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Posted in: Filipino man arrested over murder of Japanese student in 2004 See in context

Hope he gets punished to the fullest extent of the law... I'm hoping the death penalty personally!

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Posted in: Toward rebuilding democracy, Japan is at a crossroads See in context

Well hopefully with the influx of foreign workers to help uphold the social infrastructure of the nation, things will become more democratized... More equal... More transparent.

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Posted in: Man arrested for rape 11 days after release from prison for same offense See in context

It's time they physically or chemically castrated these perverts. Along with mental health help

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Posted in: Japan says S Korean claim over radar lock-on baseless; breaks off defense talks See in context

SK pretty much declared war on Japan with that lock on. they are denying this and still being hostile about it pretty much says they cannot be trusted. Cut off all diplomatic, commercial, and relations to them. Nullify all treaties and build bases on those islands SK is trying to steal from Japan. They could have avoided all this if they would have just acknowledged their mistake, punished the personnel that authorized the lock.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

Even as a flight risk, I think the concessions he offered should be taken into consideration by the courts. Ankle monitor, his stocks, and a promise not to leave the country. That's pretty reasonable for a non felony charges. If still wary and doubtful, the courts can post guards at his apartment, restrict visitors/calls, and social media.

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Posted in: Father pleads guilty to beating 8-year-old son to death See in context

All this over a rabbit? I don't think so... It's been going on for a while... Hope he gets what's coming to him...

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Posted in: Russian jets collide over Sea of Japan; 2 dead, 1 missing See in context

Condolences to the family and friends of these servicemen but then again, if the Russians would quit running these practice invasion runs into Japanese territories in the guise of self defense.... This could have been avoided...

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Posted in: Lavrov asks why Japan only country in world that can't accept results of World War II See in context

Russia has the gaw to make comment like this? The ones who don't honor treaties, and like a common thief stealss the islands right before the end of the war? they certainly did not fight for it... But then again, you can never all Russia to do the right thing... They never have done anything right.

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Posted in: Yasukuni protesters from Hong Kong to face trespassing charges See in context

Gee I wonder what would have happened if Japanese prettiest did the same thing in China? Get arrested on espionage charges? Get capital punishment?

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Posted in: Japan releases video of alleged radar lock-on by S Korean warship See in context

Well, next time a Korean plane gets near Japanese ships or territories... The Japanese SDF should lock on to their ships and planes...

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Posted in: Families of detained Yasukuni Shrine protesters seek China's help See in context

Gee we already know how foreigners would be treated in China for doing the same thing... That crime plus espionage charges

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Posted in: Chinese basketball fans shock with Nanjing massacre death chant See in context

Well, we now know it's own citizens use the massacre on each other in China... Such blantant display of disgusting behavior...

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Posted in: Actress Yoshiko Mita’s son gets suspended sentence after 4th arrest for using stimulant drugs See in context

I hope they charge him to the fullest extent of the law. The frequency of repeat arrests pretty much tells you he is taking advantage of the celebrity status his mother has afforded him. He nor she is not above the law or of a privileged class to get special considerations that it's on normal citizens are afforded.

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Posted in: U.S. military declares five missing Marines dead after crash off Japan's coast See in context

What is it with the US military? Why can't they keep their craft in the air? With all that training, they should be the best of the best... No wonder their military costs 10 times as all others combined...

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Posted in: S Korea's top court orders 2nd Japanese company to compensate forced laborers See in context

Those companies should just pay the folks! Get it over with and let history be just that, history.

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Posted in: IOC chief calls Tokyo 'best-prepared' city for Olympics See in context

As for planning and execution of projects, it's on timely scheduled target. Shoddy construction? Not possible in Tokyo and it's building requirements.... Maybe people here should research their concerns before making comment.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

...quite amenable of the efforts of these guys but sure does seem to concentrated in their efforts obit on the Japanese...there are other European countries and ethnic groups that hunt whales and they get a free pass?...sounds pretty racist to me.

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Posted in: Quakes strike off Okinawa, Hokkaido See in context

...rather take a lot of these little ones than the big one...

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Posted in: Talking medicine: Mayumi Sawada opens doors to Japanese healthcare See in context

Funny I had nothing but first class service for my medical issues in Japan while i was there...the doctors were pretty through and easy to talk to. And very affordable...even the surgical procedure I had was almost a tenth of what it would have cost here in the states.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

Yaaaaay! Good for you! its about time some of the close-minded xenophobic "native" japanese started to accept and realize that multiculturalism is here to stay...and ever expanding in the future...without these "haafu" individuals and foreigners, how does japan expect to fulfill the need of its aging population? and its social system?

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Posted in: Charlotte Kate Fox relishing new challenges on TV or stage See in context

...i like people who loves challenges and she is one of those people who could have done anything in the world (with her credentials and experience) and she decided to go all the way to japan and work on a tv series on japanese national television?...incredible! I think people should give this show an chance and watch it!...

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Posted in: Becky in hot water over rumored affair See in context

...i hope she sues the hell out of that two timing guy...

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Posted in: Distrust between South Korea, Japan sky high: poll See in context

...so Japan needs to apologize every time south Korea deems it so at their discretion? No they apologized in the 90s...no more is needed...

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Posted in: YouTube prankster on the run after police issue arrest warrant See in context

...the police may not be able to do anything but if I can get my hands on him...

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Posted in: Write or type? Recruiter lays into laziness of young Japanese job hunters See in context

...why in this day would anyone hand write a resume? what company still uses hand written forms? and how do they stay in business with that sort of waste?...i'd rather have a productive worker who is computer literate and business savvy...a person with great handwriting is a bonus but not critical in this modern age...

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Posted in: Having a bawl: Sumo wrestlers grapple with cry-babies See in context

Awww nice story... And no sumo wrestler or baby was harmed lol.

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Posted in: Dengue fever strikes 2 models in Yoyogi Park See in context

...and why do they not have weekly spraying? here where i live in florida, we have a county bug truck spraying almost every week up and down our roads...

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Posted in: 1 killed, 6 injured after man drives car on sidewalk at Ikebukuro Station See in context

... kind of like the herbs and bath salts sold here in the states? Making people crazy and like a zombie is what happened down in Miami

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Posted in: The unbelievable demands and complaints made by parents in Japan See in context

...some of these unrealistic "parents" needs a good slap upside the head!...and tell them to quit spoiling their kids...

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