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Posted in: Trump children's roles blur line between transition, company See in context

Here's the problem I see, if the traditional faction of the Republican party and the moderate Republicans in both the senate and house get to the point of no return on Trump's policy, which many will see are actually quite democratic and even socialistic. They might join hands with the democrats to impeach the guy.

One of the triggers are the Trump's children and how they co-mingle business with policy. If a shred of that comes to light, which I think it will due to how careless and arrogant the Trumps are, when the time is right, which is about 2 years into his presidency, I can foresee a good chance of impeachment against Trump happening.

Even without this conflict of interest, Trump's tax plan will alienate his entire lower income White's base since it calls for an actual increase for low income family on tax. And the deduction in corporate tax is kinda like Abenomics which will no doubt fail because those type of businesses aren't coming back to the US. No way they invest those trillions back at US for a fraction of increased profit due to a small % of lower cost base. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. That will fail just like Abenomics. So all Trump has left are social issues and immigration issues which is the least of the interest from his voters. Most of them care about getting rid of Obamacare and increasing jobs, not just any jobs, manufacturing jobs which US is not going to get.

This is at most a 1-term presidency.

So all Japan has to do is weather 2 years if lucky or 4 years at most and things should be back to normal.

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Posted in: Trump sees Abe as ally in push back against China: adviser See in context


I don't agree with what you just said. PLA generals are useless in the grand scheme of things in the PRC. They get replaced like old sweatshirts. Look at the top generals in China for the past 5 years, most of them corrupted, indicted and jailed by the CCP. So I take a grain of salt whenever a PLA general speaks about threats. They do so just like the right wing Japanese or American or any nation's gov't or military branch to get more money and funding for their own branch.

I do believe in China's Peaceful Rise. Because if it wasn't a "Peaceful Rise", the Philippines and Vietnam would not be even talking right now. China could easily run over those 2 nations economically and supplant pro-China politicians without lifting a finger. Look at the top 3 leaders in Vietnam right now, all pro-China.

That's what a "Peaceful Rise" look like, soft power influence. All these island building, soft power. The antithesis would be the PLA sending a naval blockade on all those pre-occupied islands claimed by anyone otherwise. Including the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands. Think about this, what can Japan do if China decided to occupied the Senkakus? And think about this in the most realistic and practical ways.

What China is doing is much like what Japan has been doing as well. So if China's rise is not a peaceful one, then Japan's struggle is not a peaceful one either. Buying friends and building and claiming things are the more civil option than a military one.

And even with China's spending on the military, Japan still holds a technical advantage over China. Which says a lot about the money being pumped into the SDF or the peripherals that support the SDF. A lot of the Japanese appropriation funds about scientific research are extremely militaristic. That's why it was estimated that Japan can create nuclear weapons anytime it wants. Meaning Japan has all the infrastructure ready at the order of its PM.

So "Peaceful Rise" can only happen when its backed by a powerful military. Don't take the carrot, watch out for the stick. Its a US policy, China policy and Japan policy. So don't cry foul when someone else is doing a better job at it than Japan has been doing the same, except for the results.

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Posted in: Trump sees Abe as ally in push back against China: adviser See in context

Well, if Trump cares about Japan and want to use Japan to push back against China, the first thing to do is to continue through with TPP.

But guess what, the first thing that is dead is TPP.

Then Trump's second favorite thing to say is to ask US's allies to pay more money to secure their own national security and sovereignty.

Third, to balance or trim the deficit, Trump wants more trade partners to buy more US's product or else. Guess who has a surplus against US outside of China and Mexico.

Guess which nation Trump gets to completely bully without any repercussion.

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Posted in: Philippine president regrets 'son of a bitch' remark referring to Obama See in context

It cannot be more clear that US needs the Philippines as a pawn to curb China's increasing influence in the region. And Duterte is quite popular among the Filipinos for his particular macho style in the Filipino culture. And he was quite the successful mayor and a political leader among the largest ethnic group in the entire Philippines. He absolutely crushed his rival in the presidential election by winning and unheard of # in nearly 40% more votes than his rival. Think about this, no Japanese presidential candidate in the modern era has ever won against his opponent in such vast disparities in votes.

So clearly he is playing to his own people when he speaks. And clearly he is using all the tricks in demagoguery and sensationalism that a cunning politician would use. The only difference is his policies worked when he basically ruled the non-Luzon islands prior to the election. He knows US needs him to fend off China and he is playing both sides to maximize his value and whatever he can get for his country. The most amazing thing is China is actually playing ball with him. I think if US wants to be successful in its campaign against China in South China Sea, Obama or whoever the next potus is must align with Duterte. Philippines is key in containing China.

