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Posted in: Abe asks Xi to lift Japan food import ban following nuclear disaster See in context

What rights does Abe have to force people to buy Fukushima foods?

Shinzo should be reminded of the principles surrounding supply and demand.

One just can't force surplus supply on anyone when their is no demand for the Fuku food products.

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Posted in: China, Japan show united front on 'free and fair' trade See in context

PM Abe finally made a Japan First Policy independent from the whims and caprices of the virtual colonizer.


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Posted in: China, Japan pledge to forge closer ties at 'historic turning point' See in context

If Abe and Xi can make Japan and China good neighbors then the Golden Asian Century will commence in earnest.

The region will then enjoy lasting peace and unbridled economic prosperity.

Both men will then win the Nobel Peace Prize ahead of Donald Trump and Robert De Niro.

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Posted in: China says its army will act 'at any cost' to prevent Taiwan split See in context

President Xi should learn a lesson or two from Chairman Kim Jung Un.

He should treat ROC-TW like Kim is treating South Korea now.

If Xi insists on just using might and economic blackmail against Taipei then a certain country can then manipulate this scenario to support a Republic of Taiwan.

President Xi can outflank and extinguish this plot by giving diplomatic parity to the ROC so that both sides of the Taiwan Strait can then have a dialogue among equals just like Seoul and Pyongyang.

The Nobel Peace Prize will then unanimously belong to Xi instead of ending in Donald's collection.

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Posted in: Abe vows to bolster ties with China See in context

Hoping this Abe-Xi powwow will stop the DOW from falling further .

If both leaders wants to be remembered in history as brilliant statesmen who are peace makers then they must invite ROC president English Tsai to unconditionally join the summit.

I'm sure the Asian Markets will hit the stars and will let the three leaders win the Nobel Peace Prize ahead of Trump and Kim!

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Posted in: Abe pursues China thaw as U.S-Beijing ties in deep freeze See in context

What is this foolishness PM Abe?

This is clearly a clear treachery to the most Japan-friendly nation in the whole universe, Taiwan, ROC!

Why not have a state visit to Taipei first?

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Posted in: Abe renews pledge to change constitution to include reference to SDF See in context

PM Abe should change the title JSDF to Armed Forces of Japan and strengthen it so that Tokyo can then have an independent foreign policy that is free from the tentacles of Uncle Sam.

In this way Nippon can then help super Japan-friendly Taiwan by re-establishing full diplomatic ties with the ROC .

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine chief priest to quit for criticizing emperor See in context

JimizoToday  04:07 pm JST

Abe could give this old crackpot a job in his cabinet.

Hahaha! That's seriously very funny!

Does that mean Suga is in hot seat?

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Posted in: China tells Pompeo U.S. must stop 'misguided actions' See in context

The charade continues for silent partners US and China.

Pompeo should be ashamed of himself shaking hands with communist Kim and Wang while totally snubbing Present English Tsai of democratic ROC -TW.

Mickey should also go to Taipei and update President Tsai about the NK denuclearization process and change the name AIT to American Embassy in Taiwan.

Otherwise the neighboring nations would be questioning America's roughshod treatment of an ally like TW in contrast to Washington's super cozy almost romantic grand VIP treatment of dictators.

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Posted in: Pompeo ends 4th N Korea trip after meeting Kim See in context


Thank you for your time and sorry for the delay in answering. Those typhoons made us so busy lately.

The ROC-TW is already an independent country. I need a passport when entering their beautiful island so all USA can do to rectify the wrong done is just re-establish diplomatic relations.

It would be odd for a country that is already independent to declare independence again.

China would moan and groan and act hysterical for a while but it won't go to war since there is no name change, only a real status quo where both sides are now equal in the eyes of great USA and thus the world.

Making the ROC declare a name change to ROT will only make Ilha Formosa into another made by USA Ilha Aleppo.

