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Posted in: Bear killed after wandering around Ishikawa shopping mall for more than 13 hours See in context

@cleo, when i said overpopulation i meant in a region and not the numbers themselves. In every territory there is a balance. once a certain animal is too overpopulated in that area, it can cause major damages. This is why most countries have anually hunting seasons. In order to reduce the numbers in a certain region. And bears because of their size has no natural predators meaning once no one is controlling the numbers, it will become very bad.

A fores that can only feed 10 bears can not have twice the numbers or it wil cause problems for the other animals. Which is why you don't just release animals into the wild and disrupt the ecology system in that area.

Why you think some countries allow certain animals to be hunted during the hunting season?

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Posted in: Bear killed after wandering around Ishikawa shopping mall for more than 13 hours See in context

@egads man!, no because bears are not in low numbers in Japan. It won't do you any good for just capturing them and release them into the woods.

Overpopulation cause bears to seek more food in places where humans goes. Japan always had problems with keeping the bears numbers low in order to balance things out. Not many hunters would actively go hunt bears. Espeically because the gun laws are so strict and is expense to keep.

Every year a lot of people get injured by bears and even some killed. The number of bears has to been kept in control otherwise if there isn't enough food in their territory, they would goes elsewhere.

Plus the hunters can good use of every bit of the bear. Meat, pelt, claws etc.

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Posted in: Man suspected of fatally stabbing woman in car found dead in hotel room See in context

@AdamP75, the police aren't personal bodyguards. They cant do nothing until they had proof he broke the law. At best they could pay him a visit and give him a warning. He is protected by his rights as a citizens and cops can't touch them even if they want too. Cops aren't allow to play favorites and had to take both sides into accounts. And if the police had to play couple counseling every time someone reported something, then they would be running 24/7 everyday nonstop. Who would expect him to kill her anyway and then commit suicide? Don't blame the police for everything. She should not have get involve with a married man.

Plus we don't even know what happen between them. For all we know she was blackmailing him with the affair and causing him to break. Don't judge the police every time when things goes wrong. Too bias.

We don't know what happen between these two, so all we can do is pray for them and hope the families effected by this will recover.

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Posted in: 567 cartons of cigarettes bought with 120 smartphones leads to man's arrest See in context

@ooly, not everyone likes their job nor want to play police and manage other people lives. Some just work, get paid, go home and do the same thing the next day. What a client does is none of their concern. Even if the worker get suspicious, it's not demanded of him to report it. It is possible they might have call in the police just in case but most shops workers normally ignore it and wouldn't not report these kind of things. Especially part-time workers. Some even prefer to avoid the trouble by ignoring it.

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Posted in: BTS management agency stock doubles on market debut See in context

The image of men in the modern era. I wonder what the people 50 years ago would think how we turn out. Probably not this.

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Posted in: Peru opens Machu Picchu for a single Japanese tourist after almost 7-month wait See in context

7 months stuck in a foreign country. The hotel bill alone is definitely is not something i want to see when i check out. Must be hard covering your expenses for that long.

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Posted in: 17 killed in Thailand bus-train collision See in context

@Nihonview, in the picture on the other side it kinda look like there is a fence there and grass. Doesn't seems to be suitable to cross.

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Posted in: 17 killed in Thailand bus-train collision See in context

Why would a bus even get on the train tracks?! Is that driver nuts or suicidal?

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Posted in: Judo in Japan getting unwanted scrutiny for abuse, violence See in context

That's it? 121 death in like 3 decades? And they called this dangeous sport? I crack my ribs doing karate when i was young. All sport has injuries and accidents can happen.

This is just nitpicking.

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Posted in: Trump makes 1st public appearance since his hospital stay See in context

I like that smirk of his. Is like giving the finger to the virus and the democrats that they have nothing on him.

The spanish flu killed more anyway. We humanity will prevail as we always had.

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Posted in: Yakuza officially banned from giving kids Halloween candy See in context

@P. Smith, you have any idea how many gangs or criminal organizations are clearly know to the police but the nations merely keeps a eye on them? The US alone has more than 30.000 active gangs.

The yakuza is tolerated in japan because they keep foreign influence out. This is why there is no triads, mafia, cartels etc able to operate in Japan. They also keep the underworld in check. You try to remove them and see just how fast others will soon take it's place and also less organize. Police can't charge them without proper proof or creating complete chaos in society. The only way is slowly corner them and contain it. You can't eradicate evil, but you can try to contain and even make use of it.