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Posted in: China, Japan seek to improve ties as Xi, Abe meet See in context

Talk is good. More talking is very good.

Talks that leads to more talks often times halt the rising tension and hostility among each other.

If there is no more talk, then the only other option is action.

I would rather both China and Japan continue to talk forever. Nothing good will come about for Japan if there is no more talk.

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Posted in: Japan voters seen boosting Abe in parliament vote See in context

Problem is even if Japan elect the oppositions to the majority, he/she will be cast out for vote of non-confidence when the slightest problem arise or if he/she went against the wishes of Uncle Sam.

So at the end of the day, LDP rules because its the devil everyone knows.

This isn't about democracy, its about maintaining stability and control.

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Posted in: Teacher who sat for anthem deserved pay cut: Japan court See in context

It is such as facist statement to mandate individuals to stand for the anthem. No democratic nation does this. Respecting, honoring, standing, singing, reciting each nation's national anthem should come from the heart, not some civic duty. If those individuals who didn't want to respect such anthem, they have absolute right not to so long as they conduct their protest silently while the anthems are playing.

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Posted in: Japan denies its jets were provocative in Chinese encounter See in context

Did those Chinese fighters fly within 12nm within the disputed islands? If not, why is Japan even wasting money to intercept? Its call freedom of passage. Something US does all the time and I"m sure Japan has that right as well. Whether or not Japan chooses to exercise that right is another matter for discussion.

But if China and US are doing this, and it is legal to do so, why bother? Why waste all that money, time, stress and at the same time giving away vital strategic and military information?

This seems a bit paranoid to me. If this is all about pride, then its not very practical especially in a economic recession along with the failure of abenomics.

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Posted in: Pope heading to Philippines, where adoring crowds await See in context

If the Pope really cares, he should sit all the privileged and elite class in the Philippines in front of him in public and nationally televised real time TV and criticize them for enabling the vampant corruption, sexual exploitation of minors and the underprivileged and demand the leaders of this nation to do a better job to care for its own people.

Caging and chaining homeless orphans and children in cages and barred detention buildings just to put up a superficial facade to welcome the Pope is anything but. I say the Pope should visit these detention sites and admonish the Filipino gov't for acting so disgustingly fubar.

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Posted in: Uniqlo pledges to improve factory conditions in China See in context

It is common knowledge that Japanese firms in China pay much less than their European and American counterparts. It's no secret at all. The difference is the amount of kickback the suppliers receive from said "brands" and the understanding of what's hot for Asians since Uniqlo is really Sino-centric these days. They make more money in China than in Japan and the rest of the world combined.

It inevitable they get exposed. When you become relevant, you can hide from corporate responsibility as everyone with any ax to grind will look for every little detail to try to take you down. Just look at Foxconn, Apple, Lenovo..etc. Everyone is watching.

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Posted in: Genetically altered rice could solve Japan’s pollen allergy problem See in context

I'm more concern about the cost of purchasing the seeds to grow these rice field for the agricultural industry. Also the type of long term and latent side affects that GNO foodstuff that often come to light after years of usage.

Ask the Indians farmers about how they felt on using Monsanto seeds. And having to repurchase at ridiculous price because the second generation won't grow unless you purchase annually from Monsanto.

Is it really good or another money grab?

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

She's beautiful. For some reasons, she looks Viet to me.

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Posted in: Fashion statement See in context

Good start. Great start. Shake a few hands, share a cup of tea and talk to each other. Who knows what will happen next. Maybe some sense of understanding of both sides feelings and concerns and find some rational way to address them instead of each side talking to a wall. This is good. China and Japan are too big to fail. Imagine if all these recent years, instead of all this animosity, you guys actually work close with each other. All of your lives would've been so much better and both nations outlooks would've improved dramatically. Hopefully something good comes out of this.

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Posted in: Abe's approval rating sags amid talk of snap election See in context

I can't wait for this buffoon to be gone. Why can't Japan elect someone with some economic and international sense? This lack of concern in politics for the average Japanese is a bit concerning. There needs to be a larger pool of rational candidates with certain fields of expertise instead of a pool from the same political families and legislative systems. Just the same with US, enough with the Bush or Clintons. There's a need for new blood in the game that's not already corrupted and liable for paybacks and IOUs.

