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Posted in: Japanese tourist dies climbing Australia's Uluru monolith See in context

Rest in peace fellow traveler.

Dropping off your toolbox in such a sacred place you love will make your family and friends find some solace.

While I respect the wishes of the Anangu people to ban climbing Uluru I do believe that the sacred monolith , just like Mount Everest , really belongs to all mankind .

It would be better therefore if our Anangu brethrens can formulate a way to regulate the climb and make it a holy pilgrimage experience for all.

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Posted in: Toyota gives Corolla a sporty makeover to draw young drivers See in context

Hope it won't be using old Takata airbags.

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Posted in: City in Saitama to invite ads on manhole covers for extra revenue See in context

Darn! Just make sure da-kine advertisements won't divert the attention of drivers.

That would be dangerous!

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Posted in: Father, 6-year-old son still missing on Niigata mountain after 8 days See in context

Let us all pray that  Koya Shibuya and his son will soon be found safe and sound.

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Posted in: Takata whistleblower says air bag warning was 'ethical duty' See in context

Tina dear, the question is why are these car companies still using da-kine Takata airbags in their cars for sale in Asia but not for USA?

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Posted in: Asia a bright spot for Japanese carmakers facing sluggish U.S. sales See in context

Some Japanese brands are dumping their cars with Takata airbags to Asia while those bound for the USA are equipped with airbags from another company.

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Posted in: Asia a bright spot for Japanese carmakers facing sluggish U.S. sales See in context

It's now wiser to buy Korean cars rather than the Japanese brands that are still using Takata airbags .

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Posted in: Takata whistleblower says air bag warning was 'ethical duty' See in context

Meanwhile ethical Subaru, Toyota, Mazda , etc are still using Takata airbags on their new cars.

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Posted in: Abe welcomes N Korea decision to freeze nuclear, missile tests See in context

The train had already departed and already too late for Abe to make any significant contributions regarding North Korea.

Just like his handling of the American occupation of Okinawa, Shinzo always follows what the Amerikans says rather than listen to his own Ryukyuan brethrens.

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Posted in: Reports of measles rising in Okinawa; damage to tourism feared See in context

Overblown and hyped to the hilt!

Measles is a benign dse that can easily be cured by grandma's soup.

No need to take medication. In fact giving aspirin could do more da-Kine damage !

However I wish the colonizer Americans will be so fearful that they would leave Okinawa for good!

Man, that would be nice!

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Posted in: China to allow full foreign auto ownership See in context

I think President Donald Trump is a genius !

He is so unlike previous presidents that is good only in rhetorics but so sterile in action.

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Posted in: Names of 3,607 members of WWII Unit 731 to be released See in context

It would be interesting to find out if these members were also enshrined at da-kine Yasukuni Shrine.

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Posted in: Putin sits back as U.S., allies strike Syria See in context

USA, UK and France wants to impress the world by ganging-up on a war battered Syria they accused of using nerve gas, so they call Putin to ask for his permission and told him when and where their missiles will strike .

So Vladimir told them not to kill any Syrian or Russian on the ground or else...!

Well, the rest is da-kine history!

Mission accomplished for ---Putin!

Very impressive indeed!

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Posted in: Western powers say air strikes crippled Syria chemical weapons program See in context

This missile strikes by Western powers on Syria over an alleged use of chemical weapons even before the UN Chemical weapons fact finding team arrived at the site sets a very dangerous precedent.

These three Western powers should be held responsible if other states will imitate what they did and start firing missiles over an alleged but still unverified act.

This also means the UN is already irrelevant .

I bet many will now follow what Kim Jung Un did for protecting his country .

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Posted in: Japan voices support for U.S.-led strikes against Syria See in context

Shinzo is clueless.

The only person who should show support for the US, UK and French violation of Syrian sovereignty should be Kim Jung Un.

Heck , Kim must be happy that NK have them da-kine nuclear missiles and the attack on Damascus must have reinforced his will to maintain and improve their systems.

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Posted in: FBI raids offices, home of Trump's personal lawyer See in context

What is basically happening in the USA now is a da-kine soft coup d' etat against President Trump .

God Bless America!

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Posted in: Abe to visit U.S. April 17-20 to discuss N Korea with Trump See in context

Suga should look at the picture and clearly see a Trumpy predator facial expression pouncing on a simple smilin Shinzo!

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Posted in: Abe to visit U.S. April 17-20 to discuss N Korea with Trump See in context

Psssst... Shinzo, please go to Pyongyang instead and talk to Kim directly!

Trump and USA have been pulling your legs lately and you still doesn't realize?

You should declare and practice a Nippon First Policy STAT!

