicable or not.

Practicability of evacuation plan is not yet even condition of nuclear plants restarting in Japan unlike other countries, it's negligence to lesson of Fukushima nuclear disaster, and it's disregarding the human lives. 

in this connection, Japanese judges who are obedient government's policy can promote, but judges who are not obedient to government are demoted by personnel.

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Posted in: Teleworking in Japan falls after COVID; hybrid working on rise See in context

I don't know about other countries but Covid-19 at Japanese society is not weaned at all. It's just social atmosphere as if "Covid-19 waned" "after Covid" spreading. optimistic atmosphere reduces teleworkers and spread virus.

such Covid-19 deaths by nosocomial infection at care facility in Japan is just tips of iceberg.


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Posted in: 77% of Japan's COVID-19 oral drugs set to be destroyed: estimate See in context

Those are not just unnecessary surplus. Shortage of Covid 19 drugs were repeated at medical fields whenever Covid 19 cases surge in Japan, and treatments were late.

If Japanese government wasn't reluctant to supply Covid-drugs, tens thousands patients could be avoided deaths.

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Posted in: Nuclear waste disposal site survey to go ahead in Saga town See in context

This Saga prefecture's superannuated nuclear power station is located on windward of populated area where millions people live within 50miles from Genkai town. Besides, its "plutonium-thermal" reactors have higher danger contaminating more extensive than other nuclear reactor when melted down, but plans or places that millions can evacuate are nowhere.

Not only nuclear policy, Japan's politics always endangers citizen to benefit large corporations historically.

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Posted in: Environment minister apologizes for interruption of Minamata victims' remarks See in context

Unfortunately, Japanese politics that prioritizes corporations' profit than health and the lives of citizen as same as Minamata disease is still repeated such as un-medical downgrading Covid19 by politics and business circles' conveniences or restart of superannuated nuclear plants without practicable evacuation plans.

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Posted in: The glitch in Japan's plans to bolster U.S. defense See in context

US congress seemed to interpret as if Japanese PM promised that Japan's self-defense team will participate with US forces' battle .

But, those are just PM's dogmatic declaration, present Japanese society has no such intention, at least concrete deliberation at the Diet or national discussion at society haven't done at all.

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Posted in: Japan begins release of 5th batch of Fukushima treated water See in context

Japan's LDP-nuclear industry complex who always try to make radioactivity risk looks small are still calling nuclear contaminated water "treated water" to pretend as if it's same to many other nuclear plants' drainage without melt down.

But "treated" but contaminated water dumped from Fukushima still contain many kinds of radioactivity besides tritium after filtering because huge amount of water are directly touching melted reactors.

Government of Japan or Tepco never deny about it but also never explain about it willingly.

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Posted in: M6.4 quake jolts Ehime, Kochi prefectures See in context

Ehime prefecture also have old nuclear plants.

Ikata nuclear station is located on Japan's largest fault belt and very narrow peninsula, evacuation plans for residents are nothing but unreal, its nuclear disaster will contaminate neighbouring millions citizen or Seto inland's fishing grounds.

But present LDP regime who have been donated contribution from also major power corporations continue to cling to old nuclear plants to prioritize profit of nuclear industries than health or the lives of citizen.

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Posted in: Golden Week holidaymakers in Japan to reach 90% of pre-COVID level See in context

Japan's commercialism say "erstwhile daily life was back""pre-Covid life was back".

But its actuality is just pretence "recovery" that society where couldn't overcome Covid19 falsifying as if Covid19 was ended and ignored many victim by infection surge still caused whenever summer and winter.

"erstwhile daily life" "pre-Covid life" is never back for bereaved people who lost family by infection disease that society ignored it to prioritize business than public health.

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Posted in: Biden, Kishida try to solidify bilateral ties even if both fail to hold onto power See in context

Japan's PM Kishida who buying more US weapons without even considering more heavy burden to own citizen who already exhausting with poverty or inequality. so he was welcomed in US, but his support rate in Japan recorded his worst necessarily.

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Posted in: U.S. experts urge revamp of military command architecture with Japan See in context

Part of SDF who collectively worship Yasukuni shrine seem to want the war.

And Japan's defense ministry has hostility to antiwar activity, has even plans that wipe out resistant feeling to the war or un-warlike thought and lead public the war by using such as SNS or influencers.

Japan is in new pre-war.

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Posted in: LDP punishes 39 members over funds scandal, urging 2 to leave party See in context

Japanese largest economy circle's chief said "no problem" about this LDP fundraising scandals shamelessly.

Japan's plutocracy by corrupted LDP-industrial complex will continue from now on, they ruin democracy more and more.

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Posted in: Kashiwazaki nuclear plant better coped to deal with terrorism: IAEA See in context

Fundamentally, IAEA is nuclear plants thrusting organization, never neutral and never independent.

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Posted in: Fukui court allows 5 aging nuclear plants to continue operations See in context

Quake proof designed nuclear plants are nowhere in Japan despite country where strong quake often hit, those seismic resistance are inferior to even general houses. And domestic nuclear power corporations repeat even irrational insistence as if nuclear plants' seismic resistance raised year by year, despite aging.

But Japanese judges are extremely afraid to go against economy circles, often defend corporations profit than safety of citizen.

Because, judge who didn't allow to operate nuclear plants was demoted, judges who allow to operate it had been promoted or had been parachuted to large corporations.

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Posted in: Japan eyes upgrade of 16 airports, ports for possible defense use See in context

Expansion of military use to private facilities is equal to increase risk that places where many citizens living will be targeted when wartime. But no even explanation to citizen, no deliberation at the Diet, no domestic major media report its risk.

