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Posted in: Japan maglev train project being derailed by Shizuoka stalemate See in context

This maglev train project or Tokyo bribery Olympics is just delusions that tracing half century ago successful images will realize economic growth like 70's or 80's again.

Japan's bullet trains have images as if symbol of Japan's economic growth at 2nd half of 20 century in society but its actuality expanded inequality between handful large town area and many local districts.

Advantages by faster train is doubtful anymore in present Japan where government repeats missteps and victimizes people economically socially medically.

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Posted in: Logistics challenges hinder volunteering in quake-hit Ishikawa See in context

cause isn't only logistics difficulties.

Pro-government group who want to obscure missteps of government that response to disaster were slow and insufficient had continued to criticize or insult volunteers or opposition party leader or independent journalists who went to Noto peninsula.

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Posted in: Disabled account for over 20% of 2010s Japan disaster-linked deaths See in context

It's never unrelated to recent Japanese society where spread horrible thought that disregard even the lives of social vulnerables.

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Posted in: As COVID pandemic winds down, not-so-happy campers shed gear to the benefit of bargain hunters See in context

Covid19 in Japan doesn't "winds down". false atmosphere as if it winds down is just rampant from government or major media or social media into society.

Such deception loosen social measures to infection, caused hazard to hospitals or elderly facilities, my family was infected it during long hospitalization, and had been killed with terribly suffering due Covid19 related pneumonia.

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Posted in: Japan to give ¥2.4 bil grant aid to Samoa See in context

Present Japan's LDP regime support other countries' universities with taxpayers' money, but they disregard domestic national universities, reduce to support them, violate independency of scholars or autonomy of universities.

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Posted in: Nikkei briefly hits 34-year high, with many Asian markets shut for Lunar New Year holiday See in context

No matter how "Nikkei" hits high, it's related nothing to most ordinal Japanese citizen who are in tough life. who enjoying empty game are only handful wealth class.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to provide Africa with support for food security See in context

On the other hand, LDP government disregards domestic agricultures, they abandon farmers' aging, demand farmers to kill livestock and to dump large amounts of milk.

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Posted in: Wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant leaked radioactive water, TEPCO says See in context

It's typical TEPCO.

They haven't been able to control also radioactive contaminated water or also wrecked nuclear plants.

Besides, Japan's nuclear industries always try to make serious issues announce smaller less than actual state.

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Posted in: Sapporo Snow Festival opens with all COVID restrictions removed See in context

"all Covid restriction removed"

It's just cruel deception prioritizing business and ignoring Covid19 domestic 10th wave and deaths surge including my family.

Japanese society cannot yet overcome Covid19 at all, only falsifying as if Covid19 was ended.

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Posted in: Residents ask for full examination of damage to nuclear plant caused by quake See in context

Since quake hit, power corporation and Japan's nuclear agency only make damages look smaller than actuality or trivializing it.

This quake revealed defects of present nuclear regulation that loosen year by year and impracticability of evacuation plans that don't consider destruction of evacuation routes at all.

Japan's nuclear "regulation" is just pretence to protect benefit of nuclear industries anymore, not defending residents.

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Posted in: Junior high principal in Hyogo fired for stealing seven half cups of coffee See in context

General public loses job by trivial cheating.

But most of hundreds LDP politicians can stay same position despite unjust funding or tax evasion.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't will do 'everything possible' to boost household income See in context

His regime has wasted over 2 years

"everything possible"?

everything are too late. 

daily life, health, future or even the lives have been victimized by incompetent government.

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Posted in: Fatigue sets in for Japan earthquake survivors facing long road to recovery See in context

Recent LDP regime dislikes to help general citizen from many difficulties such as Covid19 surge or massive natural disaster or poverty, virtually demand self-help to people despite highest ever tax revenues, such politics increase more victim as ever.

But this society has no even consciousness that try to change present politics that disrespect even the lives.

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Posted in: Several LDP lawmakers intend to leave factions over funds scandal See in context

LDP regime tries to shift unjust funding issue to faction issue or politics game.

Because Japanese major media's politics section press like only politics game talk than correcting injustice.

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Posted in: Japan signs agreement to purchase 400 Tomahawk missiles from U.S. See in context

LDP government reduces disaster-prevention budget to buy amount of old fashioned cruise missiles, such politics caused to expand damage by Noto peninsula quake, and increasing victim at poor evacuation places as ever.

What LDP regime want to defend is never general citizen.

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Posted in: Japan sees record 2.73 mil visitors in December; 25.06 mil for 2023 See in context

On the other hand, Japan's immediate profit first government or society disregard measures to infection disease, and distracting their eyes from increasing Covid19 victim year by year.

Innumerable sorrow or suffering of general citizen are ignored in the shade of "rapid recovery".

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Posted in: Japan plans legal revision for quicker deletion of defamatory posts See in context

Japan's ruling party LDP politicians themselves have funded to anonymous accounts who repeat defamatory posts against opposition parties, but no LDP politicians take responsibility.

