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Yet another fear-mongering story about "infection numbers" which always omits the most important detail...how many infections were serious enough to require care or hospitalization. Isn't that the metric officials should be using to make their decisions? You would think that after more than a year of the pandemic the "experts" would know better than to equate each case of positive infection as a casualty.

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Posted in: Restaurants, hotels in Osaka, Hyogo and Miyagi prefectures disappointed at stricter COVID-19 steps See in context


Yes, I should have said "infection rates" in regard to mask wearing with less deaths being attributed (perhaps) to lower comorbidities among the infected. Cheers.

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Posted in: Restaurants, hotels in Osaka, Hyogo and Miyagi prefectures disappointed at stricter COVID-19 steps See in context


More prevalent mask usage in Asia may have had a part in the lower case rates but I would say lower comorbidities probably had (and continues to have) more of an impact.

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Posted in: Restaurants, hotels in Osaka, Hyogo and Miyagi prefectures disappointed at stricter COVID-19 steps See in context

Keep the pachinko parlors, karaoke bars and any other establishment that looks like a closet closed until the majority of the population is vaccinated. Everything else...fully open with safety protocols! Job done.

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Posted in: Experts warn COVID-19 rebound could exceed 'third wave' in Tokyo See in context

Here's a crazy idea...maybe start vaccinating the general population?

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Posted in: It's official: Spectators from abroad will not be allowed at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Sooooo, those 600K tickets will now be up for resale for those of us in Japan?

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Posted in: Restaurant chain operator sues Tokyo gov't over COVID opening hour restrictions See in context

There is no such thing as "COVID laws" in Japan or any other country...only loose interpretations of the constitution which power-mad oligarchs use to justify arbitrary lockdown edicts in the name of "safety".

In their own words, the point of this lawsuit is to "shine light on the impact of government-enforced anti-virus measures that it believes excessively hamper business operations and people's lives."

Whether or not this particular case has merit is irrelevant. What's important is that they chose to take a stand and this reader thinks they should be applauded for it.

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Posted in: Gov't leaning toward ending Tokyo area state of emergency on March 21: report See in context

I'm over here still wondering why "infection rate" numbers should influence this (or any other) governments' COVID policies since this disease has an over 90% survival rate?

Why are they drawing a line between xx number of infections = xx number of beds are required...whether or not most people actually ever require treatment?

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@Asiaman7, I checked out the audio clip link and it was a great story except the opening monologue which compared the 2011 tsunami to 9/11 ("three times as many people died")...as if a natural disaster was somehow "worse" then terrorists murdering people.

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

The fact that Japan's Olympic hosting aspirations ever rested on this (or any other) octogenarian is dubious at best.

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Posted in: Japan pledges safe Olympics; medical experts aren't so sure See in context

I'm not sure if the decision to cancel the games even rests with Japan but if it does - you can guarantee that this government will NOT be the ones to pull the plug.

No no. In order to save face, they will wait for the IOC to make the call once individual countries begin to pull their teams.

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Posted in: Japan to draw up guidelines on how to transport COVID vaccines See in context


Thanks for the clarification.

"Retired military expats" is a key distinction from your original statement of "expat U.S. citizens" which implies just being an American citizen (living in Japan) somehow makes a person eligible for a DoD-supplied COVID vaccine.

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Posted in: Japan to draw up guidelines on how to transport COVID vaccines See in context


"...and moved on to vaccinating eligible expat U.S. citizens before the GOJ has vaccinated any of their citizens."

Where are you getting this information about 'eligible expat U.S. citizens'? Could be you're confusing this with authorized DoD civilians?

I've looked at the DoD Population Schema and associated sub tiers for COVID vaccinations and nowhere on there does it mention expat U.S. civilians.

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Posted in: Out in the cold: How Japan's electricity grid came close to blackouts See in context

So LNG stocks were not "topped up" prior to winter because the geniuses in charge forgot that it gets cold in East Asia...or maybe they thought winter would also be canceled because of COVID? Lol

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Posted in: With Olympics at stake, Mori seen as too influential to push aside See in context

When the 2020 Olympics are finally cancelled will Mori then be in charge of the "Olympics Cancellation" committee for a couple more years?

