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Posted in: Pop group Arashi inspires extreme fan worship See in context

You haters need to take a CHIL L PILL. How about let fan's be fan's? and let them do what they wish to show love to their favorite idols.

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Posted in: Japan shocks Belgium with 3-2 victory See in context

Glad to hear Japan won the soccer game ;D

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

China are you stupid? A criminal is never a hero and will never, ever, ever, ever be considered a hero and will always considered A CRIMINAL AND MURDERER. Whoever this stupid Korean was he deserved the punishment for doing wrong and killing a Japanese Official.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

I always thought "Racism" was really bad in United States (in some states like uh, Mississipi or something). But man, I didn't know it was this bad in Japan.

Honestly, it is a good idea to learn Japanese so you can tell if some random Japanese person is bad mouthing you from a distance or with a group of friends and such. Or just simply out-right ignore and walk the other way and that way no problems will occur.

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Posted in: Japanese gamers feeling left out in the cold as new consoles launch elsewhere See in context

I knew this would happen eventually, if I was living in Japan and I heard that Sony delayed PS4 release in Japan, I would feel the same rage as other Japanese gamers are feeling right now.

The new console is already won by many Japanese gamers hearts. I don't see the reason to delay it till next February. Sales would skyrocket there on launch date.

I feel for you Japanese Gamers, its a shame that Sony decided to give you something that was made in your country to Western market first.

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Posted in: Is U.S. also spying on Japanese email, phone calls? See in context

I certainly can agree that "America" is the not the country we once knew it was. As the article states no evidence has been found yet but I believe U.S is pretty much spying on every country they stepped into.

I guess this is why many countries have their sights locked on to America. Spying is not a good thing, it does not matter if your trying to catch a criminal or something. There is always another way to find that person rather then, phone tapping, reading emails, hacking into personal information etc, etc, etc.

America, if your reading this comment I don't give 2sts about that.**

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco to cut 1,600 jobs as cigarette sales fall See in context

Good to hear tobacco sales are falling. Who wants to smell that disgusting crap. KEEP FALLING!

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Posted in: Cat set on fire in Tokyo park See in context

This is quite sad man. Whoever did this, hope he or she gets the right punishment for the wrong doing. R.I.P cat

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Posted in: Marvel’s mighty Avengers to become an anime See in context

For one, it is not called a "CARTOON" and for two its called "ANIME". Anime & Cartoon two different things...still people cannot understand the difference between the two.

As for on topic, Avengers to become an Anime? This will certainly be interesting. I love Anime so it might be cool. I saw Ironman anime movie which I thought was alright.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 2-year-old son shortly after child's release from care See in context

RIP to the little boy T_T...

I hope the father rots in hell forever!

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Posted in: Couple in China sells daughter for iPhone See in context

Wow...some messed up parents they are. A better upbringing? That is some nonsense excuse to get rid of your daughter.

I hope they get punished for their stupid actions.

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Posted in: 'Transformers' director Bay attacked in Hong Kong See in context

Those two were idiots to attack a famous director.

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Posted in: 11 unique experiences for tourists to Japan See in context

I go shopping with a Lolita Girl xD and have tea eheheh

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Posted in: American casting for 'Hana Yori Dango' (Boys Over Flowers) TV series receives harsh Japanese criticism See in context

Are you serious? I watched and loved Hana Yori Dango Original Version. I hate the Korean Version and now an American Version of this is going to happen?

For one, I am not gonna watch this, two I am interested in how it turns how so maybe Ill take a glimpse, and three, the characters are two old.

American Version is going to be the worst version out of the two. I smell FAIL, FAIL, FAIL

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Posted in: Court rejects naming firms where employees died due to overwork See in context

Why reject? The Japanese citizens have the right to know. It does not matter if it hurts the company, because they deserve it.

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Posted in: Official: Woman killed in Washington chase was delusional See in context

The cops dis the wrong thing. She was unarmed and yet they still shot her.I could think of some other ways they could have handled the situation rather then shooting. The cops did the wrong thing and thats that.

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Posted in: Teen girl dies while trying to climb into 2nd story of own home See in context

May you RIP :(

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Posted in: Fashion model proposes violent punishment for people who smoke while walking See in context

I totally agree and 100% with her on this one.

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Posted in: Tokyo gadget show offers glimpse of tomorrow See in context

Is it me or is Science Fiction coming so true so soon? The technology that was showcased at this Trade Show, sounds like technology we only thought that existed in movies but now it is reality.

I look forward to the next generation in technology functions and gadgets.

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Posted in: Smoking Cafe last oasis for increasingly ostracized smokers See in context

@Alphaape I hate that weed crap too, smells nasty and no I ain't pro for legalizing marjiuana. Anti-Marijiuana For Life.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus says she aimed to 'make history' with video awards performance See in context

Miley Cyrus is no longer what she used to be. Her image, character and I believe personality just disgusts me. I like the old her not the slutty version....

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Posted in: Tweeted photo of employees bowing in apology angers Internet users See in context

@CrisGerSan: Westeners, have every single right to comment and critique, and criticize about any nation. Why? Because we all have different opinions and can say what we want and when we want. Let us not forget the one thing we all know "Freedom Of Speech"

On Topic, I would agree that their names should have not been released to public, very wrong move and I still think they shouldn't have taken a picture like this....

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Posted in: Tweeted photo of employees bowing in apology angers Internet users See in context

I also feel sorry for the two staff in the photo. Rather then doing this DOGEZA or whatever they call it. Just compensate the customers with gift card or something..and not something like this..jeez.

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Posted in: 'Grand Theft Auto V' sales race past $1 billion See in context

WHERE IS THE PC VERSION ROCKSTAR D:!!!!!! 500,000 Signatures signed on the petition and yet your not listening to the pleas of the PC Gamers..

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Posted in: Korean man arrested for trespassing in Yasukuni Shrine grounds See in context

What an idiot and a disgrace to the Korean people. New's like this will only bring tension between the two countries.

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Posted in: 13 dead in shooting rampage at U.S. Navy complex in Washington See in context

This is what people failed to see, if the government doesn't do anything about Gun Control Law's more and more people die and get wounded like as such of this event that happened in Washington.

From what I understand having the right to own a gun will not be taken away if it they did take your right away then that is going against the 2nd Amendment. (Right To Bear Arms). I think what this Gun Control Law will do is just be more strict to what the individual can do or cannot do.

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Posted in: Smoking warning works just on front of cigarette pack See in context

Smoking should be banned.....The nasty smell, the contents they put inside those cigarettes is just upright disgusting. I mean why would you smoke something that has car battery acid in them or worse..

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Posted in: No joy for two-time Tokyo Games evictee See in context

I feel for the elderly that again are told to move out and live somewhere else for the 2020 Olympics. Much as I am glad to know that Tokyo, Japan was chosen for 2020 Olympics, I think the government or whomever should, pay for their housing and some services for cooperating with the move.

If the government or whomever doesn't offer something like this then, I see no reason for the elderly to move out and protest until something is done.

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Posted in: Japanese pro boxer condemns law for classifying him as a dangerous weapon See in context

Wow....that is pretty pathetic if I may say. Because he a is a pro boxer makes him a dangerous weapon? What if the YAKUZA were to attack him? All he can do is stand there and do nothing and get beat up continuously until the offender is satisfied?

Where is the right to defend yourself in this situation? Japan your laws are pretty dumb to a point.

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