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Posted in: 'Bad buzz': How video games learnt to embrace diversity See in context

I think the media largely misunderstood what players actually think and want. "Give us a playable female character" has nothing to do with diversity or representation, but we just find it funny to play as a female character. If these journalists actually bother to do research, then they will know a lot of players likes to choose to play as hot female characters in games because it's funny. And trust me, some of the weird things they do, it' probably not what the media had in mind for adding a playable female character.

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Posted in: Myanmar shadow gov't urges Japan to step up pressure on junta See in context

NUG aren't the ones doing the fighting. Instead they are living abroad on other countries dime. As if they could ever be given power even if the different group of rebels manage to overthrow the current government. If they care so much, they should return and fight for their countries like the other rebel groups.

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Posted in: Hawaii may allow Japanese tourists to pass border checks from Japan See in context

I rather go to Okinawa. Haiwaii is extremely overpriced.

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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context

Some of the comments have zero sympathy.

First off, who would run away from their beloved home country to escape media coverage? Run to live somewhere else? People speak as if it's that easy to abandon everything you know.

And obvious he had to announce the divorce so the media would stop bugging her and her family. Is possible she and her family is suffering huge mental stress from the whole thing and he wanted her to be happy and not suffer in such a marriage. Just wish them both well.

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Posted in: Unification Church tells branches to manage assets based on law See in context

To even call that a religion is already pretty stretching it. They called their leader the messiah. Biggest scam ever. This is cancer that should have never been allowed to be called a church.

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Posted in: Hamas frees two Israeli women as U.S. advises delaying ground war to allow talks on captives See in context

Don't. Only reason why they are now being so obedient to release hostages is to buy themselves time.

Keep it up and leave zero ground for them to fall back to. If there is any moment where it is the time to wipe Hamas once and for all, then it's now. Just keep the pressure on,otherwise you will still be stuck with this threat for the next few decades. Negotiations has always led to give the enemy time to breath and gather it's strength.

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Posted in: Japan to give $10 million in emergency aid to Gaza Strip civilians See in context

Money wasted away. Hamas will just confiscate the supplies for their own needs. While Israel will just bomb anything worth something into pieces.

Just stay out of other countries business already.

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Posted in: Driver arrested after elderly woman dragged by van for 2 km in Tokyo See in context

if he truly didn’t see or hear anything, then he has eyesight problem plus hearing problems if he can’t hear the noise of the van dragging something along

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Posted in: Sapporo's 2030 Winter Olympics bid dropped; 2034 or later targeted See in context

Only idiots would still want to host these olympics anyway. Just money down the drain and after the games, the infrastructure builds are completely neglected due to funds.

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Posted in: Israel blockades Gaza Strip as Hamas threatens to kill captives See in context

If you act like wild animals, then expect to be permanent put down like one. No amount of justification is enough for what they did to those at the festival. They want a war, then they got one. Israel this time is not gonna negotiate, but instead go full war mode. Expect the coming days to be brutal.

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Posted in: Israel vows 'mighty vengeance' after surprise attack by Hamas kills hundreds See in context

This is what happen when you make truce and allow your enemy to bid their time. They will just regroup, become stronger, gather intel and hit you when you the least expect it to happen.

This time Israel better finish the job and no more compromises. It was a freaking stupid idea of Israel to withdrew from Gaza in 2005. Abandoning the territory came back to bite them hard till this day. This only bolster the enemies ego and look what happen now.

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Posted in: Mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin presumed dead after plane crash outside Moscow See in context

A failed coup leader and a terrible war criminal who created the most infamous mercenaries organization that committed countless crimes. Whether he did dies or not, this person doesn’t deserve any good ending anyway.

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Posted in: Angels say they won't trade Shohei Ohtani. He celebrates with a 1-hitter, 2 homers See in context

Wish i was there to watch that match. Must have been a incredible day for the fans.

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Posted in: Decapitated head found at Sapporo home of arrested doctor, daughter See in context

Not sure why the hell the daughter kept the head for weeks. She could have easily buried it somewhere in the mountain or burn it. Why would anyone keep evidence of their crime around? As a trophy? If so, then that girl has some serious mental issue.

