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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly suffocating 9-month-old son See in context

these kind of stories sadly, do not shock me anymore. But they do make me feel incredibly sad.

Where was the mother? Was he a single father?

As a single mother here in Japan I can totally understand (but never condone) that feeling of "WHY wont you just STOP crying?!" and the frustration that comes with it ... but ... to do this? Is ... insanity. It sounds like the guy just snapped...

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Posted in: Man confesses to dumping wife's body in river See in context

ah yes ... the old abandonment of a corpse nonsense.

RIP poor lady, i hope you didnt suffer too much.

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Posted in: TEPCO compensation hotline overwhelmed by 3,000 complaints per day See in context

Exportexpert - cant REALLY blame tepco for trying though? I mean ... they must realize how hard they are going to be hit, and are obviously trying to make the process as difficult as possible, in an attempt to discourage people from applying. Its really, really wrong.

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear disaster - six months on See in context

These stories still make me so sad .. Its so sad that the world has already forgotten about the Japanese Tsunami whiich killed 20,000, coz they are all busy being concerned with 9/11...

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Posted in: 'Cove' star urges dolphin watching, not killing See in context

Snore. This guy is boring and incredibly patronizing. Leading a prayer service and all that nonsense.

Go back and sort out the issues in your own country before coming over here and trying to sort out ours.

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Posted in: Maehara says he got Y590,000 from foreigners in 2005-2010 See in context

But, you know what? If this Maehara guy has "friends" who are korean at all, he should not be in charge. I mean HONESTLY!?!?! A foreign friend, whatever would the cabinet say? We could not have a prime minister with such crazy ideas....

Seriously though ... If these people want to be Japanese nationals they can be. It is easy for them to naturalize, but they just don't want to. BUT they do want to use Japanese names .... seems like they want their cake and eat it too. At the end of the day, they are not Japanese citizens, but that is their choice.

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme to open 73 more stores in Kanto, Kansai and Chubu See in context

It is insane right? Japanese people are getting fatter, but are still very slightly built, so it probably means they are never going to look fat. I on the other hand, cycle 15 kms a day, go jogging 3 times a week, eat much healthier than many of the japanese i have met, and look huge next to most J-girls. Its just not fair.

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Posted in: Possible successors to Kan See in context

I would totally vote for the terminator. Except, having seen the "terminators" photo it seems he is much more of a cockroach catcher than arnie ...

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Posted in: AKB48's newest album sets music industry sales record See in context

"Flying get ...?!"

With all that money, they still cant afford to hire someone to check their damn Engrish once an album...

Agree .. so ... sad.

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Posted in: K-POP See in context

agree GW.

And seriously JT - do you not have any other photos other than K-pop girls? The Kara girls were on photo of the day a while back, and now these girls.. ? Not even a J-pop one?

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Posted in: Belgian soccer match halted after Fukushima taunts See in context

really awful. poor guy...

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Posted in: Elderly woman transfers Y29 million to man posing as son in trouble See in context

Something is wrong with her son. Who does not call their momma in over 2 months?!

And yes ... poor woman. You would have thought that she would have double checked with him though, however she might not even have his phone number or home address. Very sad, sign of the times unfortunately. Hope they can get all or some of her money back.

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Posted in: Was I a date, a friend or just a potential English teacher? See in context

I think you are seriously over thinking it.

If you can speak both languages, and so can she, what does it matter which you speak, as long as you are both understanding each other?

It is a common fact that many Japanese people can read and write English, but not speak it. Maybe she just wanted a chance to shine? Hell, probably she thinks you are using her for HER Japanese language ability... Personally, If I have a friend who wants to send me the odd email in English, whatever. No probs.

I kind of feel bad for her...

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Posted in: 3.7 billion yen in cash recovered from earthquake-hit areas See in context

96% is absolutely awesome.

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Posted in: Thousands return to quake-hit areas for Bon ceremonies See in context

so very sad for these people. My heart goes out to them x

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Posted in: Head, leg parts found in Osaka park See in context

Nicky Washida ... your in laws are in denial. Tennoji is certainly not posh, quite the opposite actually. ... congratulations.

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Posted in: Anorexia nervosa: a severe eating disorder related to multiple factors See in context

tsukki ... glad to hear you are feeling better now. It is a truly horrible disease, which is all too often brushed aside nowadays.

This article is not so great, but I think any media promoting understanding of eating disorders is a good thing. Although, personally I would prefer to see more information and public awareness of the other extreme - binge and overeating. It seems to be a growing problem nowadays, even in Japan.

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Posted in: Family files suit over death of Ghanian who died during forced deportation See in context

Im sorry but what? This guy was here illegally, and of his own free will.

I agree he did not deserve to die and we need answers, but It was essentially his own fault. I would hope the questions get answered, but the family does not deserve a penny in damages.

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Posted in: New robot promises brighter future for Japan's elderly See in context

I would prefer a robot to a Filipina... Sorry.

