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Posted in: Abe's controversial state funeral may backfire on Kishida See in context

From this morning, Japanese domestic major TV channels' "wide show" program are repeating beautification of yesterday "state funeral" despite undemocratic and constitutional violation.

Those ignore many problem such as "Abe politics" that continued to ruin democracy or alliance with Unification Church cult, emphasise only touching episodes.

It's like propaganda for Abe and LDP.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics bribery arrests widens to third Japan sponsor See in context

Who urged Takahashi to become chief of Tokyo Olympic bid committee was Shinzo Abe.

Takahashi denied it at first because "I don't want to be arrested".

But, Abe answered "It's all right. I defend you surely to you will be never arrested".

Third arrest to Takahashi at the same day of illegal state funeral for Abe. 

Abe who repeated falsehood hundreds times only at the Diet told falsehood also about Olympic 2020 such as "situation is under control" about Fukushima nuclear disaster or "Reconstruction Olympic" that just delayed reconstruction actually.

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Posted in: Japan eyes hiking defense spending to ¥40 trillion over 5 years See in context

Japanese nationalists seem to have delusion that "Japan can silence China by expansion of armament", and think nothing about risk of arms race.

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Posted in: Ceremony and controversy await Harris during visit to Asia See in context

Present Japan's Kishida government has invited infamous Myanmar junta to this problematic state funeral.

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Posted in: Japan to launch domestic travel subsidy program on Oct 11 See in context

Present Japanese PM had said about "ability to listen even small voices" of himself one year before.

But now, he dogmatically decides everything without even deliberation at the Diet.

Present Japan's problematic Kishida government increased domestic Covid19 deaths to 2.4 times during only less than 1 year since start of his regime last October.

Japan where failed to overcome Covid19 increases new deaths per pandemic year by year unlike other countries.

Total deaths of patients who couldn't get medical treatment or deaths per day during domestic infection 7th wave this summer were worst since 2020.

Japan repeats shortage of test or medical service whenever pandemic but government does ​nothing.

Japan is mere victimizing ordinal citizen day by day to benefit economy circle who support LDP regime.

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

This Japan version "state funeral" is undemocratic and constitutional violation political event without legal basis that government ignores even deliberation at the Diet and decided dogmatically.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

Incompetent Kishida government increased domestic Covid19 deaths to 2.4 times during only less than 1 year since start of his regime.

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Posted in: Crown prince, 6 other imperial members to attend Abe state funeral See in context

Shameless Japan government has invited Myanmar junta to this state funeral next week.

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

Japan where incompetent government failed to overcome Covid19 increases new deaths per pandemic year by year unlike other countries.

It was worst this summer.

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Posted in: LDP to update list of members linked to Unification Church See in context


Deceptive LDP mere tried to make relation with cult look small.

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Posted in: Japan begins giving Omicron booster shots to stem 7th COVID wave See in context

It is too late to stem 7th COVID wave.

Last month , Covid19 deaths in Japan was over 7000 including patients who couldn't get medical treatment at all.

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Posted in: Hopes grow for win-win effect of inbound tourism in Japan, weak yen See in context

Sooner or later, Japanese society will repeat pandemic, government will do nothing as ever, it will force overwork to medical workers, and many patients will be killed without even ​getting medical service by incompetence of government.

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Posted in: Japan floats issuance of gov't bonds for more defense spending See in context

Autocratic LDP government ignores many lessons from prewar or wartime one after another.

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context

Japan's infection measures are still poor despite many deaths.

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Posted in: Kadokawa chairman arrested over Tokyo Olympics bribery scandal See in context

Weekly Bunshun has reported.

Haruyuki Takahashi : I don't want to relate with Olympic bid because I don't want to be arrested.

Shinzo Abe : It's all right. I defend you surely to you will be not arrested.

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Posted in: Gov't to pursue U.S. base relocation in Okinawa despite Tamaki's win See in context

The bottom of seacoast of Henoko is soft and so weak to build something facility, no one knows that completion or not.

Henoko US base is just runway, it is never strong military facility where can make China flinch.  

But Japan's LDP government still cling to build it, tries to waste over 1 trillion yen.

Since Abe regime, LDP government never change direction even if those are clearly wrong way.

in this connection, LDP is very autocratic and self-righteous, never liberal, never democratic.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's ruling LDP lawmakers had ties with Unification Church See in context

LDP Secretary General Toshimitsu Motegi who repeats falsehood about opposition parties at TV debate program.

