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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires missile over Hokkaido See in context

I predict a "small scale missile accident" by February of next year that wipes out significant portions of the NK leadership and all of the Kim clan. That will be the euphemism for a decapitation strike corrdianted by the US and China. The US will assissinate Kim and China will install the next government supported by US aid and the promise to not move their military any closer to the North Korean border. Neither China nor South Korea want reunification and neither country wants thousands of refugees streaming into their country. On the other hand, Kim's actions are unacceptable and need to be stopped. The "accident" scenario stops Kim and allows China to keep the buffer of North Korea.

Would that this were true. Sadly it would require sense and cooperation on the part of PRC. As I am sure you realize, common sense and a spirit of cooperation are utterly lacking in that region of the world.

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Posted in: More lawmakers to desert Japan's ailing main opposition party See in context

If she creates a party that is fresh with progressives and not stuffed with the same old conservative dinosaurs, she can really win and implement real and lasting change in Japan.

Fresh? Progressives? lmao. Japan has long been one of the most stable, successful and admirable countries in the world. 90% of Japanese citizens (the ones who get to vote) I meet are very satisfied with that. What sort of 'real and lasting change' do you imagine the citizens of Japan want?

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Posted in: Brazilian man acquitted of sexual assault after kissing Japanese woman on Nagoya train See in context

She just had to turn her head not to be kissed for example, or put her hand in front of her face. If she could not, I would call that to be disabled.

Read the article before 'enlightening' the group with your thoughts. There was no 'face' kissing. Totally invalidates anything you might have to say when you don't even have the basics of the incident down.

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Posted in: Brazilian man acquitted of sexual assault after kissing Japanese woman on Nagoya train See in context

The article says she was 23, and the man 44. Now imagine if the man was, let's say, a 44 year old Japanese school principal, cop, lawyer, salaryman, firefighter, soldier, truck driver, etc...

Methinks many of you would not be singing the same tune of praises for the judge.

Exactly this. Kudos to you and nakanoguy01 for standing up to the old 'gaijin is always right' mentality that pervades this comment section. Some really sickening stuff on display here today - from posters who should know a lot better.

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Posted in: Int'l unity crumbles over N Korea; Trump to let Japan, S Korea buy more military equipment See in context

Abe should wake up from his worsening Stockholm Syndrome and steer Japan away from fighting a destructive catastrophe with a war with a NK that have no quarrel with the Japanese people.

You keep posting this. It is no more believable today than it was yesterday or the day before or the day before that when you posted the same thing. DPRK hates Japan. Japan is likely to be the first target of fatboy's mental illness.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy jumps to death from bridge onto Tomei Expressway See in context

Poor mannequin. Oh wait, was it a human?

One of the worst comments ever on jt. We are talking about a kid in severe mental anguish ffs.

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Posted in: Legal action launched to halt Australia same-sex marriage vote See in context

Under same sex partnership laws in Australia any adult, identifying as any gender or rejecting all gender labels as they like, is entitled to join in civil partnership with any other like minded adult. The two individuals will be entitled to the same rights, privileges and benefits afforded married male/female couples in the following areas; taxation, superannuation, health insurance, social security, aged care and child support, immigration, citizenship. veteran's affairs and so on.

Seems clear to me that the hullabaloo over the word 'marriage' has nothing to do with people being denied their rights and freedoms and everything to do with social engineering and hijacking the English language. I suspect, based on the tone of many comments here at jt, that there also is a strong desire to undermine religious groups and ultimately force them to officiate 'marriages' for the gay community in direct contradiction to what their scriptures teach.

Petty is a word that springs to mind.

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Posted in: Trump ends 'Dreamer' immigration program; places onus on Congress See in context

Obama over stepped his authority. He specifically went against what Congress had directed. He did it (DACA Aug 15/2012) weeks before an election (reelected Nov 6/2012) in order to become more popular and gain votes. Only the most naive among us would believe he did it in order to help poor children.

I would like to see Trump show some mercy. Let those who have already been in the US since Obama's foolhardy actions on Aug 15/2012 remain under some form of permanent residence. Then close up the loop holes Obama created in a cynical attempt to buy votes with political favors. Illegal immigration is illegal. Get in line like everyone else.

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Posted in: Myanmar's Suu Kyi slams 'misinformation' over Rohingya crisis See in context

she should be condemned and stripped of her increasingly dubious "Peace" prize.

Oh please. I assume you called for Barack to hand his back too when he had his grubby little fingerprints all over the toppling of mostly peaceful, mostly cooperative muslim regimes in Egypt and Libya.

