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Posted in: Man indicted over murder of woman in Saitama in September See in context


It doesn't matter, for anyone but Japanese news media, and, of course, the balding probably somewhat obese Whits guy running this new website.

He probably thinks he's Japanese after living in Japan for a while.

But that's one great way to find out whether or not the person is a complete quack. Bringing up someone's unemployment status if it ain't work related is reserved sad sacks of sh!ts like the author here.

I'm sure his mother, for as long as she lived, regretted not swallowing him when she had the chance.

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Posted in: Yakuza boss arrested over 1998 murder See in context

That many people required to apprehend a 67-year old man? Let's go a bit easier on the spending here, shall we?

@Laguna. Apparently you're not very knowledgeable about the Yakuza. He was the main boss of one of Japan's most notorious criminal organizations, known for having issues with authorities. Perhaps it wasn't the "old man" they were well guarded from, but the thousands of arguably armed underdogs that he has.

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