Is better to have dangerous dog that guard the gates than have many stray dogs coming in. You have any idea how many crimnal organizations there are in Asia alone that are itching to enter the Japan untapped market? At least the yakuza and the police has a understanding. And if they cross the line, the police will just break a few legs as a warning. You don't put a useful fighting dog out.

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Posted in: Trump to resume campaigning with White House event, Florida rally See in context

These comments are pretty funny. People would do anything to drag the man down. First everyone was mocking him for getting it, then they all say the doctors are lying and he isn't getting better and now that he is really fine, they instead blaming him for being a super spreader and that he had hidden his infection for a long time.

My god, this is just ridiculous. I bet so many are gonna rip their hair out once he wins again. Trump 2020! Stay strong mr president. Covid has nothing on you.

Hit me with the dislikes.

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Posted in: 2 remote Hokkaido towns seek to host nuclear waste storage site See in context

I don't know why you readers are even complaining about. Be glad they are taking it. Because these things are still waiting to be properly stored. As if delaying and refusing to store it anywhere in Japan is gonna solve the problem. It's not going anywhere soon unless someone made the sacrifice and take it. This decisions wasn't easy for them to make. You should instead thank and bless them for this sacrifice.

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Posted in: Japan may ease rules on 'morning-after pill' next year: report See in context

I think is a good thing they finally did this but i think is also better if they put a age restriction on the sales of these things.

Firstly teens might be a little too excited to seek it out if it can be easily bought. Curiosity is in our nature.

Last thing we want is have a huge spike in STD because the item becoming too popular. People might get too comfortable taking these because of how convenient it is.

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Posted in: Mail delivery robot makes test run on Tokyo road See in context

Let's hope people don't try to hurt or kidnap our future mailman.

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Posted in: All participants in Osaka 'orgy party' arrested See in context

What i don't get is how he got arrested. Clearly someone involve must have reported it to the police and had even show proof that the event actually did take place. Without proof they can't charge him. Are the police really that dedicated that they comb through websites to track down these kind of paid sex cases?

Well, he did actually committed a crime. He operated a brothel basically without obtaining a license or pay tax.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly higher after Trump stops stimulus talks See in context

@JJ Jetplane, so you actually truly believe the US actually had 30 million people really unemployed and had been sitting their asses for more than a half year with no work? Any student who just come out of college or high school can tell you he is unemployed. Or some part timers or immigrants. There use to be countless immigrant workers working as cheap labor and then return home through the border before the pandemic happen too. I never said they don't need it, Everyone need cash these days, but a bailout is never the answer. A bailout will only worsen the country condition.

The democrats believe that handing cash to the poor is the solution but the replucians instead prefer they work for it. What Trump need to do is use the money to create jobs and work for everyone. Produce. Maybe reduce taxes and fees for certain services. But never handouts. Most will probably be putting it in the bank and claim how smart they are.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly higher after Trump stops stimulus talks See in context

Let's be honest. Most are filing unemployment papers intentionally trying to get those bailout cash to live it out. While the government are depserately hoping the work force start to get back on it's feet and work again, people actually want to ride the virus out in their home. Doing another bailout will instead increase the danger of more unemployment if you ask me. US is a country which heavily depend on too many immigrants and refugees work force seeking a better life and money to send home. Cheap labors is what sustain it. Doing a another bailout is actually posing a dangerous risk to a lot of people. Because business owners would then think is alright to close their shops, fired the employees and ride out the pandemic. Then they would easily hired by some cheap laborers later in a few months. Many scams and corruption would also happen. Money will disappear through all the cracks like water leaking out of a container.

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Posted in: Prepare to get rid of 'hanko,' Suga tells government See in context

hmmmm, seems to be good news for many people, but it also will face some backlash from others i think. Because a few months ago i think there was a article which mention some business owners specialize in the hanko industry are now struggling to survive. Plus some of the hardcore nationals who wishes to preserve the culture might resist. But i am glad Suga is making changes. If he does the work well, he might actually really get re-elected next year.

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Posted in: Trump returns to White House See in context

The man is tough. Usually most are out of comission for weeks. This man is a machine. Virus got nothing on him. If Biden was in his place, he would probably be totally out of the race. Trump 2020!

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Posted in: Tokyo schoolboy assumes other boy’s identity for 6 months; attends classes at top high school See in context

Not bad. Any guy would not be willing to go to a all-boy school and waste away the best years of their lives. Bet the parents are gonna be happy about this. But he earned my respect.

