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I was coming home on a jammed Yamanote at about 6:15pm when I noticed this idiotically dressed girl get on. Wearing a neon pink skirt and with bleach yellow hair, she shoved rudely through a dozen commuters and ended up on the hanging strap next to me. I stared in disbelief at the side of her head and she never even turned to glance at me once. So cool was her manner. Each stop had her banging into me and I grew more and more furious. Noticing my outrage, two salarymen in front of us looked at me and her to-and-fro in a worried manner double-taking between this little beatch and myself. I felt they shared my bemusement at such rudeness. When I got to my stop I was urged by indignation to give her a massive shove in the back and send her sprawling for her manners. I sighed and relented and as I pushed by her I saw the cane she'd been holding in her other hand the whole time. She was blind. The two salarymen could see the cane, obviously. From their perspective, I must've looked like a nutcase.

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hahaha.. the snobs at Otani get a taste of real life. Hope they appreciate the economy they wrought.

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"What is the point of anonymous donations?"

It is only a donation if it IS anonymous. Otherwise it's paid publicity. When Billy Gates III "donates" money to (his own) charity and splashes the news over 400 media publications then it's not charity. It's an Ego Trip. "Hey! Look at me, Everyone! I'm a ****ing HERO!"

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Ripping off Philip K. Dick again... "Oh to be a Blobel!" Man becomes alien. Man falls in love with alien. Man wants to stay big, blue thing with woman.

The plot centers on the post-traumatic psychological state of former espionage agents on both sides of the Human-Blobel war. Blobels are presented as a single-cell, protoplasmic species prevalent in the outer solar system. Espionage agents on both sides of the conflict underwent irreversible physical modifications, enabling them to assume the form of the opposing species for a defined time period each day. The story deals with the ramifications for agents' personal and social identity from this alteration.

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It's a love story. BAARP! Not going to see it. Titanic was a huge waste of time.

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And if he loses he crushes your head like a ping pong ball

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Japan's lethargy (I think) is due to established distributors having the majority of the market tied up and moribund. The supermarket I've gone to for 13 years is selling the same produce on the same shelf after all this time. It's like the Soviet Union sometimes. No choice and little produce left at the end of the day. Entrepreneurs are few and far between. The prices are all ratcheted up as far as they can drain you. Same can be seen in the "entertainment" personalities on TV. Same old idiot faces for 20+ years. No new blood is allowed in.

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Ah yes, the common touch... very common.

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Is THAT why there's a cop at every station with his hand gripping a drawn People Clubber? I find it vaguely threatening and offensive frankly.

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I remember Robert from the Mickey House. Earnest and enthusiastic guy as I remember...

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Fermented foods. Natto and Kimchi. Let the bacteria process the food for you in ways your stomach can't.

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Norrie P sold her "Gomenasai" press conference to the highest bidder. Shameless.

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Issey Miyake stuff is fantastic. I had a shirt of his... I nearly cried when it finally wore out. Time to get another one.

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