And, this LDP's internal survey had excluded influential politicians including plural former PM.

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Posted in: U.S. Vice President Harris to attend Abe's funeral See in context

"state funeral" for nationalism politician who cooperates each other ​with cult groups to win election and who continued to ruin democracy. 

Moreover, it is constitutional violation.

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Posted in: Japan to cut COVID isolation period to speed up economic recovery See in context

Present Japan increases Covid19 deaths year by year unlike other area such as western countries.

"the transition to a new stage of (living) with the coronavirus and enhance our efforts to balance (preventing infection and promoting) socioeconomic activities"

But "new stage" is only word. "our efforts to balance (preventing infection and promoting) socioeconomic activities" is nowhere in Japan.  

Present PM Kishida only victimized many patients to benefit economy circle.

He did nothing against worst pandemic at Japanese society since 2020, and increased domestic total deaths to over twice during 11 months under his regime since last October.

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Posted in: Kishida disapproval rate edges above 40% on Unification Church ties, Abe funeral See in context

Christian groups in Japan expressed opposition against this month state funeral.

About Covid19, cases and deaths at Japan are still worst level in whole world since July, but Kishida does nothing to infection, and imitating only easing restriction of other countries.

Japanese government repeats misstep many times that many Japanese cannot even get PCR test and many patients cannot even get enough medical treatment soon.

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Posted in: Kishida to explain decision on Abe state funeral at Wednesday news conference See in context

Especially since Abe regime, Press conference at cabinet office of Japan don't permit freedom of question. 

This "state funeral" is fundamentally constitutional violation.

Besides, it is political ceremony for most problematic Japanese prime minister in post-war Japan history.

He had continued to ruin democracy, used his power to assist cult group, and increased victim.

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Posted in: Moment of truth as Japan eyes review of foreign 'trainee' workers See in context

They appeal "Stop slavery".

Japan's ​“foreigner trainee system“ is hotbed of human rights violation.

Infamous LDP government and greedy economy group Keidanren maintain to cling to this modern version of slavery.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

This is clearly waste of tax.

Besides, "¥250 million" seems to not include security cost.

Moreover, this undemocratic and deceptive political ceremony that calls far-right's carisma who continued to ruin Japan's democracy "defender of democracy" omit even deliberation at the Diet, satisfy only supporters and believers, will be used to beautify and justify his arrogant politics.

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Posted in: Japan signals return to nuclear power to stabilize energy supply See in context

"stabilize energy supply" is just official reason.

Until last year, power oversupply often happened at western Japan, major power corporations have frequently eliminated power from renewable energy stations.

Present Japan government completely ignored risk such as strong natural disaster and military attack to defend vested interest of major power industries who have nuclear plants.

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Posted in: Japan's economy grows 2.2% in 2Q on revived consumer spending See in context

Present Japan tampers with even official statistics to make government looks good.

Many Japanese are under in poverty

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Posted in: Why the Unification Church has become a headache for Kishida See in context

LDP pressured police to discontinue investigation against Unification Church.

Moreover, LDP govt had approved change domestic name of Unification Church to make they active easy.

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Posted in: Why the Unification Church has become a headache for Kishida See in context

No politicians who even declared to discontinue relation with Unification Church in LDP clearly.

One of minister had concealed relation with Unification Church until cabinet reshuffling.

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Posted in: Abe's fatal shooting continues to ripple through Japan a month on See in context

Unifcation Church and LDP continue to mobilize believers as general public to show as if killed former PM was greatest politician despite worst liar.

Right-wing TV commentators repeat sophistries everyday desperately to make this politics-cult issue look small.

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Posted in: With Abe pale and lifeless, a doctor at the scene prayed for a miracle See in context

Lawyers group had repeatedly demanded LDP to break relation with Unification Church from over 15 years before.

But LDP ignored it.

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Posted in: Unification Church corrects remarks amid scrutiny over Abe's death See in context

Last week, one of popular news shows of Japan interrupted testimony that Unification Church had forced believers to vote to ruling party LDP, switched to other topic.

Many news shows and nationwide newspapers in Japan are trying to divert public eyes from connection between politics and religion.

This is present state of press freedom index 71st.

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