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will meet his Chinese counterpart on Tuesday “to discuss a wide range of bilateral issues based on the current situation,”

More accurately, "to apologize for the current situation caused by Japan and to end the confrontation that hurts Japanese economy to a unbearable level."

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This guy was not some economic genius. I would imagine most of korea's economic gains would have been realized during that period anyway

According to the wiekipedia, most econmic growth and infrastructures were laid during 1960-1980, under his reins.


Even without Chung-hee the major conglomerates Samsung, Hyundai,etc were already growing quater over quater.

It will be more fair and accurate statement if Even without --> With.

If there were not communist's threat from the North, the growth of S. Korea economy could be higher.

Park Chung Hee had received help from Japan for laying down the foundation and infrastructures for industrialization of Korea as the wieki article mentions. Interestingly, Korean industrial output surpasses Japan's. Especially, in the field of IT, electronics, ship building, steel, construction. The growth of automobile sector (Huyndai) also phenomenal to be the #4 in the world, only after Toyota, GM, VW. If you ever remember the first Huyndai sold in the US in 1983, it was a junk crap.


But this economial miracle was achieved with a sacrifice of human rights during his reins. As the economy improves people wanted true democracy and freedom of speech, which triggered uprisings of common people leading the present democratic system of S. Korea.

Now, Park's daughter admits and apologized to the Korean people, although she has nothing to do with her father's past. She raised the moral and ethical standard of Korean politics.

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The difference between Korean and J-politicians is shown. It would be very hard for her to admit her father's wrongdoings in particular her father was the father of Korea industrialization. She is courageous!

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I'll bet western countries will at the very least debate committing new money to China when they can have lower wages and more stability in Southeast Asia and India.

Yes, you may be right. But it stops there. The problem is that Japan cannot sell goods in China and the China is the #1 country for Japan export.

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The Japanese politicians (in your words) did not involve this young Taiwanese child, the childs irresponsible parents did.

According to the slogan the demonstration is organized by China-Taiwan (both side) intermarriage support group. It appears that the parent of this child is Chinese and Taiwanese.

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Red china is the enemy of the Japanese people,

As much as J-politicians is to Chinese people.

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Stupidity! J-politicians now feed hate to ever-friendly-to-Japan Taiwanese people including young kids against Japan. Why don't I hear any voices from Japan criticizing those J-politicians in mass media? I can see Taiwan is a democratic country having the freedom of speech.

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Noda said violent protests in China over the two countries’ ongoing territorial dispute will weaken China’s economy and spook foreign investors

It will weaken Japan's economy 3-4 times more that it will to China as China is the #1 trade country to Japan while Japan is #4 to China. The vacancy from the collapse of Japanese companies in China will be quickly filled with European and Korean. And due to unavailable cheap Chinese goods will raise the consumer prices by 30% easily.

sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War Two. Asked whether he would consider providing South Korea new compensation for the practice, Noda said “the matter is closed,”

The matter may be closed to J-politicians but not to comfort women of Korea, China, others, and their mother countries. The debt has to be paid sooner or later before Japan can walk with Korean and Chinese as friendly neighbors.

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This is a real test for J-politicians as well as Obama.

Chinese givernement is testing how much Japan and the US will react to this provoke.

When any one of the fishermen gets hurt, it justifies another provoke now at this time with naval battleships taking over the island.

We can remind of the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962.

Without America's biting a bullet risking a war, this conflict will not be resolved because Japan alone can not be a match to China.

My prediction is loss of the Isand to China and a new world order will be established.

Then, the situation becomes so similar to the time of 1930 in Europe before WW II. But at this time, Japan is old China and China is old Japan.

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Current Chinese law regarding the foreign investment prohibits foreign companies doing business without manufacturing in China unless facing a high tariff. Leaving China means no business in China.

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This is a real test for J-politicians.

Absolutely the Chinese boats will enter the area.

Noda cannot do anything but watching the Chinese boats fishing in the area. Once full of fish, they will leave.

Then Noda cabinet will make a big noise again.

But Chinese will come again because they know they will be left alone fishing there.

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The difference between the verdicts of Japan and the US comes from who was the judge: 9 patriotic juries in the US and 3 IT intellectual judges in Japan.

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Please check the average wage of Korea and Japan. In 2011, the ppp Average wage was $35,400 in Korea and $35,100 in Japan. I am sure the gap will be widened in 2012.

You are the man living in the past. Please open your eyes and look straight.