But the people of TW are no longer so trusting of America . They are asking why Trump can have a summit with a dictator but avoids their democratically elected President English Tsai like the plague.

US banned President Tsai from doing selfies even outside the WH, Capitol Hill, the UN and the Pentagon.

So how can Taiwanese trust the backstabbing Uncle Sam again?

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Posted in: Pompeo ends 4th N Korea trip after meeting Kim See in context


Pompeo's next stop must be Taiwan.

If not then all the world will ask why USA betrayed fellow democracy TW in favor of communist bullies like China and NK?

Right, Pompeo?

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Posted in: Japan's military joins historic Philippine war games See in context


But... why was Taiwanese troops not invited?

They faced the greatest threat from China.

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Posted in: IOC says boxing's Olympic future in jeopardy See in context

Ninja Warrior debuting in the Tokyo Olympics will be a very welcome news than boxing!

I bet it'll be a top crowd drawer than boxing too !

Clean fun and a test of skills, strength, stamina and technique minus the physical violence and possible brain damage or even death that is associated with boxing!

C'mom PM Abe! Make Ninja Warrior at least an exhibition Olympic event!

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Posted in: Amid trade spat, U.S.-China military tensions soar See in context

China will never sell their US securities . Why?

Because USA and China are secret partners!

Want proof?

Just look at ROC-TW whom 'ally' Beijington , oops, Washington discarded in favor of guess who?

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Posted in: China asks Japan to push back Abe's visit See in context

Might be cancelled altogether?

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Posted in: Amid trade spat, U.S.-China military tensions soar See in context

A mere difference of 40 meters!


The USS Decatur and the Chinese destroyer must be top-of-the-line ships that can cruise the high seas like a sports car with ABS , Lane Departure Control and EYESIGHT and other assorted collusion avoiding mechanisms!

Either that or it was fully choreographed !

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Posted in: Amid trade spat, U.S.-China military tensions soar See in context

The USS Decatur and the Chinese destroyer must be top-of-the-line ships that can cruise the seas like a sports car with ABS and EYESIGHT and other assorted collusion avoiding mechanisms!

Eithet that or it was fully choreographed !

It's rare and suspicious when people announced that those pics were legitimate when nobody but nobody was questioning it in the first place!

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Posted in: Amid trade spat, U.S.-China military tensions soar See in context

What a big charade these FONOPS are?

Why did the USA allowed China to build these 'islands' uninterrupted in a span of 5 years?

It's funny these actions are only suspiciously happenin after the islands were completed as if there was a cue!

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Posted in: Japan, Britain hold joint military exercise in central Japan See in context

"America, Japan and the UK: A New Three-Way Alliance against China?

Three of the most powerful democracies in the world are teaming up."

In reality these three so-called powerful democracies teamed-up to isolate fellow democracy ROC-TW in favor of (Guess who?) authoritarian Beijing!

What a charade these sneaky so-called stalwarts of democracy are playin!

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Posted in: Japan, Britain hold joint military exercise in central Japan See in context

This is clearly aimed at China, no doubt!

Two former colonizers , the UK and Japan joining forces to prepare for another 'Opium War' and 'Nanjing Massacre ' respectively!

If President Xi doesn't get this clear message which is in tandem with the American ships sailin within a mile off those new islands then the encirclement will happen sooner than later.

Tokyo and London should repeat such exercises in fellow democracy and ally ROC-TW which incidentally is the one and only genuinely most Nippon-friendly nation on the universe.

Yet decent Japanese wonder why PM Abe still adamantly refuses to re-establish diplomatic relations with the very friendly neighbor in favor of a very unfriendly one!

Is Abe encouraging Nippon to abandon the much fabled Bushido Spirit heritage in favor of Hollywood morals and ethics?

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Posted in: Japan's largest warship visits Sri Lanka See in context

Many Taiwanese are wondering why Nippon is sending the Kaga to faraway Sri Lanka while religiously skirting the most Nippon-friendly ROC-TW which is also threatened by China?

