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Posted in: Japan complains about Chinese ambassador's comment relating to Taiwan See in context

Hayashi is Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, no longer Foreign Minister.

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Posted in: Gonoi attends White House ceremony for women of courage award See in context

Wow, a misogynistic comments here. The men who attacked her claimed in their defense to be “practicing Judo moves” so I believe there is a lot of character on display here, not only did she not leave the sport which she got abused doing, she has defied the odds and become a professional instructor!

Also, Gonoi has moved on with her life – see the article below. Please think twice before attempting to put this person down she will get back up again and again and again… inspiring multitudes of women to do the same. That is why she is awarded this prize.

“Judo taught me that it’s important to get up and face the opponent no matter how many times I am thrown.


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Posted in: Man arrested for using stun gun on ex-girlfriend, robbing her See in context

The woman, who was not injured, used another smartphone to call 110.

ahhh, the scandalous women that have 2-3 phones. one for "themselves", one for "family" and one for "??????"

A great many people have two phones - one for personal use and one provided by their employer. Hardly scandalous....

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