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I understand is not easy to get hold on a mask, Keep yours hands clean is not enough anymore. We don't know how is infected or not. " healthy person no need to wear a mask " is TRUE. BUT how can you so sure you are not infected somehow, somewhere. This might sound racist.

There are 14 billions of Chinese in China, excluding the one who live oversea. They do travel everywhere around the world, in and out the country in the last couples of months ( lunar new Year ) some of them do went back to the mainland to visit their family during new year. With the official not transparent about the virus, now we are living in the fear.

Although Italy closed the boarder to highly infected countries/Area, and they have no clue how it got spread widely in a short period of time, In the city call Prato in Italy, most of the fashion house factory hire Chinese workers. MADE IN ITALY BY CHINESE. The little town of Prato has been taken over by them. who knows about the hidden crisis? we need to look into the source and take it seriously... peace ! Stay healthy ! I believe immune system play a major part of this new CONVID 19.

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