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DiscoJ: Not really the point. I understand the difference between an accident in a vehicle versus an accident of someone walking into someone else. The point isn't to say they are the same, it is to illustrate the point that you should probably just let someone know you're there if you see someone not paying attention. People in this thread have stated their willingness to intentionally allow people to run into them. I think that's ridiculous.

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In regards to the back-and-forth about running into people, it takes two to cause an accident. It's like defensive driving; if someone is driving erratically because they're on their phone, I'm not going to just allow them to run into me because I'm in my lane driving the speed limit. I'm going to avoid an accident by moving if necessary. That doesn't mean I won't blow my horn though.

If someone is coming towards you and they aren't paying attention, why not try to let them know you're there rather than just allowing them to run into you?

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Posted in: Should guys always pay when on a date? See in context

I generally expect to pay the whole bill, especially if I ask for/set up the date. If she wants to pay half, great, but I don't expect it, nor do I ask unless she brings it up. Paying for a date doesn't really even register in my mind as a concern when on a date.

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Posted in: Commercial for latest 'Grudge' film pulled from air after complaints of being too scary See in context

100 complaints of it being too scary doesn't really mean much, but it's a good way for the filmmakers to promote their movie. A lot more people are aware of the movie now than they would have been otherwise. It's kind of like how the first Paranormal Activity was promoted as being so scary that people couldn't watch it.

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Posted in: What do you think of Hollywood remakes of Japanese horror, fantasy and manga stories? See in context

I'm fine with it. Many people won't watch foreign movies, so Hollywood remakes may be the only time they'll ever be exposed to certain stories. Additionally, if they liked the movie it may inspire them to seek out the original and open them up to foreign entertainment. I don't see anything bad about that.

Plus, it's not like a bad remake destroys the original work. You can still watch/read the original if you like it.

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Posted in: Genetic testing moves into world of employee health See in context

Burning Bush, if employers started firing people for having diseases, the lawsuits stemming from that would be insane and easily winnable by employees. Besides, companies don't need genetic testing to determine if they want to fire someone for health reasons. Often when employees sign up for health insurance they have to disclose certain risk factors anyway. If they wanted to they could just look at those risk factors or who uses too much insurance or sick days and fire them. And they would rightfully get sued.

I think this is just another tool to help people live healthier lives. I really don't think companies can legally force employees to participate, it's just an optional bonus. Like where I work, we use Aetna and they have a smoking cessation program. No one has to participate, but if you do I think you get a slight decrease in insurance costs. It's an incentive, but not a requirement.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' teaser, cast information revealed at event See in context

Wookies live for a really long time, so in relative terms, he hasn't actually aged much since episode 6.

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