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Posted in: Turkey says France could become target for backing Syria Kurds See in context

The UN and the ICC are both impotent when it comes to Tukiyes invasion of Syria resulting to the killings of Kurdish women and children.

The ICC in particular Miss Fatouh only preys on poor countries like Myanmar and the Philippines.

Heck, the UN can't even do anything about da-kine sexual harassment allegations pointed at the direction of its very own Dr. Luiz Loures by no less than three female UN employees!

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Posted in: Abe fears U.S.-N Korea talks will omit Japan security concerns See in context

Abe had the chance to be the first to meet with Kim when Trump was still calling Jung Un 'Rocket Man' but Shinzo had no 'Japan First ' policy and instead stayed behind America's shadow.

Dear Prime Minister should not feign surprise if Trumpy of course will practice his election slogan 'America First ' policy and let jester Rocket Man be a real Rocket Man!

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Posted in: LDP to urge gov't to possess capability to strike enemy bases See in context

Trying to spoil the Trump-Kim meeting?

Abe should fire the people who made this advice!

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Posted in: Lawsuits accuse automakers of faulty Takata air bags, recall delays See in context

These Takata - Automaker's tag team is more dangerous than North Korea.

They sell products that kills not only their 'valued ' customers but also their families and friends .

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Posted in: Japan to explore possibility of Abe having summit with N Korea's Kim See in context

Too late the hero! Almost half of the cake is gone!

It's high time for Shinzo to jettison his America First Policy and diligently start a Japan and Okinawa First Policy STAT!

The latest snub by the USA, SK and NK in their Olympics secret peace talks where Tokyo was not even aware should serve as a wake up call.

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Posted in: Trump says he is prepared to meet N Korea's Kim See in context

... and the Nobel Peace Prize winners are !

Abe and Obama!

Salute to Trump for being so practical despite being POTUS!

Time Man of the year for sure!

Hands down for da-kine Peace Prize too!

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Posted in: Trump says he is prepared to meet N Korea's Kim See in context

Abe had the chance to have direct talks with Kim several months ago but opted to put American interests firsts ahead of Japan's so Tokyo is now awkwardly stranded alone .

Shinzo had the chance to rise as a great world statesman and lift Nippon back to the top of the world stage but instead acted like a puppy on a leash.

It would have been a good feeling to have a headline then that said ' Abe in direct talks with Kim and announced that the Gangnam fan agrees to have talks with President Trump'.

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Posted in: Japan wary of N Korea's summit agreement with South, overtures to U.S. See in context

Is Abe more worried about this peace summit than Kim lobbing missiles over Japan?

If Shinzo had the guts to have an independent foreign policy and took the initiative to have direct talks with NK and commenced with humanitarian aid then Nippon could have been back as a leader in the world stage.

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Posted in: N Korea makes 'agreement' with S Korea after historic meeting See in context

Good! Now we can expect Kim Jung Un doin the Gangnam style with Trump and Moon making Abe so jealous!

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Posted in: Philippines' Duterte to skip regional summit in Australia See in context

If DTE and Hun Sen are thugs that should be arrested for the alleged crimes against humanity and mass murders then the ICC should arrest first all the leaders of the West led by Dubya that invaded IRAQ under a pretense that Saddam possessed WMD which like the 'sneak attack' propaganda was a lie.

As a result of the brutal invasion of Iraq, hundreds of thousands of innocent women, children and the elderly were killed.

That invasion and destruction of a sovereign nation with the resultant mass murder is the mother of all crimes against humanity in present memory.

Sure, the ICC can put Asian leaders like DTE and Hun Sen to trial and maybe to prison stat, but the whole humanity will be wondering why Bush, Sir John Major, Brian Mulroney and the rest of the Western Coaltion leaders are still seating pretty and free.

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Posted in: China to hike defense budget by 8.1% in 2018 See in context

Any country increasing their defense spending as they deem fit is their own business.

China with its mega billions invested in their One Belt/Road project would not be so trigger happy with its military or their country would time travel back to the 'Opium War' stage.

Japan's military is very strong and disciplined and what is needed is to totally replace the Colonizer Constitution with a new and real Japanese Constitution.

This is the only way for Japan to be a respectable and truly independent country again .

A Japan that will have an independent foreign policy free from colonizer control.

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Posted in: China to hike defense budget by 8.1% in 2018 See in context

The Soviet -era antique Liaoning aircraft carrier is 60 years behind the sleek and new stealth generation Izumo aircraft carrier.

The cutting edge and futuristic technology of the Izumo would make the Liaoning look like a leaky dinghy in a friendly race .

Maybe the Liaoning is a match for the Akagi?

So it's no wonder why China has to spend more to improve her obsolete navy which a Japanese defense ministry official estimated can all be sunk in the first fourteen hours of battle.

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