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Hiro comments

Posted in: Ohtani homers twice as Dodgers sweep Braves with 5-1 win See in context

Ohtani was the one who got ripped off with such a measly contract. While the Dodger is gonna make a fortune out of him by the end of the decade if Shohei keep performing this great in his matches.

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Posted in: Ohtani passes Hideki Matsui for most MLB homers by a Japanese-born player See in context

Nice. But Dodger current pitching line-up is still horrible and nowhere in sight from recovering. Hope their pitchers gonna recover fast enough in the coming days. Still have over a hundred of games to go. So let's take it nice and slow while careful to not overdo it.

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Posted in: Court orders ex-head of illegal manga site to pay ¥1.7 bil See in context

unconvinced and no regrets for piracy and destroying countless creators and authors to earn a honest living. Now there is a man who is unrepentant and still doesn’t understand what he done isn’t right.

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Posted in: Ohtani hits 175th home run in Major League Baseball, tying Matsui for most by a Japanese-born player See in context

Except for Shohei, the second worse off person from this whole fiasco is probably Ippei wife. Divorce papers is definitely being filed.

Thank goodness Shohei is now married. Let his wife keep a eye on the money instead of a friend. Friendship and money never mix well. No matter how good you are with each other, temptation is one of the biggest pitfall.

Also Shohei should switch bank and never have someone else open the account for him. That bank security is horrible lax.

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Posted in: Japan accepts record-high 303 refugees in 2023 See in context

Serious, why anyone would want to seek asylum in a island country is beyond me. Can't they seek asylum with their neighbors? The obstacles they face are not only language but also culture difference, religion and different rules. Is extremely difficult to make a living here as a refugee. That is the truth. Japan just don't have the infrastructure or the system set up to allow refugees to able to start a decent life here. Europe i heard is pretty welcoming with their accommodations. Or the land of the free the US with their multi culture. How about Finland or Sweden? The so called world happiest countries?

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

Guess this is what happen when you rely on someone else to handle all your English related affairs including banking and buying stuff for you and at the same time ask them to translate everything into Japanese to you without even knowing if what they say is true or not

if you cannot read the bank document, then is best not to rely on just your interpretor alone. Who knows what they tell you about your account. But i guess is also understanding if he only wanted to rely on 1 person to handle his more private affairs and doesn’t want others to know too much of his more sensitive matters. And is not like he could run to the bank or a lawyer to have them translate for him every time the bank send a notice or a document and needed his approval for something. Is why you have a interpretor in the first place.

Sigh, being betrayed by the person you most trust in helping you translate is gonna hit him hard.

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Posted in: MLB launches investigation into Ohtani interpreter Mizuhara over gambling reports See in context

After getting married.

Wife: let me keep order on your financials instead of relying on your interpreter. You even let the guy buy grocery for you. Also stop staying in a hotel and find a house already.

a few days later…..

wife: why are your financials all over the place?! Who is even managing your accounts and doing all the bank paperworks?!

Othani: my best friend who i trusted for years to handle all things English related in the US. Is there something wrong?

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Posted in: Ohtani's interpreter fired by Dodgers after allegations of illegal gambling, theft from star See in context

7 years of friendship only for your closest friend to have a gambling problem.

Yeah, once that kind of addiction hit you, it will completely ruin you.

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Posted in: Ohtani's wife seen with him in photo on social media See in context

Congratz to the couple. It's good they reveal it.

It's great because i love it when baseball players bring their family along to watch the games. Especially the kids to see the sport.

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Posted in: Ramadan in Gaza begins with hunger worsening and no end to war in sight See in context

I though HAMAS gladly welcome the war while acting boastful every year by shooting rocket barrages to their neighbor. We haven't heard of any large missiles barrage anymore aiming at Israel. The last large scale 5000+ missiles they shot toward Israel last year must have really depleted their stock.

Don't be fooled. They are finally on their last leg.The Gaza Strip is just 25 miles long. There is no way HAMAS can last. No more deals or compromises . Just finish the job and in 2-3 more months they will run out of holes to hide. Let's see how they can keep fighting without ammunition and supplies inside their tunnels.