It is sad godan, but also it is inevitable. I work in this industry, and the salary for people who work in the Fukushikai industry is absolutely horrendous. So small ... :( If Japan started boosting salaries for workers, more people would want to do it, regardless of where they are from.

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Posted in: Love-1 Festival See in context

Im not into the whole "emaciated celebrities" trend, but the chick in the middle seriously needs to lay off the bagels ...

HOWEVER I would question why these stupid, self indulgent korean nobodies are the photo of the day, when across Japan many people have died from natural disasters this week. Lets put photos of those people up instead.

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Posted in: U.S. says it won't tolerate loopholes in child abduction issue with Japan See in context

sorry but its not going to be changed until it works the other way - until all the pretty "halfu" (and by that I mean the caucasian cute ones) babies being taken out of the country outweigh all the halfu ones being taken in.

When the recent bubble of russian and american females having babies with J-guys bursts, and these ladies start taking their kids out, then Japan will consider signing.

Until then, no chance. Sorry dads.

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Posted in: Former Yankees pitcher Irabu found dead in LA in apparent suicide See in context

poor guy ... Sounds so lonely at the top. RIP...

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Posted in: Ebizo, Kobayashi have baby girl See in context

announced in the midst of the scandal = Created to create a distraction??

I hope this little girl grows up with better male role models around than her father ...

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Posted in: Cases of emergency patient refusal by hospitals rise to over 16,000 See in context

Its not right, but It is inevitable. And its only going to get worse with the shortage of doctors, the aging population, and the fact that the people in charge of admissions are not those who actually deal with the patients.

We all know that the doctors are not sitting round twiddling their thumbs though. We need more doctors working in big hospitals, instead of working there for a while, and then moving on to their own, very well paying, clinic.

But yea ... it does suck for those who need emergency help. HOWEVER ... are these statistics including all the ba-chans who phone an ambulance for a spilt cup of tea too? We have to look at both ends of the scale, IMO?

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Posted in: Kan, Matsumoto express outrage at massacre in Norway See in context

Outrage seems to be the wrong word .. but I agree that shock and sympathy are definitely called for.

Sending my condolences to the people of norway.

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Posted in: TEPCO scrambles to protect nuclear plant as typhoon nears See in context

okay... don't want to sound flippant about natural disasters. I know they CAN be serious.

However this is not even a typhoon any more. Its been downgraded to a tropical storm. It just seems like this whole "panic" stuff is a bit unnecessary .. thats all ...

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Posted in: TEPCO scrambles to protect nuclear plant as typhoon nears See in context

yea. Okay. No respect to big momma ... but ... where is it then?

They happen for sure, but in the south islands and Kyushu etc. The weather "warnings" we are getting in Kansai are just unnecessary scaremongering.

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Posted in: TEPCO scrambles to protect nuclear plant as typhoon nears See in context

Shouganai = "thats life" / " Just get on with it" / "tough Bananas" / "Oh well" /

Depends on the context really.

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Posted in: TEPCO scrambles to protect nuclear plant as typhoon nears See in context


It will amount to nothing. They always do.

A bit of wind and a bit of rain. Barely worse than rainy season for Tokyo, and the same for Kansai. Over cautious nonsense as usual.

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Posted in: Nighttime or violent TV tied to tots' sleep problems See in context

The study would have been better if it had also looked at how many of the childrens mothers worked instead of performing their dutoes as a mother. Children should not have the telly turned on by parents so they can have a break. You made the kids, you entertain them, ensure they have suitable activities including physical and are in bed a ta decent time. They should be read a bedtime story which parents should do taking turns, if the father has returned from work of course. The children will also require mother to be there when they leave and return from school. Television must never be a substitute for motherly love. The survey states the facts, your children may have nightmares.>

Why do you assume that working mothers use the TV as a babysitter more than a stay at home mother? Again, you are stereotyping ALL working mothers to be these evil career hungry monsters who don't care about their children.

On the contrary, I know for a fact I spend more educational time with my child than my friends who are stay at home mother. We don't have a TV in our house, but we do have ALOT of books which we read daily.

Me and my kid cook dinner together, we go to the park and actually play together after nursery (opposed to the women who I see there everyday who let their kids run wild, while they speak to their friends) and we play together, read stories and take a bath together until she goes to bed. In the morning (before nursery,) we wake up early, play together, get dressed together, make breakfast together, read books, draw pictures.

Sure, our actual "waking hours" together are not as much as a SAHM, but on the other hand, my kids language and development is far advanced for her age. She is completely bilingual, and she loves going to nursery to play with her friends. When I was a Full time SAHM (which I was until about 6 months ago) we had so much time together that we actually got little done. Now, our time is more precious and we spend it alot more wisely.

I cant help but notice that you really have contempt for working mothers. BUT Steve, why do you not care about those mothers who do not work, but put their kids in yochien anyways? In our local govenment yochien, 68% of the mothers are non-working (not even part time).

However they cite "trying for another child" or "stressed by the daily strains of childrearing" as an excuse to get their child into a city nursery.

Why don't you get enraged by these women, instead of picking on the women who actually need to work to stay above the breadline.

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