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Posted in: High court orders Shikoku Electric to suspend Ikata nuclear reactor restart See in context

Ikata nuclear power station is near the largest fault belt of Japan,it is obvious also on map.

and Japan's earthquake experts have pointed out risk of unknown active fault.

"Most strict regulation standard in the world" "Japan's Nuclear Regulation Committee that has high independency",Japan's cabinet office secretary or economy minister have said so repeatedly but those remarks have no basis.

Japan's present nuclear regulation do not yet consider even practicability of evacuation plans unlike other countries.

Japan has many volcanoes but research system about volcanoes is not yet enough.

Many executives of Japan's Nuclear Regulation Committee are people who came from power industries,they can return to nuclear industries.

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Posted in: High court rejects residents' appeal to halt nuclear reactors See in context

"Safety myth of nuclear power" is about to revive in Japan again.

Japanese Judges are still very obedient to Abe government who has appointment rights of judge or bureaucrats.

Even practicability of evacuation plans have been not investigated in Japan unlike other countries.

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Posted in: Abe says he will seek 'flexible' discussions on constitutional revision See in context

Plural citizens who criticized wayside speech of prime minister Abe were restrained and eliminated by police officers on the pretext of "obstruction of speech".

But Japanese police do nothing to harassment or slander against opposition parties' candidates.

Twitter accounts of many Japanese who had criticized Abe government were "frozen" before or during election campaign.

Criticism or objection against Abe government have been decreased from mainstream media of Japan by political pressure year by year. TV or Radio programs that had criticized Abe government have been ended one after another.

Japan's TV media never treat about movie 'The journalist' depicting threat of cabinet office despite popular.

 Half of Japanese nationwide newspapers are just "defenders" of Abe government already.

Even fact check about politicians' speeches is not done in Japan.

Japanese mainstream media now avoid even mentioning about election law violation of Ad of ruling party LDP.

Gradually but surely,

Japan is about to be oppressive state like China and Russia.

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Posted in: Gov't says official translation for next era name Reiwa is 'beautiful harmony' See in context

Japanese Abe government and authorities often use different expressions in domestic and overseas to evade concern or criticism from overseas.

Expression the "beautiful harmony" is vanity for present Japan as same as Olympics 2020.

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Posted in: Fukushima evacuees resist return as 'Reconstruction Olympics' near See in context

Present Japanese society is full of "Vanity" for Tokyo 2020.

Japan's ministries and agencies often deceive general public to defend vested interests for "Nuclear mafia".

Japan's authorities always try to understate radioactive contamination and try to underestimate radiation risk to justify prime minister Abe's "Fukushima is under control" speech for Olympics 2020 bid.

Many evacuees were forced to return to contaminated area by policy of government who want to propagandize "wonderful re-construction".

Returned evacuees have been exposed about 20 times higher radioactivity than other area under the name of "provisional safety standard".

Falsehood and deception were revealed from treatise about radiation exposure of Japanese government.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law allowing private firms to operate water services See in context


Vice prime minister Asou had dogmatically promised privatization of all water service of Japan.


Japanese Abe government who worships "Neoliberalism" thrusts privatization of water service hastily despite many failure in other countries.

Opposition parties revealed "intimacy" between cabinet and ”Water Majors” such as Veoria and Suez.

But,about half of Japanese mainstream media still have no interest about even deterioration of water quality that privatization had caused in the world,and many Japanese people do not notice seriousness of this issue yet.

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Posted in: Japan OKs extension of tsunami-hit 40-year-old nuclear reactor See in context

Nuclear industries often use climate change as excuse that justify restart of nuclear plants 

But Japan is natural disaster country.

Japan's potentiality of renewable energy is beyond nuclear industries.

for example,power supply at Kyushu area is sufficient even if nuclear plants did not restart.

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Posted in: Japan OKs extension of tsunami-hit 40-year-old nuclear reactor See in context

Japan's nuclear regulation had insisted extension of use of nuclear plants as "rare exceptions".

actually, they approve extension of nuclear plants many time.

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Posted in: Japan OKs extension of tsunami-hit 40-year-old nuclear reactor See in context

Many staff members of Japan's nuclear authorities are full of person from economy-industrial ministry who want to thrust nuclear power.

Even rule that keep independency of nuclear regulation has been ignored completely in Japan.

Japan's nuclear regulation has been gradually but surely loosened in the shade of other topics year by year.

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Posted in: Former TEPCO exec denies delaying anti-tsunami steps before nuclear crisis See in context

Plural investigation committees have already concluded that Fukushima nuclear disaster was consequence of human negligence.