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Posted in: Atom bomb survivor hopes Japan debut of 'Oppenheimer' will stoke nuclear debate See in context

Let's hope the debut actually is about giving us some freaking nukes too when all our neighbors already has them while threaten every year to release them on us whenever they throw a tantrum.

Even India has them. Why can we?

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Posted in: Despite 'Barbie,' women not getting movie lead roles: report See in context

Let's be real. People enjoyed Ken way more than her in the movie. The success of the film was not only thanks to her. Is crazy how every news outlet is trying to make it seems like she was the one who made that film such a big hit.

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Posted in: 2 suspects arrested for assaulting man on Sendai street See in context


What you expect them to say? Who would willingly confess and want to go to prison? Everyone knows that the best thing to do when you get arrested is to deny everything until your lawyer arrive. As long you have been drinking and say you can't remember, even if they have concrete proof it's you, you still get a lighter sentence than you saying you clearly remember how it went down.

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Posted in: Booth where Tony Soprano may have been whacked – or not – sells for a cool $82,000 See in context

I can buy a whole restaurant with dozens of the same booth with that money.

The booth is not even sigh by James Gandolfini. I think this is just pure PR stunt and actually they paid this out of their own pocket.

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Posted in: Trump backs Israel's war in Gaza See in context

Let's be realistic here. Anyone ever think any truce will ever last? The problem will still exist and the conflict will continue the moment the weaker side manage to recover and regroup. So might as well just get it over and see it through the end. Like it or not, this war will end with one side losing. Half measures ain't gonna cut it anymore.

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Posted in: Ukraine claims it has sunk another Russian warship in Black Sea using high-tech sea drones See in context

Keep fighting. I like to see just how much resources Russia can burn through before wrecking their entire economy for lands they have no use for. Ships are good targets, but the real important targets are the oil depots and refineries. Send more long range missiles to Ukraine.

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Posted in: S Korea's Yoon calls for unification, on holiday marking 1919 uprising against colonial Japan See in context

It's not doable. Even if you forget about all the elite classes and system there for a bit, but just them being China neighbor alone, they would never allow the unification to happen. North Korea has always been seen as a buffer zone for them. One of the biggest problem is also North Korea huge stockpiles of weapons. Not only nukes, but also chemical and biological weapons. The first thing is to even secure them all over the country.

The Kim dynasty might be horrifying, but they are also the only thing keeping all the horrors of lethal weapons of their nation in check. Even the US would never wish for the Kim family to lose control and create a huge nightmare for the US. Especially when you have over 1 million of active soldiers that will suddenly lose their purpose and job.

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Posted in: Baseball superstar Ohtani announces marriage to Japanese woman See in context

Likely a childhood sweetheart then. It should be a girl he knows before he ever left the country to play baseball abroad. Considering he was so focus on baseball and barely ever had time to interact with anything else, she definitely had to be someone he knew from even very young and likely lived near his home.

Anyway, congratulation. Having a wife to support you is a big boast.

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Posted in: Number of births in Japan hits record low in 2023 See in context

Less resource consumption is not bad for a overpopulated world. True, there are many problems too that comes with reduce population, but overall is still a good thing both for nature and the country.

Now if only the government is willing to reduce taxes too and give out lands for more space to live in. Then we truly would have a paradise. The taxes is what killing us. Stop spending so much of our tax money on foreign policies and charity and instead focus more on the population. Best is to also to remove the US troops which are clearly freeloading at this point. Not to mention the pollution and noises they cause.

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Posted in: S Korean doctors walk out to protest government policy, causing many surgery cancellations See in context

Increase the number of medical students

I don't see how that is even suppose to be a issue. Firstly don't the youth get to decide on their own if they want to enter med school or not? They pay for the fees too no less. Is a costly study and require hard work.

