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Posted in: Japan's 'peace contributor' role tested amid U.S.-Iran tension See in context

Isn’t this what the JMSDF is for? What the point having one of the best fleets there is and not use them. Better put them to good use. We can protect our own ships. No need for this so called coalition which will only bring troubles.

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Posted in: 'Flying motorbike' to debut at Tokyo Motor Show See in context

So another gadget that the public has no access to. Not interested then.

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Posted in: Disputing Koizumi, new industry minister calls no-nuclear power policy 'unrealistic' See in context

I kinda understand. At least he didn’t lie and be realistic. Currently many other countries try to build nuclear powerplants as a solution to supply their nation with cheaper cost while Japan instead is trying to scrap them. Unless the government is made of out money, replacing all of them is impossible. Especially because we are living on islands. Is gonna take decades. Currently the summer heat and winter cold is not something you can just surivive without these power plants supporting the cities. The reason why we even build them as to keep the cost low for the people. Winter and summer season are no joke here. Also the current economy is never gonna allow it. Sure, we all want to dream of such nice country free of nuclear plants,but do they really think we wanted to keep using these dangerous things if we had a choice? We now live in a uncertain era. A economic slowdown, lack of labors, trade spat of the USA, korea nonsense, russia, iran etc.

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Posted in: Man wielding knife and model gun arrested on robbery charge See in context

@Yubari,that is because you ignore the rest and only focus on the few. For the largest city in the world, it will still considered to be the safest even if every day there was a robbery. Because the number of crimes is insignicifant if you considered the size of the population. The aritcle didn’t say is 100% safe,but ranked 1 safest of every city in the world. There is a big difference between the two.

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Posted in: Man shot in Kobe in apparent gang feud See in context

Is true that the yakuza does keep Japan underword in line. You would always have crime groups no matter which country you are in. But the yakuza and the police came to understanding for decades. This is how the police keep control of drugs and weapons from flooding the markets. Also the yakuza usually can catch those that goes out of line faster for the police. Especially criminals who are in the run from the police and are hiding. Yakuza might not be what we want, but they make sure other crime groups doesn’t come to japan. Problem is that the yakuza members are in the thousands and most are everyday workers. So is not exactly easy to solve them even if the police want too. Most of them try to go legit now these days anyway. Trust me, is better to have a familar group under observation then removing them and getting a whole new group who you know nothing about and is unpredicatable.

This thing is literally done in all countries but only Japan does it openly like this. If you think other countries the police and criminal groups doesn’t come to some agreements then you are just being naive and living in a dream world.

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Posted in: Prince Hisahito, parents leave for Bhutan See in context

We don't mind. Is our duty as citizens to show respect for the imperial family. This is Japan.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

Is just precaution. This thing can get pretty intense if some idiots decide to do something after being motivated. You would always have a bad apple in the bunch. All it take is 1 small spark and the whole thing can turn into a forest fire. Human move on emotions. Youncan eve paid others to have them target others.

Remember the violents protest in China a couple yeara ago against Japan? That turn pretty violent quickly.

So travel on your own risk. Why put yourself in potential danger? Better safe then sorry

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Posted in: Kang, Kono trade barbs at ASEAN after Japan's decision to revoke S Korea's preferential trade status See in context


So you are just ignoring the fact that Japan has been selling these materials cheaply to SK for years to improve relationship on the condition that they use it for themselves , but instead these materials are being sold to other nations behind Japan back and is potentially being weaponized. SK is enjoying the benefits and turning a blind eye to the rest of the problems.

If you don't follow the rules, then of course you get kick off the team. Who would want a teammate who is ungrateful and sabotage the mission while still enjoying the achievements.

While many see this move as Japan pressuring SK, the important thing is that it also create a better and tighter control over what can be exported and keep the nation secure. Is not like Japan lied about the problems SK is having with these shipments and also brought proof. The governments is not playing games. They have already foreseen what will or could happen from all this. Which is why SK desperately want to stop it while Japan is determined to move forward.

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 death-row inmates; 1st executions this year See in context

potential introduction of lifetime imprisonment without parole.

