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Hiroshi Kanoya comments

Posted in: Japanese man jailed for attacking Thai dissident See in context

Yet another Yakuza interlope getting a mild sentence, no questions asked, free to retuofrn after the 20 or less months back to business as usual.

I always wonder why these foreigners spread these lies to the public? Do they just want to disgrace Japan or just believe what they want to believe without plausible reasons like a toddler? These foreigners always create these fake stories to satisfy their frustration against Japan. As a matter of fact many of yakuza members were sentenced to death and life imprisonment. Is it a mild sentence? and they are denied the freedom we are guaranteed. I'm tired of these mr, ms know-it all without knowing anything about Japan.

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Posted in: Malaysia Islamic minister says Bon Odori dance not for Muslims See in context

We celebrate Christmas not because we worship Jesus but because we just want to enjoy the day for fun. That is true to Bon-odori. Even many Japanese don't know the history of Bon odori. We just enjoy the dance. If the minister links it to a religious act, They can't visit Buddism temples and Christian churches because visiting them is considered religious acts. thats why many Japan haters bash Japanese politicians visiting Yasukuni shrine. But we visit them not because we worship their god but because we just want to see them as sight seeing spots. This minister cannot distinguish between secular acts and religious acts.

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Posted in: Japanese schools banning nicknames, mandating use of '-san' divides opinions See in context

Schools in Japan are like prisons anyway right? Why not do away with names altogether and just give every student a number? Then the teacher can just go, "Number 32567, have you handed in your Math homework yet?"  Japan, ladies and gents. The land of convoluted absurd rules and suppressor of individuality and self-expression.

then schools in their countries are paradise? Thats why their teen agers have the freedom of random shooting to kill students indiscriminately in their schools, which never happened in Japan. Typical example of arrogant foreigners who always impose their narrow standard on Japan and invalidate the variety of each country. Their mentality hasn't changed since the slavery period.


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Posted in: Japanese schools banning nicknames, mandating use of '-san' divides opinions See in context

*Japan is a seniority ranking society, You have to call an older person's name with san on the end. If you call the older person with kun on the end, you insult the person. Boys aren't called san until they turn adult but girls are called san even when they are 7 years old, which means how girls are respected and boys aren't. Many foreigners don't know how disrespected men are in Japan.*

> > > >

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Posted in: Gov't to fight damages suit filed by family of dead Sri Lankan See in context

Political detainees have been tortured in police and military custody in Sri Lanka. How can they say Japanese government is brutal and their government isn't?. If a Japanese were killed in their police and immigrant custody in Sri Lanka, Maybe the Japanese would get small money only to buy a flight ticket to Tokyo, while they would get enormous money to live an extravagant life in a mansion in Sri Lanka, if they win in Japan. Is it fair? and I wonder if Japanese want to learn English from a teacher from Sri Lanka ? and do we need foreign English teachers overseas? A few decade has past since we accepted English teachers from overseas but many Japanese still cannot even tell a way in English when they were asked in a street by a foreigner. Our English skill hasn't improved at all. these foreign teachers weren't instrumental in improving our English capability. We don't need foreign English teachers any more. just a waste of our tax.

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Posted in: Ex-Olympic medalist Kotani battles objectification of women in sport See in context

As we don't show off money to the public, If we don't want to have the money stolen. Women shouldn't wear such bathing suits. No men asked to wear such bathing suits. That's true to everyday life. Women always figure out what appeals to men. thats why women wear clothes to show off their legs and body. then they are satisfied with that. If they dont want to be a victim of sexism, they should cover their body and face as much as possible like Taliban controlled Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Number of Ukrainian evacuees to Japan reaches 1,000 See in context

Absolutely disgusting. I have zero income and survive on my life savings. Getting my PR visa took years. Before the corona virus I paid tax and now pay sales tax, land tax, health insurance.

they will get ¥2800 a day! And visa! And accommodation! And free flight.

totally disgusting. Most asylum seeking get up to two years immigration detention, then deportation.

they get the red carpet, even though their country has caused my living expenses to rise by 10-20%, and our government throwing away tax money for weapons and salaries in Ukraine, including neo-Nazis.

absolutely disgusting.

