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Communist China too is untrustworthy just like the USA.

If Beijing is better than America then President Xi should shock the world and give diplomatic recognition to ROC-TW!

My bad! President Xi Jin Ping will certainly win The Nobel Peace Prize ahead of President Trump!

That masterpiece gambit will make China great again and will make Washington look foolish with their Abrams and Stinger show.

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Posted in: U.S. State Dept approves potential $2.2 bil arms sale to Taiwan See in context

"We have repeatedly emphasized to the U.S. to fully understand the extremely sensitive and damaging nature of their decision to sell arms to Taiwan, and abide by the One China principle," foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said.

ASEAN , the EU and the rest of the world now knows that America was the mastermind of the traitorous plot to diplomatically isolate independent ROC-TW when it choose to embrace the communist People's Republic of Renminbi instead of siding with democratic ally Tpe.

Therefore it was this very treacherous deed by America that created the very grave China threat to 'friend ' and 'ally' Tpe.

It means this China threat was 'Made in America, Made by America' so to prove to OZ, Japan, ASEAN and the EU that Washington is a reliable and loyal ally then it must undo its mistake by simply re-establishing full diplomatic recognition to 'friend' and 'ally' ROC-TW!

The USA needs to be good ole America again to be trusted and be great again.

Selling Abrams and Stingers is not enough.

It was America that broke diplomatic ties to ROC-TW and kicked it out of the UN therefore it is Washington's burden and duty to make ROC-TW diplomatically be recognized by the world again by simply re-establishing diplomatic ties to the democratic Island Republic.

Peps who are shifting the blame and burden to TW for America's sin and error are da-kine sounding like the official spokesperson of Beijing!

How can America be trusted and great again if Washington still needs Beijing's approval for any Abrams and Stingers fire sale to ROC-TW?

The whole world is watching!

Especially the UK's Ambassador to the US! Lol!

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Posted in: U.S. State Dept approves potential $2.2 bil arms sale to Taiwan See in context

The announcement is likely to anger Beijing, which views Taiwan as part of its territory and has previously expressed "serious concerns" about the possible sale.

The ROC-TW is already an independent country.

They have their very own national flag, national currency , laws based on freedom and democracy and directly elects their very own president!

For those dudes who said that the ROC-TW is not an independent country that must declare independence first please try entering the democratic Island Republic without your passport or visas and see what happens,

The US is selling those Abrams and Stingers to TW precisely because they have their own ARMED FORCES .

The only countries that mutually insists that the ROC-TW is not an independent country are the authoritarian China and her silent partner good ole America .

So it's not a total mystery that some da-kine American dudes also echoes their government's official stance and declaration in connivance with their silent partner Beijing that TW-ROC is not an independent country.

Hence every sale of any arms to Tpe. by Washington must first go through Beijing for president Xi's approval.

My bad! Does this mean that the USA is already a province of China?

Therefore , America must declare independence from the PROC first before it can be great again!

To prove the USA's independence from China it must first re-establish full diplomatic ties to 'friend' and 'ally' TW rather than just sell Abrams and Stingers at such exorbitant price tags!

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Posted in: U.S. State Dept approves potential $2.2 bil arms sale to Taiwan See in context

What a big scam!

The USA was the mastermind and the first country to cut-off , ISIS-style the official diplomatic neck that once connected 'friend ' and 'ally' America and the ROC-TW in favor of Washington's silent partner---(Surprise!)--- communist and authoritarian Peoples Republic of China!

The USA then forced Japan to also abandon TW and give diplomatic recognition to Beijing exclusively to obey the American authored 'One China Policy ' .

Tokyo was saddened but had no choice then but to follow the American order pronto!

This Judas-like act by Uncle Sam totally weakened and devastated TW and strengthened China tremendously.

Now the USA is selling TW mere Abram Tanks and Stinger missiles but refused to even sell the upgraded 66 Kennedy era F-16V's!

That savvy fleecing is only adding more insult to the mortal injury inflicted by the USA to ROC-TW.