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Posted in: How does Japan feel about a Hollywood adaptation of the 'Yakuza' video game series? See in context

Anyone who play this game series before will tell you is impossible for Hollywood to adapt. The mixture of action, comedic and sheer ridiculousness of the story would make it a nightmare for any actor to portray the role well enough.

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Posted in: Hiking restrictions result in huge drop in climbing accidents, with zero on Mt Fuji See in context

@P. Smith, you do know that Mount Fuji is famous for tourists around the world right? Climbers are from everywhere and not only Japanese.

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to fatally abusing girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter See in context

Hah, good luck with not pleading guilty. 99% conviction rate has it's use too. The court will eat him alive.

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Posted in: N Korea abductees' families urge Suga for help; North says issue resolved See in context

Those abductees probably already dead long ago and the north might not even be able to locate the remains, which is why they are refusing to bring this issue up again. If North Korea is not willing to negotiate, chances are high they don't have them in hands. Usually if North Korea has something good in hand, they can make deals or trade for something in return. The fact that they actually choose to be hostile even though there is such a great opportunity to repair relationship, already told us what the fate of those abductees are.

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Posted in: Gov't urges people struggling to cope to seek help after death of actress See in context

This has probably to do with culture. Every society has problems. In the west the people seeks solace in medicine(drugs), alcohol, violence and any other kind of pleasure to escape the pain and reality of the world. But here in Japan we kept the stress build up inside and keep letting it build up to it's breaking point until we seek death. Probably because we had always been glorifying death since ancient time. We believe it's a release to our trouble and finally be allow to rest. Because we never see death as something shameful or something to be feared at. Is a way to escape. This is our society biggest root problem. Is gonna be hard to change the mindset of the people, because this kind of practice had already been engrain into our very being since ancient times. Government got their work cut out for them.

In some countries seeking death bring shame and suffering upon the family but here to seek death is more like a way out for many. So we had embrace this thinking for centuries. This is also why when sometimes a family member seek death, they will also involve the rest of the family and try taking them too. The government probably cannot help the old generation anymore and prevent this kind of thinking but maybe the government can still save the new generation by providing more information and help programs early on in the education system.

Some people think is because of the work culture. But i think is more than that. For me i never had problem with the working. I am proud to be working using every bit of my life and contribute to the nation. i feel meaning in it. But if i lose my job, that will bring the biggest failure and shame to my life.

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Posted in: China's foreign minister may visit Japan as early as October See in context

Suga had no choice. just like South korea had no choice. Both these nation economy rely heavily on China. Not even counting on the workers and factories station there in China, the tourism alone provided by China also contain a huge numbers. Then you have the export and import goods. Anyone who had experience the 2012 anti-japan riots should know how dangerous it was. A lot of destruction and many Japanese citizens were harmed in China.

Even if we try to slowly decouple and move away from China, it will take years before Japanese companies can find a proper new place and set up a supply chain in other nations. The only option of the Suga government is to buy time and keep the peace in order to stabilize the already wreck economy.

The West might able to weather the storm but not for Korea or Japan. We are the closest and we will be the first one to bear the brunt. Politicians in the west might have the support of the public when it comes to china, but here in Japan the citizens do not have much view concerning what is happening in china. Most rather have stability and Suga in order to win their votes has to take this route.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to sexually assault woman walking home See in context

@Do the hustle, a population of 126 million people and this is the only site that report daily news in English. So what you expect? Crimes are gonna happen.

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Posted in: Seoul says N Korea fatally shoots S Korean gov't official, then burns his body See in context

Moon is still living in denial. Everyone knows exactly what kind of country North Korea is, but he still keep thinking they can become bff. A country that actively breaks every human right there is and constantly use threats and violence to get what they want. Moon is blinded by the untape resources that North Korea could offer him., that he willingly want to work with a dictator. While at the same time he keep trying to stoke hatred for Japan about something that happen almost a century ago.

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Posted in: Aichi man gets 10 months in prison for saying 'I got corona' in electronics store; loses appeal See in context

I doubt he even truly spend 10 months in there. Some good behavior and some community service will knock it down pretty quickly. I think he was set as a example in order to make sure other people don't follow his behavior. If he get punish lightly, more will behave like him because they think the punishment isn't too harsh.

Imagine what the people involve must have felt when he spout that kind of lies in front of them. People can be badly effected and shocked that they might have gotten infected.

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