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Posted in: Japan-China summit shows progress in improving ties: Suga See in context

Wonderful news! Improving ties is always better than snipping at each other. More stability, the better it is for every stakeholder.

News like this tends to flush out who the troublemakers and naysayers are as well.

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Posted in: Chinese media claim victory after Japan agreement See in context


Agreeing to DISAGREE is a cave. Meaning one side is acknowledging THERE IS A DISPUTE! The original position is Japan would yield ANYTHING, not even an acknowledgement on the issue. That is Abe's position. No one can deny anything otherwise.

No matter what anyone says, Japan will always sticks to its own claims. No matter what anyone says, China will always sticks to its own claims. Neither side is saying we give up. But Abe has LONG been saying this isn't even an ISSUE. That there is nothing to discuss or contend.

Thereby, the point of contention is, is there a dispute? And does Japan acknowledge that there is an issue with the stance from both sides on these islands!

Agreeing to disagree is one form of that acknowledgment. Clearly, the first point has not been addressed. HOWEVER, the second issue has been addressed.

When one side lowered its standard, that side caved. China still maintains its position on this dispute. And all China asked for is an acknowledgement of the dispute and recognize there is a dispute.

Japan did not address the dispute issues BUT acknowledged that both sides AGREED to disagree. Japan caved in. How can anyone not understand that?

What is your problem?

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Posted in: 'Super Mario' creator flirts with film, but games still true love See in context

OMG, get out some fruit loops and binge on some nostalgia. Should def. make the film.

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Posted in: Republicans take control of U.S. Senate See in context

We got Christie, Ryan, Bush and Paul. The centrist is Christie. Center right is Bush. Far right is Ryan. Paul is a loon like his father but will take shares out of the republican party if he doesn't get the nomination and go indie.

I think we can win with either Christie and Ryan. The Bush name is far too exhausting after his brother's fiasco.

Both Christie and Ryan have the capabilities to lead the nation. I think Ryan is the better choice but I'll be happy with either. If both stays out of trouble, we have a good chance to beat Hilary.

The key thing is for Congress is to pass the immigration reform and finalize Keystones and other projects the create more jobs. If our energy policies gets going, we will be self dependent by 2025. Don't get into the trenches on Odumacare which will definitely give the Dems what they want into a drawn out dirty conflict.

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Posted in: Chinese media claim victory after Japan agreement See in context

The Chinese fishing boats get kickback from the military to act as surveillance in SCS. I don't see any different in ECS. Their intention is definitely not just fishery but something more.

This is what I always say, if its international water, not including economic zone since US doesn't care for one, then your actions is fine if not attacking or stealing from someone else's sovereignty. IF Chinese fisher boats are looting inside of Japan maritime territories, then have your law enforcement take legal actions against them. Arrest them, confiscate, fine, whatevers. If they resist violently and causing harm to LE, then apply reasonable force.

Mexico often infringes on our fishing rights as well as Cuba. You don't hear us complaining about it. Just have the appropriate agency take care of the problem.

However if the region is disputed, then have your foreign ministry apply the appropriate actions. Why fuzz about it? The Koreans and Chinese have their dispute as well. SO do the Filipinos and Vietnamese. Same with Taiwan and Japan. Its not just China v Japan issue. Many nations have this problem.

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Posted in: Chinese media claim victory after Japan agreement See in context


Huh? How did China cave in? China's stance has always been agree to disagree in the dispute of the islands? That's the same stance they took with Taiwan, agree to disagree. How is that any different? This isn't an agree to disagree on the sex slave or shrine visits. The latter is completely dependent on Japan's own actions on moral and ethical principles which this Abe administration has none as well as many of the right wing Neo-cons.

There is NO question Japan caved. China didn't care for any meeting with Japan. Xi said so publicly. Xinhua published that publicly. WSJ published it. WP published it. Anyone who can read English can tell you that. Your Japanese media is more biased than ever at this point that no major international outlet really care for at this point. Especially after that NHK fiasco.

And China is the host, how would it looked for Japan if Abe couldn't even get a sit down with the host?


Any one who is not hating on China would say what Xi is doing is a great thing for China and its people. Combating corruption is great. Although their methods are questionable as a long term fix. They need check and balance on their own party and gov't. Until they develop such, all these actions are temporary fix.