What the people of TW really needs is the re-establishment of da-kine formal diplomatic ties amongst the two democratic 'friends'and 'allies' .

No more , no less.

Washington must show the whole world that the USA is a genuine and loyal friend and ally of freedom loving Taipei for America to be great again!

God Bless America and democratic ROC-TW!

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Posted in: U.S. State Dept approves potential $2.2 bil arms sale to Taiwan See in context

Neither would alter the "basic military balance in the region," according to DSCA.

The statement above is proof that this sale is just a big charade!

What American 'ally' and 'friend' ROC-TW truly needs is plain and simple respect in the form of solid diplomatic recognition.

An American Embassy in Taipei is what TW-ROC needs to make the communist PROC give parity to the democratic Island Republic.

Shame on America for stabbing the Taiwanese peps at the back!

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Posted in: Warship shows Japan's determination to expand military role See in context

PM Shinzo Abe should let the Izumo visit Taiwan too!

President English Tsai is his very dear friend and Taipei is the one and only very Japanese friendly country in the whole world!

Visiting Subic while avoiding Kaohsiung is very Un-Japanese and negates the very stated purpose of the PH and VN sojourn.

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Posted in: U.S. explores requiring domestic 5G equipment to be made outside China See in context

Why can't the USA built their own?

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Posted in: Raptors beat Warriors in Game 6 to capture first NBA title See in context

The real MVP: Danny Green .

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Posted in: Pilot vertigo likely cause of F-35A jet crash See in context

It's so easy to blame the pilot who now can't defend himself.

What about equipment vertigo ?

Something is smelly here.

Very unfair to the pilot and his family.

Seems like some people protecting reputation of da-kine powerful arms industry.

Be that as it may let's all pray for the pilot whose name wasn't even mentioned in this article.

Instead we saw PM Abe's name instead.


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Posted in: U.S., Russia blame each other as ships nearly collide in Asia See in context

Both ships were under control that's why at least more than 150 feet separated them.

Looks like both captains were enjoying the show.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia didn't meddle in U.S. election, despite evidence See in context

Trump won because many Americans don't like savvy Hillary 'Libya' Clinton.

Blamin the Russians for her defeat is a big gross insult to the da-kine intelligence of the American voters.

If 'Back to the Future' Bernie Saunders or Michael Rubens Bloomberg were the candidate or some say even Al Gore or Michael Jordan, then the result could have been different.

And then people will blame Shaq and Charles instead of the Russians!

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Posted in: Australian police raid public broadcaster amid media crackdown See in context

Imagine if this were Japan, the Philippines and China raiding their media?

CNN would be repeating the news every 15 minutes!

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Posted in: U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions See in context



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Posted in: U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions See in context

It is nice to see Taiwan mentioned as one of the many claimant countries by Idrees Ali and Reuters .

However it would be better if Taiwan will always be stated as a country in every article by Idrees Ali and Reuters and by the USA and not just in times when they are itching to seemingly confront China in their now exposed game of charade in the South China Sea.

The people of Taiwan would certainly be thankful to Idrees Ali and Reuters and America if they would also mention TAIWAN as a sovereign country officially called the Republic of China in the hallowed halls of the UN, WHO , Capitol Hill, the White House and even the Great Hall of the People and not just mentioned in passing and used as a tool in the sea lanes of the South China Sea.

America will only be da-kine Great Again if President Trump rightly calls Taiwan a sovereign country and re-establish full diplomatic ties ASAP!

The USS Preble can then dock at Kao Hsiung after their so-called FONOPS in Scarborough Shoal and experience surfin with the da-kine Super Han Tide!

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for killing lover’s husband See in context

Pure witchcraft.

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Posted in: Abe ready to meet N Korea's Kim unconditionally: media See in context

About time Japan steps out of da-kine Washington's shadow!

Bravo Abe! Banzai!

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Posted in: Japan drops 'maximum pressure' on N Korea from diplomatic book See in context

It's high time for PM Shinzo Abe to have a summit with Chairman Kim Jung Un ASAP!