I'am not a supporter of this idea. If you intend to waste resources,time and manpower taking care of them for the rest of their lives, you might as well just end them. People might thing it's gonna be a nice retirement home and purposely commit crimes to get imprison. Which already happen a lot these days

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Posted in: Angry South Koreans accuse Japan of 'economic invasion' See in context

Don't these people know shame? Japan just like any other nation in the world have the rights to decide what product enter or leave their country. The fact that SK have been enjoying these benefits the last few years has made them spoiled. Should have kick them off the list long ago. Because clearly they were ungrateful and still holding a lot of grudges inside from the past.

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Posted in: Kang, Kono trade barbs at ASEAN after Japan's decision to revoke S Korea's preferential trade status See in context


Is not about whether Japan is victim or not. Because the new generation of Japan doesn't care anymore what someone did a century ago and doesn't like it if SK keep pointing fingers at them for crimes they don't care about. All the soldiers are dead. For the past century SK has been using the victim card and constantly bully and try to squeeze out as many as benefits as possible. Over the years it only has bolster their arrogance and increase their demand more and more. They enjoy it. Burning flags,holding protests,banning goods and destroying property. Some even put up signs on their stores that we aren't welcome as customers etc. SK is used to release their pent up stress on us while we had been swallowing this nonsense for so many years. This only create more pent up anger in the Japanese citizens over the years.

On a side note. The NK-SK war did more damage to them then Japan ever could. While we spend the last century helping them build up their economy and providing financial aid. But they never mention any of our contribution while they shed tears of joy when NK fed them lies about wanting to be a good neighbor.

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Posted in: Kang, Kono trade barbs at ASEAN after Japan's decision to revoke S Korea's preferential trade status See in context

What is ridiculous is that people still think NK actually ever cared about Japan. NK is SK biggest headache right now and not ours. They are practically neighbors and if anything happen,SK is force to respond along with all the US troops in SK. NK actions is nothing new and is just a everyday nuisance in Japan. All they do is show off and use threats. I have seen natural disasters put up a bigger fight then they ever could. Even this summer is more bothersome then them.

Btw, i am interested to see how SK is gonna counter attack and escalate this whole thing even further. No matter what they decide, is definitely gonna hurt both side even more. All we did was remove their special benefits and they goes crying to the US to intervene while at the same time acting tough on national tv.

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

'Seoul would have to review bilateral security cooperation.

Good luck with that. There was never much cooperation to begin with.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea lawmakers meet to ease row over trade, history See in context

So the boycotting of goods,anti-japan protests and flags burning awhile ago can just be ignored? SK is full of hypocrites. Whatever agreements or promise they made now or in the future, it would just be forgotten or broken later on whenever it suits them. The main reason is the SK government isn't doing anything to pacify all this hatred and going to the core of the problem.

SK being remove from the 'White Country" list is gonna happen. No amount of tantrum or flattery is gonna prevent that. Time to hit back hard.

When both parties are in heated confrontation and have their feelings bottle up, it's best to just let them fight it out till they are exhausted. Each side need to suffer a bit and feel the pain before they can sober up. Then you can have your peace talk.

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Posted in: Concerned citizens criticize Japanese gov't over worsening ties with S Korea See in context

Is more likely this so called petition are from those who had heavily invested in SK and is now suffering because SK is boycotting 'made in japan' goods. Or these so called rational people is just seeking to earn some fame.

The time for holding hands and talking is long over. We have been doing that for over a century and it didn't improve anything. All it did was delaying it and make them more arrogant and demanding. They keep picking fights and at the same time expect us to give them the preferential treatment. Currently SK government is not seeking peace nor want to be allies. They are demanding that their demands are met. Is not that Abe want to cut ties with SK,but instead it is SK that had never cared about the ties between the two countries. They have broken ties several times in the past already and only when it suit them,they would try to mend the ties again. That's no longer a thing we want to see happening again.

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Posted in: Japan's annual eel-eating day hit by high prices See in context

The rise of eel farms has increase in recent years. So are many other aquaculture farms now that catching them is getting a lot harder. Demand will probably keep increasing. This so call rise in prices is a good business opportunity for more people to seek their chances in the farming sector.

