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Posted in: After virus-hit Olympics, public split over future Games in Japan See in context

Political and commercial event "Tokyo 2020" deprived many medical workers from general citizen, it caused shortage of medical resource at society, many corona virus patients cannot even hospitalize, part of them have died one after another at home.

Corona virus new cases in Japan has rised rapidly from opening ceremony of Olympics.

About 100 thousands corona virus patients cannot yet hospitalize in whole Japan.

Besides, cost over 4 times of initial plan has still increased, nobody knows how much does total cost.

And, "typical Japan" that nobody takes responsibility will be repeated.

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Posted in: Faction politics wane in LDP leadership race See in context

Japan's mainstream media who abandoned political fairness or neutrality are advertising the names or faces of LDP politicians from morning until night everyday.

On the other hand, they spread falsehood about opposition parties or ignore it.

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Posted in: Johnny Depp film sees Minamata pollution issue as cautionary tale See in context

Many pollution disease, nuclear policy that caused Fukushima disaster, and corona virus measures that only increase victim,

Japan's arrogant politics that prioritizes benefit of large corporations or national policy than the lives still continues as ever.

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Posted in: China, pandemic, energy top Japan's leadership race debate See in context

This month, Japan's obedient mainstream TV channels and nationwide newspapers became advertising media for ruling party LDP before general election.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says peak of 5th wave over See in context

Peak only passed.

Number of new cases are almost same to peak of fourth wave.

Japan's insufficient test system cannot find asymptom patients, cannot decrease infection drastically.

Nationalistic politicians who want to prioritize economy than safe of people always expect end of corona virus, try to hurry to ease restriction, it become trigger of next wave.

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Posted in: Osaka immigration footage shows mistreatment of detained foreigner See in context

Root of Japan's immigration bureau is prewar and wartime Japan's secret police who arrested and tortured and killed people who criticized government.

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID-19 adviser wary of easing restrictions See in context

Japan's recent "economy-first" government who cannot distinguish wishful thinking and actuality expect end of corona virus whenever new cases decreased, eased restriction. 

And they had repeated infection spreading after all, victimized more people than neighbouring countries.

But they have learned nothing from this one and half year, and hurry to ease restriction.

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Posted in: Japan's main opposition party vows to realize separate surname option See in context

From early morning until night, and everyday, Japan's news shows have become advertising program for ruling party LDP.

Political fairness is nowhere at Japan's mainstream media including public broadcasting station.

Therefore, appeals from opposition parties who value human rights or diversity are in difficult to reach to Japanese society unfortunately.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

Candidates to head its ruling party are full of puppets of previous PM Abe or vice-PM Asou.

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Posted in: Paralympic closing marks end of Tokyo's 8-year Olympic saga See in context

Irresponsible responsible people such as Hashimoto or Muto only praise or justify themselves by taking advantage of number of Japanese medalists.

But medals or emotion cannot rescue human lives.

in the shadow of Olympics and Paralympics decorated with plausible advertising words, Japanese society continues to face to healthcare crisis.

Over 135 thousands patients cannot even hospitalize, are forced to stay at home without even something medical assistance, and part of them have died one after another everyday.

And over 4 trillion yen that "compact and inexpensive Olympics" wasted weigh to society including people who had opposited Olympics.

This political disaster brought many victim and heavy burden only.

Japanese society continues to consume any events as content and forget easily and immediately whatever had happened, Olympics and Paralympics are never exception.

Tokyo 2020 will become mere past in Japan as same as past Olympics.

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Posted in: Boxes of unused COVID-19 medical goods dumped at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Japan where Olympics fundamentalists or Olympics supremacists are rampant in society, related people lack even consciousness that was using immense tax.

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Posted in: Suga mulls reshuffling ruling party execs, cabinet next week See in context

Present Japan's inhumane PM prioritizes to cling to the position of PM than infection measures despite dangerous situation that many patients over 120 thousands cannot even hospitalize.

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Posted in: Boxes of unused COVID-19 medical goods dumped at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Incompetence and lack of common sense of Tokyo 2020 committee.

Things they were able to do decently is nothing at all.

But there's even shameful social atmosphere that try to justify and beautify this problematic wasting event by only number of medals of Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo August virus cases top 125,000, nearly triple July's record See in context

Recent number of cases in Japan is about 6th in whole world despite still insufficient PCR test.

"medical system close to its breaking point"

Japan's medical system are already over breaking point, abandoned patients die at their home one after another.

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Posted in: Japan's Defense Ministry seeks ¥5.48 trillion budget amid China worries See in context

Japan's authorities just uses threat from China as pretext to increase military budget.

At least, present Japan where depends to many MADE IN CHINA cannot even tense relation with China no matter how much Japan spent to military equipment.