If Presidents Star, Moon , Dragon and Bear can do it then why can't the Rising Sun?

Shinzo should go to Pyongyang and offer humanitarian and economic aid instead of acting like a third stringer in a da-kind Western movie waitin for scraps.

Abe should also shed his USA First Star Spangled cape and replace it with the Hinomaru so that he will catapult Japan back to the top of the international stage and himself become a great statesman that history will forever praise and give respect.

What a way to start the New Era Of 'Reiwa' !


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Posted in: Okinawans urge Japanese, U.S. gov'ts to scrap base relocation plan See in context

The sacred voices of the Ryukyuan people have clearly spoken.

It's time for democratic USA and Japan to stop making Okinawa the Crimea of Asia.

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Posted in: Okinawa base referendum may deal nationwide electoral blow to Abe See in context


The people of Okinawa clearly wants the giant military bases out.

The USA's insisting on stayin and building more bases against the Ryukyuan people's will is now legally called da-kine forced colonization thus makin Okinawa truly the Crimea of Asia.

All of the above are true statements.

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Posted in: Okinawa base referendum may deal nationwide electoral blow to Abe See in context

The people of Okinawa have clearly spoken.

Let's see if the democratic USA and Japan will respect the sacred will of the Ryukyuans and stop making Okinawa the Crimea of Asia.

After all , democratic states must listen and obey the sacred voice of the people.

Abe must follow and be guided by John Wycliffe wise words ... “The Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People”

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Posted in: Japan steps up claim to S Korea-held islets at 'Takeshima Day' event amid tensions See in context

This is a bad move by Abe.

Will only bring back images of rampaging sadistic Imperial Japanese troops again.

Black Déjà vu.

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Posted in: Sanders says he's running for president in 2020 See in context

I think Mr. Back to the Future Prexy candidate have a chance against Donald the 'brute' wonder boy!

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Posted in: Trump says he's in no rush to see North Korea give up nuclear weapons program See in context

Trump will be having a second date with 'Rocket Man' Kim but still steadfastly refusing to even have some selfies with the democratic lady president Tsai English of the ROC-Taiwan?

What is happening to America?

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Posted in: Amid trade talks, China urges U.S. to respect its right to develop, prosper See in context

How can it be possible that the USA will respect China's right to develop and prosper?

It has all been America First!

Look how Washington betrayed 'ally' and democratic ROC-TW by being the author and the first to cut-off diplomatic ties with Taipei then brutishly ordering Japan and the rest of the world to follow the leader!

President Xi should not be so naive and not repeat PM Shinzo Abe's mistake which he learned the hard way .

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Posted in: Kono criticizes S Korean assembly speaker's emperor remarks See in context

It's about time Japan reviews diplomatic ties with South Korea.

Tokyo should correct what is a totally flawed and misdirected foreign policy.

Seoul will never be satisfied in what the Abe government will be doin or not doin about the unfortunate 'Comfort Women' issue yet Nippon still have diplomatic ties with SK.

On the other hand Shinzo still adamantly refuses to have diplomatic relations with the ROC-TW which is undeniably the most Nippon friendly country in this universe.

The ROC even didn't ask for war reparations and freed all the Imperial Japanese troops yet Japan instead choose to embrace SK and discarded TW.

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Posted in: Japan reluctantly supports U.S. exit from arms pact with Russia See in context

It's about time to make Washington the capital of Japan.

Tokyo should be state capital.

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Posted in: Policewoman resigns after being reprimanded for moonlighting in sex industry See in context

Just reprimanded instead of being fired and dishonorably discharged?

I bet she's still working for the government now.

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Posted in: Subaru probe finds 3,400 staff were not paid for overtime work See in context

Time to buy Korean cars.

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Posted in: S Korea accuses Japanese patrol plane of threatening flight See in context

What's the purpose of Japanese planes flying low over ally South Korean ships?

Drop candles?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. activists demand halt in building U.S. base off Okinawa See in context

Robert should also take this case directly to the American people and ask them to stop their government from making Okinawa the Crimea of Asia.

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