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Posted in: Abe apologizes to families of former leprosy patients over discrimination See in context

And here it goes again. No matter what Abe does, there are always haters complaining left and right.

For me it is a good thing Abe had taken the time to do it. Because he didn’t had too.

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Posted in: Japan not considering sending SDF for U.S.-proposed maritime coalition: Suga See in context

Abe won’t send troops no matter what. Currently the government is building a relationship with middle east countries and try to obtain enough future oil reserve for the country. If Abe send troops,it would agitate countries like China and Russia who had been supporting countries in the middle east for years and also make enemies of the middle east who hate the US. After the recent tension with SK, the japan-china relationship instead has improve. So Abe will probably wouldn’t mind to intensify the tension with SK as long the relation is good with China. The SK-Japan recent conflict is a move for both countries to bolster more nationalisms into citizens and secrure more supporters for their governments. Is a good way for both governments to shift the public eyes to outside problems like foreign enemies while they try to tackle internal problems. This move have been use several times already for the last century by both SK and Japan.

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Posted in: J-rock star Miyavi on mission to change Japan's tune on refugees See in context

So now providing financial assistance is considered bribing?? Talk about being ungrateful these days. Let see you find other nations willing to provide any financial assistance for free and spend that much. This is why i don’t support these things. You give them a inch and they want the whole yard. People are no longer satisfied with the things they get.

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Posted in: Two disabled candidates win seats in upper house election See in context

I get everyone must have equal rights and all,but can they even do job at 100%? I hope this is not because voters pity them and allow them to win. Otherwise those who are capable and could do it better had a unfair chance. Ability is important too. This is not some kids part time job they are sighning up for. But I wish them good luck now they have won.

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Posted in: Message for Abe See in context

You know a person has done his job for his country just by looking how many protests there are in other countries. Is just the cost of doing one works in return of seeking benefits for one own country against others. SK can keep hating him while Abe gather more supportings in his own country.

If you are loved by your enemies then you are just doing it wrong or not doing your job. Your enemies usually want one who is soft and easy to push around.

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Posted in: Abe's ruling bloc set for solid upper house win: polls See in context

Many wondered why voters still select the LDP even though scandals are getting revealed left and right while Abe many goals bare no fruits. Answer is simple. Is because at least he tries. He may not have done many great things but at least he want to change stuff and even gotten sick several times running as PM. Problem with why many of his idea's can never get implemented is because of the oppositions constantly are hampering them. A government will always has problems,scandal,setbacks and oppositions attacking at every turn, but Abe governments still tries hard to do the things they promised. And that matters for most of us. Unlike other politicians who promise many things and once get elected immediately abandon them.

The more the opposition paint them in a bad light, the more it proof the LDP is gaining support. Over the years there just aren't any worthy candidates that proof they are capable to tackle Japan problems it is facing. At least Abe government try their best even if there are countless setbacks. We can relate with them because they also making mistakes like every human unlike others who hide their flaws and announce to the world they are perfect and wouldn't do anything wrong if they are selected and think they could do better. Those who had been in office and say they haven't make any mistakes or haven't done anything wrong,only means they haven't done anything worthwhile and is afraid to make new changes. Only those who step forward and tries means something, even if they might face failures.

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Posted in: Abe's ruling bloc set for solid upper house win: polls See in context

This actually had to do with the recent clashes with SK and NK. More and more people now want the country to stand up for themselves and no longer want US troops to intervene. If the neigbors were friendly the public would not had wanted to change anything but all these years show that this is just wishful thinking. The new generation is already sick of it and want to see the nation in a more active role.

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Posted in: S Korean business owners call for boycott of Japanese goods See in context

These idiots probably doesn’t even knows what boycotting Japan goods would even do to them. The thing can go both ways too. So the only thing it would do is cause chaos at both side and help bolster Abe side. They demand a apology and a withdrawel . Which is impossible unless Abe want to lose all his voters. The more hate SK create, the stronger public support in Japan would be for Abe government to counter SK hostile threats. Plus SK economy would suffer way more considered they are lacking a lot more and is a smaller country. They also rely heavily on Japan tourist too. SK cosmetic and idols industry would suffer a huge hit if those idiots delusion really comes true.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea feud deepens with disputed accounts of trade meeting See in context

“A cold reception amd the place resembling a garage”

The korean official is clearly trying to earn sympathy from the public. Like who cares what kind of reception they gotten or in what kind of place the meeting was held? He expect a expensive greeting after all the recent threats? If they really did wanted to negotiate,they would just try to keep things calm and not whine to the media every chance it get. They have been crying a while now to the world as being the victim. SK have been trying to drum up support from the public for a while now while purposely escalating things.