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Posted in: Japan to draw up guidelines on how to transport COVID vaccines See in context

I know it's stating the obvious that foreigners view things much differently than Japanese people but assuming that most of the comments here (aimed at GOJ's ineptitude) are from non-Japanese makes me wonder how the average citizen here feels about the COVID response thus far.

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Posted in: Suga's upcoming decision on state of emergency derided as too little, too late See in context

@kurisupisu...all good, common sense expectations but #3 (enforce spacing at restaurants-some do and some don’t) is impossible for the 1000's of closet-size bars/restaurants that exist in Japan's large cities.

The only way to deal with these establishments would be to require a certain amount of square footage in order to stay open but I doubt that will happen.

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@1glenn "In the US it is below 2%, thanks to Trump's continuing incompetence."

Not sure if you know it but in the U.S. individual states are run by Governors whose job it would be to locally mange the distribution of the vaccine. If Joe Biden were president in 2020 we'd still be years away from anything getting done.

But don't worry, him and his band of communists will have their chance to eff it all up soon enough.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes declaring state of emergency on Thursday for about a month See in context

The Summer Olympics IS NOT going to happen...unless Japan is planning on being the only participants.

GOJ should admit this now in order to stop the wasteful spending. Those resources could be better used to battle the China virus.

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Posted in: Typhoon nears Japan; heavy weekend rain expected in Tokyo See in context

...always on the weekend. Any meteorology experts out there care to explain?

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Posted in: Peach plane diverts to Niigata airport to offload passenger who refused to wear a mask See in context

Required vs. "recommended" is the kind of vague language that makes lawyers salivate. I don't agree with what this fool did but if it were me I wouldn't pay the airline a single yen for violating a "recommendation".

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Posted in: IOC says no ideal solution for Tokyo Olympics as athletes' dissent grows See in context

Whether the games go on as scheduled or athletes are spiking volleyballs at Shiokaze Park in January...you can bet that right now the Chinese team is still training - in full MOPP gear - stopping only once per day to hose off and eat their gov-issued bat and pangolin sammiches.

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Posted in: Japan’s cash addiction is coming to an end and here is what you need to know See in context

Unless the banks can figure out a way to pay themselves every time you swipe your debit card - it ain't happening anytime soon.

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Posted in: Japanese lawyer comments on legality of tattoo ban at hot springs See in context

"...when the 2020 Tokyo Olympics come around, the onsen that allow tattooed customers will be getting a lot of business."

Not sure who's going to an onsen in the summertime but...ok.

Regardless, an activity which WILL draw foreigners during the Olympics are Japan's public beaches. 

And despite the nice try by the author and Mr. Keita to make it sound as if only private establishments enact these draconian tattoo bans - Japan's public beaches do it too.

Oh well, maybe in another 100 years or so they'll stop being so square.

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Posted in: Yokohama legal firm refuses to return passport to Filipino woman See in context

Sorry, but if you give your passport to anyone other than immigration or other government authority, you're not a very smart person. Especially if an employer tell you it's a condition of your employment.  HUGE red flag!

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Posted in: Asahi CEO bets on better tasting alcohol-free beers See in context

Or...how about just putting some real hops in your yellow fizzy water?

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Posted in: Kyoto’s popular tourist spot Gion to forbid photos on private roads See in context

So I guess if foreign tourists are seen as "overall wrecking the atmosphere" of Kyoto, then the unspoken desire here is to have NO tourists at all other than Japanese?  Good luck with that.

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Posted in: New service pays 'bounty hunters' to catch shoplifters and train gropers See in context

Lol, the entire premise of the "bounty hunter" getting his/her payday is based on the assumption that an accused person is going to just readily pay the "fee" before being arrested/convicted of a crime.  And as others have mentioned; many Japanese would-be criminals weapon of choice are bladed weapons.  If this company's flawed business model doesn't put them out of business straight away - the first bounty hunter stabbing surely will.

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Posted in: Tokyo sees record 18th straight day with little sunshine See in context

We all know rainy season comes every year and is part of the "normal" weather cycle here in Japan but...enough is enough! Unless you're a duck, a mushroom or a rice farmer I can't understand how anyone is enjoying this garbage weather.

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