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Posted in: Japan's dated, smoky cafes unfazed by Starbucks success See in context

Have yet to have a good espresso coffee in either type of establishment in Japan.

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Posted in: Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art forced to cover up 'obscene' photos following complaint See in context

Yawn at it being 2014 and the human body still being offensive.

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Posted in: Teacher's conviction for groping girl on bus overturned by Tokyo court See in context

Alarming how many commenters are pro gender segregated train carriages. That's EXTREME.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabian TV tempts would-be thieves in Tokyo to test Japan’s honesty See in context

As any half-decent person would do.

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Posted in: 4 Japanese beauty fads Westerners just don’t understand See in context

Too many of these articles make it sound like all Japanese women are furiously trying to change race when really I rarely see more than a few Western-inspired fashion choices as evidence of this. Never heard of the tooth thing, and I suspect (aka. hope) that's a serious minority group driving that alarmingly bizarre craze.

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Posted in: George Takei sees gay pride beginning in Japan See in context

Glad to see all the support! As a previously openly gay New Zealander currently living in rural Japan, it's been quite difficult to gauge what kind of response I'd get for revealing my sexuality. I haven't heard a peep from anyone openly gay, and it's sad cause they clearly exist but are unable to live freely. A hideous lifestyle, and I completely understand the fear of not conforming. The conformity part of Japanese culture alone is exceptionally rampant the second you step out of the metropolitan, urban masses and is easily the most problematic part of Japan I encounter daily.

I've decided to keep my sexuality to myself here as I gather enough attention being a foreigner, let alone a "gay foreigner" - now that'd really ruffle some feathers. It's very boring to be endlessly asked about girlfriends and who I think is pretty, and it'd be nice to set them all "straight" (or not so) on the matter, but having never heard anyone so much as reference a gay person - who knows what thoughts they're harboring.

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Posted in: OC Desu: It’s what all the cool kids are typing nowadays See in context

Thought this would be a nice throwback to television show The O.C. and its memorable line "Welcome to the O.C. bitch". Unfortunately not.

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Posted in: Kinki University to change pervy English name See in context

"Kinky" doesn't even mean "perverted" tho.

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Posted in: Five things about male friendship that confuse Japanese women See in context

A refreshing and innovative article. ;)

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Posted in: 'Aizuchi' - The Japanese art of grunting your way through conversations See in context

Well who doesn't nod along or acknowledge their understanding/agreements by making "mmm" or "Hmm" sounds. It's not like you ever just vacantly, unresponsively stare at someone you're speaking with (I hope).

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Posted in: What you'll be wearing next fall-winter See in context

Flawless and iconic. If only people in my neck-of-the-Japanese-woods worse something remotely as fashionable. :'(

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Posted in: No trash See in context

A mess.

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Posted in: Japanese people most like to drink green tea with their chips, incredibly dull survey finds See in context

Mess of a survey.

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Posted in: Japan says it has made no decision on 2015-16 whaling See in context

Literal eyerolls at this article. Those ICR workers need to start job hunting.

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Posted in: Anti-nuclear protest See in context

Messiest anti-nuclear protest I've ever seen. Save the environment by scattering plastic on the land and sea.

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Posted in: 'Game of Thrones' renewed for two more seasons See in context

Yass Game of Thrones is here to STAY and SLAY. I worship.

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Posted in: How do you think the taste of Japanese rice compares with rice produced in other countries? See in context

Meh. Gimme brown rice any day.

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Posted in: Small tsunami waves reach Japan after Chile quake See in context

I understand the concern, but it's a biT dramatic considering how minor the impact of the wave was across the Pacific Ocean in Chile.

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Posted in: Poll on number of male virgins in Japan not all bad news See in context

Mr O's is a heartwarming tale about how weight loss leads to love.

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