"Safety First" that defendant said is just lie.

They ignored worst case scenario merely.

TEPCO had enough time and chance to reduce risk but they wasted it.

Nuclear disaster deprives many.

Old people or patients or disabled or US navy crews become victims,many residents had lost home or farmland or job and even the family grave and ashes that handed down from generation to generation.

moreover,unrest to health such as increase of thyroid anomalies.

But,top or executives of large corporations is rarely punished in Japan,unfortunately.

Responsible person who should be punished is not only TEPCO executives.

Other cause of Fukushima nuclear disaster is also Japan's nuclear authorities who lacked independency.

Authorities who should have control and regulate had assimilated with nuclear industries.

it caused looseness and optimism to safety.

Present nuclear energy of Japan is about to relapse into same irresponsible situation as before Fukushima disaster.

Almost staff members of nuclear regulation authorities are from economy-industrial ministry that want to thrust nuclear industries.

Even "rules" to keep independency of authorities is already ignored completely.

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Posted in: High court gives go ahead for restart of Shikoku Electric nuclear reactor See in context

This judgement was too subjective with clear contradiction and had forgotten lesson of Fukushima nuclear disaster.

"Majority people have looked upon catastrophic eruption risk as no problem"

"Social conventions of Japan looks upon nuclear plants as safe unless considerably risk is proven" Judge says,

those are mere impression about Japanese society or general public that this Judge has.

Actuality,public opinion poll about eruption is not done.

According to public opinion poll about restart of nuclear plants,

Majority of Japanese have still opposed nuclear plants.

Besides,while this judge denied Japanese Nuclear Regulation's scientific eruption forecast,demanded "scientific basis of catastrophic eruption" to citizen side.

Moreover,probability of catastrophic eruption may be low but huge natural disaster's probability is originally low.

However,historical huge natural disaster occurred actually in 2011.

and probability of deadly natural disaster has risen year by year since 2011.

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Posted in: Power returning to Hokkaido, but quake exposes flaws of grid See in context

Authorities and power companies of Japan have learned nothing from lesson of Fukushima disaster.

They completely forget risk that depend on one large power station,caused extensive blackout,and now,repeat excuse that "This situation was unpredictable" "out of prediction".

it is like 2011.

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Posted in: Typhoon-hit Kansai airport partially resumes int'l flights See in context

Underground emergency generator were submerged,

it caused blackout of airport.

Authorities of Japan has learned nothing from lesson of Fukushima disaster.

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Posted in: Japan holds nationwide disaster drills See in context

Japanese authorities has not considered concurrent of natural disaster and nuclear disaster yet despite experience of 2011.

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Posted in: Gov't conducts evacuation drill in Fukui for multiple nuclear accidents See in context

Propagandistic "Evacuation drill" by Abe government who want to insist that "Our evacuation plan has no problems".

Japan's nuclear policy still ignore worst case scenario.

If natural disaster destroyed evacuation routes?

In the summer heat like this year,

Can residents endure indoor evacuation that "stop air conditioner,shut the window"?

and so,very problematic.

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Posted in: Gov't to pay ¥10 bil for Osprey deployment in Saga Pref See in context

Only six months after from crash of SDF helicopter to residential area,

Suddenly approved.

Governor of Saga Prefecture seems to be working for Abe government,not for residents.

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Posted in: Japan must act to protect Fukushima clean-up workers: U.N. experts See in context

Japan's nuclear policy always involve lie,deception,underestimation or unjust.

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Posted in: Temperature soars to 41.1 C in Kumagaya; highest ever in Japan See in context

“when nuclear disaster,shut the windows,stop the air conditioner,and stay indoor.”

Japan’s nuclear regulation agency says so.

They do not consider even deadly summer heat of Japan.

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog OKs restart of aging Ibaraki nuclear plant hit by tsunami See in context

Nuclear policy of present Japan still prioritize industrial profit than life of many citizen.

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Posted in: Court rejects suspension of Oi nuclear power plant See in context

Comment of Judge was like abandonment of independency from politics.

Japanese Judges who had stopped nuclear plants were demoted.

Judge who want to avoid to be demoted escape into delusion that investigation of Japan's nuclear regulation is always correct.

but,executives of Japan's nuclear regulation agency are occupied by beneficiary or related person of nuclear industries.

About natural disaster,

Japanese government and authorities always say "please prepare against worst case","unpredictable situation occur someday".

but,They never say same things about nuclear disaster.