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Posted in: Experts warn of untested COVID cases in Tokyo as average dips See in context

Japan is only country where government still restricts number of PCR test to general citizen.

Number of PCR test at Tokyo during Olympics was less than 30% of athletes village.  

"medical system close to breaking point"

Japan's medical system are already over breaking point. and un-hospitalizable patients have died at theirhome one after another.

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Posted in: TEPCO to build undersea tunnel to release Fukushima water; gov't to buy marine products See in context

Japan's nuclear industries-LDP complex still repeat lies and deceptions as before Fukushima disaster.

They emphasize the word "damage to reputation", deceive society as if health risk is nothing at all, and try to fabricate atmosphere as if consumers are evil.

Besides, they emphasize Tritium only, never mention that "treated water" they named contains other many kinds of radioactivity over safety standard. 

They insist that "treated water" is safe. but they never dump it to Tokyo bay.

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Posted in: Paralympics open with acrobats, clowns, vibrant music and fireworks See in context

Since last year, many domestic traditional fireworks events had been cancelled in whole Japan one after another under the name of preventing infection.

But Japan's government treats opening and closing ceremony of Olympics and Paralympics as exception, it made many crowd, and cause infection spreading.

Besides, many exception and unfair about Olympics or Paralympics have loosened caution or tension among Japanese general public to corona virus infection.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games chief Hashimoto pledges all possible steps for safe Paralympics See in context

It is full of politicians' sophistry.

Important is result, not words.

Already, infection of 144 related people are announced about Paralympics. 

safety rules will be followed by athletes and officials, and stressed that the Games can be held without risking their health or that of the public.

This was clearly falsehood about Olympics at least.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

Japan's government and Tokyo governor demand to cancel or postpone many school events as preventing infection. But they gother students to stadium.

Japan's Olympics supremacists are irrational.

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Posted in: Japan's governors call for COVID lockdown See in context

Lockdown is possible in also present Japan.

Constitution is never its hindrance.

Japan's Disaster Measures Basic Act enables many response including lockdown.

Monetary compensation is indispensable whatever government does.

Many stores or restaurants don't obey to request from government or prefectures because compensation is insufficient and slow.

Biggest hindrance is Japan's PM Suga who tries to cut cost of corona virus measures.

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Posted in: Coronavirus infections in Tokyo outstrip hospital capacity to treat patients See in context

Many experts inside and outside government had predicted domestic infection epidemic 5th wave.

But Japan's PM Suga who were crazy for Olympics had neglected preparation.

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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

"Man-made disaster" by incompetent and self-righteous PM who prioritizes something except preventing infection.

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Posted in: Watchdog halts Tsuruga nuclear safety assessment after data tampering See in context

Japan's nuclear industries are full of lies and deceptions as before Fukushima disaster.

They prioritize benefit than safety, try to deceive people easily.

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Posted in: Half of Japan's population has received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Present Japanese PM Suga excessively expects as if only vaccination can solve everything, disrespects other measures except vaccination, and caused present domestic worst epidemic.

One family at Tokyo were everyone infected, but cannot hospitalize, and the lives of mother was lost at home.

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Posted in: Bach to return to Tokyo for Paralympics opening ceremony See in context

He is annoying person who only wastes tax of Japan.

who paid security costs when Bach visited to Hiroshima were prefecture and city of Hiroshima, not IOC or Tokyo 2020 authorities.

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Posted in: Japan extends virus emergency to Sept 12; weighs legal options to enforce restrictions See in context

Present Japan's PM Suga who prioritizes his political self-satisfaction than defending human life had wasted immense tax for Olympics but he dislikes to use enough tax for preventing infection. therefore, he avoids lock-down involving monetary compensation.

at press conference last night, He who caused domestic worst infection epidemic despite declaration that he prevents infection spreading during Olympics used Delta variants as excuse to evade responsibility.

But, neighbouring Taiwan is about to succeed even to suppress infection of Delta variants despite lower vaccination rate than Japan.

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Posted in: Suga cabinet's support rate drops to record-low 31.8% See in context

Present Japan's Suga government doesn't something that should be done or can do as government.

Number of new cases per million in Japan are far beyond surrounding countries such as South Korea or Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japan extends, expands state of emergency as cases surge See in context

Repetition of declaration of state of emergency in Japan means that Suga government's virus measures failed.

This year, Japan cities spend most days under "emergency declaration".

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Posted in: Number of severe COVID patients in Japan hits record for 4th day in row See in context

Japanese politicians including present PM who want to prioritize economy than corona virus measures had tried to emphasize "smallness" of number of severe patients to make danger of corona virus look small.

They had optimistic delusion as if they can reduce only number of severe patients no matter how many patients.

But they couldn't understand even natural result that increase of new cases causes also increase of severe patients.

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