I just hope the international community stays out of this internal matter. I'm sure we've all had about enough of running to the aid of every muslim group that claims they are being oppressed. Its been a long long road starting in Bosnia and running through Iraq, the two aforementioned countries, Syria, Timor and on and on. Let local people solve their local problems. Its not like we don't have enough of our own troubles to sort out.

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Posted in: New exhibition in Tokyo focuses on Japanese 'comfort women' See in context

Its a shame that people suffered during a brutal war 80 years ago.

Its shameful that there are those making political points out of it 80 years later.

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Posted in: Trump to send more troops to Afghanistan as part of new strategy See in context

Terrible terrible decision by Trump. Like Obama before him, he promises to stop making wars and then goes straight ahead and does the opposite.

How long will it take American military generals and decision makers to realize that Afghanistan does not want American assistance? Its so embarrassing to see the number of countries the American have destabilized, the number of civilians killed, the number of service men and women killed, the dollars wasted etc etc. All for nothing.

Just pull out and tend to your own business please.

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Posted in: Trump defends response to Charlottesville violence; hints at pardon for Arizona sheriff See in context

Nobody -- left, right, center -- believes that Trump really believes in common ground, harmony, love, etc. It's so obviously fake.

Any more than anyone believes that the so called antifa is working for 'common ground, harmony, love etc'. Its two groups of extremist idiots wrecking society for everyone else. Just sickening.

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Posted in: Chinese woman found dead in dormitory See in context

how long does it take to solve?

Uhhh, the crime happened on Monday. Why not wait more than three days before complaining that it hasn't been solved.

DNA, fingerprints, surveillance cameras and japanese style interrogation? Jpolice can't speak Chinese?

This is Japan. Come here, follow their rules. Don't like their rules, don't want to speak Japanese? Go home.

interesting sidenote, what is the housing conditions for these slave workers?

Slave workers? lol. I think these people came to Japan to escape that fate in PRC. But you already knew that.

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Posted in: Trump defends response to Charlottesville violence; hints at pardon for Arizona sheriff See in context

It's mindless, divisive, petulant trash. It really is.

You label it perfectly. This is how normal people feel about the so called antifa. Garbage day is coming ...

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Posted in: Australian PM slams gay slurs as marriage vote looms See in context

There's plenty of people straight or otherwise who want to get married.

Course there are. And then five to seven years later (on average) most of them want to get divorced.

Nobody is forcing anyone to get hitched; rather there is a push for the choice to get married.

Explain to me, why the fascination with the term marriage? The legal rights are the important point, no?

That day in the registry office or the church etc where all the family and friends can turn up and people can have a great time.

People can't have a great time without using the word marriage? Interesting that you mention churches ... I suspect this is the real objective of all the marching and protesting. Queer community would like to force religious groups to recognize their unions and force religious leaders to officiate at their unions no matter how much that may go against the teachings of the religion and the personal principles/beliefs of the official. Tolerate/recognize/celebrate me while I trample on your religious beliefs/culture/heritage.

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Posted in: Australian PM slams gay slurs as marriage vote looms See in context

Hilarious that as the straight population abandons the institution of marriage and divorce rates soar, the queer population spends so much energy agitating to marry. Let's face it, when a civil partnership can/does provide all the legal rights of a marriage, all this demonstrating and marching seems like semantic posturing. The institution of marriage has long outlived its usefulness in society. Queer community looks silly 'working' so hard to attain something so meaningless.

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Posted in: S Korean buses carry statues of 'comfort women' See in context

What a shameless joke of a country. How many 'final' agreements are they going to sign? How many millions in undeserved compensation are they going to pocket? How long is the rest of the civilized world going to be forced to put up with their pitiful bleating? Try to scrape up a little dignity ffs.

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Posted in: Merkel stands by her 2015 decision to open German borders See in context

You have to get used to the use of the word 'socialist' by some on this site.

It is an elastic term used to describe political ideas they don't like.

> Do you apply the same logic to terms like altright? White nationalist? Nazi?

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Posted in: Mysterious yellow liquid sent to Nagoya officials with message to 'end women-only train cars' See in context

PS The sign says it is restricted to female use only during the rush hour, and only on weekdays, ie from the first service until 9:00 am, then from 5:00 till 9:00 pm.

The sign is wrong and has nothing to do with the article. The article specifically speaks about the Higashiyama Line in Nagoya city. That line has one designated women only car on every train all day.