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Nigelboy, eralier you were trying to show off how high the average salary in USD in Japan mostly due to overvalued Japanese Yen against USD and KRW. Because of the overvalued JY, yes, you may be able to buy the same good at lower price in Korea or in the US.

Now, you are trying to tell me how low is the price of goods when you buying something such as the Uniclo jacket in Japan.

What are you boasting about now? High wages in USD in Japan that help to buy goods at cheaper price oversees or to buy cheap in Japan?

Are you confused where are you going? Doped?

It is time for you, old generation Japaese to sincerely concern about the future of your youngmen


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Vice-consul in his early 30's...and that's not a position in a country in war or in misery. That's a fast career for a Japanese. Must be from an extremely "good" family. Well his kone in Japan has not the arm long enough to help him in gaikoku.

Cos, Good thought.... I agree with you. He must be from a high family. If he is, it probably is the family of former PM Abe Shinzo's maternal branch as the surname is different. He really looks like Abe Shinzo.


His hair style, narrow forehead, long face, ears, etc...

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Nigelboy, You could not explain your logic with math analysis. Now you use an example of a salaryman of Korea and Japan in theUS.

Then, let's compare with Korea and Japan for their average salary.

http://www.simplyhired.com/a/salary/search/q-south+korea http://www.simplyhired.com/a/salary/search/q-japan

Average salary is $39,000 in Korea and $46,000 in Japan.

Remeber that figures are again in USD.

When one consider how much Korean Won currency is undervalued and Japan Yen overvalued, you can easily figure out what are the real salaries in Korea and Japan.

For a Korean salaryman: $39,000 x 1.4 = $54,600 For a Japanese salaryman: $46,000 x 0.8 = $36,800

These are real corrected average salaries in Korea and Japan after correction with undervalued KRW and overvalued JY. But right now, because JY is overvalued, JY can buy more USD in the US. But, how long can it be sustained? Not for long because Japan's export will sink untill it hit the bottom that nobosy knows how deep it is. It has inverse relationship. apan's economy.

You got it?

Now, tell me how much you get from Japan government.

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Nigelboy, you still did not understand my point.

Let me use another simple example.

The US has been blaming China for artificailly low Chinese Yuen against USD. Because the low CY will lower the price of Chinses goods making the China export robust, Chinses government sets the CY/USD rate rather than leaving up to the market.

At present, CY/USD is 6.3. In other words, a panda bear stuff animal costing 6.3 Yuen can be sold in the US at 1 USD. But, the US government think the Yuen value should be higher such as CY/USD 5.17 (20% higher). Then the 6.3 Yuen panda bear will be 6.3/5.17 (current rate/accurate rate) = 1.2. This ration of 1.2 X 1 USD = 1.2 USD. In other words, the 1 USD panda bear should be sold in the US market at 1.2 USD not 1.0 USD.

I am sure you understand so far.

Now the China ppp GDP is $ 8,500 according to the CIA world Factbook. Do you think the figure is accurate in view of the artificially lowered Yuen value?

Of course not.

The real China GDP should be $ 8,500 x 1.2 (the ratio above) = $10,200. Chinses are richer than we think.

I used the same math her for Korea and Japan.

Korea Won (KRW) value is somewhat artificailly low because K government tries to facilitate export of Korean goods ( competing Japanese goods). How much devalued? Using the same math, 1130/800 (current rate/accurate rate) = 1.4 The the Korea GDP should be $32,000 X 1.4 = $44,800.

On the other hand, Japan GDP $ 35,000 x (78/100) = $27,300.

Now, you got it?

BTW, I wonder you are a Japanese government agent with the job of writing and responding in internet.

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Hey, Aussie,

I cannot believe this!

You should contact Samsung to inform this device. They may take as a paid witness for their appeal. I believe the paid witness gets $500-1000/Hr!

Now I know why Samsung want to have the ex-Apple designer who had worked for Sony 15 years ago as a witness. Unfortunately the Samsung's request was denied unfairly because the designer quit Apple just before the trial began! His name is Shin Nishibori!



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This data is future prediction using predicted future currency rates. IMF expects that the KRW currency value should go up to 800:1 in 2017as the Korean economy is getting stronger while the USD value goes down (with anticipated inflation). Similarly, IMF predicts the JPY value will decrease even though the USD will get weaker in 2017. I think IMF predicts the Japan economy will be even weaker than that of the US in 2017. So they calculated the JPY:USD rate = 100:1 in 2017.

