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Sendai's Kokubuncho has always been more fun anyway.

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This is so stupid. Just do what I do. I put my alarm clock on my desk which is clear across my bedroom. 8,400 yen saved.

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Who in their right mind gets up that early (my usual bedtime) to look at dead fish? Seriously. What is the big deal? I drive past Tsukiji sometimes, I don't see what the big draw is.

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I sell rare video games and systems on eBay. It started out as a small way to make side money, and in just 6 months, I make more doing that than my monthly salary. I have no interest in video games whatsoever, but I found out that geeks all around the world are willing to shell out a lot of money for a rare game. I dried up all the supplies at all my local used game shops, so i had to turn to online shops. I just started getting into car parts last month. What someone in the States is willing to pay for a Japanese version of a part that's already on his car is amazing. I don't know much about it, I just look at what other people sell, and price it just a bit lower. Boom, I'm makin money. I thought eBay was a gimmick, but damn, you can really make money with that site.

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Posted in: Two women, man found dead in apparent suicide in Gunma forest See in context

I guess making sulfur in hotel bathrooms is out this season.

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