If they can succeed and has the potential to become future doctors, then how can they be denied to try this career path? The current doctors fear of losing their income? What kind of selfish reasoning is that? Is a free market. Can you even forbid someone to go after their dreams?

I feel these doctors are just only thinking of themselves and fear they lose their high earnings by trying to keep the number of available doctors low.

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Posted in: Japan's ¥43 trillion defense spending plan still insufficient: experts See in context

What a waste of money. Any idea how much money we will able to spare to do other things if the military wasn't needed or least downsize to around 100k people. There is really not a lot of need for them. Quantity over quality at this point. Instead focus more on the drones industry. Is definitely a interesting market in the modern world.

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Posted in: Private sector participation key for Japan's support for Ukraine See in context

Asking the private sector to go in is to ask them to go bankrupt. The government do know that Ukraine is losing right? Not just soldiers but also territories. So how anyone think they will ever see these investment back again is pretty nuts. The Ukraine government barely able to keep themselves afloat. A missile or drone can easily destroy all the hard work for any company.

If you look at it, the only business that will strive in this kind of environment is the defense sector.

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Posted in: Number of American workers hitting picket lines more than doubled last year See in context

This is the nr1 nation in gdp people. Profits has never been as high they say. Not sure how that matter when large amount of the population is working on minimum wages and living off on tips.

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Posted in: No lunch in Ginza: Japan's scaled-back spending helps push economy to recession See in context

This is too funny. The media trying to shift the whole thing as if it's about spending. Ranking doesn't matter anymore. Because it's already a miracle the GPD is even this high for a population which numbers has been dropping and aging. We went from 127million to 123million in a few years. How you expect the gdp to even still rise? Forget the gdp and instead focus to balance out the people daily lives. Is crazy that the people is still obsess with what number you are on that stupid ranking list. Look at those at the very top. USA has the highest, but does it reflect the population is doing excellent? The wealth gap there is horrifying and how many times were institutions on the brink of collapse?

In fact i am glad the gdp is dropping. Maybe this will finally stop the government from constantly wasting our tax money by donating it all over the world and finally instead learn how to live a bit more cost saving.

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Posted in: Man given prison term for food prank at beef bowl diner in Osaka See in context

Clearly they made a example out of him to deter any future copy cats. He did cause a massive shock wave across the catering industry. Due to one person idiocy to get views, they cause so much inconvenience for those who visited these places to eat. Sucks to be him but in the end one has to answer for his own actions when caught.

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Posted in: NATO leader says Trump puts allies at risk by saying Russia can 'do whatever the hell they want’ See in context

To be fair, is kinda ridiculous that the US had to pay 16% of NATO funds while also contributing troops and supplies to help them defend the borders when US is not even nowhere near that region. Some countries within NATO is not only not pulling their weight, but also intentionally trying to benefit from it.

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Posted in: Anger over Messi's absence in Hong Kong game spreads: Argentina friendly in mainland China canceled See in context

I am not even surprise at this point. This kind of pettiness has been repeatedly done countless times in the past whenever they felt they weren't given the proper respect. They know how to use money to make a point.

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Posted in: IMF urges BOJ to wind down monetary easing, gradually raise rates See in context

Wait, the same IMF who is hated by most of the world countries? Sure, let's listen to the very organization that basically run countless countries to the ground.

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Posted in: Netanyahu rejects Hamas' demands, complicating efforts toward cease-fire and hostage-release deal See in context

Cease fire deals are idiotic. It just one side seeking time to regroup, gather their strength and try to recover for future retaliation. Just finish it already no matter the cost. By the end of the year, let's see just how many tunnel they still think they can hide in with no resupply of weapons and reinforcement.

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Posted in: Osaka trying not to feel 'a failure' after early Abu Dhabi exit See in context

Everyone around me is telling me I'm playing well and I don't think I'm playing bad

I am pretty sure everyone was straight up lying to her face then. Because she is not playing well. Sometimes is better to tell the person the truth that they suck and just tell them to try harder. Because those around her telling she is doing well, clearly it's not helping her.

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