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27,000 people out of 6 billion. I seriously trust this poll.

Obama is changing the course of our REPUBLIC to a path of darkness and facism that has brought the rest of the world to it's knees economically and to it's knees to bow to the whims of dictators.

Bush was not much better, but at least he we willing to fight the enemy at our gate, nation Islamic Facists.

Obama has no experience running anything. He has no experience in healthcare, and he wants to run it. He has no experience earning money for a company, and yet he want to run our economy.

Anyone supporting this treasonous man has no clue of our history nor of what made us great.

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Posted in: Thanks, honey -- put it on my AMEX card See in context

Wonderfully dumb. Why even get married then? There's no love or partnership in this way of thinking.

Should the husband charge her for the right to live in the house he is paying for? Or split the utilities out of the income she is taking?

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Murder is done for either unjust reasons, or in a manner contrary to moral law.

Justice demands blood for blood, and these people took life.

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