I have been to many conflict zones so I understand their plight. But they can simply walk over the border into Poland, where they can be safe.

Then why this man didn't go to another country? He has the choice to leave Japan. Why did he come all the way to the "disgusting" country, instead of his neighboring countries?

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Posted in: Seoul mates See in context

If they really want to save the seas, they should stop releasing water from their nuclear power plants in Korea. but they dont because they dont care the environment. They just want to instill anti japanese propaganda into the other people. Japan should break diplomatic relation with such a country. We reached the limits of our patience,

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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

America is the top oil producing country and top oil importing country. Why is the country that crazy wasteful ? Why do they have to drive a big gas guzzler? If America stops importing oil from overseas, Japan and European countries don't have to import oil from Russia. America has to change her wasteful life style first !!

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Posted in: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years after its reversion to Japan See in context

Your facts are way off. You don't understand how the military works and seem to know nothing of the SOFA. Please read up.

ARTICLE III of SOFA """ 1 . Within the facilities and areas, the United States may take all the measures necessary for their establishment, operation, safeguarding and control."""  Japanese authorities cannot take any measures, once the suspect run away to the base. It is up the US who can decide to hand him to Japanese authorities or not. As a matter of the fact, Many US servicemen run away to the base after they committed crimes and left Japan. Many foreigners don't know the fact. that's why they don't want to admit their countrymen's misdeeds outside their base.

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Posted in: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years after its reversion to Japan See in context

Japan bears 80% of the total cost of US bases in Japan but cannot participate in the decision making process of US army. Even the prime minister is not informed of whats inside the bases. When a US service man commit a crime, he'd run away to a base and Japanese authorities cannot charge him. Is Japan an independent nation?

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Posted in: Japan accepted 74 refugees in 2021, highest on record See in context

why they want to come to Japan is they were denied to grant refugee status by north America and Europe. thus they want to come to Japan. and after they came to Japan, they would be disillusioned by the reality, that is Japan is not wealthier than other developed countries and harder than they imagined to make a living and complain and whining Japan , like I would'nt come, If I knew Japan was like that. We dont want to hear their complain any more . thats why many Japanese oppose to accept more refugees.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II avoids discussing the war with Emperor Hirohito during 1975 Japan visit See in context

When Japan invaded Asian countries, America helped them. but When Britain invaded Asian countries, America, other European countries didn't help them. Japanese emperor is always linked to war crimes but why European monarchs aren't linked to war crimes? Their countries also committed a lot of misdeeds there. Why don't Asian and African people ask queen Elizabeth to apologize for her country's misdeeds in Asia and Africa?

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Posted in: Ideally, Germany and Japan would take leading roles in the defense of democracies in Europe and Asia. There are reasons why this may not happen soon. Some Asians might still hesitate to trust the Japanese. Europeans are less wary of a Germany that has publicly atoned for its murderous past. See in context

They don't even learn abort the atrocities committed by Japanese troops during the war.

Ignorant foreigners always say that lie to instill anti-Japanese sentiment into others somehow . They just believe what they want to believe without knowing anything about. First, they have never seen nor attended a history class in a school in Japan. How can they know we don't even learn about the atrocities committed by Japanese troops during the war.? They just believe that lie through English media, which always distort facts. They dont know how bias they are because they cannot read Japanese history textbooks. As for me, I've learned what happened during the war a lot and If we want to know more, We could read many books about the history piled on the shelves in a book store. They cannot read and write Japanese, thus they dont know these books at all. Its lamentable too many know-it all foreigners spread fake such stories.

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Posted in: Pariah to president: Marcos Jr returns family to Philippines supremacy See in context

When I visited Philippines for the first time 30 years ago, I joined a tour of the Malacañán palace and could know how extravagant life Marcos family had. I could know how Filipinos had animosity against the family. but his son was elected for the president. EDSA revolution fell into oblivion. Time has changed.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Japan has a grim future because its population shrinks? then Philippines, Bangladesh , India have a bright future because their population have been increasing? Noone believes that. I think Japan has too large population for the size of the country. now Japan is going through the transition period for the modest population. why labour shortage hasn't pushed up hourly wages is Japan accepted foreign workers. Japan doesn't have to accept menial workers from overseas.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

As supply and demand brings a market to equilibrium,

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

As supply and demand brings a market to equilibrium,

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Posted in: Kishida eyes attending int'l security forum in Singapore in June See in context

Japan is underdeveloped and Singapore highly developed with a massive percentage of very successful and highly respected women .