Now, if you take this IMF prediction with future currency rates of KRW and JPY against USD of 800:1 and 100:1 instead of current 1130:1 and 78:1 respectively, the real pppGDP of 2011 will be different. How? Let's use the Korea GDP $32,000 and Japan's $35,000 in 2011.

Because I agree with your thought of wrong conversion rates that makes Japan economy worse and Korean better than real (with artificially high JPY value and low KRW ), I will recalculate the real GDP with more realistic rates of 2017.

Korea currency rate was unfairly lowered as the KRW/USD rate of 1130:1 is used. If you raise the rate to 800:1 (increasing the KRW value by 1130/800 =1.4125, the $32,000 will be 32,000 x 1.4125=$45,200. I think the Korea might have intentionally lowered the KRW value to promote export.

For Japan, the current rate of 78:1 against USD is unfairly high for some reason (you think many people buy and keep the Japan currency as a safe haven). It should be 100:1, lowering the JPY value by 78/100=0.78. Then the real GDP of Japan in 2011 is $35,000 x 0.78 = $27,300 not $35,000.

You got it?

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but it's the same BS nationalistic arrogance that got you in trouble in 1997 and 2008 when your country needed foreign help.

There is no arrogance in me. I just show you the fact. If you do not see the fact straight, you are indeed arrogant.

Please see this article: Moody's rating of Korea was raised to Aaa. In 1997, the rating was B-, and BB+ in 2008. Gradually the rating rose to Aaa3.


But for Japan, the rating has been down since 1997 and 2008.


The fact is that the rating of your pride, prejudice and arrogance was downgraded. Be careful, it may fall even deeper!

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Hey, Aussie dud,

Is it I-Pad or I-Phone? Steve Job could have seen this when he traveled Sydney years ago for honeymoon! Absolutely it has the "rectangles with round corners" And it has a black screen where you can write onto !

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First, Japan is in a deflationary cycle.

How long Japan has been in deflationary cycle? It has been more than 20 years!!

ihope2eatwhales is right.

The only option (of course default like Greece is not an option in Japan unless forced by another atomic bomb) is hyperinflation. You print out 50 trillion Yen (about $ 5 trillion) to pay for the national debt (buying back bonds) and raise the pension to please J-citizens. At least you make the balance sheet black. Japan's export will rise and economy get back on the tract. Thanks, Prof. ihop2eatewhale! You deserve to eat whale. But remember, the whale meat cost 2-3 time more then.

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Dear LostinNagoya san:


So UK judges are more stupid than US juries.

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The real problem lies in j politicians. Same old stuff of 1930. J people should ouster those with old mindset.

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Nigelboy does not let me go back to my work with faulty math.

Korea GDP in 2012 is $32,000 and Japan $35,000. Now the KRW rate: USD --1130:1 If you ccorrected assuming the exchange rate 800:1, the GDP will be $45,000. On the other hand, jp Y: USD--80:1. Then the corrected GDP for Japan assuming the rate 100:1 will be $28,000.

In reality Korea ppp GDP is aalready higher than Japan, s.

Your analogy with haircut is partially right. If you pay $30 for haircut in Japan, but $20 in Seoul, why you want to do it in Japan?

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You may say I am biased as my wife is Korean. But the 9 juries delivered the verdict within 1 day? For 900 pages and almost 200 items to decide? It must have been set already.

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Sir, you are right. Japanese peoples are like North Koreans. They just follow whatever ordered to them without analyzing the whole situation. No true democracy like Korea. Freedom is not free. Right wings have too much power there. Democracy did not come easy in Korea. It was taken after blood and sweats.

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Samurai, can you read out loud the UK article? Also, the some of corrupt private Korean banks should be forcefully closed. It is a healthy phenomena. Constantly moving towards better system. Of course, unlike Japan's.

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ubikwit, Then what is the next? Is it good for the customers and the US? Or just good for lawyers? It is good to dray all the way? Too much patriotism can blind the eyes.

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Nigelboy, You seem to know Korean more than I do.

I would like to show you these, so others can understand what you are talking about.



The first data shows that S. Korea GDP will surpass Japan's in a few years. The second article shows why Korea household debt is rising. It is due to the rising household income. They buy cars, nice homes, sending their kids to the US and UK for education, etc. In other words, the economy is booming there. Already the Korea Bank is cutting down the interest rate slightly to lessen the burden of people.

I believe the bank issue is a self-cleansing process to make the private banking system more transparent unlike Japan's. Nobody is really worries about the bank cleansing and household debt. But, thanks a lot for your worry!

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