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Posted in: Kishida visits quake-hit region as concerns rise about diseases in evacuation centers See in context

"risk of spreading infectious diseases, such as influenza, COVID-19" is not only at Noto peninsula.

And who caused "spreading infectious diseases" is nothing but Kishida Govt themselves.

His regime haven't yet been able to even decrease Covid19 deaths, but downgraded Covid19 last May to prioritize business, spread false social atmosphere as if Covid19 was weakened or ended, and still increasing victim.

Present whole of Japanese society is into domestic Covid19 10th wave.

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Posted in: Landfill work resumes at new U.S. military site on Okinawa despite local opposition See in context

Japan's LDP Govt intend to use earth and sand containing remains of war casualties to landfill.

War casualties are not only people of Okinawa or Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling LDP starts debates to reform political funds rules See in context

Clearly farce that LDP who had violated rules during decades pretend to make new rules without even taking responsibility.

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear safety agency orders power plant operator to study impact of Jan 1 quake See in context

This order after Hokuriku Electric Power hadn't been able to hide critical damages is very slow.

They are virtually nuclear thrust agency anymore, not nuclear safety regulators, also their official name has no "safety".

This quake destructed external power supply and voltage converter, radioactive water overflowed a lot from nuclear fuel storage pool, tsunami damaged seawall, oil leak reached to the sea.

But, Hokuriku Electric Power who want to make risk look small had announced "no problem" initially.

They have deceptive past that tampered with data and announced falsehood to conceal critical incident during 8 years.

Besides, this quake revealed unreality of evacuation plans or defects of nuclear regulation who underestimated unknown active faults.

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Posted in: Landfill work resumes at new U.S. military site on Okinawa despite local opposition See in context

This is very undemocratic behavior with ignoring Okinawa's popular will by election or referendum. 

Nobody knows even military base on the soft ground completed or not and US will use it or not.

Necessity of deterrent against neighbouring countries and "necessity" of this unreal plans that will waste tril yen for mere run-way are different issues.

Military facilities concentration at Okinawa is now strategic risk.

Construction cost of Henoko runway will be far beyond aircraft-carrier that is movable.

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Posted in: Quake death toll stands at 206; 8 of them died at evacuation centers See in context

Many massive disaster had brought innumerable lessons to Japan during decades. 

But, LDP regime who dislike social security had learned nothing from its lessons and decrease disaster prevention budget gradually.

Poorness of Japan's evacuation places had criticized from decades before, but its improvement is very slow despite experience of many disaster, Govt's stopgap more increase victim.

Kumamoto quake 2016, deaths at evacuation places were over five times more than deaths by disaster itself.

Those are already man-made disaster.

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Posted in: Misinformation proving challenge to relief efforts after Japan quake See in context

Since this quake hit, political "excuse" that justify Govt's slowness of mobilizing rescue teams or transporting supplies are full of Japanese social media.

Many different accounts are sending pro-government comments with completely same sentences everyday, like order from "somewhere".

Japan underwent many massive natural disaster. present Govt haven't been able to use lesson from disaster history.

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Posted in: Still standing: Unique houses survive quake in Japan village See in context

Propaganda that approve slow supply of food or water and hunger of evacuees on the excuse of road disruption are rampant in major media or SNS at Japanese society.

But Japan has also teams or equipments that can send personnel or supplies from marine or sky.

But present Japan's LDP Kishida regime still avoid to use them maximumly.

Sunday, Japan's SDF showed off new year training of paratroops at other area, not use its ability at Noto peninsula.

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Posted in: Thousands forced from homes by quake face stress and exhaustion See in context

Japan's LDP regime reduced disaster prevention budget to increase arms race budget drastically despite country often facing massive disaster.

Evacuation places are still poor where evacuees sleeping together on floor and no even privacy, besides, Covid19 or influenza are rampant at there.

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Posted in: Kishida vows 'ceaseless' aid as snow hampers quake relief See in context

The words of recent PM of Japan has no reliability.

In the first place, present Japan's Govt virtually begun to respond disaster from next day of quake, not from on the day. Their slowness and insufficient response are increasing victim and difficulties.

But, domestic obedient media avoid to even mention about Govt's missteps.

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Posted in: Japan earthquake casts cloud over push to restart nuclear plants See in context

This strong quake's epicenter "Suzu city" had nuclear plants construction plans once.

That plan was vanished by opposition movement and pro-nuclear candidate's fraudulent.

But, if that plan had been realized, Japan could have faced second nuclear disaster.

Japan have innumerable unknown active faults and strong natural disaster repeated, nuclear policy always involve falsehood or deception or understating risk, such country is unsuitable to use nuclear power.

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Posted in: Snow hinders rescues and aid deliveries to isolated quake-hit Japan communities See in context

Slow response of Govt who established disaster response headquarter from next day of quake, not on the day, has increased victim and difficulties.

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Posted in: Yamazaki Baking praised for assistance after Japan earthquake See in context

Japan's Govt depends private enterprises on food assistance as if it's natural despite highest tax revenues ever, and ruling party politicians who uses this touching story to conceal Govt's slow response.

But they don't think even risk that also those baking companies may suffer damage at next disaster.

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