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Posted in: Debate on death penalty not very vigorous 1 year after Aum executions See in context

No system in the world is absolutely 100% foolproof. There would also be a innocents in those numbers. But people only always focus on the bad side of things. If for example 15 horrific criminals that committed crimes enough to warrant death, then having 1 innocent mix into that is still possible. Does that mean to spare one must means to spare all? Personally i can live with these numbers. Reason why we accept this, is mainly because while there is a small chance there could be a some innocent mix in over the years, most others are just humans beyond saving and who have spend there whole life in prison for the things they commited.

Why spend tax money on these people to take care them their whole life? To make them suffer and go crazy in prison? Ever if they ever get out after turning into a old man, the world has change so much that most would just suicide after going into the outside world or commit crimes again to go back to their prisoon life.

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Posted in: Calls for boycott of Japan grow in S Korea as labor row simmers See in context

There is a reason why SK, China and Japan can never get along and move on. Is not only about pride and money. Is also mostly because of politics too. These government need this hatred to keep their country going strong. Each country has their own massive problems. The human mind work very simple. As long there is a scape goat for them to vent, they can ignore most other problems in life. If there is peace, people would spend their mind thinking about other things and that is something government don’t want you too. Without this hostility, people aren’t more motivated to work and strive to improve their economy and military. People will complain about many harsh things happening to them in life if there is no enemy to focus on. SK,China and Japan is using the past as a tool to keep public support on their side.

If SK just move on, the citizens would just vent their frustration on their own government about lack of jobs, poor pays, military service etc. Basically the military sector would die out. So you can’t just say to any of these countries to just move on from all this hatred. Even Japan would then face large protests about removing US troops and cutting down on it’s military and navy forces. Every nation need a enemy if they want to keep developing strong. Is normal and common since ancient time. A nation without a imaginary enemy would just slowly stagnant.

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Posted in: Whale meat fetches 'celebration prices' after Japanese hunt See in context

@3SHENSO, that is because there are still people eating and supporting this practice or at least is interested in trying it but normally doesn’t announce it to the world because are afraid to be criticize by others. Is like when you go interview or ask someone of their view concerning consuming whale meat and 10 out of 10 would say they don’t eat it or dislike it. Is not like many would tell you the truth anyway. While is true not many like it, there are still many who are interested in it. For me it just meat. You don’t want to consume it every day, but maybe once in a year it’s not bad. Just for special occasion or something. People just doesn’t want to see this practice be forgotten.

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Posted in: Abe criticized for calling elevator installation at Osaka Castle 'mistake' See in context

People sure like to nitpick every word Abe say. His political enemies are sure having fun twisting his words and make it into something more than it originally intended. Like most people, Abe probably doesn’t even remember what he had say as a joke back then. These days no one can say a joke to lighten the mood without having offending someone from somewhere.

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Posted in: After 31 years, Japan resumes commercial whaling See in context

Truthfully i also didn't find the meat to be that good. Whether we eat them or not, i don't really care. But i guess i kinda support the notion of finally leaving that IWC. Was a great waste of time and money anyway. Plus like many others, we don't like to be told what we can do or not. Is not others people decision to make to forbid us from hunting whales if we want. We have been doing it for so long. This is why most of us in Japan tolerate it even though many of us doesn't eat the meat anymore. Mainly because outsiders start telling us what we can do or cannot do and many of the population doesn't like that. Public opinion matters too and mainly is because whale environmental groups are really dislike by many. They treat animals more important than humans and are taking many things too far sometimes. There was one time when i read on a Sea Shepherd article that they were celebrating about the Tsunami that happen in 2011 and say is divine judgement because we hunt whales. After that, i really didn't care about them anymore. Hunting whales, we now see it as tradition.

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