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Posted in: Gov't considers new cash handout for needy households See in context

A welcome initiative for those in need!!

But basing it on savings and deposits is opening the door for abuse. It’s fairly easy to keep an empty bank account, and have your money reside (and grow) elsewhere.

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Posted in: Foreign students in Japan job hunt online amid pandemic See in context

What kind of ‘students’ are we talking about though?

The focus seems to be on hiring young Southeast Asians for rural factories and restaurant chains. With a promise they’ll have their dream job maybe in the future.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

At that price tag, one can wonder whether the project and selected vendor were purposely set up to legally channel the funds elsewhere.

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Posted in: Restaurant operator slams 'hypocrisy' of health ministry officials See in context

He may be complaining, but one of his restaurants in our area has been constantly open during the emergency. Long lines outside well until 23:00. Including company farewell and welcome parties with no masks.

His restaurant chain has been taking away clients from smaller restaurants that cannot risk any fine, and meanwhile he is the billboard of restaurants that suffer?

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Posted in: Suga refuses to move into official residence despite criticism See in context

For those who don’t seem to realize.

The prime minister’s home is not the kantei, the glass building you often see on tv and on the right in this article’s picture. That’s his office.

The building where the prime minister is supposed to live is called the sori kotei. In the picture, it is the brown building to the left.

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Posted in: Greek PM Tsipras resigns; calls snap elections See in context

"the hard-won bailout—which kept Greece in the EU"

Should be: "which kept Greece in the euro zone"

EU and euro zone are not the same things.

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Posted in: Apple challenges figures on Apple Music user retention See in context

Timeon, you can enable offline functionality by going to the song (or album), and then click the ... button on the right of the song's or album's name. Go down the list and add to My Music and a little bit further down also select "Make available offline".

To be honest, the fact that such obvious buttons are extremely hidden in Apple Music, it erases your previously bought music, and because the interface is truly a mess, all makes it a subpar service compared to Spotify.

Apple is missing a huge opportunity here.

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Posted in: Abe's 70th anniversary war speech more than just words See in context

I don't see how current and future generations of Japanese should perpetually carry the blame for something that happened well before their time. Why can't remembering be enough?

History is a narrative of the victor. Saying the Americans were forced to drop atomic bombs is the same as saying the Japanese were forced to copy Western colonialism after the imposed unequal treaties.

These were different times with different norms and values. Every actor commited war crimes, but we want the Japanese to write in their schoolbooks it was just them.

Looks like nobody has learned. These lingering nationalistic feelings are exactly what cause wars.

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Posted in: 5 interview questions employers in Japan are no longer allowed to ask See in context

I know I have to thread carefully here for what I'm about to say. After all, a lot of gaijin who are not in eikaiwa, tend to work in recruitment/HR. But I will share my frustration with some of these interview questions anyway.

Most of the above interview questions are plain irrelevant, and yes, they do get asked. Even the (supposedly) more 'modern' companies like Rakutem want to know how many times a month you go eat in a restaurant.

Other interview methods are there just to save effort and time and some companies would do good to review their usage of them. For example, web aptitude testing is big in Japan now. The questions, however, are rarely linked to the content of the job and the result is as scientific as an IQ test in your standard tabloid. Moreover, lots of companies resort to exclusively using aptitude testing to select promising candidates (no face-to-face at all). Such testing lacks all validity and relevance and only serves one purpose: reducing a large number of applicants to a manageable number. They might as well let software do an arbitrary selection, same result and relevance. Moreover, every company in the Tokyo area seems to use the same web altitude test, of which the answers are widely circulated...

As for the Google questions some in this forum seem to champion. E.g. "How would you move amount Fuji?" Please stop asking those. Maybe they're fun to you as an interviewer, but other than being a dad, consider what it tells the applicant about you as an interviewer. First of all, these type of questions are incredibly cliché and there's complete books with nice answers to these. You don't get candidates who are creative, you get candidates who have learnt by hard how to answers these questions. Secondly, as an applicant it tells me HR is into fads and will every now and then completely disrupt the working place to install such fads. HR clearly doesn't just focus on getting the right employee, but rather asks questions that are fun for HR and often to grill applicants. Which brings me to my third point. An interview is a two-way process. Asking these questions can make the applicant feel at high-school again, hindering him or her from asking the questions they want to ask. After all, who doesn't feel treated as a child when they get asked "what else you can do with a straw except for drinking". The best interviews I had -and the best places I worked at- had a normal adult conversation with me where questions were to the point (still touched on professional and personal motivation) and respectful.

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Posted in: Gov't to allow more flights over Tokyo as Haneda slots increase See in context


Where do those local communities next to airports get their incomes, you think?

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Posted in: Abe mocked on Twitter over use of props to explain security bills See in context

I saw this live on TV and almost couldn't believe what at first sight is a patronizing view on Japanese general intelligence. However, at the core his analogy is correct. And going by the anti-military arguments in this country, I can almost understand why Abe has to explain at such an infantile level.

Japan's only a safe place, because there's other countries willing to defend it. It's admirable and idealistic to call for a world without soldiers, but Japanese phobia for militarism can only be maintained by forcing its allies to militarize on its behalf.

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