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Posted in: Japan approves plan to sell fighter jets to other nations in latest break from pacifist principles See in context

Unjust fundraising government change direction of the state with only themselves autocratically, and betrayed lessons from history one after another.

General public including people who have no interest to politics pay the price sooner or later.

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Posted in: Japan business lobby chief hopes for gov't efforts to end deflation See in context

Last November, this Tokura had demanded early restarting Shika nuclear plant at Noto peninsula.

But less than 2 month later, new year's day quake brought many damages to nuclear plant, Hokuriku power corporations who repeat deceptive announcements had denied media coverage at the place until this month.

Present Japanese ruling class disregard safety.

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Posted in: U.N. atomic agency chief reassures residents treated wastewater discharged from Fukushima nuclear plant is safe See in context

Japanese authorities betrayed formal agreement with fisher people, disregarded option that can avoid dumping treated but still contaminated water, ignored that many kinds of radioactivity contain after even filtering, and escaped to consider about bioconcentration risk.

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Posted in: Japan marks 13 years since quake-tsunami triggered nuclear disaster See in context

Recent Japan's LDP regime who dislike to help citizen has cut off assistance for sufferers of nuclear disaster one after another despite man-made disaster that politics and corporation caused.

Besides, they completely ignores historical lesson from Fukushima nuclear disaster, prioritize to benefit economy circles than safety of citizen, thoughtlessly thrust very optimistic nuclear policy such as depending on low seismic resistance and superannuated nuclear plants. 

They and greedy nuclear industries are repeating also deceptive advertisements to fabricate "safety myth" of radioactivity.

Moreover, Japan's nuclear regulation agency of completely lost independency as same as before Fukushima disaster.

About 10 years ago, actually power supply in Japan is already enough without nuclear power. Restart of nuclear plants have only hindered to use or popularize renewable energy.

Japan's nuclear policy is just for defending vested interest of politics-industries complex during decades, all councils about electric power are farce with prepared conclusion beforehand, "scientific" is only exploited as pretence to deceive public. 

They will repeat nuclear disaster sooner or later, will repeat concealment or deception as ever, will continue to evade from responsibility as same as now.

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Posted in: China nuclear plants released tritium above Fukushima level in 2022, document shows See in context

Falsehood that pretend as if Tepco is dumping only tritium from Fukushima despite after meltdown is rampant.

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Posted in: Japan gov't to cease COVID-19 treatment subsidies at end of March See in context

Japan's LDP government hasn't been able to prevent Covid19 deaths yet, still caused tens thousands victim whenever Covid19 surge wave.

But, they dislike spending taxpayers money to defend the lives of citizen, downgraded virus last May, pretended as if Covid19 ended or weakenized.

Announcement about Covid19 cases or deaths virtually vanished from major media, caution to Covid19 lost from society unscientifically, socially ignored virus-surge have repeated tragedy at elderly facilities or hospitals.

They prioritize arms race than the lives of citizen as same as somewhere dictatorship, continue to kill innumerable social vulnerables including my family.

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Posted in: Japan's ¥43 trillion defense spending plan still insufficient: experts See in context

This "expert panel" is mere farce that gathering only person who want to thrust arms race. Greedy they intend to push arms race cost to general citizen despite highest ever profit and internal reserves of large corporations.

But Japanese general citizen who save even food expenses or utility cost by poverty cannot burden more cost to buy weapons.

LDP-industrial complex continue to victimize even health or the lives of citizen for their making money.

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Posted in: No lunch in Ginza: Japan's scaled-back spending helps push economy to recession See in context

Japan's tax revenue is highest ever.

Japanese major corporations' profit and internal reserve are also highest ever.

Number of wealth classes in Japan are 2nd in the world.

But GDP is 4th, GDP per person is 21st. 

LDP government is always positive to spend for political stakeholders such as large corporations or arms industries but dislike to spend for domestic general citizen. "ruling class" such as LDP regime or large corporations become more rich including illegal or injustice, general public become more poor, recent Japan is such country.

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Posted in: Safety panel urges Fukushima nuclear plant operator to better communicate with public See in context

Causes are falsehood or deception or dishonest of Japanese electric power majors who always try to conceal or trivialize nuclear problems during decades, not communication.

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival crowds recover to pre-pandemic level in 2024 See in context

"removal of coronavirus measures" despite coronavirus domestic 10th wave. Politics or media or society prioritize money than health and the lives of people. Its victim or bereaved family are ignored at such society.

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Posted in: Japan maglev train project being derailed by Shizuoka stalemate See in context

This maglev train project or Tokyo bribery Olympics is just delusions that tracing half century ago successful images will realize economic growth like 70's or 80's again.

Japan's bullet trains have images as if symbol of Japan's economic growth at 2nd half of 20 century in society but its actuality expanded inequality between handful large town area and many local districts.

Advantages by faster train is doubtful anymore in present Japan where government repeats missteps and victimizes people economically socially medically.

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Posted in: Logistics challenges hinder volunteering in quake-hit Ishikawa See in context

cause isn't only logistics difficulties.

Pro-government group who want to obscure missteps of government that response to disaster were slow and insufficient had continued to criticize or insult volunteers or opposition party leader or independent journalists who went to Noto peninsula.

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Posted in: Disabled account for over 20% of 2010s Japan disaster-linked deaths See in context

It's never unrelated to recent Japanese society where spread horrible thought that disregard even the lives of social vulnerables.

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Posted in: As COVID pandemic winds down, not-so-happy campers shed gear to the benefit of bargain hunters See in context

Covid19 in Japan doesn't "winds down". false atmosphere as if it winds down is just rampant from government or major media or social media into society.

Such deception loosen social measures to infection, caused hazard to hospitals or elderly facilities, my family was infected it during long hospitalization, and had been killed with terribly suffering due Covid19 related pneumonia.

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