Its never cookies and cream in China. Ever. If you look at the CCP, its always about infighting. Technically if you look at the CCP as a nation, then its really comprised of a bunch of different parties, left, middle, right. The only thing common is common survival. That's the commie's way.

Xi, since Deng has complete power in China. There is no popcorns. He's the most powerful Chinese leader since Deng Xiaoping. ALL of the PLA are his men. More accurately, his father and mentor's men and their descendants in the PLA system. They are all loyal to Xi's factions. There is one goal for Xi, the pavement for a China Dream. People without any knowledge about China always think its bs. Its not. Its the most important principle in China since Deng's get rich and be prosperous. The accomplishment of a China Dream is a mandate. They definitely got this from American Dream. Being middle class, having good education, and healthcare and a powerful nation that can defend itself. This is very different that the communists or socialists "dream" that the Soviets had.

If any of you are old enough, read about Khrushchev's visit to US about the kitchen debate. That's the distinctive contrast between US and SU. And its a distinctive difference between Communist China and SU. What Xi is doing isn't even communism. Its... dare I say American. The only popcorns I will share is when I cheer that China turns into somewhat of a model of US. It will be good for everyone. I will cheer for their success unlike how cynical some of you are. Jealousy, pettiness and fear are the reflection of your own personal traits.

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Posted in: Xinhua pours cold water on idea of Xi-Abe talks See in context

For the peeps who don't know what QE is, its currency manipulation. Yes. US does it and yes Japan does it. NO one is saying that you shouldn't be manipulating currency. I'm saying you can only manipulate it if the greater environment allows you to. I think most of you peeps have a difficult understanding of how QE is formed. Its always the last straw. The US can sustain QE forever is because everyone depends on the dollar to trade as of this moment. And the debt we carry is also a leverage against the holders to serve as a political leverage instead of an economic one at this point. And how US puts Japan into a quandrum is relevant. US gave Japan a gateway into our domestic market for decades with almost unlimited restrictions. And we spent billions protecting your behinds. Don't ever forget that your export dies if we didn't have our QEs. The difference between your QE is that you're not buying American. And therefore you have no leverage against us. And now our republican controlled Senate and Congress can do it put a tiny little squeeze and your QE fizzles. Its a matter of who's in charge at this point since Oduma is lame duck.

US debt and QEs are completely different than Japan. Don't confuse the two.

For the ones who think Japan's stock market and economy will be stronger this time next year, I will DEFINITELY be betting against you and I will take that bet. If I win, just put a couple hundreds donation to UNICEF. If I lose, I will do the same. I'm saving this link and screen shot for next year this time to come.

Inflation has always been a problem for Japan and that's not the reason for QE. Its the the dump you guys took when China began to stop dealing with you that all your companies took a dive in export. Which the only way left for your saturated market is to dump the yen and artificially manipulate the currency market to gain leverage against the dollar, yuan, and won.

This is PURELY a temporary fix because you cannot sustain at the 113-115 v dollar range too long. This is only good for the temporary as the strong dollar is also temporary. No one in our sane mind will tolerate oil prices to continue to take a dump to the possibly 70s level. Eventually, oil prices will recuperate, dollar will weaken, as the yen is somewhat peg to the dollar, yen will rise.

2 quarters at most. Then what? Japan needs market. The only market with its population and consumers big enough to make a difference for Japan is China and India. India is filled with intrinsic problems that will take several more decades to resolve. That leaves you with China. What part don't you understand that is the ONLY market that can save Japan? Why do think Abe has been maniacal about mending relations with China? You think Japan can continue to survive with China having a bullseye target on you? What in the world are you people thinking that most Japanese businesses don't care about China? Almost ALL of your precisions and heavy industries are predominantly dependent on China. Your big 5 financials are all hedging on being open into China's financial sector. I would know.

If you don't know what you're talking about, why are you stating them as a matter of fact instead of just an opinion?

If you don't understand all you see is the past 3 quarters is a mirage or the tempest before the storm. You have some serious blindfolds in front of you. This APEC meeting is a make or die for Japan. That's why there is so much work behind the scene to try to get something done. Because everyone knows Oduma is done and the next Pres is US is gonna be a republican as Hilary couldn't save any candidates in this election. Its not a guarantee but damn close to it. The political climate has changed. If you looked back the past decades, its really the Republicans who pushed hard for integration with China. Pay attention. Clinton comprised with congress to pave wave for China into WTO. He didn't want to but Newt put up on the spot. Bush before opened to China if not for 1989 massacre. Bush jr. did the same thing. Whoever's next is only going to solidify further because both sides have symbiotic needs from each other.

