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Posted in: Social media firms bolster monitoring of Japan quake misinformation See in context

It appears that they don't know how social media works, and how it is used - for good and bad. Bolstering the nation's capability to discern the good from the bad information from social media is hard, so they are taking the short cut and making the social media firms accountable. Classic!

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Posted in: Japan must accept population decline as inevitable and devise strategies to adapt to it See in context

This is the Japanese problem-solving method called しょうがない

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Posted in: Japanese government promises expressways will be free by the year 2115 See in context

Its because Japanese people would have solved population decline and have achieved immortality by then from eating rice on miso soup for breakfast.

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Posted in: Japan's versatile veteran Koji Yakusho wins best actor at Cannes See in context

The film looks like a cinematic depiction of Japan's lost generation's lives. Might be worthwhile to see...

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Posted in: Kishida says he is willing to meet Kim Jong Un over abductions See in context

Just another publicity stunt for the election.

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Posted in: Toyota puts liquid hydrogen-powered car into 24-hour race See in context

China has already surpassed Japan in autoexports as of 05/2023.


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Posted in: Japan’s newest vending machine absorbs CO2 from the environment See in context

Lame. Tell me about it if this vending runs on its own solar or wind energy and is not plugged in on a wall socket.

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Posted in: Gov't to pitch safety of Fukushima water release to S Korean experts See in context

Is it bad to pee on the pool, Japan?

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Posted in: Son arrested after 75-year-old mother found strangled at home See in context

Makes me wonder how much love the mother gave the son for him to grow and become a monster. Is the son too ill mentally to be able to contain his stress and not to put an end to the root cause of his stress? Love from both ends would have prevented this, and it's apparent that there wasn't enough of it.

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Posted in: Japan to conduct full-scale review into foreign trainee program See in context

The program should look at qualifications, not only by the foreign interns but by the companies hosting the so-called training. Companies and its executives must first pass an Organizational Inclusion Assessment conducted by labor professionals before they are allowed to host foreign trainees. If companies can teach its managers and workers to be civil to foreigners (and not think that they are better human beings), the 'cheap labor' and 'slavery' issue won't look so bad.

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

I'm honestly fascinated by what the J-gov has been trying to do. No testing, no statistics before the Olympics. And now free testing, daily statistics, and up-to-date reporting.

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

How much control does the Japanese government have over the Japanese media? Is it likely that the J-media is just doing what the J-government wants them to tell the J-people?

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Posted in: Abe's killer tested homemade gun at religious group's facility: sources See in context

This is starting to feel like humanity is still in the 10th century medieval struggle to separate the church and the state.

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Posted in: Ferdinand Marcos Jr sworn in as Philippine president See in context

They could have at least tucked their shirts in. Really sloppy for a ceremony.

@Fighto! Those are traditional ceremonial shirts called 'barong tagalog', and are not meant to be tucked.

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Posted in: Sumitomo Mitsui to take 10% stake in SBI Holdings for ¥79 bil See in context

"We want to expand our customer base. I would like for (the two companies) to develop various services together so we can offer a futuristic financial experience," Kazuyuki Anchi, general manager of SMFG's corporate planning department, told a press briefing.

For a society with an aging population and negative birthrate?

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Posted in: Kids' neighborhoods can affect their developing brains, a new study finds See in context


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Posted in: Djokovic repeats no vaccination stance as U.S. Open slips away See in context

Novac Novak

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Posted in: Japan embraces CBD despite drug taboo See in context

Legalize it, so they can regulate it; legalize it, so they can tax it. Anything so money changes hands.

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Posted in: Rakuten launches new marketplace and sales platform for NFTs See in context

But Rakuten platform is still in Japanese. So it'd be Japanese sellers to Japanese buyers for the most part. Sellers will have to figure things out by themselves if they want to reach out to buyers globally; buyers globally will have to be enthusiastic enough to navigate their way in to buy NFT on a Japanese platform. I'm sure Rakuten knew this from the start.

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Posted in: Japanese real estate company introduces 'fully nude' recruitment concept to attract new grads See in context

A Japanese coworker asked what I'm reading, and commented: "..'just as they really are' would mean they will talk about the only 3 things university students in Japan can talk about--their part-time job, their club activities and their travel experiences".

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Posted in: Nissan's Saikawa: 'Ghosn child' who ousted mentor See in context

We are witnessing a real-life modern-day ‘game of thrones’ here.

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Posted in: Suicide squad: Reasonable rent and apartment 'incidents' See in context

@Reckless, I know your story! And the 3rd husband died of blunt force trauma because he wouldn't do away with himself. I think I know where you're from.

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Posted in: Working as caregiver holds few attractions, despite growing need See in context

I agree with Middleoftherocd, some people just really enjoy taking care of others. My mom is one. She worked as a nurse at a government hospital for 47 years. She's now 82 and still does volunteer work helping out at a carehome looking after residents, some even younger than her.

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Posted in: Huge cyberattack ebbs as investigators work to find culprits See in context

"Experts urged organizations and companies to immediately update older Microsoft operating systems, such as Windows XP, with a patch released by the company."

This can logically be considered as 'motive' behind the attack, right?

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Posted in: Poll shows most disabled people in Japan dislike 'inspirational' documentaries about disability See in context

Hmmm....so how can we make the world a better place for both the abled and the differently abled if the society where they belong is having a hard time accepting their differences? We have to recognise a problem for us to be able to solve it, right?

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Posted in: Philippines, Japan hold historic naval drills in flashpoint waters See in context

Japan and the Philippines are not enemies in WW2, JT. It was the US and Japan fighting over the Philippines, in the Philippines.

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Posted in: mountain season opens See in context

The opening night was fun. When the gates opened at midnight, the race to the top began; not with other climbers but for the spectacular sunrise at the summit. The trail of headlamps looked like a trail of luminous ants marching on. I just don't understand why there's a need for others to carry a 40li backpack for a day climb, when I feel I already overpacked with my 22li. Everybody seemed to be enjoying though, so its good overall.

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Posted in: Institute rejects stem cell research scientist's appeal See in context

I wonder why she seems alone here. What ever happened to uchi no soto; where are the sempai and kohai? This is Japan, I have reasons to believe that she didn't do this by herself. I also wonder what they are trying to accomplish here while a lot of sick people could still be saved if they just get on with their job.

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