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Posted in: Job interviews - 'Fools using a foolish method to pick fools' See in context

Typo- I don't know about this article* not interview

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Posted in: Job interviews - 'Fools using a foolish method to pick fools' See in context

Dentshop- I don't think any company will be impressed if you talk salary at the first interview. The answer? Could well be that it depends on how good you are and that's not necessarily gonna show at the first interview. I don't know about this interview, if you're hiring a hundred or more new grads with no work experience and you get literally thousands of applications... How else can you pick them? Get rid of any with obvious errors in their written application, meet the ones with the best SPI scores etc and then ask meaningful interview questions. With a new grad, you're taking a punt anyway because performance at school isn't really a measure for performance at work

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I can't wait! I've flown Jetstar to Aus and NZ many times - yes there's been delays, but the one time it was majorly delayed they put us up in a nice hotel at Kansai airport and provided free drinks on the flight. My only concerns are a) will the rough and ready service and flight schedule needed to operate low low cost flights work in Japan where service has such a high standard (expect complaints like Yukio's) and b) how many people want to fly out of Narita and not Haneda for a domestic flight? Even though JAL's got a stake in it, are they still trying to protect their turf?

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