Japan is the odd man out. Its really not rocket science.

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Posted in: Chinese media claim victory after Japan agreement See in context

So... both sides agree to disagree on what they have been disagreeing on what they both used to agree to set aside the disagreeing issue on Diaoyu/Senkaku?

That's what I got out of it.

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Posted in: Xinhua pours cold water on idea of Xi-Abe talks See in context

So Japan is manipulating the yen for its own export gain. I wonder if this is a short term or long term strategy. Let's see how much longer Japan can sustain this currency manipulation without backlash. I give it 2 more quarters, possibly even 1. Let's see what February 2015 holds.

Cheap yen is great for Japan, I've been advocating that but it also means Abenomics has completely failed. If it wasn't a move on hedging your retirement funds which was similar to what Bush has done, your market would've tanked. That puts tremendous risk on something you people can't afford, messing with your savings. Imagine 2008 all over again and 1/3 of all your savings gone. That's the potential and very realistic risks your lovely PM put you in. Considering how the market has performed in Japan and how this currency manipulation is a short-term fix with US carrying a very short leash, come back to me next year at this time and tell me how you feel.

Japan's problem is a fundamental one. All these patches is only temporary. You are a consumer market functioning like a domestic mercantilism that focus on savings. Its a social and economic problem.

If China decides to weaken the Yuan, you guys are totally done. Or when the Republican take over the senate, you guys are done. No one within our party will tolerate such currency manipulation, friends or foes.

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Posted in: Abe presses campaign for meeting with China's Xi See in context

They can meet for 2 minutes on a hallway and Abe can claim victory for a historic summit between the two.

Then, things go back to normal as both sides bark at each other.

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Posted in: Protests disrupt Hong Kong travel and businesses See in context

I personally know a little bit about the financial deals that went on in the turnover. Basically, the Brits emptied Hong Kong's entire reserve. Where did that money go? Some say that went to that new airport they built (by British companies), some say they were siphoned off little by little ever since the 90s.

Many of that reserve went to the British officials served in Hong Kong. By giving them permanent payout after a lump sum pension no matter the years they served.

On the turnover, the Brits basically looted HK citizens coffers. And left them with less than HKD$10 Billion or about $1.3 Billion USD in their reserve.

So, what I want to say is, the Brits didn't have HK or HK citizen's benefit in mind for sure. If China didn't pump in hundreds of billions in order to maintain HK's stability, there would be no financial center in HK as we speak.

And here's the fact: HK had never had a democratic election on electing its paramount leader. That governor of HK had always been appointed by UK Gov't. Not only that, the supreme court judges, police chiefs, public administrative officials were mostly British nationals. A vast majority of what rules HK are not Hong Kong citizens.

I don't know where this democracy thing is coming from because that has never happened in HK's entire history since its creation.

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Posted in: Japanese firm has 'thumbs up' solution for bigger smartphones See in context

So... where do you put that thumb when you're not talking on the phone?

And... why?

Here's a suggestion if you phone is too big for you:

Get a smaller one. Problem solved.

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Posted in: New Komeito Party drops 'New' from its name See in context

They should be called Flip-Flopping Komeito Party. Are they moderate, conservative, neo-conservative, or ultra-right wing conservative? They need to make up their minds. And who are they compromising with in the LDP? Make up that mind as well. So if you can't agree on something as important as the Constitution in amending article 9, maybe you shouldn't be on a united front.

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Posted in: 31 climbers found in 'cardiac arrest' on erupting volcano See in context

I just saw the youtube videos, its both spectacular and horrifying. I don't know how those hikers can endure the suffocation of the ash smokes and gases being released in the process. Hope more of them reaches safety and make it out of this whole.

Are there some sort of early warning systems installed for active volcanoes. I know US has these detection and early warning systems around active volcanic area and national parks.

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Posted in: U.S.-led strikes hit Islamic State-held oil sites in Syria See in context

No, they are not civilians. Kill them all!

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Posted in: China's swim king Sun calls Japan's national anthem 'ugly' See in context


Pot meet Kettle. Your comment is no better than Sun's. Most of the nations national anthems are used in the act of war to inspire patriotism. Technically speaking, if you watch the Olympics, most of the nations anthems are rather loud and aggressive. Even the US anthems gets pretty loud. But I shouldn't criticize Canada or Canadians, I will leave that to the majority of my fellow Americans.

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