Singapore accepts many foreign workers from poor countries. Their salary is 5 to 60000 yen with two days off in a month. Singapore doesn't have minimum wage. When they are pregnant, they would be deported to their country. Foreign kids have to pay tremendous money to go to their public school. While In Japan, minimum wage is applied for all the workers. When they are pregnant, they could give birth in a hospital for free. Foreign kids can get 9 year education for free. Singapore is the richest country in Asia but doesn't accept Ukraine evacuees. """Japan is underdeveloped and Singapore highly developed""? Dont make me laugh!!

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Posted in: Human rights lawyer from Korean community in Japan undeterred by hate See in context

Have you ever heard of dual citizenship? Most civilized countries allow this. I feel it outrageous and not from a so called civilized nation. 

Austria, Norway, Singapore also do not allow dual citizenship. Aren't they civilized? Civilized countries don't intervene in others' matters. Why all the countries have to follow suit? These self proclaimed civilized people always say they respect variety and invalidate the variety of countries.


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Posted in: Human rights lawyer from Korean community in Japan undeterred by hate See in context

Koreans who settled down in America would be naturalized in America soon. They would be proud to be an American. Black people who were born and raised in America have been discriminated. but they are also proud to be an American. On the other hand, These Koreans have been living in Japan for 3 to 4 generations but refuse to be naturalized in Japan because they put down Japan and don't want to blend in. It is true many Japanese discriminate against them but it is also true these Koreans discriminate against Japanese.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya refused to let 'foreign' student attend recruitment event See in context

When you see want ads in Japanese, you would see many ads that we are looking for a female clerk, we are looking for 20 to 30 year old workers, we are looking for college educated people and etc. there are many apartments putting up a sign "女性限定"(women only). but these discriminations haven't been an issue.

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Posted in: 62.9% of people with foreign roots in Japan questioned by police: survey See in context

You foreigners choose to stay in Japan, so you need to accept how cops operate. If you want them to change, you should be naturalized in Japan and have the right to vote to change them. or you just have to adapt or leave Japan.

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Posted in: Japan steps up claim to S Korea-held islets at 'Takeshima Day' event amid tensions See in context

"""In the world, only the Japanese government tries to complicate and distort this simple relationship in naming.The truth is always simple and clear.""" Dont tell a lie !! Which country admited Takeshima is part of Korea?  ONLY Korea authrorized Takeshima is part of Korea !! Why didn't Korea authorize Russia's unilateral annexation of Crimea like Korea did? Such a double standard is Korea's nature !!

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Posted in: Academics call on Japan to face up to its history See in context

.Most of Korean comfort women were professional prostitutes and most of them were fooled and humantrafficked and scamed by Korean agents NOT by Japanese. Korean professor Pak Yuha of Sejong University researched these facts and made it clear to the public but she was threatened by Korean public because she told the truth. There is no freedom of press and speech in Korea. Koreans want to hide these misdeeds commited by Korean. During Korean war, Korean government helped establich brothels managed by Korean agents, who bought comfort women from their parents. Lately these sex slaves filed suits against Korean government but they were ignored. During Vietnam war, Korean soldiers raped numerous Vietmam women. It is true some of Asian women were made sex slaves by Japanese army but how can you say all the comfort women were forced to be a sex slave? US service men raped too many Asian women. Can we say all the US service men are rapist? even now US army had comfort women paid by US army in Afganistan NYtimes said" a Filipino prostitute in Afghanistan was put on the Blackwater payroll under the “Morale Welfare Recreation” category, and that the company had billed the prostitute’s plane tickets and monthly salary to the government" How do US react to that? Why don't Academics call on USA and Korea to face up to its shameful history? .http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/11/us/11suit.html?_r=2&scp=1&sq=prostitute%20%20filipino%20%20%2020afganistan&st=cse

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