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Posted in: Ohtani homers in last home game before trade deadline as Angels beat Pirates 7-5 See in context


Do not trade him. Let him finish the season with his teammates. They have been together for 6years. Is obvious allowing him to finish the season is the right proper farewell than actually trading him like some kind of disposable product. Whether they win or lose, at least they still gave it their all.

Trading him now would be completely disastrous when the team need him the most. Especially considering so many of the team members are on the injured list. Ohtani would not want to just abandon them like this and be force to be traded.

Think about the whole mess too with his interpreter Ippei not able to accompany him while he had to rush to move in with a whole new team and adjust in the middle of the season. The whole player rooster of his new team would also have to be completely modify to suit his 2 way play.

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Posted in: Angels finish sweep of Yankees with 7-3 win See in context

They actually walked him 4 times instead of pitching against him. Yankees seems afraid Ohtani get more home runs. This is pretty sly because they can protect Judge home run record this way if Ohtani can't hit home runs in matches.

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Posted in: Swedish embassy in Baghdad stormed; set alight over Koran burning See in context

So much violence and hatred over a book. Religion suppose to teach men being humble, have kindness and co-exist with one another.

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Posted in: Visitors to Japan top 2 million in June for first time since COVID See in context

We are still missing the large amount of chinese tourists. But other than that, things practically has return to normal.

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Posted in: Astros rally for 9-8 win over Angels despite Ohtani's MLB-best 34th homer See in context

Finally tied with his last year record of 34 home rune. Insane how he keep getting better and better as a batter.

Shame the Angels team has so many injuries. Mike Trout out of the game is truly a huge blow to the team morals. So many members are on the injury list and won't be back until aug. Even Othani finger is still injured and preventing him from properly pitching.

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Posted in: Japan's willingness to engage with N Korea may test allies' patience See in context

They are our neighbor while US is half a world away. Is obvious we want a peaceful and trading relation with NK if it is possible. There is really no need for hostility and these constant launches of missiles if we just stop bothering how they run the country. It ain't our business anyway.

We tried the West way for more than 7 decades. Didn't do much except raising the tension. Maybe is time we just try something else.

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Posted in: Animator Miyazaki's first film in a decade released See in context

Movie was very beautiful

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Posted in: Record-breaking heat bakes U.S., Europe, China See in context

Maybe this is the reason why people don't want children anymore. To not let the next generation see the planet die and suffer along with it.

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Posted in: Hollywood actors join screenwriters in historic industry-stopping strike as contract talks collapse See in context

Terrible timing to go on strike. Some of these companies aren't doing so good at the moment and are currently trying to cut cost. Having a strike will only worsen the situation and give the companies a reason to get rid of their work forces.

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Posted in: North Korea launches long-range ballistic missile toward sea See in context

The people here are more worried about the rain season floods more than we would ever about these silly missiles.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man subdued by police in Tochigi Prefecture dies in hospital See in context

Don't care how he died. He was wielding a lethal weapon wondering around and had attack the police officers. I wouldn't fault the officers even if they had shot him.

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Posted in: Woman, boyfriend arrested after leaving her 1-year-old son in car while they played pachinko See in context

Is always pachinko. Almost every time is the parents leaving the kid in the car while going to play pachinko. Worst gambling addiction that should be tackled.

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Posted in: Italian painting looted by Nazi Germany in 1940 found in Japan See in context

The painting had been missing since the 1990s after it was put up for auction in New York, according to Poland's Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

So it wasn't really missing. Is was sold fair and square in a New York auction no less. Shouldn't they at least reimburse the owner? He did pay for it in a auction

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Posted in: Longest home run of Ohtani's career not enough as Diamondbacks defeat Angels 6-2 See in context

As long he is on the Angel team, we ain't ever gonna see him at the playoffs.

Will we ever see Ohtani win a world series? Or will he suffer the same fate as Trout?

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Posted in: Third night of riots in France after police shoot teen; officer charged See in context

So this is what peak human civilization look like for a modern free country.

What's up with all the violence and rioting?

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