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Posted in: Trouble-hit nuclear reactor in Saga resumes operations See in context

Problematic Japan's nuclear policy should Not justified under the name of "climate change".

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Posted in: Trouble-hit nuclear reactor in Saga resumes operations See in context

in case of Fukushima nuclear disaster,

about 80% of all radiation leaks flowed to pacific ocean side of east side of nuclear plants by wind direction.

Many densely populated areas are around Genkai nuclear plants than around of Fukushima Daiichi.

Not only nuclear policy,

Present most oppressive Abe regime in post-war Japan history thrust politics that prioritize large corporation's profit than safe of residents and labor.

They have learned nothing from Fukushima disaster that many residents lost life,hometown,work,memories,community,even cemetery or remains.

Genkai plutonium-thermal type nuclear disaster will cause many victims more than Fukushima disaster,and far extensive area than 2011 will be contaminated by wind direction.

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Posted in: Trouble-hit nuclear reactor in Saga resumes operations See in context

Japan's nuclear regulation agency and Kyushu electric power who had missed even piping corrosion.

in case of radiation leaks,

Plutonium-thermal type nuclear plants is more dangerous than other nuclear plants but,

its risk is still ignored among Japanese authorities.

Present safety standard of Japan do not consider risk of direct type earthquake,

and also practicability of evacuation plans are not inspected yet.

Japanese authorities divert eyes from worst case scenario of nuclear disaster unlike worst case scenario of natural disaster.

it is not clear where is responsible of nuclear disaster in Japan yet.

local governor,mayor,government,power company,nuclear agency,

Nobody declare responsibility about nuclear disaster,

Nobody say to guarantee safety.

The side who thrust nuclear plants take risk nothing substantially,

Only residents are burdened with risk.

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Posted in: Ruling coalition-backed candidate wins Niigata gubernatorial election See in context

Supporters of ruling party and Japanese extreme-rightists had repeated fake news about opposition parties' candidate.

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Posted in: Another reactor at Genkai nuclear plant to be restarted late May See in context

Nobody consider serious risk of Genkai "Pluthermal" nuclear disaster.

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Posted in: Niigata's anti-nuclear governor resigns over magazine article See in context

"Convenient" scandal for greedy nuclear industries of Japan.

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Posted in: Steam leak prompts power generation to halt at Kyushu nuclear plant See in context

Over 2~3 hours until notification to authorities.

General public could not know this trouble until next day.

Most information is power companies-made.

This problematic power corporation stopped generating,but never stop reactors whatever happen,as same as when Kumamoto earthquake 2016.

Head of Kyushu Electric Power say: "I had said that I don't know what will happen"

Japan's Nuclear Regulation seems to do nothing.

in this connection,

Genkai Pluthermal Nuclear Plants has higher contamination risk than Japan's other reactors such as Fukushima-1.

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Posted in: Scrapping crippled Fukushima plant to cost Y220 bil annually See in context

Japan's nuclear lobbyist group still repeat deception that "nuclear plants is reasonable".

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator OKs 30-year plan to scrap troubled Monju reactor See in context

1 trillion yen ($9.46 billion) had been spent for worthless facilities.

But,Nobody take responsibility in Japan.

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor in Saga back online after 7-year hiatus See in context

Practicability of evacuation plans is not inspected yet,and not treated as condition of restart of nuclear plants.

Even risk of evacuation to the leeward is not considered because coexistence of practicable evacuation plans and nuclear plants is extremely impossible in "natural disaster country" Japan.

Strong natural disaster that can destroy nuclear plants will destroy also evacuation routes.

Government and ministry use nuclear plant subsidy to buy approval of local government,and try to repress opposition and unrest.

Emergency facilities about Genkai nuclear plants are still unfinished or provisonal but nuclear plants was restarted.

Members of Japan's NRA have been replaced to nuclear industries' beneficiary by government,lost independency,and has underestimated many risk such as earthquake or volcano,radioactive contamination.

Kyushu Electric Power had insisted that "our management is hard since stop of nuclear plants" but actual state of their management was still in the black during stop of all nuclear plants.

not only that,

They had fabricated convenient public opinion to nuclear plant,and had deceived society.

its ringleader now became chief of head office of nuclear plant.

Japan's power grid is not independent from existing power industries,

Japan's existing major power companies including Kyushu Electric Power have authority to be able to exclude renewable energy to give prioroty to nuclear plants.

Nuclear industries' lobby of Japan have already started "Anti-Renewable Energy campaign" to defend nuclear plants.

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