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Posted in: China cancels security talks with United States See in context

The whole world is asking why Defense Secretary Jim Mattis always goes to Beijing for talks while persistently snubbing 'ally' and fellow democracy ROC-TW?

Hoping PM Abe would not follow such a mysterious policy and go visit the one and only Nippon-friendly nation on this planet Earth!

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Posted in: China cancels security talks with United States See in context

Time for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to head to Taipei for security talks with ally ROC-TW instead of wastin his time in Beijing!

He should also urge PM Shinzo Abe to follow suit!

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Posted in: Denny Tamaki, critic of U.S. bases, elected Okinawa governor See in context

Congratulations Denny!

It's high time to liberate the Ryukyus aka ' The Crimea of Asia' from the virtual colonizer who have turned beautiful and pristine Okinawa into a giant Island of Military Bases!

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

Bill WrightToday  10:03 pm JST

In ref to Mr Hiro S Nobumasa, sir the U.S. did not nor will they ever forsake the ROC-TW. We have a commitment to their sovereignty as well as all members of SEATO!

Hello Sir Bill, SEATO already belongs to the dustbins of history just like the first and greatest treachery of the century that was committed by an ally to an ally !

That started when the USA masterminded the isolation of TW by in fact being the first to throw the stone that broke the diplomatic relations with the 'ally ' that then cascaded to TW suffering massive hemorrhagic diplomatic loss in favor of (Guess who?) the PRC!

Hoping PM Shinzo Abe would correct the mortal sin Japan committed against the most Nippon-friendly nation on this galaxy and order the Kaga to visit the ROC-TW instead of docking at VN the PH and participating in this so-called FONOPS charade !

I'm sure this Bushido move will make PM Abe the greatest Statesman of the century!

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

There is a difference between containment and outright aggression. An act like this would more than likely lead to full diplomatic withdraws from both sides and would be devastating for the region and would be the spark that ignites the powder keg! 

This display of force is a way of showing Beijing that just because it build a few islands and says it owns all the sea around it, doesn't mean is actually true! Small displays using a few, albeit, advanced and powerful ships, contains the issue and put the ball firmly in Chinas court. It knows if it attacks it will be seen as the aggressor internationally and while it will protest it knows realistically it is powerless to do anything as even they don't want to rock the boat. No pun intended!


If small uninhibited islands are more important than the democratic nation called the ROC-TW , then it's really just a show !

A charade!

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Posted in: Japanese carrier joins drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea See in context

The Argyll, Kaga and its destroyer escort the Inazuma should proceed to Kao Hsiung harbor and upon arrival , PM Abe and PM May should simultaneously announce the re-establishment of full diplomatic ties with the ROC-TW!

This is a more meaningful show of support for a fellow democracy that is bullied left and right by Beijing since the day the USA treacherously switched sides with the PRC.

Otherwise all these so-called FONOPS are just a charade!

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Posted in: Relatives of Mt Ontake eruption victims visit summit for 1st time See in context

"This is a beautiful mountain. Why didn't he bring us here when he was alive?" asked Horiguchi's 69-year-old wife Hiroko.

Prayin that personally witnessing the beauty of the mountain that their loved ones so adored in life somewhat eases their pain a notch lower.

Hoping that the families will find solace that Mt. Ontake have already embraced their kins into her bosom and turned herself into their memorial monument where friends and families can visit anytime.

As a lover of mountains myself, the statement above makes me not only teary eyed but almost choking in my tears.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka gets hero's welcome in Japan See in context

Naomi clearly and cleanly won !

The scores itself disproved any type of controversy.

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Posted in: Putin tells Abe he hopes for peace treaty this year See in context

Putin is passing the ball to Abe way , way beyond the 3-point line!

He knows pretty well that Shinzo is not Steph Curry so maybe Vlad is really aiming for joint development of the islands.

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