Personally not in favor of women only cars, mostly for the reasons M3M3M3 gave in the well stated post above. Also, given the mind bending gymnastics western society is putting itself through atm regarding gender issues, identifying a space as 'women only' seems pretty insensitive to the feelings of the trans community.

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Posted in: Trump comment about immigration 'problems' baffles Sweden See in context

Here's an idea. Go to youtube. Type in 'swedish people talk about muslim immigrants'. Press search. Read and weep.

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Posted in: S Korean politicians call for nullifying sex slave deal with Japan See in context

They are the ones abusing the victims' honor and dignity as they keep using this tragedy for political (and financial) gain and some kind of moral/ethical supremacy over Japan.

Well stated. Although you forgot to mention the bit about distracting their simple minded population away from domestic scandals aplenty. Pointing fingers at Japan is a proven winner for any ROK politician.

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Posted in: Defense minister visits Yasukuni shrine one day after returning from Pearl Harbor See in context

I hope government officials who wish to visit Yasukuni Shrine will continue to do so. Whether they visit because of historical reasons, religious reasons or are simply carrying out a custom is irrelevant and none of my business. Shame on ROK for complaining. Again. You'd think they would have enough of their own disgrace to tend to. But no, never to busy to complain about the mundane actions of people living in other sovereign nations.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Trump will never win the GOP nomination. He's a joke. I'm sure of this. Well uh, Trump has no chance to win a national election. I'm sure of this. Well uh,

I am sure of this. In four years time Trump will be the most hated person in the U.S.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Basket of deplorable 3 (Presidency, House & Senate) Vs. Liberal elites 0

Soon to be 4-0 when GOP takes over the Supreme Court.

TV viewing was delicious tonight. Switching back and forth between the profuse tears flowing from the eyes of rachel maddow and the impotent whining of james carville ... so many choices for comedy.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

How many boxes of tissue do you think Hillary has worked through so far?

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump target two different Americas in final push See in context

Its so hilarious to see how many people seem to believe Hillary Clinton is a good person. And I say that, not because I even care whether she is a good person or not, but because the qualifications for office of POTUS need not include 'good person'. There are plenty of other qualities much more desirable in a President than 'good person'. Its obvious to me that neither candidate is a 'good person' and I can't for the life of me figure out why so many people seem to think that should even matter.

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Posted in: 50 dead, 53 wounded in Florida nightclub shooting See in context


This guy was the most gun control compliant mass murderer in history, clearing background checks, medical examination, registration and dozens of hours of mandated training but being Muslim he was once again let off the hook by employers and the FBI.

Extremely well stated. Its puzzling to see 'leaders' like Clinton calling for more gun control when this creep is a walking, talking advertisement for the abject failure of so-called gun control legislation.

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Posted in: Electing Trump would be 'historic mistake,' Clinton declares See in context

You ever notice how when a 'progressive' disagrees with anyone the first reaction is to start calling the other person or group 'ignorant'?

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Posted in: Trump on campaign protesters: 'I never hear their voices' See in context

Pretty weak to be trying to draw a line between the surname of a guy accused of a crime in Japan and illegal immigration in the USA. Equally weak to pretend that sort of specious logic 'is the same b.s. reasoning that Trump and his blind sheep have'.

Care to admit it or not, illegal immigration is a problem. Its illegal. Many illegal immigrants are involved in criminal activity because they are illegal. This problem is not limited to the USA. Europe is undergoing an extreme meltdown under the wave of 'refugees' (fleeing wars started, financed and prolonged by ... you know who). Merkel is about to be dusted. Right wing parties are surging in popularity all over the EU using rhetoric that would make Trump blush. And this is the EU, you know, supposedly more civilized and decent and tolerant than 'buffoons' like Trump.

The left can keep burying their heads in the sand on issues like this, but the silent majority is fed up with all the social engineering, and the destruction of culture that it creates. Immigration is of course fine and normal but there are procedures to be followed - particularly in the age of terrorism. Those who do not follow the rules need to be arrested and returned from whence they came. No excuses, no sob stories.

The fact that the UK cannot even deport known hate preachers and convicted violent criminals from their country (a breach of their 'human rights' don't you know) under order of Brussels, should be all the wake up call necessary. Yet somehow there are folks who still don't get it.

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Posted in: A tax raise of 1 yen per cigarette could generate more than 100 billion yen. See in context

100 billion yen. And that's just from a one yen tax increase. Given the that the actual tax is several hundred yen, imagine how much money smokers have been generating for the rest of society. Practically subsidizing the economy at this rate. And people will still go on claiming that "smoker's are a burden on the health care system". It truly is laughable.

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